Jul 15

Happy Guru Poornima!

Dinesh wrote a lot of this out while watching the nature in Switzerland… I added and deleted a line here a word there 🙂

Oh Guruji!
The mountains reflect Your grandeur and glory,
The sea, Your energy and activity,
The snow, Your pristine purity,
The rails and roads, Your connectivity,
The trees, Your ever green generosity,
The sun and moon, Your delicious warmth and beauty,
The rain, Your predictable unpredictability,
The wind, Your playful levity,
The sky, Your all encompassing Grace and Infinity…

Oh Guruji...

…In case if You have still not figured it … We are MISSING YOU desperately!!!

Jai Gurudeva!

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15 Responses to “Happy Guru Poornima!”

  1. Meghana says:

    Lovely poem……………a must read one…………………..Wow!!!!!!!Hats off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lekshmi says:

    Beautiful 🙂

  3. Deepshikha says:


  4. Archana says:

    woowww wat a poem….. me 2 love uuuuuuuuu alot GURUJI……

  5. Ashwani says:

    Miss you both & of course esp. Guruji too! 🙂
    We had Manikantan ji in the city for Guru Purnima…It was quite nice..:)
    And we watched the Guru purnima 1990 video of Guruji, where guruji cries & then he laughs & so does everyone else who is listening & watching..:)
    Just full with grace :))

  6. Sandeep says:

    what a poem!!!

  7. Aditi says:

    We missed you Bawa.. !!
    Y u didn’t posted for so long…!!
    Last Guru Poornima was the first time i met you.. 🙂
    Blessed to have you and Guruji in Our Life 🙂

  8. HamsaLakshmi says:

    Jai Gurudev,

    Its a lovely poem…
    if i may add my mite ..
    we have the bestest, kindest, lovingest, gentlest Guru ever !
    He’s also the funniest ever sometimes ..
    Thankyou, Guruji, love you.

  9. HamsaLakshmi says:

    ps: Jgd,
    on the eve of the most important celebration, again and again
    He says, all this is unreal (pointing outward everywhere) ..
    this alone is real (pointing inward) and laughs and laughs!
    cooking up a scenario to present this fact on stage..
    and yes, He steps in and supports us in the most unbelievable way ever ..

  10. komal says:


  11. Mukta says:

    Nice poem!.
    One query!
    When we spend a lot of time with some person, love loses it’s intensity.
    But they say, with Guru or Divine, your love keeps on growing , its ever green
    and every time you feel as if its the first time you are falling in love.

    Has it happened to you?

  12. indu says:

    is this a lymeric?

  13. kishlay says:

    love to read his description as much as he himself.
    any poem falls off short as much as time in his devine presence.

  14. Sinjini says:

    I beg to continue……and when I close my eyes and look within/its You with all Your Grace and Beauty being/the pinnacle of Love, my heart’s been longing……JGD

  15. Parul says:

    Miss u guru ji seriously 🙁 🙁 ..awesome poem 🙂 short n sweet

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