Mar 26

Inconvenient Questions – II

Do you know what 1 Crore looks like? i mean just how many zeroes it has?


Now there is some boring governmentese that i have to cut and paste here… got this from the Comptroller & Auditor Generals report, an official government agency, chapter 2,

A kind soul sent it to me πŸ™‚

Section 2.2 Unascertainable unspent balances in the accounts of Implementing agencies (excerpted and abridged)

For the year 2007-08 , the Union Govt made a provision for transfer of central plan assistance of Rs 51259.85 crore directly to state/district level autonomous bodies,authorities societies etc for implementation of centrally sponsored schemes. These have not been spent fully by the implementing agencies and lie unspent in their accounts.

The aggregate amount of unspent balances in the accounts of the implementing agencies kept outside Govt accounts is not readily ascertainable. The Govt expenditure as reflected in the accounts to that extent is therefore overstated.

Section 2.3. Opaqueness in Govt accounts

Scrutiny of Union Govt Finance accounts 2007-08 disclosed the Rs 20273.52 crore under 28 major heads of accounts was classified under minor head ‘800-other expenditure’ in the accounts constituting more than 50 % of the total expenditure under respective major heads.
This indicates a high degree of opaqueness in the accounts , the report says. It also says that the existing structure of the Govt accounts does not truly reflect the current activities of the the Govt in these Ministries /Depts.

Section 2.4 Understatement of Balances under Universal Service Obligation Fund

The USO fund was set up in April 2002 for achieving universal service objectives of increasing tele density in rural and remote areas. The resources for this are raised through universal access levy which is payable by all telecom operators under various licenses

A total Universal service levy of Rs 20404.44 crore was collected during 2002-03 to 2007-08 by the DoT but a disbursement of only Rs 6371.44 crore was made from the USO fund. Thus the closing balance of the fund on 31st March 2008 should be Rs 14099 crore as against the NIL balance shown under that head! The report says that “closing balance of the USO fund as on 31st March 2008 was therefore understated by Rs 14033 crore ”

The report also says that this matter was presented to the parliament but no action has been taken.

Section 2.5 Overstatement of capital expenditure

The Govt transferred Rs 6500 crore in 2006-07 and Rs 6000 crore in 2007-08 to the Social and Infrastructure Development fund (SIDF) for initiatives like upgradation of industrial training institutes, training of farmers etc. Thus entire amount was booked as capital expenditure in the accounts of these 2 years.

The report says that examination of the expenditure of Rs 3447.75 crore incurred during 2007-08 disclosed that Rs 1586.75 crore was of revenue nature.
It says that capital expenditure in the Consolidated Fund of India 2006-07 was thus overstated to the extent of at least Rs 1586.75 crore. For 2007-08 capital expenditure of Rs 6000 crore is overstated.

…Β  and so on …


In English (and i hope i understood all that legalese right) this means that Rs 51259.85 crores + Rs 20273.52 crores + Rs 14033 crores + Rs 1586.75 crores = Rs 87153.12 crores is simply missing! and this is just for the years 2007-09! Over the years, how much of our money has been stolen from us?!

The Rs 871531200000 is just not there.

This is OUR money folks. What we paid this government as tax! Where have they put it?! There is simply no answer forthcoming!

Just to put it in perspective, 871531200000 seconds = 27,617 years!! or 871531200000 cms = 11 trips to the moon and back!!!

Amazingly, this report is on a government website, and no one has talked about it! Not the present government (ofcourse!), not the media, not anyone!


Vote for change… please

Jai Gurudeva!



ps People have been asking for the exact link… unfortunately, the link doesnt show up in the browser, but you can do this:

go to

go to the part of the screen where it shows


Click on Latest audit reports

on the next screen, click on Compliance/Regularity Audit

on the next screen, click on Report no. 13 – Accounts of the Union Government

Which will take you to this next screen:


This post is from Chapter 2… You can browse at your leisure πŸ™‚

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34 Responses to “Inconvenient Questions – II”

  1. indo canadian says:


    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    mad respect

  2. Siddharth says:

    Ok now that was something…these questions have to be answered!!!!!!!!

  3. mukta says:

    such facts really makes us to loss our innocence as u said in the previous post……
    but we can not run away from them…….
    what do they get out of it???????
    how can somebody be so ignorant???
    hw can someone pollute his/her soul in such a way?

  4. Vishal says:

    Hmm .. Interesting …

    Satyam Fiasco is nothing compared to this ..

    except .. satyam fiasco was hyped .. this isnt ..

    bhaiya can u please post the exact link ??

    I intend to forward this to the news agencies!!

