Jun 19

Man of Steel

A new Superman movie!!


In Krypton it means Hope

I grew up with the Christopher Reeve Superman movies (and comics) and had throughly enjoyed them, and was quite looking forward to seeing this movie… and unfortunately it didn’t live up to what it could have been.

Superman is a fairly happy, funny, upbeat super hero. Not like batman who was basically a nutcase who got over his nuttiness and in the process saved the world.

However, Chris Nolan might have got confused about his super heroes and he almost managed to make Superman into a loony.

Superman has to come to terms with being a freak. He knows he is super strong and all that, but until he is a grown man, he has still not figured out that he can fly. There is actually a scene where he asks for a lift! He wears a pained expression almost throughout the movie – Like the one you would have if you were presented with a badly cooked lunch and had to eat it.

There are possibly 7 funny moments in the entire movie, none of them getting more than a polite smile on your face.

The first half of the movie is Clark Kent struggling to not be superman. The second half of the movie is coming to terms with being Superman and breaking up almost all of smallville in the process. Seriously, the second half is almost all action – like one of those action PS3 games, only you are not in control and you know for sure nothing is going to happen to Superman or absolutely anyone who matters. I don’t think any extras got injured in the movie either. The only things that got brutally smashed were buildings, mountains, cars, roads and windows PCs.

The music was almost a direct lift from batman, with no character whatsoever. Just loud. Everything in the orchestra playing as roaringly thunderously loud as they possibly could (almost) all the time.

So should you see it?

Yes, If you are turned on by Henry Cavill’s muscles.

Henry Cavill as Superman

Yes, if you are one of those who liked/loved batman.

Not really otherwise.

Please someone make a Superman movie that us grown up kids can watch! 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



PS He wears his undies inside! 🙂


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