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Jilted Lovers or Mercenary Creative Writers

For some time now there have been a few people writing nasty stuff about Art of Living on their blogs. These people are alleged ex-Art of Living people who are on a self appointed mission to  “expose” the Art of Living Foundation and Sri Sri and almost every senior teacher/swami/office-holder you can think of.

Here’s my take on it.

Don’t you at least have one friend in whose life you were a part of the beautiful times he/she were experiencing in a relationship for months or years – the high of life, the wonder of love… But if and when it ended in a break up, weren’t you also party to the tirade from that same friend about how lousy the whole time was, how everything from the word go was a pack of lies, how their partners used them, psychologically played with them and their emotions, how they were naïve then and they are wiser now, and how their naivety was taken undue advantage of, etc, etc …

The age-old case of the Jilted Lover.

Or is it the case of the Mercenary Creative Writer?

I urge you to take a creative writing challenge. You can choose any person really. Mother Teresa, Mahtma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, The Dalai Lama, George Washington, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Albert Einstein, Queen Elizabeth or any other respectable and revered person of your choice who had contributed immensely to the world in any field.

Closely study their lives, their writings, their biographies, the history of that time and now write a story of how you were their secret girlfriend/boyfriend, or their right hand man/woman and in the backdrop of historical facts (provable), what genuine people  around them (names confirmable) used to say all sorts of negative things (unprovable) about that person and how the leader’s entire life was a well hidden pack of lies and deceit.

More points for how you and other gullibles were exploited, abused, traumatized and victimized and it was only your innocence, stupidity or helplessness that made you stay with them for those “horrible” 10/12/15 years of your life.

Such is the plight of about a dozen or so teachers of the 15000+ teachers worldwide who have “finally chosen” to stop being part of the Art of Living.

Wikipedia defines their activity quite well:

poison pen letter is a letter or note containing unpleasant, abusive or malicious statements or accusations about the recipient or a third party. It is usually sent anonymously. Poison pen letters are usually composed and sent to upset the recipient.

These people write poison pen blogs.

Why do they do it?

Are they Jilted Lovers or Mercenary Creative Writers?

Though driven by volunteers, the Art of Living Foundation has a proper organizational and financial structure in compliance with the Laws of the Land.

The Art of Living wisdom or techniques do not compete or conflict with anyone’s ideologies or beliefs, but in fact, beautifully complement them. Because of its principle of  ‘deepen your roots and broaden your vision’, people of all religions, countries, background and social status, feel at ease. Its vision of a one world family and making life a celebration on our planet and its mission of a violence-free, stress-free society with peace, prosperity, good health and happiness for all the Beings on this planet resonates with one and all.

Well, not all. A few bloggers, anti social elements and terrorist organizations may beg to differ, but we don’t mind.

So there are two options left for us to consider.

These bloggers are cowards (to hide behind anonymity) with purely malicious intent. Of course they justify saying, if they come out in the open, they will be target of violence or victimization from a multi-national globally strong organization with a solid well-wishers’ base like the Art of Living.

Or they may be brave and have the most benevolent of intentions like – lets write all this garbage, and if people trust it instead of the Art of Living and Guruji, then they are not qualified for spirituality or for Guruji’s Grace or Wisdom. So they are in effect filtering the ‘chaff from the grain’, “inspiring” those who are faithless or in doubt and on the fence to move away so that only the sincerest of seekers remain…

Inspite of all they have written, somehow, a bit of compassion for them comes and I see it this way: The more these people try to malign Guruji, the more they are thinking of Him, the more they will become like Him and will find a good spot in the heavens just like the demons of yesteryears, whose one-pointed focus on killing Lord  Krishna uplifted them to the best places in heaven.

Jai Gurudeva!


bawa n dinesh

ps We have not provided links to these blogs because we don’t want you going to those sites to read the poison they have written. We don’t do Sadhana to clean our minds everyday to go and get our minds polluted by the filth on these sites. Besides, going there increases their “hits” and their “popularity”. So if you ARE a part of the Art of Living, please don’t visit these sites and inadvertently and mistakenly help them by increasing their hits. It is unfortunate that this will happen, the way Search Engine Optimization works on Google.

