Apr 29

OTC for Andheri

The person in charge we call the OTC

OTC = One Throat to Catch! 🙂

Puneet was elected to be the OTC for a course in Andheri, here is his take about the experience, as a poem!

i was told
becoming the otc
is like managing
a shaadi chhoti si.

shaadi was alright
but chhoti si was wrong.
enough excitement happened
like when a punju marries a bong.

the length of the venue address
became a source of torment.
i mean have you ever heard of
an all india institute of
local self government!

The Andheri Team :)

The Andheri Team 🙂

when our hero rushabh
from his heart did share
people simply asked
course location…where?

ankita malik
has been given a new name
she is sachin tendulkar
for that is her style of game.
“one registration cancelled…
i will get you two more”
in fifteen minutes she would get them
as if a common household chore.

jatin was flying
as if a magic carpet genie
no registration escaped him
whether big or teeny weeny
he was forever available
on a single phone call
nothing could have stopped him
including the great china wall.

manu was the man
with the golden bike.
many ladies have graced it
and given him a happy spike.
this time however the agenda
was a little different misters.
ankita was a groupmate
and so were the dasari sisters.
oh he ran the show
phenomenally smooth.
and demonstrated why
he’s done the course for the youth.

pooja made those beautiful
posters and pamphlets all.
the day we had them put up
my mobile started getting calls.
when can i pay the money
all of them would say
i would just look heavenwards
and pray a little pray.

neha verma the little
is as sweet as a doe.
we heard her speak
and collectively went
oh she ran
the thane bandra circuit
off she went searching
each time she was told to work it.

the dasari sisters worked
with their unique flair.
with one mother to get
they fought for whom
was she fair share.
in the end however
the sisterly competition did the trick
they got a pretty granny
who we could easily call a chick.

dhanajee was the man
with the intense punch
always organizing talks
be it breakfast dinner or lunch.

anagha the physio
was very very busy.
but she registered patients
and even doctors in a tizzy

priyanka the great bagaria
with the sixteen year old smile
gave intro talks to unsuspecting joggers
as they rested a little while.

shweta rai was the cutie
who called the databases all
visited the neighbours
and hung out at the mall.

nihar was the one
who suggested
the original idea rather.
think of this as a marriage
and yourself the brides father.
as time went by
it turned out the soundest advice
i saw the event as a dish
and slip ups as just spice.

fifty was the intention
and it was demonstration of gurus grace
overnight we shot to fifty
from a mere twenty eight
of course rohit bhaiya
was instrumental in making happen this
once group takes a sankalpa
no way can it target miss

so then the shaadi got over well
3 stage, bhastrika started
then soham cast its spell
when people expressed gratitude on discovering
that life is a playful match
that is when i felt the beauty
in being the one throat to catch.

Congratulations to the Andheri team and all the others working and playing all around the world for the little miracle you guys pull off week after week, helping us whisper infinity into the souls of beautiful people…

Jai Gurudeva!


ps will add photos and beautify later

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38 Responses to “OTC for Andheri”

  1. Sandeep says:

    Sums it up All… 🙂 Jgd

  2. sameer says:

    Classic!!!!!!!!!!!!! No other words !!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Suparna says:

    LOL 🙂 Very nice!

  4. Swati D says:

    hey Bhawu, its really innovative way to appreciate the person.
    Now i wanted to meet Andheri team :).
    Just amazing!!!
    Thank you for sharing this awesome poem.

    Love you Bawa and Dinesh Bhaiya
    Jai Gurudev!!

  5. Vijay says:

    Wow. So very beautiful. Jai guru dev. No better example of seva being fun.

    Thatz a rocking and cool tribute for a team from the OTC.

    Bau, thanks for sharing and inspiring us all

  6. Kruvesh says:


  7. Brajesh says:

    Wonderfull is the only word that comes to my mind.
    Its so nicely written, and the fun and hardwork for the course
    just spills from the poem. And biggest of all, the gratude towards
    the master, and happiness of being part of it all.
    Thanks bhaiya,
    Its always a pleasure to read your blogs.

  8. Sriram says:

    Truly inspiring…

  9. Shilpa says:

    thats so well said,
    sounds v familiar to many doing Seva i think 🙂

  10. Mohan says:

    What a wonderful way of expressing gratitude through a poem.



