Apr 23

Finished the Fulghum…

Well… i couldn’t wait… didn’t want to go slow anymore… so read in my usual breakneck speed… and it was a superb, satisfying little adventure with a man who loves to tell stories about the ordinary in a special extraordinary way…
Though he got a wrong idea about Sanyas (just a paragraph on it in one essay) and there may be a few things that he wrote which i dont agree with… it was a fun time!
His tales from the island of Crete are wonderful… some of them are laugh out loud funny, and the story the Meaning of Life (which is retold in this book) is as deeply moving and touching as it was the last time i read it… and i am so glad to see more of Dr. Alexandra Papaderos… I will leave you guys to read the book, without giving any of it away…

Thank You Mr. Fulghum… please do write more and more often…

Jai Gurudeva!

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2 Responses to “Finished the Fulghum…”

  1. Mrigank says:

    Bau I have been reading The Da Vinci Code for the last couple of days….

    I wonder if all the stuff is true… Mary Magdalene was indeed a disciple of Christ and declared a prostitute….

    Sooo… Did Jesus really have a wife…..????!!!!!!

    If this is true… Well!!! I can’t imagine…

    Please comment…

    Another doubt!!!
    Mary Magdalene was such a complete Devotee of the Divine… Then why was she maligned in History after Christ’s death…?? Why did the Divine not protect her from such malice??? Surely, this is not what she deserved….

    We cannot put her incident at par with Eklavya who lost his thumb and rose from a warrior to a Devotee… and the Janta got an icon of steadfast commitment to one’s goal…
    But in this case, a total devotee is IDENTIFIED with loose morals… The stupid Janta despises and abuses her….

    I cannot get the message in the incident…

    Also, A lot of Christians believe its blasphemous to “bow” to Mary… Christ’s own Mother!!

    Could you please say something about this..??

  2. Streax says:

    Jai Gurudev bhaiyah..

    i cant wait to get this book and read it!! i wonder what you have in your mind seriously what every you type be it a book review or a movie review or a recipe 🙂 🙂 🙂 it just tooooo tempting!!
    in fact i am starting to like books..:) (which i used to hate for 10-12 yrs?!??)

    BTW.. there is a book i am reading.
    Meditation-The first and last freedom by Osho. Its good keeps me in touch with YES+!AMC 😉

    and.. is there anyway you guys might bring about any book releases?? i mean with the way your blog is heating up.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 A book is sure not too far away!! 🙂 🙂

    Love ya bhaiyah,

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