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43 Responses to “Jilted Lovers or Mercenary Creative Writers”

  1. Shivam Trehan says:

    I must confess that everybody who is web active & part of art of living fraternity has been through these malicious written blogs. These are nothing but a undignified attempt by the bunch of haters & losers who cannot do anything except criticizing the humanitarian effort of such a multi faceted organization.

    I would like to ask one simple question from them – If our organization is so fake, How do we exist in 160 countries? How will you manipulate this that the whole organization is run by volunteers who are volunteers by will & not for money mongering? How does this happens that everybody after doing a Part 1 or YES!+ course feels heaven?

    No mud slinging. For we are the disciples of guru of joy: just a few words for these bloggers –

    The life of millions have been transformed & out target is billions. It is just a beginning 🙂

    Jai Gurudeva

  2. Arun Rajkumar says:

    Your hints are more than sufficient to get to any of the unmentioned sites.

  3. SV says:

    In your face.. Ha..so apt. Hope this goes viral

  4. Dhruv Thakkar says:

    Dear Bau & Dineshbhaiya,
    Whenever somebody talks rubbish about Guruji, blood burns and i get palpitations. Can’t get out of it easily. How to deal with that?
    Please reply…
    Jai Gurudev! 🙂

  5. B.Prasanna says:

    Absolutely true. Totally appreciate this post!

    Jai Gurudeva!

  6. Suparna says:

    Bawa, I have said this before and am saying it again…There are just a handful of them amongst the 15K+ teachers. By talking, writing, tweeting about them, we are simply giving them undue attention. This post (and similar ones from other teachers/volunteers) simply make them go ‘Look!Look! Look! We are getting noticed! By none other than senior teachers core to the organization. Let’s keep it up!’ This is just the attention they are looking for. Even if you shout at the top of your voice from every roof-top, or produce certificates and accolades, do you think its going to stop them? What our Guru is, no certificate in the world can possibly contain…And what we feel and experience as true, there is no need to justify to those who are simply not on the same page. The truth just is…whether people believe it or not. Just my 2 cents…

  7. Ash says:

    Hi Bau JGD..: )
    Just after my 1st Yes!+ course five years back, I was browsing the net to get more knowledge and information/articles of/by Guruji. I came across one such site which is not ‘devoted’ to malign Art of Living or Guruji, but was a so called economist and political activist etc. who had written a piece on to do or not to do an art of living course. Interesting thing was though he staked his claim that he is completely objective with no hidden intentions, an ‘intelligent intellectual’, the title of his stupid ass junk excuse for an article was “Is SSRS a fraud’. : )

    Now since I had phenomenal experience in the course and had already started volunteering, I just could not digest it that anyone can even think of such BS. I wrote him an email stating the work Guruji is doing acrros the globe, how Art of Living is transforming lives, how much hard work volunteers/teachers put in and so so forth.

    The next day he posts my mail on his blog and dissects it line by line, with absolutely no facts or experiences of his own. Moreover, his principle bone of contention was that my English was not up to the mark (hence all AOL followers are dim wits) and one doesn’t need to experience everything! I mailed him again, wished him good luck and signed off. Interestingly, his relative had asked his opinion before joining an AOL course, and this blogger hadn’t even done a single course. 🙂

    The things he wrote disturbed me a lot, that time, I have read few things like that again recently, and I just chuckle to myself now, knowing that they are jilted or just plain vanilla stupid. 🙂

    Having said that, we do need to look at the other end of the scale too. Although, it’s not what Guruji teaches or espouses or believes in, there are many followers/devotees/teachers/swami ji’s, who rub people the wrong way. Also, many of them border on being fanatics too.

    Our organization is not perfect but we seem to not bear hearing anything contentious said against us. And this by and large is a top down value. Our teachers react this way and some non-reflective followers internalize & propogate it.

    I dont think about where the money from courses goes. I KNOW it goes for a good cause, wherever it goes. We need to be have better documentation and published balance sheet on our website. When new people ask us about the same we ask us to just do it and experience it. But I have witnessed people who have come to do their 2nd advance course in ashram and when they ask this question of channeling the funds, they have been shouted down, right in the VM! That’s just not right.

    Most of these ‘jilted lovers’ do not want malign Guruji because they are unhappy of him or he wronged them somehow. They do that because we have been insensitive to them sometimes, apart from their own personal reasons. Most such bloggers are just sensationalists & jilted, period.

