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Lake Luzern and Bad Antogast

After an absolutely awesome stay in Arosa, it was time to leave. Guruji didn’t send us off with the others… He asked us to wait for last minute packing etc. We thought that we would ride in one of the cars that would follow His, but we lucked out! He asked me and  dinesh to drive with Him down to Lake Luzern where a boat ride awaited us.

Guruji at the Waterfall

Guruji at the Waterfall

As we were driving down from Arosa, we passed a stunning waterfall. From one angle it looked just like the waterfall in the Guru Parampara photograph. Guruji made us stop the car and He just went and started posing in front of it and everyone was taking pictures. Then all of us went ahead and posed with Him. It was so much fun! Many, many pictures later we resumed our journey to the lake.

We too posed with Him!

We too posed with Him!

Guruji was working on His emails and correspondence in the car but in between told us a lot of stories about His teenage years in Switzerland. He spent 2-3 years in Switzerland, some of which were in Arosa…

There were 2 boats that had been hired and Guruji was supposed to go from one to another but at the last minute taking popular opinion everyone crammed into just one boat with Guruji.

We were on Lake Luzern for almost 4 hours (2 and a half hours more than scheduled) as Guruji showed us the many places He had studied and meditated at. He made sure He met everyone on board and went from the front of the boat to the back many times, gamely posing for photos with everyone.

A bit of History

A bit of History

We even visited Weggis and the Hotel Alexander where i had been for the Yogasara Upanishads almost 15 years ago, the first time i was out of India. I excitedly pointed out what i thought was my room to all who would care to see it 🙂 We also passed the pier on which one of Guruji’s most loved photos had been taken. It was a cruise into the history of Art of Living.

Kashi had his camera and I read out a Knowledge sheet on the boat, after which he “interviewed” me, we had a small audience who also threw some questions at me…

We reached our destination and then got into another car and drove to the German Ashram a few hours away. It was night as we pulled into the Ashram, it’s warmth radiating in the cold night.

The ashram was full to the brim. Many people had come from all over Europe and the world to be with Guruji on His birthday, and we had no room to stay. All hotels in a radius of a few kilometers around the ashram were booked to capacity as well. Guruji gave us His own meeting room to stay in. Only a wall separated us from Him in the night!

In a day it would be Guruji’s Birthday!

13th May dawned. Finished Sadhana and met Guruji before He went off to be greeted by everyone there. We had actually wished Him at midnight but shhhh! don’t tell anyone! .There are advantages to be sleeping in His meeting room 🙂

Cooking dinner in the German Ashram Kitchen

Cooking dinner in the German Ashram Kitchen

Dinesh and i went down into the kitchen to help cook for the 2000+ people who were expected that evening for dinner.

Our team, under my guidance and Tatiana’s suggestions made a pasta and a salad. Pooja, Shilpa, Dhara, Pratibha, Shweta, Dinesh, Mayank, Priya Mani, Andreas, and a host of Art Excel kids helped. To give you an idea we used 25 kgs of Mozzarella cheese in the pasta and about 30 kgs of Parmessan cheese in the salad. Also 40+ tins of olives, and 50+ bottles of Olive oil! It was really good!

We dressed up and went to Satsang in Oppenau town hall, our ashram was simply not big enough for the crowd of people who were there. A great satsang, a fantastic time with Guruji and a superb meal (!) later, we returned to our beds…

The cake was made in house at our Ashram Bakery!

I made a mistake. I will not go into details, they are quite embarrassing, but when i told Guruji later about it and what could i do to correct it. He smiled and said something really amazing!

He said mistakes happen because of doership. To try to correct a mistake will involve even more doership and typically land you into more trouble. To correct a mistake is a bigger mistake for a Sadhak, a meditator. You simply accept the mistake, confess it to Guruji and move on.

The next day, a whole group of us went to Baden-Baden. Andreas volunteered to drive. It is simply a thing that you HAVE to do when you are at the German Ashram. Baden-Baden has a bath house and is about an hour or so drive way from ashram. They have all sorts of fountains and pools with all temperatures of water from cold to hot, also steam and sauna rooms. Some of it gentle, others with great force. It’s hydrotherapy at it’s very best. We had a fantastic 4 hours in there before returning for satsang to the ashram…

Baden Baden

Baden Baden

Another super day at the Ashram and it was time for the German tour with Guruji…

Jai Gurudeva!



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20 Responses to “Lake Luzern and Bad Antogast”

  1. Suparna says:

    Mistake! Mistake! We want to hear about it! Every embarrassing detail of it!! That’s the only thing that’ll change the readers’ expression from horribly jealous to a smug, sadistic satisfactory grin…

  2. Deepak says:

    JGD Bau,

    You keep really waiting but at the end when I read any of your post its really rewarding.

    I feel like i didnt missed any of thepart from Arosa course this year. With experince and impressions from my wife and wonderful writeup from you I feel I was just right there.

    Can you please share the Guruji’s photo you mentioned at the pier ?

    Waiting more as you are still in Europe :-))

    Have a lovely day
    Deepak (Berlin,Germany)

  3. Baljinder says:


    Come on, OUT WITH IT!! 🙂

  4. Krishna says:

    just as always, felt transported through space and time…what is the secret behind this fluid style of writing Bau..i try to emulate the same in my blog…

    and waiting for the Mistake…u cannot get away with this tantalising and all..:)

  5. Lakshmi says:

    Such a wonderful post, Bawa! Would have loved to hear Guruji speak about the early days He spent in Switzerland. What a treat for everyone… 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the sweetness!

    Jai Guru Dev,

  6. Shrinivas Deshmukh says:

    Jai Gurudev Bhau!!!!!!! Could you please post more pictures may be in picasa….
    Also I am in US coming to india on 9th …and was able to make it to Hartford for Guruporninma .

  7. bharat says:

    jai gurudev bau ! its amazing post ……….would that i were there with u n guruji ……!!!!

  8. Jagruti says:

    So lucky to be with Guruji on such beautiful places & on the birthday of Master to celebrate…

    Best post till now..Bau…

    Love you

  9. Subbu says:


    Refreshing to see the nice pictures.. ..what did Guruji study in Switzerland?


  10. Uday says:

    awesome post 🙂


  11. richa says:

    great post bau… it felt like i was with him all this time…
    thank you for sharing

  12. Nathan SP says:

    Baws – Im so jealous of you.

  13. Arya says:

    beautiful photos!!! beautiful indeed !!!
    bau i dont know how to express my happiness on seeing the photos..

  14. hetal says:

    how well u describe things bau!
    brings everything to life in front of my eyes……its like watching a movie/story!
    u r really amazing bau!

    PS:Lovely pics!


  15. Minnie says:

    How the blog has the right post at the right time is simply unexplainable 🙂
    Its like a knowledge sheet itself with lotss of experiences and colors and photographs in it 🙂 🙂
    LOVE the blog 🙂
    jai gurudev

  16. gauri says:

    super duper envious… other words. loved the Guru Parampara photo 🙂

  17. :) says:

    WOW…I wish I could get as lucky 🙂

  18. Krishna says:

    Bau…how do u manage to get the right pic just at the right moment???

  19. Keiko Dague says:

    Great stuff! I really enjoyed reading your blog.

  20. oxana says:

    Love it!!!

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