Jun 1

One Worder

Q. Guruji, how do you feel, when so many people expect you to solve all their problems?

A. (a very brief thoughtful pause) Normal!


The bald guy next to Guruji is Phillip, my first Advance course teacher


Jai Gurudeva!



ps The blog should change its look at 7 pm every evening and reset to the original at 7 am … hopefully it should work for you at your local time (which it will pick off your computer) … did you like it? Rupal and Prasanth again put in many hours of work to get the design just so! 🙂

pps I still have some more ideas up my sleeve, keep looking for cute little changes here and there in the coming weeks 🙂

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34 Responses to “One Worder”

  1. Janaki says:

    guruji looks so cute in this picture

  2. Pothi says:

    Good job Rupal and Prashant (ofcourse, Bawandinesh!).

    A nice, right picture for the post!!!

    Jai guru dev!

  3. Pothi says:

    Good job Rupal and Prashant (ofcourse, Bawandinesh).

    A nice, right picture for the post.

    Jai guru dev.

  4. Siddharth says:

    Wow! : ) He’s so cute and adorable : )

    Hmm… i guess evening calls for celebration and morning for peace and calmness : )

  5. Raghavan says:

    Oh what a pic !!!! OMG…..Guruji in divine mirth….OMG…..beautiful…wonder what that joke was ! Nice to see philip’s pic. I took a couple of courses with him many years ago…was wonderful .

    Jai Guru Dev.

  6. N! says:

    yes, the set up did work. its such a cool & creative idea! nice pic, Guruji is laughing so much in the pic :=) JGD!

  7. Saket says:

    … and he (Phillip) was my Sahaj Teacher :). That Sahaj course happenned in Room #251, Hostel 5, IIT Bombay.
    Probably the only Sahaj course taught in a hostel room .. that too as small as 10 feet by 8 feet.

  8. Priyanka says:

    wow..guruji i love u soooooo.. much 🙂
    the change is great
    my favourite blog looks so cool in the evening..:)

  9. Swapnil says:

    Bau its ‘Prasanth’ and ‘Rupal’ !!!!
    In the link above you have written “Rupal and ‘Prashant'”…
    Please make the changes….
    Love,Jai Gurudeva 🙂
    Swapnil 🙂

  10. Abhijit says:

    the new look is koooool bau 🙂

  11. bhawana says:

    Ask Phillip what was Guruji laughing at ??? This Picture is Like never before CUTE . Mwah

  12. Prakirtee says:

    Wow! He’s sooooooooooooooo cute 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Great idea regarding the blog’s look! 😀

  13. Monica Tiwari says:

    WHAT A PIC !!
    I wonder what made Guruji laugh out so ! He’s looking stunning !
    hahahahha ! 😀
    Love You Guruji 😀

  14. amita says:

    guruji looks so cuteeeeeee…

  15. komal says:

    wow bau fantastic set up i lurrrv it and also love G’s pic and and G’s Angels Bawa nd dinesh da…… JGD…

  16. Priyanka says:

    WOW!!GURUJI IS LOOKING SO HAPPY IN THIS PIC..I have never ever seen him so happy before.I m also so happy in life just because of him..may Guruji keep laughing like this forever and ever…..

  17. Manasi says:

    JGD Bau,
    AWESOME new look for the blog…!!! 🙂
    Celebration, celebration, celebration…!!!
    Full of life…

  18. Minnie says:

    LOVED IT 🙂

  19. Danno says:

    guruji photo… i dunno wat to say…

    this snap of urs both looks so real…its like ur eyes are like looking direct @me and dinesh bhaiya is like laughing at this thought of mine…

  20. shreya says:

    JGD! awesome look! its very fresh and lively 🙂 and the pic is simply fantabulous… 😀

  21. poonam shah says:

    nice idea. its so mesmerizing to see guruji. just looking at him the problems get solved.

  22. Ramakrishnan says:

    Yep…Blog rockzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

    A good idea and very good implementation 🙂

  23. meow says:

    hezzz so sweet n cute a very nice pic n yes ask philip was waz he laughing

  24. Anshika says:

    I just love this pic !
    And ya, the blog looks really cool after 7 pm. Specially Guruji’s pictures at the end of the page…

  25. Sudha Pillai says:

    Yippee! We were there in the ashram when HE answered that question! Just got back to Kolkata but already missing the ashram.The satsangs at VM take us to sublime levels. HE looks divine! Wish life was one lo————–ng satsang with Guruji!

    Great! Thanks for this pic of Guruji, Bawa.. quite unique! Take care. Jgd


  26. Sudha Pillai says:

    WOW!Its magical! I’ve been waiting for the clock to strike seven.. to check it out.. its beautiful! Congrats to the whole team.. terrific work, so creatively executed… have not been online for over a fortnight… its a treat to discover so many delightful changes . 🙂 Yes..looking forward to many more.

    Take care. Jgd!


  27. surbhi says:

    JGD Bawa! i simply love the evening look of your blog!!
    Its amazing 🙂

  28. Ruchi says:

    Oh Guruji whats the Joke!! One of the best pics of GURUJI just a look at it and all my miseries have gone.Thanks Bawa for the therapeutic treatment.

  29. apurva says:

    wooooo.. this peculiar smile of guruji……
    :).. hw cuiteee….. 😉

    well…bau..this new luk of ur blog is simply awwwsum 😉

  30. Satish says:

    The one word reply was awesome..Before joining AOL, i thought it would be old men asking me to close my eyes and see my soul. Wasn’t I in for a pleasant surprise!

    When i had my first Darshan with Guruji it was in 2007 Feb@ Hrishikesh. He was asked “whats your cell number”, He replied, I dont live in a cell or a jail so i dont have a number. hilarious!

    Bau btw,I didnt like your website 🙁 . Images load slow (I am in US, internet speed is not the problem) and then it has horizontal scroll bar which is annoying.

  31. snehanshu says:

    hey bawa
    i really wanted Philips pic
    thanks for the pic
    and guruji looks v cute in the pic…

    jai gurudev

  32. siddharth says:

    i love the new look , it is just superb, bau your and dinesh bhaiya’s pic is so so beautiful.



  33. Shashank says:

    HAHAHA…look at him laughing!

  34. sanket says:

    LOVE U RE ……………

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