Jun 25

Look what we Found!

There has been some noise about Guruji, Sri Sri Ravishankar not having completed His degree (B.Sc) at age 17, or not having completed His degree at all.ย Well we rummaged around at Bhanu Didi’s house and found this:

So He finished His studies in March 1974, when He was 17 going on to 18 and gave His exams in October coz He couldn’t take them in April. His name should be there in the records of St. Joesph’s College for anyone to check out. The wikipedia article which says He graduated at 21 needs to be updated (whoever does this, please do it) and these people who write and talk this garbage about Guruji, the Art of Living and it’s associated activities can only be tagged as spineless cowards with malicious intent … I would once again invite them to move out from behind their computers and stop cooking this spiteful stuff in their heads and start to at least try and make a real difference to our beautiful planet.

Jai Gurudeva!


bawa n dinesh


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40 Responses to “Look what we Found!”

  1. Molly Ganguly says:

    Dear bawa,
    OMG!Why should we share this for some stupid public?We should gane more power to face these type of people.But Thanks to you.

    Jai Gurudev!!!!! :))))

  2. B.Prasanna says:

    SPOT ON!

    One simple difference between such people and AOL devotees is, they are so desperately trying to find flaws in everything, while Guruji guides us to find perfection even in them!

    Jai Gurudeva!

  3. Prashant Serai says:

    Changed on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ravi_Shankar_(spiritual_leader)

    But, might need to settle for a simple, he graduated at the age of 18.

  4. Prashant Serai says:

    And, its delightful to see you (Bawa) active on google chat these days.
    More accessibility ๐Ÿ˜‰
    JGD :-)

  5. shreya gupta says:

    haha.. awesome Bau! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Molly Ganguly says:

    OMG!Why should we share this for some stupid public?We should gain more power to face these type of people.But Thanks to you. Jai Gurudev!!!!! )))

    • Gaurav Padhi says:

      Stupid people are not stupid, they are just UNAWARE.
      We need to share these things to make them aware that how stupidly they are UNAWARE?

  7. Harsha says:

    Wooww.. Awwweessome !! Jaii Guru Deva.. :)

  8. Hrishikesh says:

    Here is the proof ……! JaiGurudeva :)

  9. brijesh dewangan says:

    thanks you so much bawa&dinesh. it will give more power to us to stand against the people who think we are fake,love u ,JGD

  10. Maulik says:

    Well ! M least bothered about this kind of crappy people who speak.Actually they are the most unlucky people who are existing on the planet who does not deserve a Guru in their life…it’s their luck ….We r lucky that Grace of Guruji is always with us ….Jai Gurudeva :) :) :)

  11. neerja says:

    thank u 4 sharing this information JAI GURUDEV

  12. Sujay says:

    Ek number bau

  13. Priyanka MH says:

    Dear Bau n Dinesh bhaiya…
    Real good slap to all thse cowards who write non sense about Guruji and art of living… Thank you for sharing.

  14. Anshika says:


  15. Vinod says:

    Finally, they could not find anything that they crib about and Guruji and they held his degree certificate to complain about!
    Good now we have the proof!
    Jgd :)

  16. Chetan says:

    great Bau…and it was a good fact that you pointed out to change on wikipedia, don’t know where else such wrong info. might have published…

  17. meghana says:

    Now he is a 10 Ph.D.’s holder….. Love him….

  18. Ashish K. says:

    Seriously, why should we judge our Guru by his academic qualifications. Hes a multi-doctorate holder now.
    Let the sudarshan Kriya do the talking. :)

  19. Jitu Khatri says:

    hahahaaha !!! very honestly people speak lot of idiotic stuff abt guruji….. they will tell the the whole world they had to use their own towels while they were in ashram…..its sound funny…. but ppl have done this

  20. Amit Nair says:

    Awesome Bawa! :)
    Jai Gurudev!

  21. Sameer Pagare says:

    Amzing bau!!!!!

    Thats very nice. But how Guruji got 3rd Grade?

    It doesnt matter, just asking because I will get this Question from my kids of Art Excel & YES.
    Pls answer

    • admin says:

      Maybe He didn’t study enough? :)
      But I would look at it as an inspiration – Even with a third class, look how much He has accomplished!
      There is major hope for people who are not good at conventional studies …. absolutely no reason to commit suicide if you get bad grades or flunk. You can still become a huge success if you work hard at what you belive in… like Guruji did and continues to do.

  22. Harsh says:

    Hi Bawa

    This is not pertaining to the subject matter being discussed here, but I was unable to find a link to send a general message to you. Just for the records I am not in AOL, however stumbled upon your “Technology of Spirituality” video on You Tube which then lead me to the Knowledge Sheet Videos. My wife and I watch them from time to time. Now, there are Videos posted on You Tube by somebody named Shreyan – Is this guy authorized by AOL to post these videos ?? I don’t think so because neither is he able to express himself nor does he have the persona to get across to viewers. Is it possible to get these videos removed ?

  23. Richa Sharma says:

    OMG! So much garbage was dumped on the internet on this degree issue. Thankfully, it is now settled. Not that it really mattered- but still.

    BTW, I think that some excess was committed by enthusiastic devotees also. Even now on may sites it is written as “advanced degree” in physics and vedic sciences. Obviously no one thought it fit to confirm it from guruji before uploading it on web.

    • admin says:

      In one way i guess a BSc in that time can be considered pretty advanced :)
      Today i think advanced means at least a dual MS, with a doctorate or 3 :) :)

  24. Shobha Patwardhan says:

    Please folks. I love Sudarshan Kriya and AOL teaching but please do not post forged documents. I have lost trust in you folks. My father today showed his degree certificate signed by Dr. H.N. and it is in kannada. Please stop lying. I have lost trust in you.

  25. Why says:

    Stop fooling people

  26. Prakash says:

    Dear Bawa, Pitaji is claiming that Guruji has got a PhD in science and Veda at the age of !4. And that he got promoted thrice in a matter of three hours. What is the truth.

    • admin says:

      I don’t think anywhere Pitaji has claimed that Guruji has a PHdd in science and Vedas at 14. At 14 Guruji was still studying (or trying to). He did get that promotion though…

  27. ann says:

    I do sudarshan kriya, Bawa I think you dont think im afraid, why you even talk to this people and why you put this certificate here. seriously?

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