  11. Shikhar Mehta says:

    really wat a cool shaadi.
    loking forward to see u all at ‘Summer honeymoon’ (advnce crs) .:-D
    Jai Gurudeva

  12. savant thatai says:

    enjoyed reading it.
    it is tooooooooooooooooooooooo gggggggggggggooooooooooooooooddddddddd.
    keep going andheri.
    andheri lado gyan ki andheri

  13. Aruna says:

    I had so much fun reading it. Great poem, Puneet.
    So creative 🙂

  14. Jatin says:

    great work punit…

    andheri team rocks……

  15. Chunky says:

    OTC- oxy tetra sallicillic acid as said my elder chamakal engg. brother and also a yes!+ teacher

  16. Anuj Kumbhat says:

    I love this poem !! Its so cute !! Kudos . .

  17. Rushabh says:

    Very nice……. amamzing…..jst loved it…..jai gurudeva….

  18. Ashish says:

    lovely poem and congrats to the andheri team

  19. Karishma says:

    cute little poem by puneet bhaiya 🙂

  20. santhosh says:

    Beautiful Bau !! jgd 🙂

  21. Pooja says:

    Amazing rhyming words..loved the doe and whoa part ! Actually it’s so boring to read somebody’s experience unless it is written in such an awesome way !

    Gotta meet this guy called Punnet ! 😛

  22. Kudos!!!
    Puneet u rock!!! 🙂 🙂 😀 😀
    And so does the Entire Andheri YES!+ Team!! 😀 😀
    Loved every bit of it!! 😀 😀
    Cheers!! 😀
    Keep rocking all of u!!
    Love 2 u all!! 🙂
    Jai Gurudeva! 😀

  23. Renu says:

    loved it, nicely expressed everything one goes through while doing seva.

  24. Monica Tiwari says:

    captures everything!

  25. Radhika Dasari says:

    way 2 go puneet!!!(i’m so glad 2 be a part of this Rocking Andheri team!!!) thanx a tonn bau for puting it up here…JGD!!

  26. Unnati says:

    Simply amazing!! ..as always, an awesome read. Looking fwd to more of these Puneet. Keep it up! 🙂

  27. Niveditha Shekar says:

    Great work! Cheers to the team 🙂

  28. Rakhee says:

    You guys seriously made “work fun”! I’m sure this poem will remind us that things around us change when our attitude changes..
    with of course, guruji’s kriya and meditation..:)

  29. @ Bau,
    Thanks a lot for sharing it and ‘whispering infinity’ was nice 🙂
    @ Nihar,
    Great idea sirjee 🙂
    @ Andheri team.
    Hats off ..I should have come to the shadi 🙂
    and finally
    @ Puneet the OTC
    Whatta composition man
    I have become your fan
    (oh! did that rhyme 😉 )

  30. anirudhan says:

    very nicely crafted nd writtern

  31. Shubha Varier says:

    Awesome poem from our new OTC!!!!
    And……so much to learn from you bau…..
    love you….Jgd!!

  32. Neha says:

    An Ode to an OTC

    There was once a poet who signed up for a daunting task
    To be the OTC for a course, who knew how long he’d last-
    Before he pulled his glorious hair or put his hands up in frustration!
    I’m glad to say he never did nor did he lose direction.
    And so began a continuous rain of intro talks and calls,
    Of disappointments and break-throughs, of seva in parks and malls.
    Countless times did I call him with a,”Bhaiya, its not working!”
    A smile, a hug, a dose of knowledge and off i was again chirping.
    And while he was a-workin’ not a hair did turn white;
    Not a single registration did he let out of sight!
    No hurdle was too big and no triumph was small;
    There were trials and tribulations he sailed smoothly through it all.
    At the end I have to say on behalf of the big and the small
    The OTC did win the day, and the hearts of all!

    We love you!


  33. amit kumar rai says:

    ek dum mast hai

  34. Viraj says:

    Awesome poem Puneet !!!!!!
    Nice way to appreciate one’s efforts Bau :-))


  35. MInnie says:

    This description of OTC makes me OMG 🙂 😉
    Truly amazing 🙂

  36. PRITAM BAWAKAR says:

    i dont think art of living is good
    its not real……. what say guys?

  37. Ekta says:

    awesome poem… awesome Puneet. Andheri should be called Sunehri 🙂

    I have a habbit of imagining stuff that I read as cartoon characters and while reading this poem I started imagining it as if it happens in a cartoon. Like “jatin was flying
    as if a magic carpet genie” and mostly all of the poem. Its really nice 🙂

  38. Arun Karuppiah says:

    Simply amazing … How creatively Puneet has used a poem to capture the contributions of the Course Seva Team.

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