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Apr 24

The Punjabwich Chronicles

I am finally initiated into the blogging rite; after lots of coaxing and cajoling, warnings and threats, bribes and brickbats, mild protestations and wild insinuations, having my ego pricked or pumped, dropping hints and offering bargains (the last one by Natalie – “if you commence blogging, I will start my 8 minute Ab exercises which […]

Apr 20

Shivaratri: a trail of miracles…

Let me do the Sri Ganesha on this blog with our account of Shivaratri. After a fabulous PDS (Pranayam Dhyan Shibir) in Mumbai with Guruji which was full of meditations, miracles and early mornings, we felt a nagging sensation in our heart that we did not have enough. (He mentions somewhere it being a sign […]

Apr 16

Amritsar and The Golden Temple

Shavina was teaching a course in Amritsar and so we decided, that instead of going to Delhi from Jalandhar, we would goto Amritsar and spend a few hours there and come back to Delhi with her by train.We left Jalandhar at noon and went through the very beautiful Punjab country side. There are fields full […]

Mar 9


Surat!was it really 3 days we spent there? it seems to have gone at breakneck speed…Rudra Poojas during Shivaratri, early morning Kriya and meditation with Guruji, sneaking past all the “security” to meet Him, few glances and seconds with Him, Knowledge ranging from studying and scoring well on exams to the sublime Karma Yoga chapter […]

Mar 5

Guruji in Mumbai on the way to Surat

Saw Him at 3:00 am today morning at the airport… am really proud of the way all our Mumbai devotees were over there… all disciplined and bursting with joy… He met everyone there, and then did a repeat of meeting everyone downstairs at KK’s house… He flowed into the hearts of all of us there […]

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