May 31

Games I have Enjoyed

I throughly enjoy city building games, word games and role playing games. I don’t like games that require twitch responses and first person shooters. Ok, now that I have said that, you know what my biases are. And you know if you want to continue reading 🙂

Nintendo Games

The nintendo hand helds were the first few games that I played… I still remember my first Nintendo game called Parachute, followed by octopus and then the 2 screen wonders that were Donkey Kong and Donkey kong 2. Many, many happy hours of my childhood went in playing these games. My mom (like all moms) had the utterly frustrating habit of calling me to have food, make my bed, do my homework… exactly when I was going to be breaking my high score and setting a new record. Put that game away and get into bed!!!


Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia 2 were the first games that I played on a computer… In fact whatever technology geekiness I have, I would attribute to this game. I learned to assemble PCs and tinker with the hardware just so I could play this game on a faster computer with better graphics. This was when Windows was just making an appearance and everyone who was anyone was using good old DOS.

Warcraft III

Then came this amazing game called Warcraft: Orcs v/s Humans. You could play as human or orc! They both had their stories and their points of view… Then came Warcraft 2, where the battle for Azeroth was taken to the sea and in the air. And then Warcraft 3, which introduced a new race called night elves, was in 3D and had the option of multi player online skirmishes!!


As far as mindless RPG hack and slash was concerned nothing beat Diablo and Diablo 2.

These were the games I played thru college… There was also the Age of Empires and Sid Mier’s Civilization series which were beautifully crafted games, making me say to myself just one more game, one more turn, one more level before I sleep, until sudden brightness in the room made me realise that the sun had risen! 🙂


The first ever Multi Player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) I played was Everquest. It was a fantastic game, made for hard core gamers. Dying at high levels in the game could mean loss of money and experience costing a week of playing! I smile when I think back at those days, when I actually felt fear entering a new dungeon. There were encounters in that game which would take a group of players over 7-8 hours to complete!

When I had short hair, I would get splitting headaches if my hair grew even a little long. I would go to have my hair cut like others went to see a doctor. I was already teaching Art of Living then, and I would feel some fraud saying if you did the Kriya, you would have great health. Because I did the Kriya and used to have those terrible headaches if my hair grew longer… So I decided, that I would let my hair grow, and see what would happen. I did Kriya and I used to play EQ when my head would ache to take the attention away from the headache… and it worked! After some time, as my system grew used to the longer hair, the head stopped paining and I could play EQ just to have fun! 🙂

The only other MMORPG I really enjoyed after EQ and which I still play is World of Warcraft. The good people at Blizzard took Azeroth and made it online where millions of players could play with each other and interact with each other… Since it was launched in 2004, more than 11 million people have played WoW collectively for close to 50 billion hours or approximately 6 million years which is how long humans took to evolve as a species! 🙂


Since 2004, WoW has been made MUCH easier, so more casual gamers can enjoy it as well … something that I don’t quite agree with, but it still manages to hold it’s own and is a fabulous game.

I am still waiting for the perfect MMORPG … hopefully someone makes it in my lifetime! 🙂 … Come to think about it, Life itself is quite an MMORPG, just that the penalty for death is a little too strict. You die, you have to do potty training all over again!

As gaming companies realised that many, many people like to play games, they started creating easier and easier games. So more and more people with short attention spans could play (and they could make money). This is casual gaming and it is at it’s peak now. The iPad is the epitome of casual gaming…

A quick list of games on iPad that almost anyone will enjoy:

Hay Day (I keep coming back to play this game)

W.E.L.D.E.R (a fabulous word/puzzle game)

Royal Revolt 1 and 2 (Tower defence games done really well)

Rise of Berk (City building from How to Train your Dragon)

Clumsy Ninja (Just a super cute game)

Plants v/s Zombies 1 and 2 (absolutely brilliant tower defence games)

Anthill (Super simplified Age of Empires with ants)

Banana Kong (endless Runner with high cuteness factor)

My Singing Monsters (Very well done monster collection game)

Draw Something (Unleashes your creativity in drawing)

Where is my Water? (The original was fantastic, then they screwed it up)

Collision Effect (Superb Puzzler)

Falling Stars (time pass music creator)

Infinity Blade 1, 2 and 3 (Superb graphics, nice gameplay, but cannot really advance to higher levels without cheats – Gowrishankar is God at this game)

And finally…

Hearthstone, a card fighting game based on characters from World of Warcraft … One of the absolutely best games on iPad now, even Dinesh who is as interested in gaming as I am in politics plays this one!!

There are many other games that I played, some of them utterly forgettable, others were nice for a bit and others that I may have enjoyed but just don’t remember their names 🙂

And then there is Board Gaming … but that’s a story for another time…

Jai Gurudeva!



PS Special mention for 2 more games – Jardinains which is a break out brick type clone and Torchlight which unfortunately ran only on Windows not on a Mac and was a much brighter, cuter looking clone of Diablo.


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