Nov 26


I don’t like Chris Nolan’s movies. There, I have said that out, however blasphemous it may sound to many, many people reading this. I didn’t like the Batman series – too dark and dismal for me and I felt that Superman was made into an unnecessarily psychotic, depressed and slightly confused person – Hardly the Hero I have always thought him to be. Inception was for me strictly ok types.

When I heard about Interstellar, at first I decided not to watch it. Dinesh, Abhi and others went and watched it and said I might like it… And so one afternoon Gowri and I went and saw it.

What a movie it is!! It is one of those rare gems of movies that come along once in a decade or so. It unfolds itself at a grand leisurely pace – slowly, surely and masterfully. There is no hurry at all and yet the pace can become quite frenetic. A movie for the discerning viewer and the junta all at once.


It’s a movie that leaves you relaxed, sitting back in your seat, and on it’s edge with excitement at the same time!

At it’s core, it’s a simple love story. Father and daughter. Circumstances drag them apart. Will they meet again? And, if yes, how will that meeting be? Given wormholes, time dilation, quantum mechanics and the imminent end of life on Earth as we know it – the answers at the end are complicated but ultimately satisfying. There is a lot of science in the movie and overwhelmingly difficult ideas are explained in the simplest of ways – What would the 4th dimension be like? Why is a wormhole spherical?

There are many nods to classic sci-fi films – Close Encounters, Contact and 2001 – A Space Odyssey were the ones I caught. The special effects are outstanding. Everything seems so very real. I later learned that very little green screen was used in the movie and it shows. This movie misses a perfect 10 from me only because of the music. It’s good but not great. Everything else is absolutely flawless. This movie is going to sweep the Oscars and for all the right reasons!

There are moments of utter exhilaration and abject disappointment and to me as audience both felt fantastic. I wouldn’t watch this movie in a big group. I would watch it with just one or two really close friends. It leaves you teary eyed, contemplative and smiling at it’s end… and wishing it went on for just a little longer. I am so glad I watched it with Gowri.

I hope it kindles interest in outer space again and the governments of the world restart their space programs in a much bigger way.

Interstellar is not a movie, it’s an experience.

Jai Gurudeva!



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