    But we do need to work on where we need to improve too. We cant say everything said against us is pure stinking crap. Most of the times we do not even have to give such bloggers a second thought, we are changing lives and there are cynics who won’t understand. Not our problem. But where we can, we need to be more open and sensitive towards genuine cases.

    Love JGD. 🙂

  8. Ramanathan says:

    I agree with Suparna.. The blog points out 2 things inadvertently or otherwise
    1. Demons who maligned Krishna and plotted to kill him also went to heaven.. Gurudev in all his compassion is definitely bringing the truth even to them!
    2. He who knows will not tell.. and Anyways, what Gurudev is, cant be told!
    So kudos to them.. they are utterly bilked into thinking they are maligning Gurudev! They are in their own way experiencing Bhakti!
    …and we are off to deal with our ranting furious thoughts.. waiting for them to settle down, so we can really realize what i have just said above! 🙂
    Jai gurudeva to both of you!
    …We love the way you write!

  9. gauri says:

    absolutely loved reading the post and the comments. the perfect heading and ending with a solution of not giving any hits 🙂
    but we can go to other proAOL sites and increase their hits. there are many different blogs of Guruji which give information about His knowledge and teachings and experiences of devotees.
    let us not be like the devas standing and letting the asuras take over but be part of Shiva’s gang to eliminate them. 🙂 jgd

  10. shreya gupta says:

    Superb post Bau!! I completely agree with Aish! We must not them any chance to point fingers at us. Some steps, we need to take and provide them with real-time data on channelization of funds.
    As is our policy of “Educate and ignore.” So lets educate them first and then being ignored or not will be in their hands. 🙂

  11. Kirti says:

    Jai Gurudev!!

    I am so grateful to Guruji that He sent it to me through you….

    When i was in US last year, someone was talking to me about these anti Guruji blogs and trying to persuade me to not go deeper in it…and I was strong on my belief on Guruji and said to him that in life these anti publicity things are normal even for any ordinary person …bade bade logonke bare me bhi aisi galat bate likhi jati hain ….aur phir yahan par to “The GURUJI” hain ..so its quite obvious that there will be people who would have such thoughts for Him …

    and i think that is normal to have such people around ..since as Guruji says “Opposite values are complimentary to each other” …hence unless such people are around …common man wont understand the Godliness in Guruji and eventually these anti people are anyways going to merge in Him one day which these poor people are unaware of due to lack knowledge … Dinesh Bhaiyya and Bawa as you have said these articles will only filter out the Strong Devotees from the weak ones….

    this is just identical to Hiranyakashyapu who strongly hated Lord Narsimha, so much that every moment he kept thinking only about Narsimha and eventually he got Mukti from the Lord Himself.

    i feel its all Guruji’s Leela to test his devotees..so he creates such situations…but yeah definitely we should not just be onlookers and also need to improve wherever we need to as Ash and Gauri have stated above.

  12. Kashi says:

    Dear bau and dinesh
    this is a simply brilliant piece. ‘Jilted Lovers’ is the most appropriate phrase which can describe these malicious individuals. Finally I can feel some compassion too. And in their own way they are so focused on Gurudev they are surely Bhaktas, albeit ignorant ones. 🙂
    Keep writing. I enjoy reading your pieces.

    Had a talk with kedar and published what he had to say too. Have posted on my blog. http://www.kashikar.org/2012/07/negative-blogging-extortionists-dream.html for all those who want a behind the scenes view of what really happens.

  13. Venkatesh R says:

    Bau & Dinesh… you write with such confidence because you are sure you will not be jilted.
    Hope you retain your confidence once you fall into the category of jilted lovers and not fall into the second category then……..
    Nice blog by the way.

  14. Dr Peter says:

    Thanks for your post about this “anti” blog. Several months ago I decided to post on this blog to see if could engage in some sort of discourse with some of the people posting there. I discovered a few things. Some people that post there are good-hearted and have doubts and conflicts that they could not resolve. These people you actually could have a fruitful conversation with. But there were others that might have started out sweet but quickly turned nasty accusing me of all sorts malicious intent which brought any conversation to a quick halt. I realize that these people are deeply attached to Guruji in a negative way. They are absolutely obsessed with him and ” proving” he is a fraud. It is actually very strange. It is not a blog of rational discourse at all. As you point out, it is not a blog for the weak of heart to visit. There is something very tamasic and disturbing about it. Everything has its place in the universe, even this tamasic anti blog. As you note, maybe this negative obsession with Guruji will help them move beyond their irrational rage. Blessings and Grace for them too because they are suffering quite a bit .

