Jul 27

This is Heaven!

A young couple on their way to get married, met with a fatal accident and found themselves standing in line at the Pearly Gates.

When they met St. Peter, they told him, that they wanted to get married before going into Heaven. He looked a bit harassed and said that it was the first time anyone had asked, and that he would go find out… and left.

The two of them waited and waited … a month passed, then another … And suddenly they got to wondering, supposed the marriage doesn’t work out, then what? Would they be stuck to each other for ever?!

After two more months of waiting and talking and doubting, a  fairly bedraggled looking St. Peter returned.

“Yes!” he tells the couple,” you can get married in Heaven…”

“Great” they say, “but we were wondering, just in case, if things don’t work out between us, can we also get divorced in heaven?”

A very red faced St. Peter slammed his foot on the clouds and there was loud thunder and a few sparks of lightning

“Whats wrong??!” asked the frightened couple

“Oh come on!” St. Peter fumed, “Don’t you know this place is Heaven?!”

“It took me 4 months to find a priest here… Do you have any idea how long it will take me to find a lawyer?!!”

Jai Gurudeva!



Jul 24

You are so Lucky!

In response to the Doubt series of posts, it’s quite interesting to see how so many of you have written “you are so lucky” and “i feel jealous” …

Is it really lucky to get puked upon? 🙂

What’s lucky is that after being puked upon, you can still live the Knowledge, you can still care…

What’s lucky is that in the darkness, you can become the Light!

And this any and all of us can do, if we choose, when we choose… So everyone can be lucky and no one needs to feel jealous… if we choose, whenever we choose!

It’s pointless making a hero out of me.

Next time trouble hits you in the face, Live the Knowledge that Gurudev has given us.

Oh and if you don’t (notice i didn’t say can’t), don’t waste time feeling bad and guilty that you didn’t … Just move on 🙂

Have a lovely weekend…

Jai Gurudeva!

Jul 23

No more Doubts!

I forgot my Sudarshan Kriya tape in Bangalore city and decided to hitchhike from Ashram in the middle of the night to get it back…

I got a ride in an old, broken down truck and absolutely everything that I abhor and detest happened to me all at once…

And just when i thought nothing more could go wrong, it did!

The guy sitting next to me turned his head towards me… and vomited… all over me. It was not a polite little barf… oh no… His puke had range and force… He splattered me…  All over my entire right side, from my face onto the only expensive good silk kurta I possessed!

They stopped the truck and were yelling at this guy and at this point I did something that amazed me (in retrospect). I was concerned about how this guy was feeling. First, I emptied a small pack of essential salts I usually carry around with me into a bottle of water and made sure this guy drank it and started feeling good.

Only then did I make any attempt to even clean myself…

Soon we were all back in the truck. They had cleaned it out and thankfully shut the music… We reached the city, I got off. Thanked them and made my way to Gyan Mandir, let myself in (we used to keep the keys under one of the flower pots)… Had a long, long hot and cold water bath… Really scrubbed myself 🙂

Went to the hall to check up on my tape. Sure enough it was right there under Guruji’s photo. Felt incredibly good about seeing it and then went and had a good sound sleep.

The next morning, finished my Sadhana, gave the kurta for dry cleaning, and made my way back to the Ashram. On the way I started to think about how I had behaved the night before and just felt very nice about myself. Things had gone horribly wrong as far as I was concerned, yet when someone was sick, I could naturally and effortlessly think about that person and not myself, even though I didn’t even know that person at all. The Knowledge was alive in me and effortlessly expressing itself through me.

I had not known it, but all the time I thought I had hit a plateau, there were profound changes happening within me, making me a better, stronger human being. And the best part was that this was happening all by itself! Even without me knowing about it…

The twinkle in my eyes was back.

I reached the Ashram and barely had I entered the gate, that someone tells me where were you?! Guruji has been asking for you… Go straight to His kutir. Excitedly I started going there, when three more people at different points told me the same thing … go go go, He is calling you!

I ran to Him and went into the kutir. As I was bowing down, He says to me gently and softly, almost with pride in His voice, So now you know that you are growing and moving on the path. Right?
I had not talked about my nighttime adventures with anyone at all. Yet, He knew.

He had engineered the whole episode. I learned that I was learning, even when I thought or felt that I was not. That I was being taken care of. That Guruji cared for me so deeply.

I also learned that troubles that come may be His gifts to us, and that they may seem terrible while they are there, but when tackled with Knowledge and Love, leave quite quickly, never really touching us… Moving us into realms of possibility that otherwise would never have existed for us.

Making us blossom and sparkle with Life.

Jai Gurudeva!



Jul 22

Bolt and Ice Age 3


A brilliant little movie about a dog (Bolt) who has always acted in a TV series and believes to have super powers with which he annhiliates the enemies who seek to harm his young owner. An accident causes Bolt to be suddenly thrust into the real world, where his powers dont work…

The Dog, the Cat and the Hampster

The Dog, the Cat and the Hampster

His quest to find his “person”, deal with the sudden normalcy of his life, learn what it is to be a dog (he gets lessons from a cat!) and travel all the way from New York to Hollywood meeting some really nice pigeons and a hampster who is a fan of his TV shows is what the movie is all about.

