Oct 29

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Jai Gurudeva!



Oct 27

Some Details

There are so many, many people who have commented and written emails to me about wanting to contribute to our Youth Ashram… Thanks a lot

If you are from India, please make a cheque(s) or DD(s) out to WAYE. On the back write “for the Youth Ashram”. You could even send post dated cheques.

Post them to


c/o Art of Living International Ashram,

21st Km, Kanakpura Road,


Bangalore 560082


We will send you 80G certificate which will give you some tax rebate.

For people outside of India, you can click this link to donate for the Youth Ashram. Unfortunately, we cannot give you any tax rebate certificates. Even People from India donating using this link will NOT get any tax rebate certificate.

Pretty soon, we should be having a link that will allow Indians to donate using a credit or a debit card, we are working in it But please don’t wait for it… Knowing how banks function here, it could take a lot of time.

Thanks a lot in Advance for the goodwill… We should have a website up about the Ashram in the near future, and everyone will be updated about whats happening there…

Our next session on the Mumbai Ashram is on Sunday 1st November from 6:30 am (thats morning ) to around noon. Everyone is invited!

Jai Gurudeva!



Oct 26

First Course ever at The Bombay Ashram

It’s a fairly big open piece of land in Vasindh, on the outskirts of Bombay, a quick 20 minute drive from Thana,  generously donated to Art of Living by the Jindals. It’s going to become the first Art of Living Ashram, made specifically for young people!

Right now, its flat, green, sunny and open. Guruji wants courses to start there asap. So dinesh and i thought why wait for a building to come?! Lets just go there and have a course session… and we did. We were teaching Sahaj in Bombay, and the second day session we shifted to the Ashram land… We also invited anyone and everyone else who would like to come there… By the time everyone had reached there and settled down (people came from all over Bombay and Nashik, Poona didn’t show up, Amit and Seema are in Vienna, so Poona is in hibernation ), it was about 8:00 am and getting to be quite hot and sunny…

The First Art of Living Course session at the Bombay Ashram in Vasindh

But the session had to happen… I gave a passing thought to my pitta rapidly spiraling upwards and started the session. We had all closed our eyes and were getting ready to meditate, when Dinesh very thoughtfully put a handkerchief on my head… No sooner had we chanted Om three times, that the first official miracle of the Bombay Ashram happened.

In the clear blue sky, there materialised a host of benevolent clouds, putting a damper on the very serious bid the Sun God had made on my pitta levels

We had a beautiful deep meditation, me sitting on the watchman’s plastic chair … everyone else on makeshift durries on the ground. A soft breeze blowing, noise of the traffic of the adjoining highway suddenly fading into a distant murmur…

We talked for about an hour after that, the clouds stayed back to give us company and listen and learn how to meditate using the Sahaj Mantra… only when i finished the class, did they vaporize into nothingness. Within a few minutes, the sky was a clear blue and the the sun shining hot…

Art of Living has arrived at Vasindh!!

Jai Gurudeva!



ps Next Session at Vasindh is 1st November from 6:30 am … you are invited!

pps If you are an architect, or a designer and would like to work and help build this Ashram please contact us … or if you are just feeling rich and generous, we need money to build this place up… and we would like to raise it in true Art of Living style: Take small amounts of money from many, many people (though we are not at all averse to large amounts of money from few people either :), or better still large amounts of money from many people! ) … Could you contribute Rs 500-1000 every month for about 3 years? If every person reading this blog did it, and inspired 5-10 more to do it, we would have enough to build up a fantastic Ashram at Vasindh. There will be more about this lovely place and very soon it will have it’s own website!

ppss I forgot to mention, there were exactly 108 people there for that first magical session at the Bombay Ashram! 

Oct 22


Our blog has come a long way… we have had over 10,000 comments to the posts we have been writing… Aparna wrote the 10,000th!

Thank You very much for reading, visiting, commenting, all your great wishes and your love…

For the few people who have been regularly donating (using the donate button near the schedule) a few dollars here and there, they add up and most of the running costs of our blog are almost covered, thank you very much for that too… we really appreciate it!

