Mar 24

Inconvenient Questions – I

After reading the post on Reservations, I have been inundated by many mails from various people… I had no idea the extent to which the corruption exists in our country and sheer lowliness of character of most of the politicians, especially those in power. I almost didn’t put this post up on the blog, coz it really ruins the innocence and the wonder, the celebration of Life which is the theme of this blog, but, people need to know this stuff and besides it does sound interesting…

Today’s post is about our money, the money all of us cough up as tax and are threatened with dire consequences if we don’t pay on time, etc, etc… The money that the government is supposed to be using for the welfare of the people… Well, here is what they do with it…

Remember the Mumbai train blasts? Well, around that time India gave financial aid to Pakistan for earthquake relief… Rs 150 crores of it! Oh, you guys came and blew up our trains… Thanks a lot, we needed new ones anyways! Here is some money for your efforts! We have soooo much money, we really don’t know what to do with it! Using it for education or slum rehab, really didn’t cross our minds at all…

Rs 3000 crores to Afghanistan! for infrastructure development… and i quote from the website: “In this case, India is providing three million dollars worth of gear. This includes 150 bullet-proof watch towers, 2,500 protective vests, and a lot of mine clearing equipment. So far, India has donated $700 million worth of good and services to Afghanistan, mostly for economic reconstruction.” (Here is the link). Bullet proof watch towers and protective vests are economic reconstruction?!

Back in 1991, when i was studying at IIT B, my semester fees were Rs 20! Yup, you heard it right… Then the government started withdrawing financial aid to the IITs and today the semester fees in IIT is to the tune of Rs 20,000!! Forget about IIT, the absolutely pathetic state of the educational infrastructure of all government run institutions hits you right in the face! That’s one of the reasons they have reservation maybe, to cover up their absolute inability to impart any semblance of basic education to the children of our country.

Now while education systems are in doldrums, our government gives out money to Harvard and Cambridge universities!! And says stuff like we were not sure that they would accept the money, we are so grateful that they did!! How much money? To the tune of Rs 50 crores!! (You can read more about this here)

In the passing they handed out scholarships to more than 25 lakh students in India… ALL minorities! While Pakistan and some other islamic nations are closing down their madressas, there is talk of granting CBSE status to Islamic madressas in India, which means that people graduating with an almost jihadi “education” now could apply for government jobs! Which will mean that we won’t just have criminals in the bureaucracy and ruling us, we will have terrorists! Jai ho! πŸ™‚ (Read more about this here and here)

Some time ago, there was a case in Guwahati High Court. A Pakistani infiltrated into Assam via Bangladesh and got included in the voters list after obtaining a ration card by paying bribe to the local officials. After that, he contested in and won the Assembly election on 1996!! In its judgment, the Guwahati High Court expressed deep anguish and said that only in Assam foreigners could come to power and even make the native people minorities.

Our current Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has been elected to Rajya Sabha for the past eighteen years from Assam… either as an MP or as the PM. And amazingly he has never spoken a word about the illegal infiltration of Bangladeshis which challenges the population structure in seven districts of that State. Maybe they are the guys that vote him in?!

Chew over all this for a bit… There is more… But that’s for another day…

This year go and Vote! and please, Vote for change!!

Jai Gurudeva!



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48 Responses to “Inconvenient Questions – I”

  1. Santhosh says:

    yes bau ,
    it time for action!!
    we as a responsible citizen should act courageously !!
    We NEED a change !!

    love ,

  2. Prakirtee says:

    all the best India…

  3. Chirag says:

    Jai Gurudev Bau,
    For rooting out the corrupt politicians off this system, we AOLites need to have a strategy like, our AOL stalwarts can stand up for elections. I guess we need to be very aggresive on this front just as the “jihadis”. AOL should campaign for deserving candidates who are mainly independently contesting elections. At the same time, make represenations to the government against corruptions, terrorism and other social problems and tell them on their face that we want solutions and not “bhashan” from them.

    Why honest taxpayers like us should suffer and jihadis and jihadi like politicians get the world to rule!!!!

    I think only AOL can and shall bring transformation in this country.

  4. Siddharth says:

    Bawa i have posted this entire thing on ‘Indian Politics’community on orkut!Its a very active site with 50,000 members. Is it fine with you?

    ps Shocking i must say after reading it! I hope BJP comes in power this time…!