We saw it in 3D and had great fun… catch it at a theater which supports 3D

A very nice afternoon out… do see it!

Ice Age 3

Almost as good as Ice Age 1, definitely better than Ice Age 2


Sloth becomes a “mother” to 3 very cute and naughty dinosaurs… mummy dino comes looking for them to take them back out of the Ice Age and “kidnaps” sloth along with the babies. Everyone else joins up to “rescue” sloth along with the help of a friendly and crazy, mainly crazy hermit who has this vendetta with a really BIG dinosaur (a tyranosaur) he lovingly calls “Rudie”… Oh and scrotch finds a girl friend who becomes competition for the acorn…

Superb in 3D, with outstanding music and laugh out loud moments coming at you every few minutes, i thoroughly enjoyed this movie… if possible go see it at a theater which supports 3D… another fantastic afternoon out with friends 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



Jul 20

The Truck

I had forgotten my Kriya tape in Bangalore city and decided to go and get it in the middle of the night hitchhiking from the Ashram…

I decided to hitchhike. Before anyone could say no to me, I just started walking down Kanakpura Road towards the city… It was a pleasant night. But I was quite tired, had a bit of a cold. Just a few minutes later, I heard the groan of a truck as it laboured up the slight incline. And stuck my hand out asking for a lift.

The truck stopped. I got in, mentally thanking Guruji, not knowing what awaited me…

Almost immediately, absolutely everything that I abhor and detest happened to me all at once!!

It was HOT in the cabin. Unnaturally hot. I couldn’t even keep my feet on the floor, coz the heat would seep in thru my shoes and almost burn my feet. There was an obscene, crude, bright pink coloured light that jarred my nerves if I opened my eyes. And there was raucous loud tamil disco music playing from the most horrible set of speakers i have ever heard, with the bass and treble turned way up, so that each scratch-on-the-blackboard-with-your-nails note dive bombed mercilessly into my ears. I am a gentle classically trained pianist. This was a veritable assault on all my senses. Torture of the third degree!


And we were moving slow, the truck making a loud protesting, moaning, groaning noise all the time… I felt I could tolerate it if we would go faster, but the landscape didn’t seem to be moving much… I am pretty sure a glacier could have easily overtaken that truck!

I was going on in my head Accept situations as they are… Everything changes… Be in the present moment… opposite values are complementary… Nothing was working. I was just feeling absolutely oppressed.

What do you think happened next? I had really thought nothing more could possibly go wrong… but it did!

Use your imaginations… tell me what could have happened … remember a punctured tyre would have been a blessing 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



ps Next part on Thursday…

Jul 16

The Doubt

I had doubts. I had been doing Kriya for a few years, also teaching many, many courses quite successfully. However, I felt that there was no growth. That I had hit a plateau. The kind of transformation and change that had happened in life he first 2-3 years was now absent. I wanted Guruji to move me on, give me more, teach me something new… All this was running around in my head, and I was feeling quite fretful, though, I had not talked about it to anyone at all. Not even to Guruji Himself. My smile was still very much there, but there were times when it didn’t quite reach my eyes…

I was in Bangalore for a month or so and was teaching a course in the city, at our city office, Gyan Mandir. Guruji was there in Bangalore too and on one of the days of the course, there was a satsang in the evening with Guruji in the city. I wore the only really nice kurta I had at that time. A lovely deep red, almost maroon silk, with gold embroidery. Had a fantastic time at the course and later at the Satsang with Guruji. Returned pretty late at night 11:30 pm or so to the Ashram.

This was the time before we even had telephones in the Ashram. And the road to the Ashram was not really safe after 9:00 pm. There could be dacoits or wild elephants. There were no street lights at all. Rickshaw drivers would refuse to drive to Ashram after dark.

I suddenly realized that I didn’t have my Sudarshan Kriya tape. That precious, precious tape, given to me by Guruji Himself I had forgotten at the venue of the course.

I knew that no one would touch it. That it would be safely waiting for me sitting under Guruji’s photo. But, I had to be sure. There was no way I would be able to sleep without my tape safely with me. I decided to go back to the city right away.

Everyone who was there discouraged me. There were just 3 cars in the Ashram that time, and I thought I just needed a driver to drive me to the city. Then we could stay the night at Gyan Mandir and come back the next morning. The first car had a puncture, the next car didn’t have enough petrol, and no one knew who had the keys to the last car… There was no way of finding that out. Remember no telephones or intercoms or anything. I would have had to go and knock on every single room and ask every person inside if they had the car keys…

I decided to hitchhike. Before anyone could say no to me, I just started walking down Kanakpura Road towards the city… It was a pleasant night. But I was quite tired, had a bit of a cold. Just a few minutes later, I heard the groan of a truck as it laboured up the slight incline. And stuck my hand out asking for a lift.

