Sep 14

E Tv

E Tv is featuring 19 new episodes that they recorded earlier with me and dinesh … be sure to watch them and post how you liked them … here is the schedule 🙂

There is Vikram and Kashi too in the mix! 🙂


Channel Name

Telecast Time

(Monday to Saturday)

ETV- Bangla










ETV-2 (Telugu)












Episode-1 (telecast date 12-09-09)

Guruji on imp. of humanism and compassion

Byte of Student Niharika Kakdesharing her experience in Art Of Living.

Nadisodhan-by Dinesh Kashikar

Profile feature on  Bawa & Dinesh

Episode– 2 (telecast date 19-09-09)

Guruji on Yes +

Experience of art of living Students(Kanisk, Abhilasha, Mohit Lalwani)

Youth Programs of AOL

Dinesh Ghodke on life is short but eternal

Episode– 3 (telecast date 26-09-09)

Bawa & Dinesh on Love

Episode– 4 (telecast date 03-10-09)

Guruji on youth culture & values (2.56 mm.)

Sanjay Mazumdar – Gausala story (6:45 mins)

Bawa & Dinesh on healthy Food & Environment

Episode– 5 (telecast date 10-10-09)

Guruji on success

Bawa & Dinesh on success

Episode–6 (telecast date 17-10-09)

Guruji on youth leadership & youth participation

Radhika Chandle and her experience in Art of Living.

Vikram Hazra on youth empowerment (11.26 mins)

Episode– 07 (telecast date 24-10-09)

Guruji on importance of guide

Prajakti Desmukh – Her experiences with the Art of Living

Bawa & Dinesh on Guruji’s Knowledge Sheets.

Episode–8 (telecast date 31-10-09)

Living in harmony -Bawa & Dinesh on Life style

Episode–09 (telecast date 07-11-09)

Guruji on individual’s quest for spirituality

Students bytes (Twinkle Sethi & Shravanth)

Vikram Hazra (The promise of spirituality)

Shalini Singh byte (How art of living brings the positive change in you)

Bawa & Dinesh on Anger

Episode– 10 (telecast date 14-11-09)

Handling Failures.

Guruji on Success & Failure

Bawa & Dinesh on handling failures

Jitendra Bansiwal (law student, Jabalpur) –Anxiety problems

Episode– 11 (telecast date 21-11-09)

Guruji on youth culture & values

Bawa & Dinesh on Life Sutras

Episode– 12 (telecast date 28-11-09)

Guruji on healthy Food Habits & Spiritual Practices

Bawa & Dinesh on Controlling Anger

Feature on Kusum Mussadi – Her experiences with the Art of Living

Episode– 13 (telecast date 05-12-09)

Understanding Traditions-I

Guruji on Indian heritage & culture 

Bawa & Dinesh on Indian culture & rituals

Episode– 14 (telecast date 12-12-09)

Bytes of students(Ratul Arora, Harshit, Pranab)

Dinesh Kashiker demonstration of relaxation techniques

Bytes of (Justin & Jack Johansson)

Episode– 15 (telecast date 19-12-09)

Understanding Traditions-II

Guruji on youth, Indian heritage & culture

Bawa & Dinesh on Ancient Scriptures

Bawa & Dinesh on nature of Guru

Bawa & Dinesh on sadhana, seva & satsang

Episode– 16 (telecast date 26-12-09)

Guruji “nurture our roots & broaden our vision” (2.46 mm.)

Bawa & Dinesh on commitment

Bawa & Dinesh on (aim & fantasy)/(creativity)

Experience in Art of Living –Sunithi Damani — the professional billiards player

Episode– 17 (telecast date 02-1-10)

Bawa & Dinesh on Astrology & Vaastu Sastra

Bawa & Dinesh on Astrology & Vaastu Sastra

Profile of Saurav Ghosh, Table Tennis champion, His experiences in the Art of Living

Episode– 18 (telecast date 09-1-10)

Guruji on dreams & practical wisdom

Bawa & Dinesh on Reality/Fantasy/ Dream/Goal

Shridhar Mahuli byte (Benefited from Art of Living )

Vikram Hazra on Satsang

Dinesh Kashiker – on relaxation techniques

Episode– 19 (telecast date 16-1-10)

Guruji on Tabacco & prevention

Vikram Hazra on culture of meditation

Vikram Hazra on civic sense/citizenship

Dinesh Kashikar on ‘Vaastrika’ & ‘Nadisodhan’

Jai Gurudeva!



ps cant get the table to work … sooooo for now it looks ugly … sorry about that

pps All the programs on all the channels are mostly in English with a little bit of a sprinkle of Hindi

ppss do write to E Tv and tell them if you enjoyed the shows 🙂

Sep 14



Jai Gurudeva!



