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Possibly the biggest mistake you make in your life is to get great marks in your 10th standard board exams. In India, if you get great marks in 10th standard, you automatically study science. Mediocre marks means commerce, and terrible marks means arts. Never mind that you may be interested in Shakespeare. You got 90% in 10th. Study calculus.


You foolishly listen to your parents and the rest of your family when they press you to study hard for that most “important” year. After this, everything is set, they say. Not really. A year later you have to study even harder for the “crucial” year 12th standard. Repeat your performance in 10th. Do it even better. Then you will have nothing to worry about. Then you will be happy!

So you slog it out. 12th standard – super grades. Crack the JEE and get into IIT. Here is where the happiness is supposed to start. The first thing that happens to you when you get into most IITs is you get 15 pairs of dirty undies to wash. As you wash those undies, a smile lights up your face as you think, next year someone is gonna wash my undies. Next year everything will change. Next year I will be King. I will be the boss. I will be happy.

It’s next year now. The authorities have made it very clear that if a senior even breathes near a freshie, they will take drastic action, which could include expulsion, even worse than that, fines of more than Rs 50k! No more Ragging is the new motto of your IIT.

No one to wash your undies. Doesn’t matter. You decide, IIT sucks anyways. I will be happy when I get out of here. 3 more years to freedom. Freedom from dumb profs, idiotic assignments, petrifying exams and most importantly horrible, terrible, appalling, grisly, ghastly mess food!

Fast forward 3 years. The last exam in IIT. Come back to the hostel in utter euphoria which quickly turns into anxiety, coz you don’t have a job, a call to an IIM or an admission in that university in the US. I will be happy if I get any one. Please God, just anything. Even Infosys will do.

Prayer answered. You got a fabulous job. Great money. In a month, you realise IIT was infinitely better. Your boss definitely had past lives as a prof in IIT. Maybe, even the food was better. I will be happy when I get my dream job.

dream job


Got it. Bad dream. Nightmare actually.

I will be happy when I get a P.hD. So apply, get into a “prestigious” institute. Slog another 5 years or so. I will be so bloody happy when people call me Doctor. They do. And then they sneer… oh, you are not a medical doctor. Not even a dentist. Hmmmm…

Need a wife/husband now. I will be happy when I can legitimately have sex. I will be happy when I get married. Ok, so get married. You are deliriously happy for about 4 hours. Good food finally!!!


Then the fight happens. And another, and another, and another… There are tender moments of course, and love and all that… But the predominant question in your head is “Do mother in laws have past lives as IIT profs?!”

Everyday it’s the same thing. Happy for a few seconds if you are stars are behaving themselves, otherwise work, eat, sex (if you get lucky), sleep … Rinse and Repeat.

Till Death Do us Part

I am sure we will be happy if we have children. 3 years later, 2 bags with cute faces, beautiful eyes and an amazing smile… whose sole purpose seems to be to leak. They leak from everywhere. I will be happy when these kids stop leaking. Or at least go leak in the right places.


I will be happy when they start to walk and talk…

3 years later: Sit down. Sit DOWN!!! SIT in one place. Can’t you sit still??!!!

And keepyourmouthshutdontopenitshutshutshutshutshutshutshut.

OH GOD! I will be happy when these kids go to school and I have my life back. School is God’s gift to parents. When will they go to school?!!!

I will be happy when their homework is done.

I will be happy when they pass out of school.

I will be happy when they get into IIT. I washed undies, they should wash undies.

No way young man, no way are you getting married to that girl. I will be happy when he chooses someone I like to get married to. What?? You want to get married to him? You are bisexual. Bisexual?!! Right…

I will be happy when… I retire and all this will be behind me. Woody Allen says Comedy is just tragedy + time. I want the + time NOW!

Time flying

I will be happy when I have grand children.

I will be happy when they are grown. What a fine young man he is!

I will be happy when.. when… when…. How come it’s all dark?

And now it’s sooooo bright…

We have always wondered if the expression on a dead person’s face is that of surprise (wha… it’s over??!!!) or that of peace…

Be happy now. Not later. Not tomorrow. Not when you get that promotion. Not when you go on a vacation. Not after this last exam. Not after your mother in law dies. Not after retirement… Right Now. That’s all you really have. Happiness is never in the destination. It’s in the journey.


Smile. Now!

Jai Gurdeva!



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18 Responses to “Elusion”

  1. Sabhya Soni says:

    Awesome it is….Bauu your blogs timings are so apt…it is superb …thank u so much !!

  2. Shantanu Dandgaval says:

    i m still happy with ‘chalo beta, graduation toh karlo. govt. aur autonomous institutes ke baad sabhi clg ek jaise he hote hai’.

  3. Shantanu Dandgaval says:

    sounds interesting naaa

  4. Debapratim Deb says:

    Its too awesome….u n dinesh bhaiya u guys rock I am a huge fan of urs (not pankha wala fan haha) but huge fan u guys inspire me love u guys
    jai gurudev 🙂

  5. hyma says:

    this is what exactly happens in every one’s life. i mean to say each and every human being but noboby realises or ignore even after realising.
    really !!!! u r a genius sir…
    u just choose a topic, speak some words ,occupy our whole mind and change our whole thinking system.

    thank u…
    for trying to pull out us from our mess.

  6. Jartrud says:

    Thank you so much – I agree – this was a really good post

  7. Rahul Jaiswal says:

    So Lovely.. Post bau…ur my inspirational source after Gurudev…. Keep guiding… Waiting for more like this

  8. Anand says:

    Hahaha.. This one from you struck me years ago and has stuck on to me. It was one of Utsav talks or another big event,with slight changes from above piece of writings.. Donkey and the carrot.. Class 10th merit rank then 12th science IIT, placement. Dear God, now that’s it, one last wish Girlfriend/Boyfriend. God sends a gf/BF. Now whatever little scope of happiness that was left in life has eluded! :-p
    (please excuse typos and punctuation)

  9. joaquim says:

    lovely .. thanks for taking the time and effort to post such a lovely enlightening article.

  10. Avijit says:

    Truly awesome. Bawa rocks again. So whole thing is ,if you have time to do something you like. That’s it. So I am buying a bicycle today.

  11. Jagdish.V.Chotalia. says:

    Dear Bawaji,
    I read not all but some of the part.
    I belive tht Mother stood first Guru-Teacher to give child fundamental SANSKAR,basic principal s of life.So first before to be mother all young girls should learn basic principal of life from elder,if it is not enough,go n find proper GURU,who can guide n lead you..proper path…Jay Gurudev.

  12. Yogi says:

    Awesome Blog bawa 🙂

  13. B Sangamesh Hiremath says:

    Jai Gurudev!

  14. valerie says:

    Nice!! Brings a smile……..
    We are all sleeping buddhas, we just need to wake up..
    Expansion is joy, contraction misery!

  15. kavita says:

    How True Waiting for happiness throughout life when it is here now…jgd

  16. Rohit Sharma says:

    It was spot on Bawa. We try to fins happiness in things which are not there yet. Instead we need to celebrate life in the present..

  17. Saurabh Maroo says:

    Very truly & simply said by u that happiness is in present. And ur such post r giving millions a way to remain happy in all phases of life. Amazing!!!

  18. Jeh Chinoy says:

    Very well written and very true! Thank you.

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