    Jai gurudeva,


  5. Deepak says:

    Hi Bawa,

    Only spreading this information on Blog will not be sufficient I guess.. Offcourse there are many who are following this. But mass is missing. Do you think there is some better way to focus on this, with some media help, Spreading to all the forums of (Art of leaving family atleast, on Orkut this group is almost 50000 members). I dont know how can we achieve this to spread and share this knowledge to all our brothers and sisters.

    Thanks a lot for putting this information forward. Atleast I shall forward this to all my friends and family (AOL) members.

    Muzee change chahiyeeeee.


  6. Vikrant says:

    What surprises me is not the media but the opposition parties. How come none of them have made it as an election issue?

  7. Jaimin says:

    If the media hasn’t seen it, let us write a letter to the PM asking for an explanation and mark copies to various national newspapers like The Hindu, The TOI, ET, etc. That would be a good move given that the elections are around the corner.

  8. Jaimin says:

    The Satyam fraud looks okay in front of this πŸ˜€

  9. Monica Tiwari says:

    no comments !

  10. Jaimin says:

    Maybe the opposition has worse things to hide πŸ˜€

  11. Jaimin says:

    Okay…I am drafting a letter. Will run it by you here itself!

  12. sudha says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am sorry to ask this question but I need an answer
    whom should I vote ? each party is as corrupted as other it’s like we r having duryodhana n ravana here almost all the leaders rhave broad vision of how to divide people n narrow vision of doing good to country not even a single party member is good then?!!!

  13. Jaimin says:

    Here is my understanding after reading the downloaded report from the site:

    In most of the sections, the CAG is pointing out to irregularities in how the accounts are presented. For example, in section 2.3 β€˜Opaqueness in Government Accounts’, a point is made regarding under what Head should certain expenses have been reported. The amount of Rs. 20273.52 crore should have been put under Major Heads whereas they have been put under a Minor Head. This may not directly mean hiding of money, only a mere re-statement of the accounts may be required. On the flip side of the coin, the language is interesting:

    “This shows that the existing structure of the Government Accounts does not truly reflect the current activities of the Government in these Ministries/Departments. It is, therefore, recommended that the Government may conduct a comprehensive review of the structure of Government Accounts to address this deficiency for achieving greater transparency in
    financial reporting.”

    So, the deficiency seems to lie in financial reporting, and not the finances themselves.

    If you know someone good at accounting, can you please run the report by him or her. I will read the report more carefully tonight in an effort to understand it. In any case, we should certainly raise the question of whether these reporting irregularities were really engineered.

  14. Siddharth says:


  15. Jay says:

    we should spread this like wildfire!!
    bau can this file be legally posted on blogs for download??

  16. Deepak says:

    I have forwarded this mail (Sorry Bawa I havent taken your permission before) to all my friends and grps and also requested to forward and think seriously on the issue.

  17. RR says:

    Today was the last day to register to vote in Pune. Stood in line for 3 hours and got registered – whew. I almost thought it wont happen as they were sending people away for want of a signature etc,but by Guru’s grace, i got my form in. Now to vote !


  18. Varun says:

    Anyone who wants the EXACT & DIRECT link to the report, here it is:

    Copy-paste above link into the address bar of your browser. And also make sure that you have Adobe or Acrobat Reader etc. (for being able to view the .pdf file) πŸ™‚ And you’re good to go! πŸ™‚

    Never knew that my love/addiction/overspending of time on Computers could help me get all you guys the DIRECT link πŸ™‚

  19. Varun says:

    Simply clicking on the link is also working πŸ˜‰

  20. Sriram says:

    Appalled – is the only word; I can get out of my mouth. With so much money in the system how come India is a poor country or still a developing country? How is it even possible that we have poor people in India? Even if it is a finacial reporting irregularity – these people are being paid by our taxes to do the job right – let us demand efficiency.

    This begs the question – will a change in Government help or will it be the same again? I think the answer to this – is to not only change the current party in power – but also do your homework on which candidate to support. It does not have to be any of the mainstream parties – choose the candidate wisely; they are all in campaign mode – Go and talk to them; ask them the hard questions – see if they answer … if they don’t then you know … and if they do – then also you know …

    More legwork is needed at least for me to go cast my vote!!

    Great post Bawa!!!!

    Jai Gurudev!

  21. Aparna says:

    IT always makes a difference! πŸ™‚

  22. Siddharth says:

    Amazing news coming up, Advani challenges PM to live debate?
    Bawa care to adjudicate?!!

  23. Vishal says:

    I Have a query .. and i request you to help me here ..

    state is not a issue .. congress is OUT of AP ..

    the thing is .. at the centre .. parties other than congress lack leaders .. !!

    BJP .. advani remains the sole leader .. arun jaitley is not contesting .. rajnaath singh .. i dont wanna talk abt him ..

    then who .. ??

    Bau .. please advice .. !

