May 4

Introducing Supriya Iyer

I had a go at writing fiction… this is my first ever short story… I had great fun writing it 🙂

I am a total disaster, she sobbed. I have flawless skin. I don’t have any warts or pimples. Not even acne. I have long beautiful dark brown hair and deep dark brown eyes. When I laugh it sounds like the tinkle of delicate bells. I can sing. The kind of songs that actually make people smile, and not scare them away. I have a cute little toy poodle for my familiar. And my name is Supriya Iyer. How could I possibly pass the entrance exams and clear the interview for becoming a witch?

Her poodle, that she had named Frankenstein in the wild hope that he would become fearsome, listened to the wailing with a bored twitch of his ears. He had heard it many, many times. He had, contrary to what Supriya wanted, become a very cute and cuddly little dog, though he would use his powers to mercilessly zap any cats who tried to get fresh with him with various curses. Soon mommy cats would scare their little kits with stories of Frankenstein’ curses, if they didn’t drink their milk or they didn’t sleep their 20 hours every day.
Oh Frankie, what do I do? None of the hexes I have gotten off the internet work on me. They only work on other people. Why only yesterday, I gave Sunanda from the sixth floor such a lovely wart right on the tip of her nose. And all she had to do was share her ice cream with me. But now she is not even talking to me. She screams every time she looks in the mirror. That was my bad deed of the day, but I didn’t like making her feel bad. Is that counted then? And if I don’t get in, then my powers will just fade away… even my memory that I could do magic will go, and I will never be able to understand anything you say and worst of all I will have to study calculus (I got very high marks in 10th standard, I knew I should not have used magic to give the board exams). Worse still, I may even have to get married!
Magic is not going to help me, she thought. I need a miracle. She thought of some of the Devas who she was friendly with, but all of them had refused to make her ugly or even teach her how to cackle. They all said that she would simply have to get very high marks on the BWW (Basic Witchcraft and Wizardry), and then use her talents to get through the interviews. She was not so scared of the BWW, it was the personal interview that made her heart flutter.

The BWW had been a month ago, and she had cleared it. She had applied to the very prestigious IITWW (The Indian Institutes of the Technology of Witchcraft and Wizardry). Especially IITWW, Bombay which was world famous in India.

Today was D-day. She would have to appear for the personal interview. What chance did she have?! She would certainly fail on looks, voice, laugh and familiar.

Cmon Priya, its time we went to that place, shouted her father. Don’t forget to get Frankie, yelled ma. They had been most understanding about her wanting to become a witch once they saw her curdle milk with a glance and turn it into rich dahi with a flick of her wrist. And that time when they were stuck in a traffic jam, getting horribly late for Namita Auntie’s daughter’s wedding, Supriya had suggested an alternate mode of transportaion. Ma had alighted gracefully from the bai’s broomstick, adjusted the pleats of her silk sari, and commented, “This is really not that much different from a scooter ride from Bandra to Churchgate”.

“And less bumpy too,” pointed out her father.

She pulled Frankie’s hair all over the place to make him look scary. All it did was make him look untidy. And cute. She hastily put her worst dress on and uncombed her hair…

What happens next? Will she clear her interview and get admission into IITWW? Will she bcome ugly on time? Will she get her chance for becoming a witch?!

Cmon you guys, use your imagination to complete the story 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



PS i wrote a poem too… Supriya’s Song, watch out for it in a day or 3 🙂

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14 Responses to “Introducing Supriya Iyer”

  1. sudha says:

    then she enters the campus of IITWWB bit late the interview would have just begun. all the candidates are sitting there nervously waiting for their names to be called. few of them are very happy for getting selected and many of them dejected for getting rejected.

    Now it’s Supriya’s turn.Once she enters she finds all elderly people sitting and looking at her (she feels as tough they are going to pounce upon her)one by one asks her questions she answers (gives full wrong answers)she feels she is going to be dejected but her name appears on selected list.

    June 1 she joins IITWW she is a fresher. With all hopes and dreams to be comming true she enters the class. She sees all new faces most of them are very intelligent and hardworking. She tries to imitate them but alas fails!! she starts sobbing since she has no friends.She becoems aloof.

    Now comes semister exams. She has not done well. sshe knows that she can’t use her magical powers since it has been taken away by devas for her wrong doings. she sobs sobs n sobs she think what face will I show my parents/ i am just a failure slowly she starts taking drugs,to overcome her failure..days passes into months and months into years.

