Nov 27

Life of Pi

3 word review?

Go watch it!

Another 3 words?

It’s absolutely Brilliant! 🙂

In 3 sentences?

A writer has a chance meeting with Pi’s Mamaji who tells him to go meet Pi. Tells him that Pi has a story that will make him believe in God. Pi tells his story to the writer…



 The movie is in  4 parts:

Part I:

How Pi got the name Pi and about his childhood. Their family run a zoo. You will meet the tiger. Super charming, endearingly funny with one or two very  scary (for me, the kids sitting around didn’t even flinch) moments thrown in. As the grown up Pi says, I am a Hindu Catholic, we get to feel guilty in front of 33 million Gods! 🙂

Set in Pondicherry in India, will make you want to go visit right now.

Part II:

Father of Pi decides to move to Canada. Pi doesn’t want to go.

Father: We will sail forth like Columbus.

Pi: But Columbus was looking for India!

Part III:

Suraj Sharma as Pi

Storm and Shipwreck. And life on a boat with the tiger. Or rather how to have a life on a boat with a tiger… And a very strange island.

The most beautiful and stunning visuals I have seen in a movie for a very long time.

Scary and funny and sweet and innocent and wondrous… (add adjectives here after you see it), all at the very same time!

Part IV:

Land. And Rescue.

And one line said towards the very end by the grown up Pi. The line that will make you believe in God.

What a movie!!!

May not be suitable for kids below 13. There are some extremely scary, heart wrenching scenes, but i think everyone else will just throughly enjoy this absolute gem of a movie!

Fabulous acting by the entire cast, but especially by Suraj Sharma as the teenage Pi stranded in the Pacific on a life boat with a Tiger who would love to have him as a tasty snack… How both survived the sea and each other, is what the main part of the movie is all about.

There are many, many spiritual overtones and I will not discuss them here because they will be spoilers and i don’t want to spoil even a second of the movie for you… But, do watch out for them! 🙂

The song right in the beginning is a hauntingly beautiful tamil song called Pi’s Lullaby, sung by Bombay Jayshree. Made me want to learan Tamil, just to understand it. Gowri was sitting on my right and translated it for me in hushed tones. The music through out the movie is so perfect. Utterly spot on!

I will not be surprised if it bags all possible Oscars.

But don’t wait for the Oscar guys to make up your mind. Please go see it now!  It’s one of the most perfect movies I have seen in a very, very long time. You leave the theater quite refreshed and rejuvenated… Belief in God is a powerful thing 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!




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10 Responses to “Life of Pi”

  1. satwik says:

    Its releasing here on 20th december which is really very Stupid 🙂

  2. Amazing review Bawa!

    I saw the movie and was thinking of writing a blog on that with full of spiritual aspect of the movie. I did put the facebook update related to the same; “Life of Pi…The learning of infinitesimal ratio of Circumference to Diameter(Biggest distance from the center) of life.”

    But your review gave me a learning that; “why to be serious always”.


  3. Sajan says:

    Truly a brilliant piece of work…. Having read the book, I was skeptical if Ang Lee would manage to live up to the brilliance of the book… I must say, he did not disappoint… As Bau has mentioned, best visuals in a movie after a long long time… 😀

    Must watch… And do read the book… Many more flashes of brilliance in the book, which could not be put in the movie…

  4. Manik says:

    It is absolutely wonderful !!
    Loved the spiritual overtones !
    watched it Friday Night itself, and the best part was after that I got to meet you Bau, at Padmini Enclave ! 😀
    Wow !

  5. akash popat says:

    Loved each n every frame of the movie. Every dialouge, background Score was also wonderful. Watchd it,in less than 12hrs after reading the review.
    Love you Bawa.

  6. vignesh says:

    Epic review bau..especially the last part !!

  7. Mayur says:

    Will be watching it very soon 🙂

  8. Nitin says:

    I loved the movie and best thing was when he saying life is about letting go. And it’s amazing when he surrenders n has no fear things get better and he reaches the shore.


  9. Vignesh says:

    Amazing review Bau! 🙂 I could relate to every word of it! What a movie experience! 🙂

  10. Hemant Singh says:

    Need to watch this now 🙂

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