  5. Anshika says:

    Even after all this , these guyz have the guts to ask for our votes ! Look at that !
    I am sure that these guyz are going to fall on their faces this time..
    We are coming people ! πŸ™‚ Watch out !

  6. Vijay says:

    Jai guru dev Bau,

    Most of the facts mentioned here leave me gasping as to how many people are really aware of this. One suggestion from my side- Can we not use the sangh parivar link because that might bias some of the readers into thinking that we subscribe to all their ideas (which can sometimes be wayward by themselves)?

    I thought twice before posting this suggestion as I was myself in a spin over why not this link as no mainstream news-channel/ website will carry/highlight these facts coz’ of their pseudo-secular/ Leftist/ Indian intellectual inclinations. But since we are just providing hard-facts, I think we can just use neutral sources and thus highlight the malaise that is happening in the country which is not being given enough coverage by the media.

    The problem of infiltration in the North-east and in Bengal is of grave concern as you have mentioned as the whole demographic structure is being changed with an eye for petty vote-bank politics (laborers and Muslims migrating from Bangladesh). It doesn’t take a great genius to figure out who they’d be voting for (Leftists and Congress). These same people often claim to be the protectors of our secular fabric whilst they are destroying the basic fabric of India – which is Indian.

  7. Mihir says:

    Bau, whenever I read such things about my country, I feel so much pain within me, that at times I really don’t know what to tell to my countrymen… my people… Its such a dire state of CRAP going on in politics…. !!! Sometimes, I just feel exhausted by looking at the scenario …. Jai Gurudeva πŸ™‚

  8. Mihir says:

    But yes, at the very next moment, I see hope !!! Coz I am the hope… so many young people like me are hope for my motherland…. Jai Ho !!! Things will change !!! This is truely the best time to stand tall and deliver !!! Jai Gurudeva πŸ˜‰

  9. indo canadian says:

    well well hello bawa

    normally i dont post comments

    but this post is kinda weird so i have no choice but to respond…

    so i shall begin by a simple debate style rebuttal of your individual points

    #1) our donating money to the earthquake relief..
    so what if a handful of Pakistanis came and hurt us? should that stop us from being human and do the right thing?
    do the right thing — help your neighbour out…doesnt matter if a few idiots over there hate us…
    we have our share of extremists also.. (shiv sena anyone?)

    haha – common bawa…we both know u r smarter than this…

    #2)Rs 3000 crores to Afghanistan! for infrastructure development —

    once again — india is doing quite well — it has a healthy gdp and so on — it is FAR FAR FARFAR FAR better off than afghanistan.. helping then out wit 3000 core is nothing
    its chicken scratch

    no big deal..

    it is never wrong to give money in aid

    doesnt matter how little have you have…
    share a little
    smile a little

    3) money given to cambridge..
    now this is somewhat based on opinion..

    this money was given directly to the post of the ‘Jawaharlal Nehru Professorship of Indian Business and Enterprise’ to mark the centenary of Nehru’s arrival at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he studied for a degree in Natural Sciences.– direct quote

    now look — india’s economy is growing
    and such investments are necessary to further the cause of indian business and interests abroad..
    not a bad investment in my opinion..
    its not like we paid them to teach english history

    we paid money to a post which promotes india..

    which you failed to mention in your blog…

    #4)dr manmohan singh is an economist.. and quite the gentleman…so dont drag him into this dirty business
    politics is a dirty business
    but he is relatively clean
    much cleaner than lk advani who is all pally pally with aol to get the hindu votes — and lets not go into individual politics.. thats not your role man…

    i really dont know that much abt what goes on in assam – so i wont try to rebutt anything

    look man
    u screwed up this post..

    of course india has its problems
    and there is corruption

    but then again– thats human nature…
    but it is also our nature to be good neighbors — good humanitarians… good people —

    make your points
    blah blah
    do what you want
    but make sure that you set a neutral tone

    a lot of people here look upto you
    and you have to be very very carefull that what you say comes from a state of dispassion and place of no bias…
    its okay to feel the passion..but dont let that sway your judgement…


  10. indo canadian says:


    before all the rebuttal comments come in from all the fans

    i should clear the air

    i agree with bawa — money is ill spent by corrupt governments all the time all over the world
    take the example of africa.. a whole continent that screwed it up for 50 years
    relatively speaking — india has done quite well..