    One day IITWWB she sees many people who live their lives at their fulliest. She thinks about them have they not tasted failures? why can’t I be one like them? slowly she goes and and starts talking to them.Later she comes to know about the course called basic course (art of living foundation).she enrolls for the course. Guess who is taking the course

    Wonderful BAWA. what else can u expect from supriya’s face smile smile laughter .She rebuilds her confidence. Thinks positively.All her quires will get answered through BAWA with his witty jokes and sense of humor.

    Next she enrolls for an ADVANCED course. Slowly she starts celebrating her life each and every moment. seeing supriya smiling devas are surprised . They go her and ask whether she wants her magical powers

    dinner u can expect me whether u select me or not!!!

  2. Anshika says:

    umm…Whats the prize this time ?? I would definitely write once you answer this 🙂 🙂

  3. Monica Tiwari says:

    hahaha ! Bau what were you thinking ! very cute 🙂

  4. vishakha says:

    well d things r nt at all easy fr Supriya….bt she is very determined dat one day she wud definitely become a big and a very famous witch….she doesn’t knoe how its gonna happen…wat she gonna do….she’s extremely nervous wats gonna happen next..
    bt somewr her inner instinct tells her her dat….she can accomplish her dreamz..
    wen she reachd dere seeing so many ppl..she felt little scary…because dey were at their best..seeing everyone’s confidence level and d way dey all luk made her feel dat she is simply nowhere to them
    those ppl who wer already through wid ther interview lukd happy nd sm of dem luked more fiery nd scared den her….
    she was actually gasping…..
    waiting fr her chance…wat questions wud b asked wats gonna happen….bla bla…
    den suddenly d person sitting beside her …..introduced himself…dey started discussing d criteria fr d selection..
    both of dem started feeling more and curious abt wats gonna actually happen…den d partner beside him poppd up dat a persons who wud gt selected must have self confidence, shud not try to pretend smthng else and if 1 destined to b a witch he/she will wud definately becm by tit or tat so just relax nd b in present moment.
    d person beside him stood up to go inside fr d interview…
    nw it was supriya to go next in sm few minutes….his words changed supriya’s mind suddenly…his words gave her lot of enthu..
    in those min she decided to surrender everything to god…nd watever wud happen she ll accept it …..
    ghosh tym runs so fast…..
    k so she’s abt to go in….how d ppl siiting wud lyk…hw dey r gng to luk at me….wat dey gonna ask me…wat dey ll judge….all dese questions wer running in her mind before she cud think of nything more…she was inside in front of interviewers…..
    k…..d lady siiting in front of her is realli cute…she doesnt luk scary at all….bt she is a very famous nd rich as well as highly educated witch….
    luk at her, supriya realised 1 thing it is nt necessary to luk horrible or worst to become a witch….sweet nd beautiful witches r also der bt no wonder dey r very rare…supriya cud also add on to those rare ones…nw
    all she need to have confidence ,believe in oneself..
    there wer six persons sitting in front of her…one was d headmaster..d other dat sweet nd beautiful lady….nd d other four she didnt knew…
    k ….she said to herself,ask me watever u wanna ask…
    so d interview began…she cud nt believe she was answering extreamly well …..questioning round ended….she came out…
    ppl sitting outside waiting fr their chance grabbed her nd asked wat all happnd bla…
    she didnt knew wat to say….all dat was coming in her mind was dat i gave my best nd dat is wat required ….
    coming out with a new self confidence ….dis interview was extremely special to her…wow it gave her a new way to luk towards life….she knew she gave 100%…nw she was sure watever d result wud b …she wud b happy…nd dat will b her destiny….she experienced fr d first tym wat surrendering means to b….
    finally results r out…..
    nd u knoe wat she is selected….