The truck stopped. I got in, mentally thanking Guruji, not knowing what awaited me…

More on Monday… 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



Jul 12

Nothing to say :)

I know there have been no updates for some time now… and a lot of you come here expecting to read something and there is nothing (new)… I have been travelling and teaching alot in the past few days, and somehow have not had the time to write anything … Nothing is coming that i want to share with everyone right now …

A YES!+ adv course gets over today, and its my (sister’s) twins birthday today too, according to the Parsi calendar (in case you guys go back and see the post for that last year) … will post some photos of the party tonight 🙂

Maybe next week, i will have something interesting to put up … meanwhile have a great week.

Do your Sadhana, Seva and Satsang…Relax and enjoy

Jai Gurudeva!



Jul 7

Guru Poornima 2009

All you need to remember is that you are being taken care of…

Be happy

Make others happy

Spread the Light of Knowledge

Have a Blessed time…

A very Happy Guru Poornima to everyone!!

Jai Gurudeva!


bawa n dinesh

Jun 30

Prama’s Tomato Sauce

A classy tomato based sauce from Prama bhabhi. Reeeeallly yummy!

Peel and remove the seeds of 1 kg of tomatoes (about 12 medium sized ones). Cut them up into medium sized chunks. Finely grate a 3 inch piece of ginger.

In a heavy bottomed vessel, melt 100 gms of butter, add a slit green chilly (optional) and add 4 teaspoons of grated jaggery and stir for a few minutes on low heat until the jaggery has more or less melted. If you have added the green chilly, remove and discard it after the jaggery has melted.

Add 3/4th the tomatoes and all the ginger to this. Cover with a lid and cook on high heat for 15 minutes or so. Now add the remaining tomatoes, reduce heat to simmer and cook for a further 20 minutes with the lid covered.

Thoroughly blend the tomatoes with a hand grinder, then cook the sauce for another 3-4 minutes. Remove from heat. The sauce will have a beautiful rich red colour and a thickish consistency.

Finally stir in the juice of 1 big freshly squeezed lemon.

Today i added fresh baby asparagus spears along with baby carrots which were thinly sliced along with some finely chopped bak choy to the sauce. Let everything cook for 10ish minutes on a slow simmer until tender. Other times, I have added fresh paneer chunks to the sauce or barely stir fried broccoli and mushrooms. Also fried tofu. The sauce is very versatile and you can add whatever you fancy and it turns out great. Just remember to add whatever it is you want and then let it simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Serve with hot rotis or toasted buttered multigrain bread.

Jai Gurudeva!



ps Who is Prama Bhabhi i hear you ask… click to read up about the Bhandaris

Jun 29

QnA – 25

Q. Hello Bhaiya, I am working in Cameroon west Africa in a import export company. I want to became an art of living teacher but I really care for my company where I have started working since 7 years. I am confused whether to leave this job & sometimes thinks about my family. which direction u can give me? Waiting to hear from u.

A. Become a teacher and continue to work in Cameroon. The great part of Art of Living is you can get over the tyranny of the “or” and enjoy the luxury of the “and”!! 🙂

Q. I’m regular reader of this Q&A page and I want to know if there is any means / process by practicing which we can develop forgiveness in our nature . I am not able to forgive anybody easily and thus every time I am roaming in past and could not remain happy long.

A. Assume that forgiveness is already part of your nature. All good qualities are already there within you in seed form. When you assume that you are a forgiving person, and put a bit of attention on that aspect of yourself, it will blossom and grow. Live into the reality that you are indeed the type of person you wish to become.

Q. I am student of engg. in NIT. I had friend in first year who later turned against me  and he always tries to make fun of me. I feel very awkward in this position. I do not want to abuse him or so and I also know he is not going to be friend again. Please help me out.

A. Don’t become a football of his opinions or actions. Understand that things change… and may change again and again. Don’t let these petty things or for that matter people affect you. You be strong with your Sadhana, Seva and Satsang… Just laugh and move on.

Q. I have two questions for you, please answer them – both of them regarding marriage.

-> How much importance would you attribute to the “inclination/intent” of bride and groom to marry each in a marriage to the other factors like parental pressure, finance, caste and age which at times influence the marriage more than the inclination of the bride and groom which gets sidelined?

A. If bride and groom are both not inclined, they should preferably not get married. Unless they are really sure about the choice of their parents 🙂 At the same time don’t be so foolish as to immediately discount the person your respective parents have chosen for you, simply because the parents have chosen 🙂

-> Should a girl or boy marry somebody just for the sake of their parent’s wish/force/love (or a promise) rather than their own and giving up their right to choose their life partner ? Or marriage should a bride marry a groom just because her parents want her to and she can’t disgrace them ?

A. No. Not at all. Choose your life partner well, even if it means not listening to your parents. Don’t confuse obedience to your parents with love and respect for your parents. You may at certain points in life, utterly disagree and disobey your parents while totally loving and respecting them! I have, quite a few times 🙂

Don’t bother about disgrace. All those relatives don’t have to get live with this person they wish you to get married to. You do. So go ahead make a choice and the patiently and skillfully convince your family that this choice is the best one!

Pray to Guruji for guidance, I would suggest you come to Ashram and seek Him blessings for your match. Then there is a very high probability that things will go well in the future 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



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