Aug 20

Is Life a Game?

It can be!

What does a really nice game have?

It has quests to do which make you better at whatever it is you are doing.

It has the monsters that stop you from completing your quests.

It has Power-ups that help you combat the monsters.

It has allies. They help you battle your monsters and you in turn, will help them to fight off their monsters.

A quest needs to be challenging otherwise it’s just a grind. The monsters need to be tough otherwise they are just yard trash. The power ups need to really help otherwise they are a waste of time. And your allies need to care for you and you for them otherwise the monsters win.

No quest should be impossible. No monster unbeatable. There is always a way, always a weakness. You have to look for it with your allies. Strategize, then strike! A defeat teaches you new things, or at least how not to do things, and a victory after many defeats is really sweet.

And this whole process is such fun! So much fun, that in a game you go out looking for trouble.


So… What do you want in your life? What’s your quest?

Who are the monsters? What’s stopping you?

What makes you stronger in your challenge to defeat the monsters? What is your power up?

Who are your friends? Who are the people who will stand by you and fight with you?

If life could be a game, you would be actively looking for challenges!

Getting my drift?

Gurudev always says, “Life is a game.”

Take Him seriously. Gamify Life!!

Jai Gurudeva!



PS Jane Mcgonigal is the inspiration behind this article. Read her book and watch her videos. They are brilliant!

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