  5. Monica Tiwari says:

    She pulled Frankie’s hair all over the place to make him look scary. All it did was make him look untidy. And cute. She hastily put her worst dress on and uncombed her hair…
    Another look at the mirror… Uh, her mirror never cracked ! Sigh !
    “I think we’ll have to ride the broom sweety, there’s some eminent person around the place and the road is quite crowded. I think the air route will be convenient.”
    “K dad. Franku, get my broom… and don’t try to start the engine yourself !”
    “Wuff – wuff ! Yes, just a minute”
    It took about 20 minutes in all. And leaving Supriya and Frankie inside IITWW, the Iyers moved out. “Listen, give it your best shot ! Don’t be scared… Just scare everybody off ! That’s all they check in the interview. Be a confident witch”
    “Yeah mom. I’ll do what I can…”
    Finally settling down inside the dark lobby with black chairs, a haunting music, and a black drink (simply put, a Cola), Sup tried to relax. Frankie managed to get a seat next to her and immediately pretended to have slept so that nobody would take his seat. Frankie’s old trick, Supriya thought and looked around…
    And she received a major blow to her self-confidence and her hopes of an academic career in IITWW. She saw the other candidates for the interview,
    horrifying faces,
    googly eyes,
    turned-up noses,
    red like spice !
    no fixed bodies
    long yellow nails,
    hair like wires
    Some even had tails !
    And ah what dresses,
    Strange to behold…
    From where they got them
    Could never be told !
    What will I do !
    Ah, what will I do !
    In the name of horror
    I have pink shoes !
    Supriya was upset. A few of her fellow candidates stared at her, suppressing smiles. She heard a few whispers “She ! Hahaha ! Well, she’s too non-ugly to even try !” … “She even looks caring towards her dog.” … “I say such people shouldn’t be allowed the interview atall ! It’s so distracting for us, sincere students !” …
    “Anyway, just ignore her. Don’t be distracted, it’s no time to laugh. I’m revising the charm to turn a deer into a sheep.” …
    “Well, I think the one to convert a sheep into a deer is more important for the interview…”
    “C’mon… I’ve contacted some 4th year witches… They’ve hinted…”

    And so on…
    Everybody seems so confident here. What do I do ? Supriya wondered. Frankie, get up, I’m tensed. What can we must do to earn the interviewer’s respect ? Get up ! “Wuff-Wuff ! Miss Iyer… I know that you’re lookin pretty, and your dress is neither dirty nor does it stink. It might cause you some negative marking, but you can balance it off with your intelligence. What can we do now anyway, let’s just relax. Drink some more Cola… I’m sure it will help your skin lose some of it’s luster. But otherwise, you just relax now !”
    “Maybe you are right… there’s no hope for me here. So I might as well just relax.”
    And time sped on. One by one the candidates who came before her went in, putting on their their worst forms and came out, some smiling, and some, well… not smiling.
    “Miss Supriya Iyer”
    Hurry Frankie, and look dangerous in there ! “Wuff Wuff”
    So, miss Iyer, how many people have you scared recently ?
    Err… you see, I did one last Diwali. I made the firecracker go by itself !
    Sounds more amusing than scary to me. Anyway, how many enemies have you earned till now ?
    Oh, well, there’s one Sunanda, though I’m not very sure, and one Rachna I guess… But Sir I promise to make many more once I get through this institute.
    Chuck that, how many people did you bite, Frankenstein ?
    Wuff… Wuff… ahem… Wuff…
    I should’ve known. Anyway, how do you turn a sheep and a deer into phoenixes ?
    Oh, that’s not very tough. After giving them some food, we have to repeat “Abra ka dabra, kee kaaa chee, choo chaa chii, phoenix hiii !” And lo ! We have the phoenixes ready. But sir… we must keep in mind that at one time…
    I must ask you if you don’t even know that only ONE phoenix can exist in the universe at a time ?!
    Sir I was just going to say that.
    Enough, I won’t hear clarifications. Please try somehwere else.
    But Sir…
    Thank you Miss Supriya Iyer, bye Frankenstein.
    Thankyou sir.
    “Wuff !”
    They came out of the room… Supriya felt something wet on her cheeks and realised she waas crying. Now I’ll never be like Harry Potter. I’ll never be a magician. I’ll never… “Wuff Wuff ! Sup should we call your parents ?” I guess so…
    The family re-union was a silent affair. The Iyers understood their daughter’s disappointment from her drooping face. “Okay, it’s okay. Let’s just walk the way home, it’s close-by and we’ll buy some nice ice-creams for our darling !” Whatever, Supriya said and sent the broom back home, along with Frankie, before them.
    It was twillight. The sky looked heavenly. A breeze blew making Supriya’s face feel cool, freshly cleaned of tears. They bought ice-creams. And strolled along. The road was quite clear and they walked on. As they were about to reach home and Supriya once again was reminded of the disappointment she’d receievd that day, they heard some bells nearby. Clear, cheerful, pure, cleansing… the music of the bells made the Iyers stop where they were. And it drew them towards it… Like Magic !
    As they neared the sound, they realised it was coming from a house.”Govinda Giridhari Krisna, Mukunda Murari Krisna” and those bells. Something rung inside Supriya, she immediately wanted to be nearer to the place. They soon reached the home, and surprisingly were granted entry, in a stranger’s house ! Nobody seemed to be denied access to those bells… And everybody looked drowned in ecstasy !
    The family wondered and wondered ! What’s happening over here ?
    The surprise on their faces was apparent as a person smilingly said “Welcome, Guruji will be coming in a while.”
    Who Guruji ?! The family members looked at each other.
    “Well, I heard that one Mister Ravi Shankar Iyer was about to come in our locality. Could it be possible that these people have come to meet him ? “ “How can so many people be waiting since so long, sitting on floors, for a single man ? Okay, he’s an Iyer too, and we Iyers are always great 😉 but this is hard to digest ! It must be some other reason.”
    “Anyway, the music is nice. And Supriya seems to be enjoyin it. It’ll cheer her up a bit. So we must stay for a while.” “Ofcourse !”
    And in walked a man… Supriya looked at him…
    A Beauty Sublime,
    Deep Deep Eyes,
    A gait like poetry,
    A countenance Wise.
    He seemed to carry
    Total Love in Him
    Infront of His Glory
    The Sun seemed dim
    Who is this man ?
    Oh, Who is He ?
    A question arose
    in the Iyer family !
    I just remembered,
    I saw his picture
    Captioned Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
    In the mornin’ newspaper…
    The rest of the story need not be told !
    Mr RaviShankar smiled at the family of old
    And Supriya realised she was magic herself
    And saw that magic in others as well.
    From that day on, only friends she earned.
    “Miracle I needed, Miracle discerned.”
    Supriya would tell in her intro-talks
    How nothing was better than to with Him walk…
    The magic of life is for the blessed few
    And remember you are always blessed, for you are you !

