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Incredible You

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You are such a coincidence, it’s a miracle you even exist. You are an adventure four and a half billion years in the making. You swam against 250 million sperms to get to the egg deep inside the fallopian tube and you managed to fertilize it first. You won the most important race… In fact, the only race that would ever actually matter right at the very start. You and me, we all start off as winners.

The prize for winning that race is called Life.

We get to be on this amazing planet called Earth and every year we get a free trip around this massive yellow star we call the sun. We get to love each other, fight with each other, hate each other, be angry at each other, feel jealous of each other, be nice to each other, enjoy each other… most importantly love each other and maybe learn from each other.

I have been doing most of these since 1969. These days I devote more of my time to loving and learning and having a blast. Maybe everyone else should too.

A super-duper Happy New Year 2017 to all… To Life. To Love. To Learn.

PS Dinesh and I wrote a book about learning. It’s called Ready Study Go! – Smart Ways to Learn and it has made a few ripples in the last part of 2016. We have sold more than 20,000 copies. It was on amazon.in best seller list for a few weeks and it has made it to the amazon.in memorable books of the year list. If you have still not read it, you may have a treat waiting for you. And if you have read it, I hope you are implementing the stuff we have written about. It could well pave the way for you to the realization of your dreams…

We hope for big things for our book this year and know that with your support, we could get this book in the hands of all who would like to make learning a simpler, more meaningful activity. You can buy it from most book stores across the Indian subcontinent and almost all online portals that sell books. To get it from amazon.in click bit.ly/readystudygo and from amazon.com click bit.ly/readystudygointl

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