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Jul 2

Arosa Arrival

We entered the lobby of the Kulm Hotel, and many, many friendly faces gave us welcoming smiles and yells of Jai Gurudev! and we felt we had come home. On the top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps, here was an oasis of Sattwa. Satsang had just got over and Guruji had gone back […]

Jun 26

The Bernina Express – Getting to Arosa

After meeting wonderful people and doing some super hectic sightseeing in Vienna, Florence and Venice, we settled down for a day of travelling from Milan to Arosa… We (me, Dinesh, Vishwas and Nikhil) took the first available train out of Milan to Lugano. We could have gone to Chur the boring way, by going from […]

Jun 17


We had visited Vienna and Florence before coming to Venice… We had only 3 hours in Venice. It’s an utterly enchanting city. As soon as you step off the railway station, there is water. The public transport is boats. There are floating boat stops instead of bus stops. We decided to go to the Piazza […]

Jun 10


What we did in Vienna So, we cancelled our tickets from Innsbruck and re booked ourselves on a train that left for Florence from Vienna itself. The whole exercise left us almost 60 Euros poorer. Madan was with us, and helped us board the train to Florence on time. The compartments are cramped but comfortable, […]

Jun 3


Vienna is pretty. But unlike other places in Europe, there is no ban on smoking in public places and many, many people smoke here like chimneys. Makes walking unpleasant when you keep getting smoke blown in your direction. Otherwise it’s a lovely city to walk in. The public transport is fantastic and for about 6 […]

May 27

Europe – Getting There

Bombay airport was a nightmare. We were made to stand in queues that went on forever to get through immigration and security. We must have stood in line for more than 2 hours, the ac was not working too well, and in some places in the hall not at all. It was suffocating. There was […]

Feb 8


Guruji was arriving in Bangalore at 9:30 pm. Our flight to Goa was at 4:30 pm. What horrible timing! We grudgingly left Bangalore ashram for the airport, hoping that maybe our flight would get delayed or some other such miracle. Didn’t happen. As we boarded the aircraft, we realized that it was the ATR. Possibly […]

Jan 21

Antarnaad and The World’s Biggest YES!+ Course (so far)

We had a fantastic few days with Guruji at Poona. Antarnaad saw 2500+ Hindustani classical singers on stage together, the world’s largest such gathering (its got into the Guinness Book) performing for over 80,000 people who had gathered in Poona’s S P College grounds to listen to them. It was a superb program, with the […]

Jan 7

News from the Winter Break 2009-10

Winter Break 2009-10 was the best YES!+ program we have had so far. 1382 young people from many parts of India and the world had an absolute blast. We started with the Challenge of the seven levels – a super fun bonding activity on day one, masterminded by Priya Mani and Gowri Shankar with plenty […]

Dec 31

Getting Back to Bangalore

I had gone to Trichi for a conference and realized that i had no reservations on the train to get back to Bangalore… Bawa was adamant that i not travel unreserved and ordered me to fly back the next day… Turned out to be the 4:00 am flight from Trichi to Bangalore via Chennai. More […]

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