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Dec 29

This Time, Last Year…

Dinesh had written out a very cool story about his trip to Trichi last year … winter break time and somehow, it never made it to the blog… Here it is 🙂 Around the same time last year, I went to Triruchirapalli (say it 5 times in a row, its quite a tongue twister). Since […]

Dec 17

The Next Morning…

… i wake up and there was no one there. No one. Just a few birds hopped about. Everyone had gone off to the Bhoomi Pooja. I had woken up late (it was 6:45 am … and that was late!). So lets practice a bit of Knowledge i thought… Accept situations as they are, and […]

Dec 14

Night in Swarnabhoomi

Q. Guruji, You had asked us earlier that we should innovate, but whenever we do that there is a high risk/rate of failure… How do we avoid or minimize this? I was thinking maybe Guruji will say all failures are stepping stones to success, that a failure just means that this is not the way […]

Dec 10

Day at Swarnabhoomi

So we followed Guruji’s car as He was taken around the 1000 acre property by its owner Mr. G R K Reddy. I am sure there must have been a running commentary in Guruji’s car, we just followed from one dusty place to another with the semblance of a few buildings coming up… I had […]

Dec 7

Chennai Interlude

Someone had to speak at some management institute in Chennai. I didn’t want to go, so it was decided that Dinesh will… He is such a sweetheart, he uncomplainingly does the stuff that i don’t want to do:) … Then, his aussie visa came through and he had to leave for Melbourne in just 2 […]

Aug 9

Karjat to Khandala

or Bombay to Poona at this time of the year is enchantingly wondrous… torrents of rain, rolling wispy clouds creating a magical mist, fresh, fresh air, lush grassy mountain sides with that fresh, new bright, happy green and achingly beautiful gushing waterfalls… some of them splashing right into your face as you stand at the […]

May 15

The Bhandaris

We kept meeting them many times. This wonderful witty old man, always dressed in a suit with a very English hat, and this sparkling, white haired lady, immaculate in her sari or utterly at ease wearing jeans… and they kept telling us to come and stay with them when we were in Delhi, and we […]

Mar 13

And then…

The Ashram had just expanded all the way to Kashyapa (Today’s Guruji’s Secretariat office) and we were allotted a room over there for all 15 of us… We went there and crashed, a blissful, serene, quiet, restful sleep to awaken the next morning to the birdsong and of course people shouting at each other to […]

Mar 12

To Bangalore

I simply couldn’t wait for the exam to get over… I still had more than half the paper to answer but my mind was somewhere else… Focus Focus and yet my heart would give little leaps of delight when it contemplated what would happen in the evening… somehow or the other, i finished off that […]

Feb 25


After giving some inspirational talks in Bombay about our clean up project and our other initiatives there, i traveled by a local train and was in need of inspiration myself by seeing the appalling amount of filth that we were fighting to clean up and worse the kind of apathy of people towards it… It […]

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