Guruji had written this in some guest book somewhere, i think He wrote it for this blog! :)

For the record, this is what Aparna wrote:

Nobody can write like you Bau!! Some how you come up with different but great things!!

Happy Diwali to both of you -Bau and Dinesh Bhaiyah!

Jai Gurudev!

Jai Gurudeva!


bawa (n dinesh)

ps have started to update the OIS (Other Interesting Stuff) page too … we will do an animation or something on it to show its been updated … its basically going to be like an extended twitter … v quick posts about what we have been up to …

pps Virat and Vasuudha’s Blog has joined our blog roll … nice stuff there to read, and fairly regularly updated.

Oct 21

Antoine’s Story

Antoine is a super YES!+ teacher from Montreal… He was the guy who made me fall in love with Settlers of Cataan, one of the bestest board games i have ever played and knows more about the effects of diet choices and lifestyle choices on the environment that anyone else i know, but this post is not about all that…Maybe Antoine could do a series for our blog on that some other time…

He is right now teaching a course at a place called Iqualuit near the North Pole! He sent me a beautiful mail and i just had to share it with everyone…

Jai Gurudeva!



Hi Swamiji (Swamiji is our very own Swami Sukhchaitanya ex Delhi, now settled and looking after Art of Living in Canada)

Thank you for your amazing guidance on the phone yesterday. Everything you told me about creating a family, doing Puja, being their spiritual guide…it felt nice but I had no idea how to make it happen! It turns out I didn’t have to do anything, it just all happened effortlessly and spontaneously on its own.

Yesterday night when I returned home after Day 1 of the course, I sat with my 2 hosts Emma age 24 and Jessica age 22. Jessica is addicted to pot and Emma is an alcoholic. I told them I wanted them to become completely drug and alcohol free. Not just for the 6 days of the course but for life. I spoke to them about how drugs and alcohol was destroying their community and said: “It’s better to put liquor in the garbage than to put garbage in your body. Are you ready to throw it away?”

The analogy was too good; Jessica got up, opened the fridge, and gave me her last beer can. She said:
“Here you go, I don’t want this anymore.” I asked her to bring me whatever pot she was smoking as well. She went to her room, brought a plate that had a pipe, rolling paper, and little lump of weed on it.

I turned over to Emma, the 24 year old with the 8 year old daughter. I said: “Your cousin did a brave thing. Is there a bad habit you want to surrender as well?”

She went to the kitchen under the sink and brought me 4 bottles of hard liquor. She was hugging the bottles with such attachment. She couldn’t let go of them. Then she finally gave me 3 of the 4 bottles. The last one, a bottle of Kahlua, was her favourite. She said she wanted to keep that one for her birthday party. I looked at her and said: “In that case, keep them all, it’s no use.” Before I could hand her back her 3 bottles, she had kissed her Kahlua goodbye and surrendered it to me.

I turned back to Emma and felt she was still hiding something. “You must have a bigger stash of weed somewhere?”

“No this is it.” she replied.

I lovingly told her “You can’t hide secrets from me. I’m here to take care of you!”

She went back to her room and brought back a large Ziploc bag filled with weed. She looked a little embarrassed as she was revealing her addiction.

She held on to it saying: “This is worth 250$. I can’t throw it away, I already paid for it. I’ll finish smoking this stash and then I promise I won’t buy any more after that”.
I told her “I don’t care about a measly 250$, I’ll give you 250$ if that’s want you’re concerned with. What I care about is your health and your future.”

Jessica and Emma started consulting each other in Inuktitut, their native language. They had come to a consensus: “We promise we won’t smoke it but we can’t give it to you. We rather get our money back by selling it on the streets.”