    secondly —
    i am somewhat irked by this hype about terrorism..

    i was in india for quite some time.. and before 9/11 – the concept of terrorism didnt exist…
    i dunno what the big deal is today..

    be careful when you play into the media hyperbole thats terrorism..

    if anything… read up on THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN’s blog on nyt..

    the dude is very very very veeeerrryyy intelligible..
    thats a bit off topic

    my point was

    dont hype up terrorism..

    and most importantly – your intent was nobel
    the crux of your message was nothing but the truth

    money is often ill spent

    however the words you chose — and the examples you gave were rather 3rd class..

    but we all love you nonetheless

    time to sleep

    its almost 4 am now.


  11. sudha says:

    i still remember i anted to join one of the great colege’s in b’ore(coll name i won’t mention i am sorry for it) i did not get the seat even tough i had marks another person who belonged to other category has just with 45% got his seat in 1 group (PCMB)i had to pay abt 6K as donation to join luckily NMKRV gave a merit seat n did my course

  12. Vikrant says:

    I am surprised you allowed the indo-canadian thingy comment.
    For the sake of argument, anybody can write all the crap.
    Be good neighbors is fine but not at the cost of your own life. Helping a poor country with bullet-proof vests is fine but not when our own soldiers don’t have it.
    And terrorism is definitely not hyped when more than 3000 people die in an year.

    And just so about our clean PM, he lost his Lok sabha election. His own constituency did not accept him as a leader and he leads India.

    Bau, we do want more of such posts.

    Jai guru dev

  13. Vikrant says:

    oh and about the money to foreign universities … IISc and IITs wouldn’t mind getting some instruments like AFM and STM which are there in American schools (while here we wait for months to get 2 hours to use them)

  14. komal says:

    yes bau never mind that the examples you gave were so-so and not up2 ur standard.. we still love you and the message you trying to spread::):)@indocanadian:do you know how corrupt the present government in india is? i suggest you do some research into this and see how the congress has ruled mother india for 60 years: 1947:partition, 1980 until mid 1990″s: massacre of sikhs, present day: high inflation pandering to minorities . as me i belong to the so called obc and simply because i belong to the so called creamy layer i have no rights in my own country?no wonder then so many educated people have started raising their voice.. how bout giving madrasas cbse status? thats nonsense …. what about the increase in population of certain minority community? what is family planning meant for only a certain religious community when others can have 5 kids and one community is restricted to only 2 kids thats not called justice….. when the indian media creates a hue and cry about a hate speech by mr. varun gandhi but ignores the fact that 20,000 youth march against corruption, terrorisma nd such integral issues in the blistering heat of a sunday morning?all am saying is that to make a change we indians must vote for a change .. and am also saying that both the NDA and UPA have their pro’s and con’s but it was actually under NDA that electricity recahed villages, and economics penetrated downwards .. what gerat thing has upa done?? encouraged terrorism?and communal bashing??(ps Bau, i know my response is already too long ….. and i hope u understand what i am trying to convey.. jGD..)

  15. Varun says:

    Its actually so good to see that this website, like I expected it to be, is open about everything.. including rebuttal of posts.. Its all about open and fair discussion, people have their points to make..

    And allowing such rebuttal comments only goes to show that Bawa is clear about what he is talking. What’s so surprising?

  16. Vijay says:

    @Indo Canadian,

    Leaving aside all political biases, there are certain basic facts that you need to get right about your argument.

    1. I agree with your sentiment that you give even if you have little. But let’s be a little wise there too. And what you give for needs to be the yardstick. It’s not about the handful of extremists who came into Mumbai were from Pakistan and hence we shouldn’t help Pakistan financially. Infact it is in India’s strategic interests to have an economically and politically stable Pakistan. However the primary charity org in the whole deal Jamaat Ud Dawa (JuD) was found to be the front-end for LeT (Do your research man:-), even the secular news channels acknowledge this). Would the govt have known? (possibly not, but it still makes sense to weigh one’s interests before being charitable)

    2. Aid to Afghanistan – That is a real strategic decision on part of our government to do it to have a friendly government but let’s not forget our own poor citizens. The Indian political class deliberately keeps them poor and illiterate so that they can be easy vote-banks and not debate like you and me πŸ™‚

    3. Am not sure, how that aids Indian growth though branding and marketing is an important aspect even for nations. I don’t think it promotes Brand India, it just promotes ruling family’s Nehru brand. Maybe the example is a very small symbol and isn’t a radical blunder but the point is are we getting our priorities right?

