May 10

Habits and Vows

For 7 years, every week Guruji (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) used to send out a page of Knowledge to be read out and discussed at the satsangs happening all over the world. He used to call it the Knowledge fax … This was before email became popular enough for everyone to use :)

Every week we waited eagerly for what Guruji would say through these Knowledge Sheets, many times we would be with Him while He dictated them out and we compiled them. The atmosphere would always be full of wisdom coupled with big doses of mirth. And the Knowledge sheets themselves are always profound, sometimes quite funny…

Dinesh and i decided to do a commentary on them, reliving those precious moments spent with Guruji, reading them out for you and peppering them with stories and examples of how this Knowledge from Him has come alive for us in our lives.

Re reading them now, after so many years of Sadhana, Seva and Satsang has made us realise just how beautiful and precious these words from Him are … We are throughly enjoying ourselves making these videos, we know you will love watching them too.

Knowledge sheet no. 8

Watch the video on youtube

Jai Gurudeva!


bawa n dinesh

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24 Responses to “Habits and Vows”

  1. Pothi says:

    How come Guruji always sends me the exact knowledge that I require NOW?

  2. Rahul says:

    hey, how come nobody cares to comment these days.

    where are those oh-my-god-oh-my-god-bawa-u-r-soo-great-ooh-ooh

  3. AOL member says:

    Dear Bawa :),
    I think some people are god sent gifts to me. When in pain or doubt they simply appear as the solution. I will definitely keep trying what Guruji said.. time bound vows.. even if I break it Ill start again till it becomes my very nature…….

  4. Sandeep says:

    Thanks bau for this wonderful knowledge. Just the help i was looking for. Ill implement it right away.

  5. Hamsa says:

    Jgd, samyam is a good idea, tu .. i will tell my friend. She smokes and doesn’t want to ‘coz she knows its bad for her .. worse still, for the environment (passive smoking) .. but the other day, she smoked – and claims she did it ‘coz she thot for a while she was doing it “for the larger good”! I know .. not even one trillionth plausible – but having a samyam, a rule should at least make that part clear

    • Gaurav Singh says:

      @hamsa : i found this to be really helpful…
      Specifically, you need to be informed…knowledge is a powerful tool…read these two free e-books available on the site…1. “Freedom from Nicotine (The Journey Home)” by John R. Polito and 2. “Never take another puff” by Joel Spitzer.
      In my opinion, they are a priceless resource for anyone who needs help quitting smoke.

      I not sure if its alright to post external links, if not, my apologies and my comments may be removed by the owner.

      Best wishes.

      • Bawa says:

        i typically dont publish comments with links … but if these will help anyone reading our blog to get out of smoking, then i would be happy to share them

  6. neha chuiwal` says:

    bhiya.m a big fan of both of u……i always read ur blog bt first time writing a question in coment side!!!1
    m suffering frm a habit of talking on phone for hours with one of my frnd n she is married
    n nw a days having an extra marritial affar…..m very much dependent n attached with her..thts y m unable to digest it!!m very disturbed n feeling lonely…i want to marry bt it is also not happening….bhaiya plz guide me wht shud i do??
    with love..
    jai gurudev!!!!

  7. Arsheen says:

    Dear Bawa bhaiya

    Could you please expound the meaning of sanyama?

    Thank you,

  8. Hamsa says:

    i am sorry

  9. Rahul JOshi says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURUJI………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Shikhar Mehta says:

    WOW, really ultimate knowledge…..

  11. Vivek says:

    i will do padmasadhna for the nxt 10 days

  12. Aruna says:

    I heard and praciced samyamana for few good things. But did not observe one point before. It’s interesting Guruji says share it in Satsang. Considering memory clings to the negative is it a good idea to share it in the Satsang ( I mean big group of Satsangs we usually have?)
    Probably couple of close friends whom you are sure are not going to judge and are really supportive would help. Is that what Guruji meant by sharing it in the right company?

  13. Ramanarayanan says:

    After watching this video on may 11th, i have planned to go for running in early morning by 5am that i used to go in my school day, but not doing for last 5 year ,, so i have taken vow for 10 days to go for runing and 10th day is tomorrow. Yesterday it was raining heavy from morning,so i am not able to go in morning, finally i have went for running in late evening by 8.30pm – if i have not taken that vow for 10 day for sure i would have missed it yesterday. This talk helped me the lot to do this. other good thing also i ll planned to do in coming days.
    Thank you bawa.


  14. kanu says:

    i took a small vow of not having tea or coffee for three days, it was really tough at first, but now its much easier to avoid it:)

  15. puja says:

    but what if being with another human being becomes a habit.
    after knowing that you have been wronged by someone and the relationship has a dead end.. how do we get ourselves to get over that bad habit.??Its so so difficult to let go… specially when there have been very good times n memories.though its impossible to go back because of the the betrayal.

  16. nagarjuna says:

    bawa i had d habit of planting of trees once i planted a tree in my school my teachers son was playing with us and d next day he died so i stoped planting trees from tat day !
    due to this incident i stoped planting trees . and should i start agian my habit of planting trees??? plz help me out

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