Apr 4


I get quite a lot of mails and comments about Art of Living doing no “seva” … that its a sham, only for the rich, etc …

I usually tell people to come and experience the courses, or go and check out the Service initiatives for themselves before making judgements…

As part of an NSS camp a group of students from IITB, visited Kapshi a village in Maharashtra

Most of them had not done and Art of Living course…

It’s nice to read what they have written about their experiences on the official IITB website

Check out the photos too

One of the students names the person who took major initiative as Dr. Paul, its actually Dr. Madhav Pol 🙂 … an Art of Living teacher, and a tireless worker, he has transformed many villages in that area…

Thousands of villages all over the world have been touched this way by many inspired people… But there is a long way to go 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



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17 Responses to “Kapshi”

  1. Apurba says:


    You may or may not post this comment but it would be great if you could scan Gurudeva’s original degree certificate and post it on the web. given recent guru scandals, there are questions whether he really acquired an “Advanced degree in Physics at the age of 17” or he just dropped out from college and wandered off. It sure sounds like a tall claim with no proof. Can you name his classmates? Which college did he attend? What marks did he obtain? Even that biography by French journalist Francois Gautier omits these facts. Please SCAN, notarize and post these documents please to remove doubts.


    • Bawa says:

      ok, i am not about to go to Guruji and ask Him for His degree certificates… He has a B.Sc in physics (i have no idea why thats called an adv degree in modern science) … but when He graduated, i am sure having a B.Sc was pretty advanced 🙂 … He went to St. Joesph’s college in bangalore, if you have the enthu to dispel your doubts, please go there and look things up…
      So no, i am not going to get notarized copies of his degree certificate to put your doubts to rest… i have better things to ask Him when i am with Him.

      Jai Gurudeva!

      • Apurba says:


        There are despicable people out there who sow doubts and destroy faith in Guruji by questioning glossy statements (how could he get a degree at the age of 17 when the average age is 20/21?). Your long association with Guruji may have built your faith in Him but many others do not have such faith and may fall victim to such doubts. The least the organization can do is to release more proof about Guruji’s early life to stop these despicable people once and for all.


    • anand says:

      Pls check the distinguished alumni list put up on the St.Joseph’s college site:


      Well this should atleast dispel your doubt about whether guruji graduated or not..

  2. Nanddeep says:

    Here is the “Kapsi – A Village Reborn” video:

  3. Jayant Nasa says:

    awsum post bhaiya…. !!

  4. Raghavan says:

    Anyone who doubts what Art Of Living does for society should familiarize themselves with the following :

    1. Bal/Nav Chetna Shivir (taught in slums, remand homes, villages, womens/child shelters etc).

    2. YLYP – Youth Leadership training program – taught free to rural youth to enable them to transform their communities .

    3. 5H program – health, homes, hygiene, human values, harmony in diversity.

    4. Mission Green Earth – AOL environmental initiative….

    and this is just getting started……


  5. Manish says:


    I thought, “Charanpur” is some imaginary village in the movie “Swadesh – We the People” Now I understood, it exists in real world too with name “Kapshi”


    – Manish Panchmatia

  6. Brajesh says:


    So happy to read this. Thank you once again bhaiya for posting this.
    Bhaiya, is there any place where we can find about the service activities, we are doing.

    Filled with gratitude once agin…

  7. Monika Arora says:

    Wow! We need to create more such villages. This model should be replicated all over India.

  8. Niranjan Prabhu says:

    Bhayya, Kapsi is our model and I have personally met Dr Madhav Pol. Are there other examples like Kapsi, specially since we speak of the 30,000 + villages in which we are doing seva? Do we have other such models where we have built such amazing social infrastructure? More such stories that are well documented and if possible videographed, would do us ana amazing world of good.
    Jai Guru Deva

    • Bawa says:

      There are many, a lot are not as well documented as Kapshi, a lot are still very much under development
      All the data is available with the YLPT people
      unfortunately for us, most of these guys are soooo busy doing the work, that they don’t document what they are doing… its quite tough for us to make them see the point of doing it 🙂 … put yourself in their shoes and you will get what i am saying …
      in any case, if you are interested talk to the YLTP people in ashram and they will tell you all
      Jai Gurudeva!

  9. Vishu says:

    Wow, reading the experiences of people who went there was amazing. Great work done!

    Jai Gurudev

  10. Manjunath says:

    JGD bau, The link provided by anand doesn’t exists now.
    I want to see the school site.

    can you please help?

    Love u loads,

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