Jun 30

Meeting Him at Bombay Airport

The first time Gurudev came to Bombay more than two decades ago; Sangeeta and I went to receive Him from the airport. We got caught in a bit of traffic, and He was already out, waiting for us. He waved and smiled when He saw us and said why did the two of you have to come all the way… I could have hopped into a cab and come home.

The next two times He came, it was more or less the same… all of us who went to the airport, would fit into one car. Then, there were 50 odd people and a cavalcade of 7-8 cars and the year after that more than 200 people  at the airport were there to receive Him and see Him off… Enough to alarm the airport police.

Now there are a few thousand.

And a familiar scene plays out every time He comes…

There is a humungous number of people there. All smiling and shining in anticipation of meeting Him. Someone shrieks, everyone shouts. False alarm. The airport police are having a nightmare. They don’t know whether to join in the madness and the celebration or maintain their aloofness.

And then you catch a glimpse of white, a sudden sighting of orange and the crowd roars… JAI GURUDEV!!!

All attention is on the door, which slides open and Gurudev walks out to a tumultuous welcome. He smiles at someone, waves at another, hugs a third… The crowd converges (or tries to) to that one focal point…

It is really amazing how the embodiment of Sattwa can create such Rajas!

People reach over people’s heads, some try to crawl in between others legs – Anything to get closer to Him.

He is calm, seemingly oblivious to the chaos around Him as He gracefully navigates to His waiting car. He gets in, the car speeds off.

There are basically two types of people who will be the survivors in the aftermath of this sattwa explosion – The first who are jubilant. Faces glowing, smiles so big they could eat a banana sideways. They exclaim, maine Guruji ko dekha!! I saw Guruji!! They go home and sleep the blessed sleep of the innocent and the wonderfilled.

The others, they have a long face. They whisper and move furtively. They are upset. Guruji ne mujhe nahi dekha. Guruji didn’t look at me.

For the exact same situation – Guruji walks out of the airport. People scream in love. He nods, gestures, smiles and gets into a car and drives off. The whole episode is less than 5 minutes. Isn’t it amazing how one person is filled with a glow and another with despair?!

These people live in two different dimensions. They are light years apart. It becomes quite evident who is doing their Sadhana, Seva and Satsang and who is not!

Being with Gurudev is always a privilege, never a right. Remember that and you too will glow!

Jai Gurudeva!




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