“What good is that? If you improve your health by destroying the health of others?”
They had to agree, and she handed her bag of weed over to me. I put everything on the kitchen table and said I wouldn’t flush it because it had to come from them. They were both staring at their addictions with such attachment as though they were about to surrender their new born babies. Their breathing was heavy, they were trembling at the thought of having to give it up for good. Emma was holding back some tears. “It’s ok to cry, we are family here” I told her.

She got up, took the liquor and flushed it down the kitchen sink. Her attachment to the poison was so strong, she was sniffing above the sink to imbibe herself with the smell of Baileyes, Rhum and Kahlua one last time as it was going down the drain.

Jessica felt inspired by her cousin’s heroic move. She took her weed, we walked over to the toilet, and she emptied her stash and flushed it. The moment was so intense for them, they were trembling as I hugged them both.


I was proud of them. I told Emma it was the best thing she could have done for her and her daughter. She felt some truth in that, walked over to her room and brought a whole other crate of liquor she had ordered in by ship this summer. “This is all I have left” she said as she surrendered it. “There’s 500$ worth of alcohol in here.” she said. I was really proud of her.

“But what will I do on my birthday if I’m the only sober one?”
she asked. I said “This year on your birthday you will not waste yourself. Your birthday should be an occasion to grow in wisdom. You will invite Art of Living people for your birthday and you will have a nice time.” I asked her cousin if she would support her and organize an Art of Living get together for her on her birthday. She agreed as Emma started pouring her alcohol down the drain more confidently this time, three bottles at a time. She felt so relieved.

Jessica noticed her cousin’s relief and walked back to her room to bring another bag, this time filled with magic mushrooms. This was her last stash. She flushed the mushrooms down the toilet saying: “Anyway this stuff is stupid, the only reason it makes you hallucinate is because it makes your brain bleed”. She was sure of herself this time.

Jessica said: “I feel so much lighter now. This house will be drug, cigarette and alcohol free from now on.

I told them:
“I am proud of both of you. Had you sold this stuff on the streets, what kind of role model would you have been? Today you took a stand and became a leader in your community. You are now role models and can inspire others to do the same.” Emma was so touched. It felt as though she had been called a loser by many people in the past. Today someone was calling her a leader.

I warned them that the days ahead would be really hard because the temptation would come back to haunt them and they had to be strong and inspire each other to stay clean. I reassured them I would be there for them.

They really wanted to come out of it for good, but it was apparent that they were not confident they would have the strength to do it. You could tell they were going through a lot of emotions and were both quietly praying for help and strength not knowing where to find it.

So I took out a picture of Guruji, lit a candle, put an asan on the couch, sat on it, and invited them to come closer and sit with me. I told them: “Now, we will sing the most ancient prayer in the world. It brings strength, blessings, and protection to those who hear it.” Just by seeing Guruji’s picture and hearing those few words they immediately felt confident that everything would be fine. I sang the Guru Puja as they sat at my feet holding hands with their eyes closed. They had tears of gratitude. The moment was so serene; the whole atmosphere in the house had changed. Peace had dawned. They sat in silence for a long time afterwards as we meditated together.

I gave them each a blessing and sent them off to bed telling them to sleep with a blanket of grace.

When I arrived 2 days ago, the vibrations in the house were so intense; I was awake for most of the first night. But last night, everything had shifted; there was finally an atmosphere of calm and peace in the house. Guruji had done his magic once again, changing people’s lives forever!

Today there are 2 more people who walk on the planet with Guruji in their hearts.

Jai Guru Dev.

ps You can directly write to Antoine, his email id is antoine.tinawi@artofliving.ca

Oct 19

The Hermit goes to America!!