    4. Though I respect Dr. Manmohan Singh’s image as a clean politician for the most part (i still remember the cash for votes scam which was buried under the carpet with help of the same news channel which exposed it), I think that doesn’t necessarily guarantee a strong leader. Without comparing the two people in concern, the policies at large reflect the sentiment expressed by Bau – appeasement for votes.

    // good neighbors β€” good humanitarians… good people
    Let’s be nice people not naive people!


    Sorry abt the long response but felt that some things are better debated and thanks for giving a forum where such topics can be discussed with passion and dispassion without having to hide under a false cover of morality.

    Luv the way you dispassionately accepted the argument and let it be recorded. Just remembered the way you handled a person (who behaved like a jerk) during this Winter break and went on constructing loose-weighted arguments about the fees for course and when the crowd looked unsettled. And the way you told us “Accept people as they are – where is your awareness” πŸ™‚

    jai guru dev.

  17. Vinay Subrahmanya says:

    Jai gurudev bau,

    Yes bau, we will be voting for change this year. half the problem of this country is because of the corrupt and pseudo secular politicians, who are ashamed to call themselves Hindus and the other half is because of illegal bangladeshi and Pakistani MIGRANTS*. I was told by one of my mumbai friends that in most of the mumbai slums, there are atleast 30-40% of bangladeshi MIGRANTS*. So, when some right wing groups like the shiv sena throws them out, their rivals like the RSP(Republican party of India) brings them back just for the sake of their votes.

    Isnt it shameful that we are not even able to build a Ram temple in ayodhya. Whoever raises the ram temple issue are dubbed communal. But not many people know that thousands of temples have been razed down in Kashmir and worse is that these temples are being used as toilets

  18. vishal says:

    Nice to know u are getting mails for the posts .. πŸ™‚

    i forwarded the previous post to around 75 persons on my list …

    same for this one .. πŸ™‚

    hope we do change for the good…

    jai gurudev


  19. Jaimin says:

    It is not possible to chew on it. These facts are shocking!!!

  20. Deepak says:

    JaiGuruDev !
    Bawa,One thing is very sure congress is not going to form the next government.
    1.UPA is out of scene. Choice is between NDA and so called third front. And I firmly believe that NDA will form the govt. because those who win never want a mid term early election.
    2.Mr. Prakash Karat has categorically said that ‘the Left’ will ensure that next govt. is not a congress led government. Because I think now it is the question of relevence Left Politics. So ‘Left’ is not going to Give support to Congress.It is the congress turn to support third front govt. if it wishes to do so.
    3. As far as PM is concerned if he is honest what he has done to root out corruption….if he is truly secular what he has done to ensure that the culprits of 1984 anti sikh riots are punished…..those people are party loyalist….and at present party nominees for lok sabha.
    ….He is PM because he very intelligently acts innocent so that he can be relied upon after all he ‘Oxford’ educated former civil servant.People has seen his innocence
    and values during the confidence vote in parliament on nuclear deal issue….when he was finance minister people saw the Harshad Mehta scam….and now when he is the PM we are seeing this greatest crash of stock market….these are unprecedented in their own times….only he beats his own record….
    ….And how the ultra left(naxals and likes) and ultra right (Raj Thakrey and likes) has growm developed and survived in this country….because this party knows that to cancel left you need ultra left and to cancel right you need ultra right….this kind of rule is a de facto authoritarian rule….exploiting all the weaknesses….employing all kinds of deceit and manipulations….
    May people realise this….
    Sure We’LL !!!!

  21. Siddharth says:

    Well Bawa may be wrong,indo-canadian may be wrong or maybe i am wrong…

    But there’s one person who can’t be wrong and that is our Guru, if Guru has said that our country needs a change, it definitely does!

    well Bawa is Guruji’s medium of reaching to the youth, so even HE can’t be wrong πŸ™‚

    Jai Hind πŸ™‚
    Vande Matram πŸ™‚
    And Jai Gurudeva πŸ™‚

  22. HP says:

    wow ! Bawa! …
    this was very informative.
    i’m going to ask everyone to rad this.


