Mar 25

Movies in March

Saw Queen. Went to see it thinking it was an English movie *blush*. Half way to the theatre realized it was a hindi one. Almost turned back, but all tickets had been booked and other friends were also on the way to see it, so went ahead.

Turned out to be a really very nice movie! Rani is a girl bought up in a fairly conservative north Indian family from Rajouri Gardens in Delhi. She has had a romance going for some time with a guy who she is on the verge of getting married to. Who, as the movie starts, suddenly does not want to marry her… and the marriage is just a day or two away.

It’s a typical north Indian marriage, with tons of relatives and friends from all over who have come to Delhi for the celebration and Rani has is utterly devastated. She simply cannot face anyone and to escape from her life that has been brutally destroyed, she decides that she will go for her honeymoon all by herself – to Europe… And so starts her adventure.


It’s an entertaining romp of a movie as Rani slowly blossoms into Queen. She learns to discern between “bad” and “good” and visibly grows as a human being. She meets the strangest of people and is faced with the most challenging of very pedestrian situations that she faces in the only way she knows, with authenticity and her own brand of integrity. Absolutely fabulous acting by Kangna Ranaut (and all the others in the cast), she carries the movie effortlessly to it’s stunning finale.

Please watch this with a big group of good friends, so you can hoot and cheer her on her very personal roller coaster ride of self-discovery…

Also watched the Lego movie. Very nice indeed. Watch out for Batman who wears only black and “very, very dark shades of grey!” …  An unexpected twist at the end lifts the movie from being another mundane cartoon to something quite sophisticated.

Lego Movie

Another superb movie we saw was About Time.

“The men in our family have this curious ability… We can go back in time! It’s not as glamourous as it sounds, we can’t go back to where we have never been… Can’t kill Hitler or shag Helen of Troy, but wherever we have been, we can go…”

about time

If you are 21 and desperately in love with a girl who looks like a Goddess AND can go back in time, then life can get pretty interesting… though not necessarily in the way you think it could be.

It has an incredible ending… One that left me with tears in my eyes though it was not even remotely tragic. Rarely a movie comes along that is so thoroughly enjoyable to watch, full of laughs and surprising little twists…  Which in two short hours or so leaves you happier and wiser and loving your own life a whole lot more! Watch it with someone you love.

Jai Gurudeva!



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