  15. Midhun Raj says:

    Excellent Post!!.. we need to have more of our blogs to have read by volunteers and comment on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji

  16. Snehal Prabhu says:

    This happens at the corporate level too…..i feel sad to call them losers as it is a very crude term…they lack conviction in what they are doing and are more concerned about what other’s are doing rather than concentrating on their skillsets…they should feel blessed that they are the chosen ones to impart the knowledge and contribute to make this world a beautiful place to live…. i hope better sense prevails…Bottomline there is no scope of any negativity penetrating into Art Of Living as the sadhanas and the satsangs happening all over makes the Art Of Living even stronger and a happier place to be with…Jai Gurudev…Luv U Guruji

  17. Sirisha says:

    Its sad but true, that some people REALLY want to malign the foundation and its activities. They are just hurting themselves.
    I think its good to sometimes re-discover one’s connection with AOL and the Guru, ‘cos as life progresses, we change and our spiritual needs change. Maybe these people should just sincerely question themselves about their true needs, they will find satisfaction and happiness in AOL, our techniques and knowledge are timeless !

  18. Parth says:

    Poor fellows, did not look for reasons to stay which were many, but reasons to go which must have been very very few.

  19. Priyanka says:

    Can we anythnig against this blogs?Like to make wordpress pull down the contents?
    Its funny that there are many people who has not even done a single course,but still has got many negative opinion..I wonder from were they get such an impression!!!.Previously i used to get very disturbed when i read or hear anything negative about Guruji or AOL..But now i just Don’t care.As once guruji said “One cannot make a blind man see the light through his nose”

  20. supriya says:

    Swami Sadyojathah here explains The truth about the negative ..It really make sense..blogshttps://aolf.wordpress.com/2010/09/19/the-truth-about-the-negative-blogs/

  21. Naqsha says:

    for those of us firm in Guruji’s knowledge and love the hate blogs just dont matter… it is sad that these people whom Guruji loves so much “finally choose” to move away from him and malign him… it is a sorry state to be in for these people only, because for the rest of us we know and feel connected to his love in every breath of ours..
    love you Guruji… love u bau and daada 🙂 🙂

    jgd forever! <3 <3

  22. Dimps says:

    Beautifully said. If not anything, they fuel filth in the mind. And drain the prana & energy.
    Another case study of how just ranting negatives will lead you no-where.
    If only they could have used the same energy in bringing about some solace & peace to mankind. Atleast animal kind !

  23. Sanjay says:

    I think every situation in life,every person we meet is like a question set by Guruji,to apply his knowledge and get passed.Else we will not be promoted,or rather not evolved(talking spiritually).Mysterious are the ways in which Guruji works or His Grace works.The screenplay has been written by Him,so we should not be bothered about some ignorant blogs.

    Thanx Bau and Dinesh,its the perfect antacid to the venoms these less fortunate people ooze out,thinking its going to effect Guruji.

  24. Meghana Wagh says:

    I totally agree with what Suparna says. We should just ignore such people. Guruji says a very nice line “Fools take revenge, intelligent forgive, enlightened ignore”…………JGD!

  25. Shobha Patwardhan says:

    be open to criticism and stop acting like religious nutcases. You ar eno different from islamic fiundamentalists or closer home to nithyananda disciples. Nithyananda also has a following in 190 countries and has a much bigger presence than ravishanakar. You can choose to be an ostrich . A typical mind controlled slave.

    • admin says:

      No different from Islamic Fundamentalists?! Ever come face to face with a terrorist? Ever come face to face with an Art of Living teacher? Most people with IQs higher than room temperature in winter in Norway would be able to tell the difference pretty quick!