Suparna’s Birthday gift for me

She sent it very much on time … i wanted to format it and add pics so it got delayed …

Thanks a lot Suparna…

The hermit traveled across US of A

To Yellowstone, Zion and Bryce

He finally arrived in New York, New York

(So good, they named it twice)

But he was disturbed by what he saw

Everywhere he looked

People were consuming round the clock

A plethora of unhealthy food

Bacon, sausage, T-bones

Meat, grilled and smoked

Double cheeseburgers and ‘freedom’ fries

Were washed down with ‘Diet’ Coke

Helpings came in three main sizes

Mega, King or Jumbo

If you wanted to ‘mega’ save

You could order a ‘combo’

Breakfast was usually sausage dogs

With Krispy Kreme donuts

Pre-lunch snack was taco and cheese

With a ‘healthy’ dose of peanuts

BLTs, subs, PBnJ

Baloney and pastrami

All you needed to say at McDonald’s

Was ‘Supersize me!’

No one, it seemed, had time to cook

Or sit down at the table

‘Slow-cooked home meals’ were packaged as


Stop! The hermit wanted to scream

Something was seriously lacking

A million zillion hamburgers

And McDo was still counting!

Alongside the food obsession

Were diets of every liking

Low fat, low carb, zone diet

South Beach and Atkin

You could be thin, you should be thin

A pill is all it takes

Screamed the TV commercials

Between ads of ‘juicy steaks’

The hermit was deeply saddened

This was a nation in trouble

Where did one go for veggies and fruits

In the Big Apple?

With a heavy heart he lit his cauldron

Added spices, whole and crushed

The ground below him shook and trembled

Pray tell! What was that?

Was that an earthquake, he wondered

As he cautiously opened the door

He wasn’t prepared for the sight he saw

And stayed rooted to the floor

Three ladies, about 300 lbs each

Out of breath and sweating

Let us in, they gasped between breaths

We smell somethin’ cookin’

The hermit watched as they gobbled and swallowed

And stuffed their plates with helpings

An idea cropped up in his mind

That was definitely worth exploring

‘Ain’ ya got no more food?’ they asked

Once the cauldron was empty

Well, said the hermit, I have plenty more

Simply follow me

With those words he put on his sneakers

Strapped the cauldron to his back

He casually jogged out of the house

The ladies on his track

More and more joined on the streets

They huffed and puffed away

Some cabbed, and got disqualified

And were not allowed to stay

They walked, hobbled and piggy-backed

Across Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn

Now what did that remind me of?

Ah yes! Pied Piper of Hamelin

Once on top of the Empire State

(The followers were now half dead)

The hermit turned to face the crowd

Sweating, panting and red

He started a fire beneath his cauldron

The spices began to blend

While that’s cooking, let us try out, he said

A few forward bends

Don’t you have something easier

For the moderately fit like us?

Yes, I do, said the hermit

Let’s do Surya Namaskars

They did the cobra, and the mountain

The plank and downward dog

The Empire State was later renamed

The Leaning Tower of York

Why should we do this? They cribbed and whined

This is so unfair!

The protests turned to a soft murmur

As the aroma filled the air

I see a point, said one of them

It’s absolutely clear

Say you’re carrying two jumbo tubs

But need to scratch your ear

Wouldn’t it be useful

To get your toes up to your face?

The others were forced to admit

She made a compelling case

So it continued, day in and day out

Starting at the crack of dawn

A group of some 500 people

Saluting the Sun

They laughed, they cried, they danced, they sang

There was an inexplicable feeling

Their noses had, for once, led them

To a life more fulfilling

Armed with the knowledge of Gunas and Doshas

And Ayurvedic body types

They learned to make conscious choices

And not fall for the next diet hype

They thanked the hermit, hugged and blessed him

‘Awesome, dude!’ said some

The hermit saw the transformed lives

And knew his work was done

Thus the hermit continued

His adventures year after year

Where do you think he went next

To spread more warmth and cheer?

Here are the other Hermit posts…

The Hermit

The Hermit in France

The Hermit in Italy

Where should the hermit go now? Suparna is reading the comments … comment and tell her where he should visit next

Jai Gurudeva!



Oct 15

On the Eve of Deepawali

Most people believe that business and spirituality are at loggerheads with each other. A person doing business cannot afford to be spiritual and a person who is spiritual shouldn’t care about business. This is what the so called experts say…

The Ancients knew better!!

