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Aug 18

Nice People – Switzerland

We were on board the beautiful Golden Pass trains in Switzerland to get to Gstaad from Milan and everything was so beautiful, that i almost forgot about the pain in the ankle. Was reading a book by Guruji, He was saying “What is that which propels our mind towards the senses and the senses towards […]

Aug 11

Nice People – Berlin and Venice

Berlin was fantastic, the World Culture Festival rocked… There are videos and photos and write ups and stories all over the place, so won’t say much about that… except that it was REALLY fabulous! 🙂 Dinesh and i can now claim that we performed at the Olmpic Stadium in Berlin! We were part of the […]

Apr 1

More about Berlin

Kiran, well, we called him Kiran. His real name was Chris. He was from Germany. He was my TTC teacher, and i had done a few advance courses with him too. He was so calm and composed all the time, i thought he was enlightened. He radiated joy and love. He stayed in India for […]

Mar 24

Europe 2011 – B

We will be spending a week in Berlin attending the World Culture Festival at the Olympic Stadium which celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Art of Living, doing a YES!+ Advance Course and soaking up the physical presence of Guruji. Dinesh and I felt that instead of returning back to India right after that, maybe […]

Mar 18

Europe 2011 – A

Art of Living turns 30 this year. We have been on planet Earth for 30 wonderful years. We are having a huge celebration: The World Culture Festival at the Berlin Olympic Stadium on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2011. A stadium originally built by Hitler for the infamous Berlin Olympics in the last century, […]

Feb 17

Stavanger and Guacamole

I found this little gem while going thru some old stuff on my computer. Dinesh had been on a flying visit to Norway with Guruji. One little adventure from that trip 🙂 Guruji, me (dinesh) and a few others reached Stavanger (Norway) in the early morning to a spirited welcome by the volunteers and teachers. […]

Sep 2

Fever – The Prelude

Bau was at his hilarious and mesmerizing best at the Guru Poornima Satsang in Mumbai and the next day at the crack of dawn we were on the picturesque train ride to Pune with most eye catching greenery and scintillating waterfalls. One of  the world’s first train routes and it is quite interesting to note […]

Aug 12

Hamburg – Berlin – Frankfurt – Bangalore

From the German Ashram, we went to Hamburg, which is one of the prettiest cities i have ever been to. It oozes charm and beauty. The weather was perfect. Deep blue skies and an abundance of trees and lakes. Hamburg actually has more bridges than Venice! The sun sets very late in the evening here and when […]

Jul 15


One evening in Satsang, Guruji announced that He would take all of us up to the highest peak in the area, the Weisshorn the next day in the afternoon. We would go to the peak first and then do the Geeta class. That night the organizers told Guruji that there was a storm and snow […]

Jul 8

Arosa – The Advanced Course

Katja, Christoph, Werner, Neringa, Jaya, Tatiana, Bruno, Urmilla and Aberhard, Tina, Spencer … so many more from the European team were there and they all welcomed us and took such care of us, even pampered us 🙂 It was perfect. The Kulm is a 4 star Hotel and the volunteers of Art of Living were […]

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