    P.S. : That’s my story Bau ! It was great fun writing this one ! Luckily, I know Guruji’s surname, from an interview I read in the reader’s digest 🙂 Love you loads 🙂

  6. Janaki says:

    didnt understand anything. Fact ya fiction..

  7. Swapnil says:

    Cute Fiction till now…. 🙂

  8. Srivi says:

    ummm…can i be in the movie????

  9. Satish says:

    shes supposedly pretty with a u post her pic pls..& mayb intoduce me? 😉

  10. Monica Tiwari says:

    I just got a funny idea.
    Instead of “semester exams”
    IITWW has “Sinister exams”.

  11. Kumar Siddarth says:

    BAu Im sure mumbai ka traffic and pollution is more than enough to make beloved supriya ugly :D.

  12. puneeth says:

    She was sweating with fear. The breeze in the air of stratosphere hardly helped her to cool down. Thoughts were bombarding her mind of the worst horror she could face. Then something happened, she calmed down and started to imagine about the wonders she could find in the prestigious IITWWB. Ah! the thought of the just her dream coming true made her confident. Frankie however blissfully sleeping in her bag.
    She finally arrived at IITWWB. The sight of it not anything less what she had imagined. As she approached the gigantic gates of IITWWB her heart was filled with enthusiasm. Poor Frankie now became the victim of her excitement. she stopped just before the gate and woke him up and started to fill his head with etiquette to be followed. She said scare anyone who looks at you in your eye, don’t accept any gifts from strangers snatch it. After finishing up with Frankie she moved toward the gate, wondering how she could open the gates. All it took to open the massive door was a tiny little touch from the innocent little Priya. This touch, it is said is enough to many aspiring witches and wizards to know where they belong to. Now as the doors opened slowly the heart and mind of Priya opened up to the splendor and grandeur of the wizarding world, her doubts and anxiety slowly turning into innocencent curiosity of a little witch. She knew this is where she belongs, this is the place she could resonate with. The interview and the scroll of admission were history before she started to attend her first lecture. The person introducing the young witches and wizards to their new life in IITWB was none other than the legendary Wizard Bawa. Did Bawa find anything in this particular witch called Supriya Iyer? Was she destined to continue to carry the torch of IITWWB’s legacy? There’s only one person who can answer these questions and you all know who it is.

  13. Blessed eternally !!! says:

    Blessed by the gods, frankie turns to a lovely princess !!

    Already in love, supriya and frankie get married with the blessings of the whole creation and the creator .

    in the warm hug of the frankie,, supriya feels great joy

    and they commit their life togather for sadhana, seva and satsang…

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