The Goddess of Wealth Laxmi signifies the epitome of Business. She sits on a lotus which is in water. Meaning that wealth and prosperity can be very fleeting. Any moment they could sink! Also the lotus signifies a fully blossomed consciousness and that only such a person is really capable of handling wealth effectively. The finances of a country (or a family for that matter) need to be managed by extremely capable hands, other wise, the wealth (and the country) could go under very fast… (America… You listening to this?! :))

To drive home that Wealth is best in the hands of someone extremely skillful and with a fully blossomed consciousness, Laxmi is married to Lord Narayana… The epitome of Spirituality, the very First Guru. Narayana means one with a highly sensitive and fully developed nervous system. He is the Preserver aspect of the Holy Trinity. Also from His navel springs forth a Lotus in which sits Lord Brahma, the creator of all. So He also has the creative impulse at His command. Only such a person can handle and maintain wealth effectively!

Narayana is usually depicted lying on the Shesh Naga, the King of serpents who is floating on an ocean of milk. This is such beautiful symbolism! The King of serpents is His seat, meaning that He is supremely aware… yet He is lying down, relaxing, which signifies that though He is super aware and alert at all times, He does it effortlessly… The ocean of milk signifies extreme abundance… An infinite ocean of wealth is His!

To such a one comes Goddess Laxmi as wife.

Not only do business and spirituality complement each other… They are married to each other!

A hard core business person (with no spirituality) has the habit of monetizing everything. See a beautiful painting, think ahhh … Rs 5 Lakhs! See a lovely bungalow, think hmmm… Rs 25 Crores and so on… Even after acquiring all, he cannot appreciate what he has, coz all he can see around him are small and big piles of money. He has no ability to appreciate and enjoy the finer things in Life… Many Gujju friends come to mind

When such a person learns and practices meditation, his heart opens up… He realizes that there is life beyond money. He learns to enjoy his money and use it for the good of himself and others, instead of just jealously hoarding it. Spirituality brings the Heart back to the business man.

Now, I have this brilliant (if i may say so myself ) message for everyone. But to get it to you, i need a computer, i need internet (preferably broadband) access, i need to be able to host my blog, etc, all of which needs money… So for spirituality to spread, it needs the support of commerce. It needs wealth. Thus business becomes the Legs of Spirituality.

Business and Spirituality are intricately linked. They are married to each other. Don’t make the mistake of divorcing them!

Many people make the mistake of running after Laxmi (money)… Would anyone like it if someone else wooed their wife? You think Lord Narayana is going to be pleased if you go after His beloved wife?! They may even get the money, but that money only brings them pain of different flavours. What else do you expect if you piss off Her husband?!

The intelligent ones, they go after Lord Narayana Himself. They learn and practice Meditation… Go deeper into Spirituality, coz they know, if you have Him, then His wife has to follow! Where He is, she is! So Wealth and abundance come to these lucky, wise people and with Lord Narayana and Goddess Laxmi on their side, they become supremely happy and extremely comfortable as well

Deepawali is the Celebration of Abundance. Of Wealth. Of the Goddess Laxmi in all Her glory. But for this celebration to be complete, there has to be a deep, spiritual, meditative consciousness underlying it, otherwise its just pretty lights and loud noises.

This year, in between the sweets and the fireworks, meditate and do Pooja. Do some Seva and have a bit of Satsang.

Make this Deepawali a meaningful glorious Celebration for yourself and others around you.

We wish everyone a very, very Happy Deepawali and a fantastic, prosperous and meditative New Year!!!

Jai Gurudeva!


bawa (n dinesh)

Oct 14

YES!+ in the US of A

Annelies is one of our terrific YES!+ teachers in the US … She sent me a mail today morning, that i just had to share with all of you!

Just wanted to write about my experiences on campuses since school has started this year!

It’s amazing how our sankalpa to have YES!+ be a credit course on campuses is quickly coming to fruition, in the most incredible ways.

