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Jan 28

Shimla Scenes

In an earlier post i had put a photo of some obscene plastic bags littering the pristine mountain side… though i have photos of that too, this post celebrates the beauty of Shimla… Enjoy 🙂 From the Balcony of our Hotel Room… Could not get tired of just gazing and gazing at it… in the […]

Dec 31

Sentosa Island

A lovely lunch, followed by a nap that extended a little longer than it should have meant that Dinesh, Lamba and me arrived at Sentosa Island just a little too late to catch the Dolphin show that i really wanted to see… They have the rare pink dolphins there, but our tardiness, along with a […]

Dec 30

1:00 am in Singapore

The fish had given us a fine pedicure and ashokji’s daughters were almost fast asleep, but we didn’t have too much time in Singapore and so much to do… so we dropped the little girls back home, and then headed for the one-stop-shop in Singapore: Mustafa Mustafa must surely be an absolutely unique store… It’s […]

Dec 29

Doctor Fish

In the meeting area of the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo, is a shop that has fish tanks on 3 sides forming its front… and it said “Fish Spa” … Now i was pretty sure this is not where fish go for a massage :)… But on further inquiry we got to know that […]

Dec 28

The Night Safari

It was 7:00 pm. Time to go to the Singapore Zoo, where the Night Safari happens… Guruji had specifically asked us to go there, and we were not going to miss it! Ashokji was our friend and guide for the evening, he came along with his two adorable daughters… he is one of those boisterous […]

Dec 27


A quick 2 hour flight from Bali and we were in Changi Airport, Singapore… And Guruji was with us, He had His flight back to India after a few hours, but dinesh and i were stopping over in Singapore. Bhanu didi had a Sahaj course there, and i had never been there… btw, if you […]

Dec 26

Ivan’s Bali – II

… Then Guruji appeared … There He was, just twenty precious feet away, sitting there …. “Hhmmm…. soooo… tell me… how are you… what shall we discuss??” Two hundred blank minds and faces just stared back at Him – this was the teaching body of South East Asia and we could hardly manage a Jai […]

Dec 25

Ivan’s Bali – I

A Christmas Day treat for everyone… from the crazy mind of our darling Ivan: Merry Christmas everybody… Jai Gurudeva! love bawa I don’t know – the things we do for our Guru!  Sarah & I recently staggered back to Sydney after a gruelling couple of weeks on some island in the Indian Ocean, Bali I […]

Dec 24


was hot and very pretty… I didn’t get much time to go anywhere coz Guruji surprised me by making me facilitate the Asia Pacific TRM (Teacher’s Refresher Meet) and so mostly i saw the inside of the very beautiful Hotel we were staying in 🙂 The night before the TRM, Guruji casually mentions to me, […]

Nov 17

The Jump… and the Waterfall!

I saw the person in front of me dive in, make a huge splash… and time stopped, i just put my brain on hold… kept my eyes open (i was not going to miss this!), put my feet together tightly folded my arms around my chest as i had been instructed my the guide and […]

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