  23. HP says:

    oh sorry. i meant “read”. not “rad”

  24. Nikhil says:

    Woahhh…that is a shocker!

    @indo canadian :OK..The things pointed out by you do make a little sense…But only a LITTLE..I say you’d realize that if you lived in india..What goes on here and how it is happening.. This post isn’t about hyping stuff and I COMPLETELY agree with bau on his can see he isn’t discouraging sending the money to neighbors as a good and caring neighbor..But WOAHH…. To what extent?? and at whose expense?? There still isn’t education or any help for majority of the poor. No fool proof system to prevent terrorism.. After 9/11, Has anything of that sort happened in US?? NO! Of course, India is only a developing country..But the money needs to be used judiciously! The sort of write up in this post is REQUIRED to rouse people from their boring, routine, ready-to-adjust-for-anything lifestyle. Filling up their own pockets in their swiss bank accounts and redirecting such huge sums of money for aid is not at all justified by the politicos!!
    And about the funding for universities in US..Its one step forward alright..but c mon..Why only minorities??! Thats the core of the issue and not the funding itself..
    I’m sure you continue to love bau and accept the fact that money isnt being spent properly..The debate is perfectly acceptable..But I’m offended with the quality of your remarks….You could certainly have done better than that dude!

    Jai gurudev!

  25. Aditya Manocha says:

    JGD Bau,

    There is a fire raging in me!
    Recently came to know many other “facts”.

    Really its a situation similar to Mahabharata.
    And Krishna is with us.

    We are going to vote for change and ignite the fire of transformation!

    Jai Hind.

  26. Apu says:

    @ Bawa!
    Great thing you chose to publish this post! ! πŸ™‚
    @ Every one.. It was a great Discussion!
    I got an article in mail. Please read it

    Jai Gurudev!

  27. Monica Tiwari says:

    Just read the post and comments… It’s a nauseatic experience.
    Our India is in such a mess !
    The only hope which lingers on is my memory of Guruji saying that if we’ve got the worst, we can either complain or work toards improving it.
    Bau PLEASE write a post on the steps to improve the conditions (apart from the voting part, which we will follow)
    Truly speaking, I’ve not much faith in the BJP either… the fanatic Bajrang dal could operate mostly where there was BJP rule ! They think it’s our culture they were preserving ? Well, women are not supposed to be beaten in India traditionally ! And we DON’T want fanatics when Guruji teaches Love ! Plus Advani and all are so old !

    Bau PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE suggest what WE can DO.

    And Ino-Canadian, your views are decent, but ultimately the argument hasn’t led us anywhere. And as far as I observe, in the end, you’re basically on Bau’s side by suggesting that the present govt is no good ! It hasn’t led us to any alternative.
    And there’s no point in wasting time in arguments which make things stagnant, we already have less time.
    It’s sad to read only problems… Please suggest solutions too. Terrorism, corruption, media showing nonsense news, conversions, fanatic under-currents…
    What can WE “DO” ?
    Please tell us that. PLEASE.
    I’m sure that I don’t want the same India as now by the end of MY life. And I’m cerain we ALL think the same. Everybody wants CHANGE !
    Please give your ideas Bau,
    I’m sure you can ask Guruji too for our benefit πŸ™‚
    With all Love to you dearest Bau πŸ˜€
    This blog is becoming evern better now ! πŸ˜€

  28. NNARAYANON says:

    Very rightly suggested to VOTE FOR A CHANGE – but, to whom? Because, once the results are out, horse trading between the parties – note between the parties and not individual independent MPs take place and ultimately with an amalgam of new groups, the Government is formed and at a convenient time, the group exits.


