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Feb 15

Maha Shivaratri

Maha Shivaratri is the night when the Shiva Principle is closest to our realm of existence. On Maha Shivratri, when people sit together, chant and meditate, everyone can get a glimpse of unity with the infinity. Shiva was not a person. Shiva is a tattwa, a principle, that is eternal. Everything related to Shiva never […]

Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day

Q. How did Valentine’s Day start? A. The history of Valentine’s day is shrouded in mystery. A Roman emperor – Claudius II, somehow got it into his head that single men make better soldiers than ones with wives and children. So, he outlawed marriage for young people. And that’s a sure-fire way to get young […]

Jan 5

Incredible You

  You are such a coincidence, it’s a miracle you even exist. You are an adventure four and a half billion years in the making. You swam against 250 million sperms to get to the egg deep inside the fallopian tube and you managed to fertilize it first. You won the most important race… In […]

Feb 23

The Five Signs of a SatGuru, and a chance to win a MacBook Pro

Someone once asked Gurudev, How do I know that you are a real SatGuru and not fake? He replied there are 5 things that manifest in your life when the Grace of a SatGuru touches you. For no reason at all, you feel happy. A common experience of all who visit Bangalore Ashram or are […]

Oct 29

My Nine Nice Habits to Celebrate Navaratri 2015

This Navaratri, I decided to do something different than the usual fasting… Something that would be longer lasting, than just starving myself and giving myself a headache at the end of it (Pitta… Need regular food, otherwise I explode) So for each day of Navaratri, I am going to imbibe a new good habit. Stuff […]

Aug 23

Being Content

How to be content? If you are not content, it means you have some unfulfilled desires. Right? Do you have the faith that these desires will be fulfilled? If you do, then there is no problem, your mind will become calm and contentment will dawn. For many people this is not the case. They have […]

Jul 30

Make the Moon Smile!

Nature has taken 4.5 billion years of evolution to set the stage for the drama of Human Life. A planet colliding into Earth, Meteor bombardment for more than 20 million years, volcanic eruptions for longer than that, Ice ages lasting 100 million years or more, the dinosaurs being destroyed after being on the planet for 165 […]

Jul 21

A Week of Bingeing!

Dinesh and I had been having a super healthy diet and exercising at the ashram gym almost everyday for 40+ days. So when we were invited to address the students of Maharashtra Vidyarthi Sahayak Mandal (An old educational institution, estb. 1927) in Poona for their commencement day, we jumped at the opportunity to go gallivanting around Poona and […]

May 30

Lotus Story

We were taking a late night walk with Gurudev in Radha Kunj. Beautiful, secluded and enchanting at all times, but even more so at that time. He was holding 2 beautiful lotuses in His hand and suddenly He said see you can smell a fragrance from these lotuses. You normally don’t get any smell from […]

Apr 29

The Right Path

Recently I was asked a question, “How do I know the path I have chosen is right for me?” You have to make it the Right path. When do you need to make a choice? When you have two or more options, and all those options are equally good. If any option is even just […]

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