In late August we did our once-a-semester credit YES!+ course at Cornell University (through the Phys Ed Dept), and I have never seen a credit course have such energy! All of the students were saying that they were sooo grateful that they had “run into” this course somehow on “accident”, and that they couldn’t stop thinking of the course all day long during their other classes, just waiting to get to their YES!+ Session! One girl who was a super dynamo, registered for the course because she met our Natalia in Minnesota at a tabling event and all the way from there she signed up for her Cornell YES!+ Course! She signed up for Part 2 today. Thanks, Natalia. Many of them are about to do the Part 2 Course already, which is so inspiring.


But the most wonderful thing that happened there was, we talked to the director of the Phys. Ed. Department about how successful the YES!+ Courses have been so far in her department, and how much the students love them, and after that, she agreed to have TWO sessions of YES!+ Courses per semester at Cornell, which means now we will get to offer YES!+ for Credit FOUR TIMES a YEAR on campus! We were so happy that she agreed. Gaining a good reputation in the first few credit courses at a school, I learned, is very important, because then they will give you more and more opportunities to run the YES!+ Program there in the long run.

Next I was at Texas A & M in College Station – with our fabulous Meera! – which is one of the largest universities in the country. 40,000 students on that campus alone. We had a very beautiful course, the group was sooo inspiring and inspired. We had quite a few student leaders on the course. I was chatting with one of them, Siddharth, on the lunch break, and telling him how YES!+ is for credit at Cornell U. He said, “Oh, I am going to transfer to Cornell, just so I can take YES+ every semester.” And he wasn’t joking. I told him, “Wait, why don’t you just get it for credit here, at Texas A & M?” Suddenly he lit up like a lightbulb. He said, “OOOOH, I know how to do that!!! I CAN do that! I used to be in the student government, and I know that if I present it to them and recommend it, that YES+ can get passed as a class by them, then it will be all set up! Then, it even surpasses administration. Student gov’t has the power to vote if something can be a class or not.”

Well I had never heard of this before, but apparently it is like this all over Texas, that the student government has the power to pass something as a class in the university!

So, as our usual Art of Living miracles go, Siddharth did become a senator in the Texas A&M student government, one week after the YES!+ ended! So, now he and Meera are busy preparing a YES+ Course presentation for the student government. They will present this to the gov’t body this month in order for them to pass YES+ as a Curriculum Course!

Next I went to UPenn, where the fabulous Anup Sharma, a really dynamic Med student there, organized the first YES!+ held on the UPenn Campus. They just started an Art of Living Club there this fall, one club in the medical school, and also an AoL Club for grads and undergrads.

For Anup, every time he gave an intro talk, the students would say, “This should be a credit course. It’s fabulous. Why isn’t it?”

He heard this over and over from all different UPenn students, in each intro talk. Smart students. 

During the YES!+ Course there, some of the super-intellectual med school students were telling him, on the 2nd and 3rd day, “This should be in the curriculum! It should be required for all med school students! We have electives in the med school that are not nearly as good as this class.”

So again, somehow, the students there have rallied around getting YES!+ as a class at UPenn, and they are meeting with a woman today in administration who can help them propose it for the med school!

At Stanford, YES!+ is now being offered through the Wellness Room on campus, and at U. of Wisconsin-Madison through the University Health Services. All of this was set up, of course, by students of the university!

Matt is currently working on YES!+ as part of the religion dept. offerings at USC.

It’s so awesome to see how we can become part of these institutions formally….. that way we can ensure that YES!+ will be offered for generations to come, in universities across the country !

Remember – as Guruji said this summer, to teach some students of the university first, and gather testimonials of quite a few students at the end of your YES!+ courses, before having the student leaders meet with the administration.

But, if you want it to happen quickly, just go to your YES!+ course with the simple intention in your mind…..”Let YES+ become part of the school curriculum here.” And then, watch the students come up to you and suggest the idea, and watch the magic unfold!!

I think Guruji is putting some super Shakti with YES!+ this year, let’s ride the wave!

