Jul 24

Chirag Chirag!

Meet Chirag Aggarwal. B.A. in English. When he actually managed to get that degree, whatever little faith I had in the Indian Education system kind of evaporated. He had trouble spelling trouble.

His grammar was atrocious, but he was blissfully ignorant of that, because of course he didn’t know what atrocious was.

He was really astounded to find out that there was a z in Czechoslovakia, and utterly taken aback when he learnt that there was a p in psychology.

He didn’t know the difference between a simile and a metaphor…

We had terrific fun at his expense (and still do)! Abhi and Gowri have recorded videos of Chirag spelling stuff and you can hear hoots of laughter in the background, as he would blunder about.

The wonderful part about him was that he would join us in the laughter. He never complained or felt bad that we would tease him about his English or would laugh at him. He would keep coming back for more… and while we laughed, he learned. He would rarely get a spelling wrong more than once. When he learned something, he would immediately use that in a few sentences, (often in alarmingly wrong ways) and make that word his very own.

His is an interesting story. He came to Bombay from Amritsar because he wanted to dance. He was one of the best dancers in Punjab, saw no future for himself over there and came to Bombay to make it big here in dancing.

He was still in the second year of his bachelor’s degree when he got to Bombay. While studying he took up his passion for dance and started learning as much as he could from as many people who cared to teach him. Soon, he was teaching dance himself in an obscure studio in some God forsaken suburb. But it was a beginning.

Just dancing please - No spellings!

Just dancing please – No spellings!

He would visit ashram frequently and stay with us and each time he came, there would be some fresh thing he had learned. Some new upgrade to his already phenomenal talent. He watched me play the piano and asked me to teach him some stuff. I did. The next time he came back to ashram, he was playing what I had taught him brilliantly. I taught him more and pretty soon, he didn’t need me. He was learning things naturally and organically by trusting his ear. I still would love for him to be trained by a good piano teacher. It would take his playing to another level. He already has a very nice touch and feel for the music.

Then came singing. He learned a bit from here and there, practiced like a maniac and became quite good.

Good enough that he now performs in Rael Padamsee’s Broadway and Beyond. Good enough that he has been dancing in Grease. He has already performed in most of Bombay’s classiest auditoriums including St. Andrew’s and N.C.P.A.

He continues to learn more  and has slowly but surely, continues to become more graceful every day.

Besides being a great learner, Chirag has that unmistakable flair for teaching. He can teach one on one and he can hold a crowd of a few thousand. His classes are exuberant and full of vitality. He quickly gauges how much you can do and somehow manages to make you do much more than you thought you could.

Pretty soon, he saved enough money to get himself a second hand car, and managed to afford the rent to live in a little apartment in Sion. Till date, he has taught more than 10,000 students, choreographed and danced in many shows and ad promos and sung and danced in a plethora of stage productions in Bombay.

He is a meditator and does Sudarshan Kriya regularly. He spends a lot of time with people who smoke, do drugs, drink and eat non veg food. Even so, he has managed to remain completely clean. That takes terrific belief in yourself and truckloads of self-confidence. Chirag is going places for sure!

Chirag is finishing off a few more dance classes for our MBA students at Sri Sri University as part of their induction celebrations. We believe that not only should they be good managers and great human beings, they need to know how to shake a leg as well!

Soon, he will be back in Bombay to dance and sing and teach as only he can… Check out his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dancewithchirag for more details about him.

You should definitely learn dancing from him… just don’t ask him to spell pirouette 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



PS He thinks quite highly about his cooking skills as well. His cooking is just marginally worse than his spelling … You have been warned!

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