Sep 11

Running after Guruji

A lil tid bit from yesternight’s Satsang …

Q. Guruji when i run after you, is it Bhakti (Devotion) or just a lack of self respect?

A. A little bit of running is alright.

Then you sit down, relax and go deep within… Then I will start running after you!

Not only that, the whole world will run after you…

For more please head over to Guruji’s Wisdom Blog. Usually updated almost everyday about whatever He said during Satsang each night…

The first ever YES!+ Course on Skype is scheduled to start from 15th Spetember in Poona…

Jai Gurudeva!



Sep 10

Orion Telescopes

Am doing an Ayurveda detox … extreme yuckiness feeling right now … but have done it before so know i will feel wonderful by tomorrow … meanwhile here is a cool ad for telescopes 🙂

See you all later …

Jai Gurudeva!



Sep 9


We had a fantastic DSN over the weekend… Now i usually don’t post about courses we teach but this one was different 🙂

We taught the entire course from our room on the Ashram … using Skype!

Though there were a few lost connections, and the video freezing and stuff … the course (if i may say so myself) was fabulous! 🙂

JD and Rajeev were the technicians at the Ashram and Virat, Vasudha and the Goregaon team from Mumbai made it possible at their end… Click to read about the first ever Skype DSN

btw, the first ever YES!+ course to be taught on Skype starts in a few days in Poona …tentatively on the 14th or 15th of Spetember

Jai Gurudeva!



Sep 7

Sir Winston Churchill

Churchill was Prime Minister of Great Britain. He was also awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. He has surely played pivotal roles in the various trials and tribulations of Britain… but i remember him for his superb sense of humour 🙂

3 incidents:

He was asked to give an after dinner speech on sex. But was requested to keep it short.

He stood up and said, ” Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure!”

and sat down 🙂

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill

Another time he was drunk, and a lady aghast at his condition, blurted out to him, “Sir, you are drunk!”

“Yes” he slurred, “but in the morning I will be sober, you m’lady are ugly!”

In open parliament, one of the opposition leaders, walks up to him, runs his hand over his shiny bald head and says, “This is so smooth… exactly like my wife’s bottom”

The house erupts into laughter… Churchill meanwhile rubs his own hand on his head, turns to the other and says, “You are right! It is!!!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



Sep 3

A Gopi Story – II

Then one after the other, the gopis tell the Sage the story of how they got to Him. Of what Krishna had told them and how the waters had parted to let them through. They obviously couldn’t tell the River that they had to go and feed a hungry Sage. Could He please help them? Tell them how to get home? They had babies and husbands and cows and homes to take care of. (Besides they were already missing Krishna)

Sage Durvasa says, Just go to the river and tell her, all of you need to get back home to your babies and husbands and cows and homes. So please help us. O Jamuna Maaiya, If Sage Durvasa has never eaten anything in His entire life, never consumed a single morsel of food, then let us pass.

So saying, he turns on His side and falls asleep. Soon he is softly snoring. The gopis look at each other disbelievingly. This man had just eaten food that could have fed a small army! But, there was no other way…

So they very reluctantly go to the banks of the River and repeat all that the Sage had told them. And miraculously, the waters part once again giving them safe passage to the other side…


This is a pretty strange story, and I am pretty sure the gopis, being gopis didn’t question it much, just attributed it like we would all do to “What a strange world we all live in” … and got on with life 🙂

Was Jamuna Maaiya extremely naïve, gullible? Or not in touch with what was happening? Or is there some miraculous secret hidden here?

The great Sages, Lord Krishna were such perfect Yogis, that whatever action they did, was done out of sheer dispassion and so there was absolutely no Karma attached. They were only apparently acting, doing things. They were in this world, but not of it. So even though Lord Krishna had already had many, many crazy escapades and left a trail of broken hearts, none of the Karma touched Him, and so He didn’t really do! So also, Sage Durvasa eats without eating :)!

The wise old River Jamuna maaiya knows this great Truth. And so listens and complies with the gopi’s seemingly impossible request.

What a wonderful little tale to illustrate something so beautiful and deep of our Spiritual Lore…

Aug 31

A Gopi Story – I

Sage Durvasa had come to Vrindavan and was very hungry. The gopis joyfully made all kinds of delicious food for the great Sage. There were different types of rice, many types of vegetables, savouries, rotis, papads, sweets of many, many varieties, steaming hot food, cold, cold food, and everything in between… Food enough for more than a few hundred people!!