And… Let’s bring all of our student leaders to India YES!+ Winter Break this year.

Jai Gurudeva!



Oct 12

Dinesh’s Birthday (2009)!!

I simply cannot beat what Dinesh wrote for me on my Birthday … so i won’t even try

But here is a photo of a long past Birthday …

Can't figure out how to make the photo straight, so tilt your head/ screen please :)

and here are photos of his birthday this year …

Pitaji (Guruji's father), Dinesh's mom and Dinesh

Dinesh and me with Bhanu Didi (Guruji's sister)

Found the Cake Picture!!!

Muah hahahahhahaha!! :)

A very, very Happy Birthday to you my darling Dinesh

Jai Gurudeva!



ps we did put cake on his face this year too … just cant find the photos

Oct 9

What is Pooja?

Guruji talked about Pooja. Here is what He said almost verbatim…

Good and bad things happen in the world. But our consciousness can gain from all these situations. Like, when there is rain or too much of heat (sun), you take an umbrella and protect yourself. Same way, Awareness, Knowledge, Devotion is the umbrella to protect you from all unpleasant situations. Peace and love are the foundation on which we progress individually and collectively and for the nation and for the world.

The word Pooja, – “Poo” means fullness and ”Ja” means that which has come out of fullness. When your heart is full, and you want to say your gratitude to God, how do you say it? With flowers, you tell God, ”My heart is blossomed like this flower”.

The world is made up of five elements – ether (space), air, fire, water and earth. Ancient people used all these five elements. Chanting or sound is space element, burning some incense is air element, camphor and lamp is fire element, and then water and for earth element, different types of flowers, fruits, milk, curd, honey all these things are used. With the chanting you create the inner vibration all around us. Ancient chanting is there since thousands of years.

What is the chanting? Namo Namo Namo… Mana is mind, the mind which goes outwards, when mind turns inwards it becomes ”Nama”

Namo means a mind turned inwards.

Oh Divine, you are in the child, you are in the aged, you are in the tree, bird, water, stones. You are in sun, moon, you are everywhere, there’s not a bit of creation that is devoid of You, and I adore you, dissolve in You and merge in You.

Like camphor my life burns and dissolves in You. Like incense, my life spreads fragrance all around. Like flowers, I blossom and bring joy to everybody. Like fruit, all my actions become fruitful, let my intentions become fruitful. Like water, let me always be humble. If water is poured, it goes to the lowest point. Isn’t it? Like that, humility – let me take the lowest point to serve the society. Let me be like fire that always goes up, let my enthusiasm always go up.

You do ”Aarathi”, having a lamp and say let the light of my life always be around God, around divinity, let it never go down, let the enthusiasm always go up and bring joy to everybody’s life. This is what is called Pooja.

With these feelings, with these simple little actions we do Pooja. And when ”Deepa aarathi” (The little lamp which is taken around after a Pooja) is brought, everyone takes meaning ”let me receive the knowledge in my life” (while saying this Sri Sri is demonstrating how we receive the Aaarathi). Let the light that is the symbol of knowledge come into my life. Let me not be in darkness, let there be light in my life, so, I accept this beautiful light of wisdom in my life. And then you take the Mangala aarathi. A little water is given, you sip that saying let my heart be cool, let there be pleasantness inside. And this is the universal message of gratefulness that is what is called Pooja, dawning out of fullness.

It is more of inner feeling that is important, more important than the external act. Just doing a ritual is not sufficient, it has to be meditative. It has to come from our feeling level.

Pooja is to bring health, happiness and peace to every individual especially in this continent to all those who have suffered to give them more strength and to eliminate all those negative vibrations and of pain and suffering and to bring peace and happiness to every single person and to clear the entire atmosphere in the country to bring more peaceful, loving and joyful atmosphere.

Dinesh and i are starting out Guru Pooja Phase II program today. We should be in Vishalakshi along with our darling Bhanu didi by the time you will be reading this…

Jai Gurudeva!



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