Sep 18

Ganesha and Karitkeya

A cool story from Lord Ganesha’s childhood…

His brother is quite the fitness freak. Does his exercise daily, eats proteins, flexes his muscles, you know the type right?… and often mocks Ganesha’s “lazy” ways. possibly even signed him up for a Naturopathy treatment at the Ayurveda hospital…

Ganesha just smiles, and lovingly takes all the taunting.

One day when nothing works to get Ganesha to move, Kartikeya challenges him to a race… 3 times around the world! Whoever comes first gets the yummy fruit that their parents have got as a gift.

Ready, Steady, GO!!

Kartikeya jumps on his beautiful vehicle, the peacock and races into the sky. Soon he is just a blip (One wonders what the peacock had had for breakfast… Must have been some rocket fuel) and starts whizzing around the world.

Ganesha just yawns and settles down for a bit.

When Kartik has whizzed by the second time, Ganesha’s mom asks him if he wants the fruit and if he does, he better do something about it!

Ganesha gets up, stretches a bit and then with great devotion, his hands folded, slowly walks around Shiva and Parvati (His Parents).He finishes 3 rounds, just before Kartik and a very exhausted peacock come screeching to a halt. Amidst the smell of burning feathers, Kartik to his utter amazement sees Ganesha joyfully chomping away at the prize fruit, which should have been his!

He righteously demands an explanation. And he doesn’t want any nonsense that he has been hearing for a very long time – But darling, Ganesh is younger to you. You should share stuff with him. Be a good elder brother… so on and so forth…

Ganesha in between mouthfuls of an extremely tasty fruit explains that his parents, Shiva and Parvati are the world to him. And since the race was just about going around the world 3 times. He did exactly that, and did it much faster (and more efficiently… the mouse was very happy too)
than his hot shot older brother.


Everyone laughs and agree that you really cannot expect to win an argument (or a race) with Lord Ganesha. He is not known as the Lord of Knowledge for nothing!!

Ganapati Bappa Moriya!!!!!

Jai Gurudeva!

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6 Responses to “Ganesha and Karitkeya”

  1. Prerana langa says:

    I love your interesting, meaningful and humorous stories…

  2. Gauri says:

    Loved the pic from where do you get these…..
    Bau you should do story telling and make comics they will be so much fun

  3. Rahul Thakur says:


  4. Sowmya says:

    I think Ganesh is the elder brother… Kathik is the younger brother… isn’t it? 🙂 JGD!

  5. Hamsa says:


    The story was lovelyli told !


  6. Hamsa says:


    A very nicely told story !

    And, many many happy returns of the day !

    Lots of love, and a big hug 🙂

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