Apr 8

Movie Time

After Avatar and Three Idiots, the other movies we saw were quite flat…

Clash of the Titans is the story of the demi God Perseus who yearns to be only a man, and who has one burning desire to kill off Hades the God of Death, but as a man. Meanwhile the city of Argos has become too big for its boots and goes around openly defying the might of the Gods… Zeus the King of Olympus finally unleashes Hades on Argos who for reasons unknown says that he will unleash the Kraken (super big huge sea monster who even the Gods are terrified of) on Argos unless the Princess Casseopia is sacrificed…

Perseus and a Pegasus

Perseus and a Pegasus

Perseus with the help of Io (she has been cursed with agelessness) sallies forth to find out a way of killing the Kraken while he is figuring out a way of killing off Hades…

It’s a superb story really, with a cast of fantastic characters and a terrific scope for brilliant fights and special effects, but the movie skips out utterly on the development of the characters, suffers from really bad acting (except for Medusa who is done really well) and focuses solely on special effects which are not as good as they could be and the fighting which is poorly choreographed… You don’t feel even a twinge of sadness when a few of the main characters die, it’s like they were expendable anyways, nor do you feel great at the end of the movie when all is well. The music is pedestrian and does hardly anything to add to the atmosphere.

The original Clash of the Titans released around 20 years ago was a MUCH better movie, at least of what i remember of it… This one is strictly for people who have absolutely nothing to do and want to escape the heat for a few hours in the cool darkness of a movie hall… The air conditioning of the theatre is far better than anything in the movie.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is about another Demi God, who is a teenager in New York city. If you have read the books and enjoyed them as i did, you will love the movie.

Zeus’s Thunder Bolt has been stolen, so there is a lot of thunder but no lightning. He is pissed of course, and accuses his brother Posiedon’s (the God of the Sea) son Percy of stealing it… and decrees that unless it’s returned to him in a few days time (i forget the exact number), there will be a war of the Gods in which the planet will be upturned etc etc… and the task of finding it is left to a very endearing Percy Jackson who so far doesn’t even know he is a demi God…

Percy and his Trident! Who needs a thunder bolt?!

Percy and his Trident! Who needs a thunder bolt?!

He starts to get a clue when his class teacher turns into a fury (a vampiric woman who can fly) and attacks him… He is saved and taken to Camp half Blood where other children of the Gods stay to train and figure out how to fit in.

Percy’s mother has also mysteriously vanished to add to his woes and his high school principal (Pierce Brosnan) tuns out to be a centaur in charge of the camp.

At Camp Half Blood, he meets Anna Beth, daughter of Athena and his long time friend Grover who he thought had a walking deformity but was actually a satyr (upper half human and lower half goat) at Camp Half Blood and they go on a quest to get back the stolen Lightning Bolt. Luke a camp veteran agrees to help them through a bit of technology as well…

A lot of the camp scenes from the book which made the characters endearing are deleted from the movie, it focuses mainly on fights with various computer generated monsters… and somehow even the hounds of hell only elicit a ho hum response. They have become too common these days to be scary 🙂

Touches of humour, pretty good acting and very nice music make this movie watchable once. Btw, Uma Thurman plays Medusa here, and she is perfectly cast… But if you have better things to do you won’t miss much by skipping to see it. Definitely read the book though, it’s really nice!

We also saw Alice in Wonderland which was whimsical, creative and quite funny. Everyone knows the story (or should) so i won’t go into it… suffice it to say that Johnny Depp was fun as the mad hatter… however the accents that the actors use in the movie somehow makes the dialogue which is brilliant difficult to follow.


A Tea Party

The final fight again against a pixel monster is nice, but not scary and in no way convey the urgency that’s evident in the book. The story has been adapted from both the books by Lewis Caroll really, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and is nice. It plods a bit here and there, but overall it’s a great movie to watch once or twice (you understand the dialogues more the second time).

The Princess and the Frog is all about Voodoo in New Orleans… and what happens when a kiss turns the lady into a frog instead of the guy into a Prince. Harmless pass time fun movie, can be watched on DVD when it comes out.

Kiss me!

Kiss me!

Like i said in the beginning, Avataar and Three Idiots are far better movies than all these put together, and if all you want to do is escape the heat, go watch these again 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



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10 Responses to “Movie Time”

  1. Sathya says:

    Bau!! Have you watched ‘How to train ur dragon’ yet? It was real fun! 😀

    jgd and love

  2. Gaurav says:

    ok,so my prarabhda karma of watching these films which was in seed form got burnt reading ur article…lol

  3. Meghana says:

    3 idiots was just tooooooooooooooooooooooo good …..i felt as if a YES!+ is going on………they have put so many knowledge points from YES!+……..

  4. kumar simha says:

    yeah i was supposed to come with you tht day bau…missd out ‘coz of work…
    made it up by meeting you the next 2 days..:) :)…memorable days.


  5. apurva says:

    yo bau!! i ve seen these movies too!!
    & avtaar definity was better than these 3!!

  6. AOL Member says:

    Hi Bawa n Dinesh 🙂
    Watch ‘How to train your dragon?’. Its really really an amazing movie 🙂
    Jai Gurudev!

  7. Hamsa says:

    Thanks for the stories 🙂 .. hope to watch atleast Alice and Idiots when i get the chance .. Jgd .. love..

  8. chtur ramalingam says:

    In 3 idiots chatur reminded me of all the aol fools who icome across incollege

  9. SAMARTH says:

    I saw Clash of the Titans and i am regretting my decesion

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