  29. Mihir says:

    wowww !!! Truely an amazing experience to read the comments as well…

    just loved what Aditya Manocha said… We truely have Krishna with us…The time has come…. The game has surely become interesting…

    @ indo-canadian… its good to express one’s views, but its much better to get the basics right… Do spend quality time in India and thats when the game can be better understood… Lets mould our country together and beautify it… It undoubtedly was, is and will be the best on the world map… we are the pioneers… Jai Gurudeva πŸ™‚ Love you always Bau… Thanks for helping me to live this …. God bless you… πŸ˜‰

  30. shikhar says:

    @indo canadian :when more than 2000 people die in a year due to terrorism i think “do not hype the terrorism” statement needs little reconsideration…

    And about our clean PM, do you know he lost his Lok sabha election??

    why does the media goes up in arms when a leader tries to talk about and protect hindu rights and the appeasement policy is never talked about..the scholarships to muslims, madrasas being given CBSE status, more than 1 marriage allowed etc etc??

    we are a secular nation but when it comes to civil code, it is different for hindus and muslims?? why cant we have a uniform civil code??

    it is a shame we cant have ram temple at ayodhya..i perosonally feel muslims should themselves offer it to us..

    @bau: i totally agree with you bau…we will always love you no matter what happens..


    jai guru deva..

  31. Pradnya says:

    Hats off to you Bawa. Such a living example of Guruji’s knowledge :-). Great to see the impartiality and detachment to all those oblivious and confused comments.
    Yes, we need a change to see us progressing to the fullest. For that, as someone mentioned, we need a candidate who we can trust on. Those who are clean and just, don’t come forward very often. So we hardly get any choice. They all look alike when they go past us, standing up on the Jeep, waving hands at us.

  32. Swati says:

    I admire your courage to speak this out as an AOL senior teacher..

  33. Jaimin says:

    After coming out of the shock, let me voice my concerns.

    I disagree with you, Bawa, on your suggestion to vote. Voting does not seem to be the solution. There is no “lesser of the devils” in the political scene. In fact, there is no alternative but to stand up and take the responsibility in your own hands. We must join politics. An excellent example is ABN-AMRO’s India Operations Head Ms. Meera Sanyal. She was moved by the terrorist attacks in South Mumbai, and is taking a year’s sabbatical to contest from South Mumbai. We need people from the corporate world to come out of their lavish offices and bring about some ‘quality administration’.

    @ Indo-Canadian: I appreciate your thoughts, to some extent. Even Guruji had once donated some amount to a nearby needy village during the early days of the Ashram. At that time, a devotee had asked why we had spent money outside when the Ashram needed it so much. He had said that we don’t stop benefiting others when our own house needs repairs. We will always need something or the other. (This is not a verbatim reproduction of what He said, but am sure you get the gist).

    However, I think the government is being way too extravagant here. The numbers are just too shocking. Not only the numbers, but the purposes for which money ‘seems’ to have been given.

  34. Archith says:

    “# Vikrant says:
    March 24th, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    I am surprised you allowed the indo-canadian thingy comment.”

    Text book case of intolerance of differing opinions. No wonder BJP thrives here.

  35. Anshika says:

    After the blasts in New Delhi 2 years back, Guruji had come to the city to address the people. He was returning from Germany and told us that none of the international newspapers had reported the blasts in the capital of India. To this Guruji added,”Kya Humare Desh Mein Jaan Itni Sasti Ho Gayi Hai..?”
    This goes for you, Mr.Indo Canadian.
    Sorry but we are going to fight whether you like it or no…
    Charity begins at home…ISNT IT ?? πŸ™‚

  36. avinash says:

    Jai gurudeva BAU,
    i am replying to one MR.INDO CANADIAN and BAU PLEASE DONT THINK AS AN ARGUMENT, BUT MY THOUGHTS to his reply and MR.IND CANADIAN with due respect to u plz access the real scenario , and i am not supporting or arguing but these ARE THE FACTS, my questions to u


    7. here ppl are struggling everyday to get one square meal, then y should we need a chair in oxford for indian studies, if they want to study let them come here, Mother INDIA is vast and BIG it will take the whole lifetime for them to study our country

    bau i am sorry for my agressiveness, but i am pained and burning because of these americanised,westrenised so called’INTELLECTUALS’

  37. Arpita says:

    @ Archith
    Typical case of finding the negatives… It’s amazing how you couldn’t read rest of the post and comments and just hung on to that one line.
    Besides, I think it was meant to be a compliment for Bawa.


  38. Archith says:

    Rest of the post and in fact lots of other posts reflect the same feeling that I have pointed out. The lines I highlighted were perhaps the most succinct. About finding negatives…aren’t we all doing that for something or other? πŸ˜‰ My point is don’t attack a person just because his/her views are different from yours.

