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Inside Out

Riley is a 10 year old, with loving parents, a lovely home and great friends. Then one day, out of the blue, the entire family moves from Minnesota to San Francisco.

Riley has to deal with living in a much smaller and a very dingy new house, a new school and new friends. On top of that her loving parents suddenly don’t seem to be giving her attention any more. Her father’s business is not working the way it should have and both the parents are utterly stressed out. Her best friend from back home in Minnesota has suddenly found another friend… the list goes on. This is a lot for a fragile 10 year old to deal with.

The movie could have been another humdrum take on these rather everyday occurrences in many of our lives.

The good folk at Disney and Pixar give it an utterly enchanting twist, by taking us on an adventure inside the heads of the various protagonists while all these things are happening on the outside.

We all hear voices in our heads, right? What if these were real people with distinct personalities, managing us and our reactions and responses to the overwhelming circumstances that could happen in our lives?

The Voices in Riley's Head

The Voices in Riley’s Head

How does a breakdown happen? How could a person bounce back from that breakdown to their normal, vibrant self?

That’s the real story of the movie. It’s a very serious topic, dealt with a supremely light touch.

It also answers the eternal question – What’s the purpose of sadness?

And dramatically establishes one of Art of Living’s key contentions “Opposite values are Complimentary”

Don’t make the mistake of dismissing this movie as another animated movie from Disney. It has amazing depth and though I am sure children will enjoy it, more mature people will appreciate it even more!

BTW, there is a very cute little short film called Lava that they show just before the main feature. Be on time, so you don’t miss it.

Jai Gurudeva!




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7 Responses to “Inside Out”

  1. Shubham says:

    Wow!! Interesting – the voices in our heads!

  2. Nilima Gupta says:

    Would love to be informed

  3. Sneha Challa says:

    Thanks for your review Bau! Watched the movie in Pittsburgh today. It was amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie!

  4. Venkatesh L says:

    Bawa! Thanks for suggesting, watched the movie today. Really amazing.

  5. pulla reddy kypu says:

    After seeing a video of guruji praising srila prabhupada ji, i watched many videos of iskcon and srila prabhupadaji. then i got confusion b/w shankaracharya’s philosophy whom they criticizes as mayavadi philosophy and iskcon philosophy about one thing.

    i.e who am i (1)shankaracharya-i am god and by practical methods one can realize it.

    (2)iskcon- my soul is very small part of god,and i am servant of god and i will reach him after death by living life through bonafide vedic process.
    could u please give some knowledge about this which might clarify my confusion bawa?

  6. Pallavi Chandrasekhar says:

    Bau, I loved this movie too and had the exact same thought after watching it of how ‘opposite values are complimentary to each other.’ And now whenever a silly song is stuck in my head I am reminded of how Riley and others have that toothpaste jingle stuck in their heads. I really like all the movies you reccomend. Thank you for the post.

    P.S- I am on a marathon reading spree of all your blogs today while there is less work in the office. Lots of love to you and Dinesh bhaiya :-*

  7. Bhanuja says:

    liked watching it !! great depth 🙂

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