Dec 3

Did it start here?!

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9 Responses to “Did it start here?!”

  1. prasanna says:

    yup it has to have started here….

  2. Nizam says:


    really nice post..!(shocking too..)

  3. Archith says:

    Whatever may Macaulay’s reasons be, English did end up as an important asset in India’s current economic progress.

  4. Kruvesh says:

    omg….i knew british policy of divide & rule but seeing it in person as a letter is really disturbing…how a letter changed a nation

  5. Kruvesh says:

    bawa the information u provide thru ur blog is always so fascinating & important….i just love ur blog. jgd

  6. Anshuman says:

    feels that every INDIAN should read it and feel what india was & what it is today…!!

  7. Anshika says:

    Where the mind is without fear …And the head is held high …Into that heaven of freedom ,My Father! ..Let my country awake …!
    We actually need to Come Together As One ! Its High time !

  8. siddharth says:

    bau guess it is just our work to put our nation back on track with the guidance of our beloved guruji
    love , jgd

  9. Achintya Nath Sexena says:

    JGD Bawa.I think this is a very good example of opposite values being complementary. The fanatic attempt of Macaulay to subjugate India to the British Rule through linguistic & cultural indoctrination also resulted in the Best of India-it’s Spirituality, being exported & ultimately feted,in the Western world. Due to Macaulay, Yogis like Vivekananda, Yogananda, Aurobindo, Mahesh Yogi etc could go to the West & communicate their Knowledge effectively. In fact if you read the novel ‘Ananda Math’ by Bankim Chandra, you will find in it a prophecy by the author at the end of the book that Indians will regain their ancient glory through learning the English language & science & realizing the greatness of their own civilization in the process.

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