  39. Monica Tiwari says:

    Wow ! one of the promises of Congress : RESERVATIONS FOR MUSLIMS!
    Amazing ! Read in today’s Hindustan TImes.

  40. amol sarnaik says:

    wel Bau
    bad people dont think,they just act!
    good peolple just think,dont act!
    n thats problem we have…its really time to do now Baaaad(means to act like bad to save our country)…
    love u!
    jai gurudev!

  41. vishesh says:

    all this is fine bau …but what is there to suggest that bjp or any other party is better ?

  42. Rupali says:


    First of all hearty congrats for receiving such a youthful response!!! Cheers!!

    The facts portrayed hereby are simply mind boggling (especially going through this post during the financial year ending is…..!!!)

    We definitely need to put our minds together do something fruitful…

    However, one small suggestion Bau:
    The para stating “CBSE status to Islamic madressas in India….
    Which will mean that we won’t just have criminals in the bureaucracy and ruling us, we will have terrorists!”
    is a big one!!
    It mite offend the MINORITY !!!
    Lets not create any intra-youth intra-religion storms!!
    After all we are going to “Vote For Change”
    And I feel this is going to be the Biggest change..
    “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” πŸ™‚

    Jai Hind,

  43. Anurag says:

    But the big question is whom to VOTE?

  44. anigalla says:

    these elections are very crucial for the people of this country..
    mumbai attacks, uncontrolled prices, corruption, impotent governance against religious fights and jihadis.. hope indian voters will do something right this time..

  45. Guddo says:

    Bawa I thank u for publishing the Indo canadian view shows u tried to be unbiased :)however I think most of your blog readers whose heart is supposed to bleed for the ills in India themself have not expirienced what they are debating about and may be falling in the category of “Lotus eaters”. However you can well imagine the impact of this discussion which is in an alien language and not within reach of 70percent of Indian voters the Villagers who will decide to vote for the person who helps them to survive somehow.

  46. Namrata says:

    In 1991 the semester fees in IIT was Rs. 20 and now it is Rs. 20,000

    well rather than leaving a comment on the inconvenient question you just talked about, which is a one concerning national level, i want to ask you a inconvenient question which has been bothering me for some time.

    I completed my YES+ course some days back, the donation paid by me and others like me was Rs. 2000/-. well just tell me whether this art of living is required only by the elite class of our country. Or by your measures to improve the living quality of the youngsters of our country, you even think of reaching to those youth who may be hardly this amount as their monthly income. well do they need no art to live.

    And if this ashram and the measures taken by the guruji and his followers are simply for those who have a lots of money to contribute, then that is a part of bussiness which U people are also involved in.

    Again the name given to that Rs. 2000/- is donation and not fees, so by the word donation it, as per my knowledge means charity which is done voluntarily, and not compulsorily.

    Also there we were shown promotional videos for YES + instead i would want to see a video on what are the charitable activities that are being done by our so called forceful DONATION.

    I would be really happy if i get a reply to my comments, because that would make me understand that u care and that u have the guts to handle criticism the way u handle appreciation.

    waiting for your reply so i could shoot further questions

    • Bawa says:

      Go to and search for service projects of the Art of Living … watch the videos at your leisure
      If you want to come and see what happens in a jail course, find a teacher near you who does these… go with them, if you have the guts and assist these courses. Next time we are sending a contingent to Iraq or some other war torn area, volunteer to go … develop skill sets so that you can be useful there of course, then you may be selected. Want to try your hand at giving education to slum kids? Come to Dharavi, we have a school running there… Make a difference to people living in villages? We have hundreds of places which need attention, help and money.
      If you bothered to ask around your own course, you will have found that there may have been a few people who were given scholarships… people who needed them or even people who have shown some leadership qualities. If you go to there is a scholarship form over there to be filled for courses that dinesh and i teach… Like i always say, anyways we do a fair bit of charity with the money that is collected, we have no issues doing charity for people who need it… but i would like to make sure people really need it.
      Very easy to sit in your chair and doubt .. tough to get out into the world and really make a difference.
      I can handle any question you shoot at me … instead of writing here, why dont you come and see me? Then you shoot those questions, i will answer… we will make a video and post it here πŸ™‚
      Jai Gurudeva!

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