Feb 15

Is Arvind Kejriwal good news? Or just paid news?!

I can say Arvind Kejriwal has been a friend of ours since quite some time. When the Anti-corruption movement in India started with the Art of Living’s initiative of the ‘March against Corruption and Terrorism’ on Parliament Street in New Delhi on 1st March 2009, we invited Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal (an RTI activist then), Darshak Hathi, Pralhad Kakkar and others to address about 10000+ youth present. Why had the News Channels in India not promoted this enough, even though every major ones were on locale?

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In the Nirbhaya case too, the Art of Living Youth were, as usual, the pioneers by starting protest with a silent candle light march and prayer meditation at India Gate. This is hidden from India’s populace because we never paid Indian Media to buy news. And it is on occasions like these, we were hit by the cold truth – Is there nothing but money that makes an event or a person news worthy?

It was Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji who brought Anna on the National stage (from being an anti-corruption activist in Maharashtra) and initiated the India Against Corruption Movement. We, the Art of Living youth, hugely supported Arvind during Anna’s campaign in the mobilizing of the huge rallies across the country and executing key functions.

The awareness about the Jan Lok Pal Bill began to gain momentum all over India with the active participation of the Art of Living volunteers and other civil society representatives. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar personally travelled to more than 16 states across India to address hundreds of thousands at Art of Living satsangs raising awareness about the Jan Lokpal Bill and offering holistic solutions to tackle corruption.

I dare Arvind to deny any of the above.

Back in the days of organizing the huge Delhi March against Corruption and Terrorism, we were faintly aware of the leftist and communist inclinations of Arvind Kejriwal during our interactions with him. But our spiritual training made us keep our cynicism aside and give honesty and dynamism a chance. But looks like, we were not the only ones to spot the honesty and dynamism of this man. The Congress with its acute political smartness also identified it and saw the simultaneous strong trend of Indian youth towards honesty (thanks to Congress’ reliance and indulgence on mass scale corruption plunging the country into a crisis). And so, did the unthinkable happen? Was honesty brought off for a price?! Did the Govt, with its media on sale and its policy of ‘news at a price’, blew smoke in the eyes of the aam aadmi by promoting the so-called honest crusader?

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On the lines of Sonia Gandhi ‘sacrificing’ her PMship, he has sacrificed his CMship now. He has gone back on every single promise given to people AND held the people themselves responsible for it. He has broken our heart and betrayed our trust at every turn. Time may reveal more.

We hoped for a revolution through Arvind Kejriwal. Now, Young India is seeing it crumbling to nothingness. Will Mother India have to suffer because of our error to give in to the strong human weakness of continuing to support lies and wrong conduct just because we called him ours once and supported him? Knowing the truth now, are we, as responsible citizens, willing to start conversations and do everything in our capacity to arrest the lie and ensure true change towards a non-coalition stable government with an experienced, strong and tested leader? I feel India deserves it and so do you. Let us Vote for a Better India…

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