  26. Salman says:

    Superb post Bau….<3<3<3

  27. sucheta says:

    dear bau ,

    though i haven’t come across any such websites (and donno if am worth commenting about it) .. but i wish to say something
    ..once a professor who had done part-1 course said rubbish about gurudev in the class ( me and our yes teacher went to sir to speak about this but sir just excused himself ).. the professor felt sorry everytime we met .. somewhere sir carried that regret.. also i have friends who would keep teasing and pushing my buttons as i was the only one who carried on with the volunteer work in college, rest all my mates left due to work pressure .. but those friends (non-aol) had very negative vibes.. anybody who used to be with them would get into troubles and mental imbalance. most and infact almost all of them were money minded and hence couldn’t understand these things.. sometime back i also got into doubt and my life was one hell. eventually am out of it now. thanks to the grace of guruji, amazing people in art of living and amazing courses happening in the most amazing place on earth..bangalore ashram.

    something i just read recently which shri acharya ratnanandaji (pitaji) has quoted that
    ” the world is full of mistakes and people. forgive the mistakes and love the people ”


    • admin says:

      When its a mistake, it’s fine to forgive. However when it’s an intentional malignant act, then action needs to be taken!

  28. Praveen Uchil says:


    I came across the malicious script about which you were writing about, just few hours before, when i was googling for one of the key art of living process. That website is awful and totally misleading, however, of course, only for those who don’t have their roots deeply grounded in faith. I was not disturbed but I felt, that is something which needs some immediate action because of the popularity, so called objective search engine algorithms are giving to their website. I was just wondering there must be something about it in your blog and so glad to bump into this article. I am in total love with your analogies on creative writing and Lord Krisha’s incidents. I ,sincerely urge everyone, just like most of us doing here, not to click or comment in those websites. It will only improve its ranking.
    Praveen Uchil

  29. ram prasad says:

    All that glitters is not gold.
    Go beyond AOL….read the books…..Thank You

    • admin says:

      Some of that which glitters could be gold, could also be diamonds… First get to know AOL fully, then think about going “beyond”
      Forget about the books, do your Sadhana Seva and Satsang!

      • Why says:

        I do not know if AOL is gold or not. My issue is about all religious or spiritual NGOs , and not just AOL, not taking responsibility for full disclosures of money collected and used….Is not that a fair expectation?

        • admin says:

          Before asking Spiritual organisations about all this, ask the government. Are you not interested in where the tax payers money is going? You do pay tax right?!

        • admin says:

          btw, wherever needed, our accounts are disclosed. I do not know about other organizations of course, i can only speak for ours. And yes, your question is fair but really these questions need to be asked to the corrupt people who say they run our country … not organizations who have a track record of doing some good…

  30. Dear Bawa

    This is an excellent post. There are a few people who write all sorts of nonsense about AOL. I had read some of these posts purely for the fun of it but I found it actually did not have any substance….they are simply malicious intentions. I hope instead of the time they spend in criticising AOL work, if good sense dwells in them and they work for furthering AOL’s cause, that would be great.

    Just believe in Gurudev and follow the path, is what I do and will advise.

    Jai Gurudev!

  31. Why says:

    Arguing with you is like fighting with pig. I just don’t understand why I visit this site but something pulls me here.

  32. Suhani says:

    jai guru dev 🙂

  33. deepaarun says:

    jai guru dev!!
    iam deepa from arekere center bangalore.
    iam very new to aol.when i ws on net,i accidently came across the blog..i could’nt believe wat i ws reading abt guruji….frankly for some time i ws in a great confusion.but thn the faith wat i’ve in Him is much more than wat i see or hear n that wud have stopped me frm reading further.but aftr some days when i used to think abt this blog n people behind it…i literally wanted to tear them into pieces.nw aftr reading this bit of ur article n the certificate as the proof(nt necessary for such people)is the best one!!!!
    as u mentioned this really helps to filter the devotees n bring them more n more close to our dear guruji!!!jai guru !dev

  34. silver price says:

    The Art of Living course for all ages (18 ) and yesplus course for young adults (18-26):Through these workshops, participants have found long-lasting relief from the stresses and strains of their lives and have gained an unshakable sense of balance and joy.Happiness and peace can only be experienced in the present moment, yet the mind has a tendency to swing between regrets about the past and anxiety about the future. This constant vacillation is a primary cause of stress. The breath has proven to be a powerful tool for releasing stress, renewing the spirit, and restoring balance, health, and energy to the body, mind, and emotions.Sudarshan KriyaThe centerpiece of this course is Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful breath-oriented technique that eliminates stress and brings one completely into the present moment.The course also includes other breathing and meditation techniques, yoga, and practical knowledge for handling negative emotions and living more fully in the present moment.

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