Aug 12

Hamburg – Berlin – Frankfurt – Bangalore

From the German Ashram, we went to Hamburg, which is one of the prettiest cities i have ever been to. It oozes charm and beauty. The weather was perfect. Deep blue skies and an abundance of trees and lakes. Hamburg actually has more bridges than Venice!

The sun sets very late in the evening here and when i asked what time the satsang was, a volunteer replied 7:00 in the afternoon 🙂

Guruji enthralled everyone by speaking in fluent German for the first 10ish minutes! Christoph who was translating, first translated Guruji’s german into English my mistake 🙂 Even he was quite surprized.

Guruji in Berlin

Then we went on to Berlin for another satsang, where we met up with Amit and Seema. They were thrilled to see us and we spent quite some time with them. There was an event with Guruji at the Indian Embassy for which we went and then another one to which dinesh and i did not have passes to go to… so, we went and did a bit of sightseeing and shopping and of course sampling the local pizza which was delicious! 🙂

There was a brilliant toy shop in Berlin where i got a few more board games to add to our collection and some cool toys for aarman, ahun and bhuvana. There was another superb shop that sold everything handcrafted out of wood… very cute, lovingly made old world style toys.

Dinesh and the Dragon!

We may be having Art of Living’s 30th year celebrations (next year) at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin… nothing is really fixed yet, but it has high chances that it may happen there, possibly sometime in June.

Dinesh really doesn't like dragons too much 🙂

Everything was handcrafted and made of wood

We stayed at a very modern hotel in Berlin. All severe minimalistic lines and decor. The one huge thing i liked about that hotel though was a fish tank! It was 7 floors high, right in the middle of the hotel above the reception, and had a million litres of water in it! 🙂 Schools of beautiful fish swam around in it and looking at it was most relaxing. Looking at this beauty, again i wondered how people can be so cruel as to want to eat these lovely creatures… The morning we left, there were 2 scuba divers in it, scrubbing the glass, cleaning the tank up from inside 🙂

1 million litres of water in the middle of a hotel!

1 million litres of water in the middle of a hotel!

Too soon, it was time for a long drive from Berlin to Frankfurt. Andreas drove us almost non stop all the way, about 6 hours through the night… In Frankfurt we stayed for a few hours at Gunther’s beautiful home, before leaving for the airport to get on the plane to Bangalore. Guruji was on the same flight and we met up with Him on the plane. I got to spend a few hours with Him … and the 9 hour flight was over almost before i realized it…

We took some time clearing immigration, customs and waiting for all our luggage, Guruji went on ahead to meet the people outside the airport. In a bit, we met up with dad and so many others who had come to receive Guruji… who then waited back to receive us 🙂

Went home, met mom and everyone else and then finally reached our real Home – Our beloved Bangalore ashram … just driving in through the ashram gates felt so good… and snuggling into my bed with my own pillows was such a treat!

Europe was fantastic… but nothing beats coming back Home!!

Jai Gurudeva!

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15 Responses to “Hamburg – Berlin – Frankfurt – Bangalore”

  1. Deepak says:

    So nice Bau but you left berlin and europe so fast 🙂 in this post :-)). Great to see photos which I sent to you in this post 🙂

    Loads of luv

  2. Jitu Khatri says:

    AOL’s 30th Year Celebration in Berlin???????

    Dont you think bau, that so many people from India who would just like to be the part of the event will miss out.

    Berlin back n fro trip will cost quite heavy 🙁 . Millions of people will miss out….

    Please for our sake make it some where in India. Preferably Mumbai or Pune ;-). Any where else in India will still be fine

    • Sharmila says:

      There are loads of people in Europe also who will miss out if it’s in India….we had the last celebration in India lets have something here as well….. 🙂

      • Jitu Khatri says:

        dear sharmila,
        understand that if person has to travel from india to berlin, flight tickets will cost him nearly Rs. 50,000/- + lodging and boarding expenses atleast 30,000/-. You want an average indian to spend 80,000/-. On the other hand, if people are coming from europe it wont cost them much.
        BTW last time when AOL 25th year celebration happened I had not done the course. I have seen the videos of that magnamious events. dont want to miss this opportunity.

        • Bawa says:

          It costs people from Europe the same as it costs people from India … only thing is that the conversion of the currency makes a difference… It is happening in Europe for sure, so people in India, if you want to come there, start saving! 🙂

  3. Prateek Mahalwar says:

    Very happy to see my pic with Dinesh bhaiya.. thanks Bau..
    and Deepak bhaiya is right… really pizza was very tasty…

    Bau just waiting for your next trip to Berlin……

    see you Bau and Dinesh bhaiya

    with lots of love….

    Jai guru dev..

    Prateek……Germany wala

  4. Shilpa Rau says:

    nothing beats like coming back home…so true Bau and thanks for sharing, the wooden toy shop sounds very exciting…would love to go there 🙂

  5. Mohan says:

    So true Bau…nothing beats coming back Home! What a wonderful travel diary. You really enthralled us. Looking forward for many more.



  6. Himanshu says:

    My mom Loved the Pics!! 😛

  7. Priyanka says:

    amazing that guruji spoke in germany.. wow.. 🙂 and dinesh bhaiya vs dragons.. so cute.. it feels good coming back at “home” right.. then bawa why dont you have the 30th year celebrations at “home”… 🙂

  8. Vishu says:

    Dinesh Bhaiyaaaa….the way u r holding the bow n arrow, it is actually killing us…u r looking toooooo…. muchhhhhhhh….
    I love u bhaiya 🙂

  9. Thikrayat says:

    Habibi Guru ji spoke in German, that is amazing 😀 !!
    i really liked the fish tank, i am loving the fact that i know what Guru ji and all are up to, it puts a huge smile on my face, wishing to see more cool pics in the future..

    JGD.. coocoo

  10. abhishek srivastava says:

    awsome pictures…great trip…

    Abhishek srivastava

  11. ann says:

    how is dinesh now? blessings to him

  12. gauri says:

    absolutely agree with your last sentence… nothing beats like coming home 🙂 so true so true so true…..

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