  24. Deepak says:

    JaiGuruDev !
    dear friends,
    By giving another party a chance to govern will teach a lesson to those who are in power for all their lapses and we’ll let them know that it is not what people of India want and will tolerate.And it applies to every political outfit. Politics/Governance is not a issue that is to be taken for granted. Everyone is affected by politics whether it is at global or local level. One votes or doesn’t vote it has its impact.So its better to vote and make a intelligent choice among the Options Available.We should vote either to bring a Party/Alliance into power or Oust a Party/Alliance from power.
    So Now its the Time To Vote For Change !
    JaiGuruDev !

  25. Jeet says:

    Jai Gurudev

    Feel like sending a hate mail to this media… They are projecting a statement by Varun Gandhi as a major issue and this our huge huge amount of money just vanished…. and we just cant question Govt regarding that…

    Its high time….

  26. sunny saxena says:

    These facts are true n shocking..The Britishers have not harmed & damaged India in 200 years more then that these corroupt people who by chance took birth on our precious land have harmed India in 50 years..

  27. aditi rawat says:

    dear bau,

    corruption has been there for quite sometime and it will take a long time to root out corruption from our system.we all know that a substantial portion of the outlay is appropriated by the govt officials and other political players by employing corrupt means. so the facts and figures tht u have stated here are no big surprise for me. infact ppl are not even going to be surprised if corruption and other so called “facts” tht u have mentioned in ur article continue to exist if the current govt is thrown out of power..ppl say -choose the less evil. fine. i do tht.. WHT NEXT????? does my work stop there??? are all the problems solved?

    so my point is how are we- the responsible citizens actually making a DIFFERENCE by casting our so called ” informed vote”??

    If an award is ever given out to the ‘most cliched, passable excuse’ everytime things do not go according to individualistic or societal plans, ‘blaming the government’ would win hands down. The beauty and burden of democracy is that it gives people a chance and responsibility to do something rather than, say, just sit and blog about issues.We tend to project our internal flaws, distortions and lump it on politicians because it is so much more convenient for our own conscience.

    Or you can vote. The concept is that every person has the right to exercise his/her grievances in a simple and apparently effective way. Vote for or against BJP/CONGRESS (or whichever diaper u want to bring in) that has caused you happiness or hurt. Is it really that simple ? vote for change????? Well, NO!
    It is like this. I do not concede that everyone in this country has the country’s best interest implicit in their decisions. Even if they do, they do not have the numbers on their side to make any sort of difference. I am not being skeptical, I am being realistic. And if the reality seems grim, well, that is just the way it is. You cannot cause a real difference just by sitting at home, reading about policies and going and casting your ‘INFORMED VOTE’ on the day. What matters is to convince others about your ideas and gain acceptance within them first, then get a majority of people to vote on the issue you want to address and then bring about the required change. Imagine an election within an election. We can find a lot of people in this country who may have the heart, but neither the mind nor the voice to bring about a positive change in the way things work. And each of these people have to first win millions of elections within the election. And only then can their opinions find true volume
    So if you think why you should vote, well, it is not to exercise your right or to bring about CHANGE.It is either to be the whisper which works towards being the voice that eventually brings about the change or to be a mere bait in the whole process. Because unless you strive to take part in and win the small elections within the election, you will NEVER WIN in democracy. You will only receive a self-flattering “participation certificate.”

    also in the previous post- “free hair cut”, u mentioned the fundamental difference between the citizens of our country and the Members of our Parliament.
    Well in that case each one of us should ask ourselves is, “Am I the leader my country should follow?” In my case, my soul answers, “NO!” And most people consider me a “decent” girl.. The problem is there are thousands of people who, when they ask this question get the answer from within: “YES! YOU ARE THE PERFECT LEADER FOR INDIA.” And most of them are not half as “decent” as me.
    But they are the ones who step out on the crease and bat for you and me. While I – and countless other armchair idealists like me – are happy to sit in the stands and just VOTE ( and think tht we have done our work. giving ourselvs a false sense of achievment of doing our bit) and clap or boo as the occasion demands.
    And tht my sir illustrates the” fundamental difference” between the citizens of our country and the Members of our Parliament.

    jai guru dev!

  28. Ravi says:

    Please don’t mind, but u have all this knowledge & informations + u have a guru in complete support, why don’t u give these facts to the media yourself or do whatever necessary actions that is to be taken???

  29. Anish says:

    If possible send this report to this man Jairam Ramesh. He is the @#$%&!G person who is promoting congress’ manifesto on the web…His e-mail i.d is as follows:

  30. Manoj says:

    We all know Indian media is biased, so sending the info to them will not help. Most likely they know the facts and are working over time to bury it.

    But why isnt BJP taking up these matters to ‘aam admi’ and making noise?

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