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Nov 14

The Rock

By this time i had had enough of floating in the cold,cold waters, especially after those sandwiches and pakodas, i was nice and dry and quite warm… it was getting onto about 3:00 pm, and though some of us were in the water, most of the others, just lazed about in the rafts, soaking in […]

Nov 13

The Rapids!

We were all rowing furiously, when the guide told me to jump and take the front face position… which i hurriedly did… and then almost with no warning, our little raft got tossed into the first rapid! It was all we could do to hold on and not get tossed into the river… There was […]

Nov 12

Rafting on the Ganga

It’s been a while since we all went to Rishikesh for an Advance course with Guruji and the river Ganga. But in early 2005, a whole host of us were there… we had heard a lot about rafting on the Ganga, and our darling Sawmi Vishnupada really wanted to go, so did Dinesh and so […]

Oct 23

The Parrot Flower

Mom sent me these photos of this absolutely amazing flower from Thailand… check them out: Jai Gurudeva! love bawa

Oct 2

Stavanger Satsang

Back to that evening in Stavanger. Post Gaucomole, it was time for Satsang and we took the harbor route where Guruji was thrilled to see a jelly fish for the first time in the clear waters… The hall was packed by the time we reached Satsang place. After a couple of songs, taking the crowd […]

Oct 1

Stavanger & Gaucomole

Early next morning, we drove to Frankfurt and onto the flight for Stavanger… On the flight Guruji served us Upma and sandwiches that Urmila had packed for us… It felt so very special. And he kept asking after we were done, “aur chahiye?!” (will you have some more?!)… Reached Stavanger to a spirited welcome by […]

Sep 26

Ashram 2 Ashram

Guruji truly has the knack of letting out a critical news in the most by-the-way dismissive manner. Sitting with him that evening, the topic capriciously turned to his Norway trip and he just announced non-chalantly that I should accompany him to Norway 2 days later. Now, this is not the time or place (actually never […]

Aug 16

An Illusion?

It’s called the Magic Tap It’s at Aqualand in Cadiz Can you figure out how it works? Don’t spoil it for yourself by googling it 🙂 Jai Gurudeva!lovebawa

Aug 14

The Deccan Queen

From Kanyakumari to Mumbai to Poona in the space of a few hours… Then 3 superb courses in Poona and we were planning on how to go back to Mumbai… and decided that the weather was just simply too beautiful to go any other way than by train! We traveled on the venerable Deccan Queen… […]

May 31


Whats to write about our (very short) trip to Alibag… Here are a few pics… the sea was warm and the pool was hot! The hammocks were lovely to sleep in, the food was terrible 🙂 Upasana hanging around: Me with cap and me without the cap: Vishu the Bathing Beauty (?) Dinesh in (well […]

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