Carrying all this, they made their way to where the Sage was, and found Him on the other side of the Jamuna River waiting for them, and the food. There was no bridge for miles and the river was in spate. And the Sage was impatiently waiting…

They ran to Krishna Kanhaiya, and told Him the story. We have all this food, the Sage is waiting for it on the other side of the river… and this particular Sage was well known for His quick temper. HELP!!

Krishna smiled at them and said, go to the river and bow down to Jamuna maaiya (Mother) and tell her this… We have all this food for Sage Durvasa and He is hungry. We need your help o maaiya. Please help us. If Krishna has never told a lie, has never done any sort of mischief, has never broken anyone’s heart, then please O Jamuna let us pass. The gopis look at each other in bewilderment, each remembering Krishna’s long list of escapades… and look imploringly at Krishna for some other more feasible solution, but he had already gone…

Very hesitatingly, they go to the banks of the river and bow down and pray to Jamuna maaiya… And say the words Krishna has told them to say… And wonder of wonders…. The river magically splits apart and there is a clean pathway straight to the waiting hungry Sage. The gopis are relieved and quickly cross over to the other side.

With great devotion and love they feed the Sage. He eats and eats and eats and eats… If one would ask Him if He wanted more, He would say don’t ask, just put whatever you have in the plate! All the rotis and vegetables, all the different types of rice and fried stuff, all the sweets, hot and cold… every single thing that they had cooked; all is consumed with gusto by the Sage. At last when all the food is over, the Sage leans back, rubs his tummy, gives a few satisfied contented burps and is about to go to sleep…

One of the gopis suddenly realizes that the river is in full spate again. The Sage is about to go to sleep. No one knew when He would awake after that colossal meal. And they had to get back home. So, very timidly, the gopis ask the Sage, how to get back to the other shore. He sleepily tells them, go back the same way you came…

Next part on Thursday … How do the Gopis get back home? and what’s the secret here?

Jai Gurudeva!



Aug 27


This is a very strange word. It means education. But it also means punishment. Education today for almost anyone still studying more or less means punishment J. Did the ancients foresee the state of education in our country in the 21st century? And so decide that Shiksha should mean both education and punishment?

There is a better explanation…

People who are tired do wrong or bad actions. Circumstances, situations, other people can tire a person out. When the energy is low, this is when a tired person will do something unacceptable. Wrong education can also drain a person of all sensibilities and compel him into doing wrongful actions.

Hence a wrong doer is given shiksha. Shiksha was a chance given to a tired beaten person to relax and reenergize. Jail was a place to rest and recoup. The hope was that once a person has got back his energy and his sensibilities, he would become a responsible citizen and once again take his part in building society. So giving shiksha to a person meant giving him an education. An education in righteousness.

And so Shiksha came to mean both, to educate and to punish.

We used to live in Enlightened times. It should be quite easy to get back to them… Spirituality is the magic formula!

Jai Gurudeva!



Aug 25


Guruji talked about Ganapati in a very different way the other day during Satsang. The Universe is made up of groups of atoms called Ganas. And specific groups behave in specific ways. The groups of atoms that make gold for example somehow remember at all times that they are gold… They don’t suddenly turn into rice. The groups of atoms that are wood remember at all times to be wood. And so on.

There is an unseen force that binds these atoms together to be what they are supposed to be. A sweeping power that holds things together in the way they should be. This force is represented by Lord Ganesha. He is called Ganapati. The Lord of the Ganas. The Lord Ganesha’s elephant head symbolically personifies the vastness of this terrific force.

To console His wife after chopping off the head of the child she had created (click to read the long crazy story), Lord Shiva asks His ganas to go and bring Him the head of any one sleeping with their head to the North. In the entire world there was only one elephant sleeping that way. And so Lord Shiva’s ganas chopped off it’s head and got it to make the head for Lord Ganesha.

Our Bangalore Ashram Ganu :)

Our Bangalore Ashram Ganu 🙂

The Sanskrit word for North is Uttara. Another meaning of Uttara is answer. Uttara also means the future. So Lord Ganesha has the head, which is has limitless vision and has all the answers!

BTW, the story also says that you should never sleep with your head to the North. The ancients knew that the magnetic field should cut through the body (east west) for a deeper more restful sleep. So there is a not so subtle message here to never sleep with your head to the North J

I remember a Knowledge sheet about Lord Ganesha as the Lord of the Ganas… find it and read it.

Have a very happy 10 days with Lord Ganesha in your homes and before the Visarjan remember to invite Him back into your heart.

Jai Gurudeva!



ps Here are links to some of the posts i wrote in 2008 on Lord Ganesha I, Lord Ganesha II, Lord Ganesha III

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