Jun 17

Banoffee Pie

This recipe takes a long time to prepare. You will need to start early afternoon to get it ready by dinnertime. But, it’s truly worth the effort. It’s one of the most delicious desserts I have ever had. And, yes it has (tons of) sugar in it 🙂

You will need:

4 tablespoons of finely ground crystal sugar (we call it mishri, just whirl a few small pieces of mishri in a grinder)
1 tin of condensed milk (sugar!!)
5 ripe bananas
1 ripe apple (optional)
3 packets of any biscuit that you like, we used the honey oatmeal from Café Coffee day (something with ginger in it will be v nice too)
500 ml of whipping cream
About 3-5 tablespoons of melted butter
8-20 walnuts chopped coarsely
Cinnamon powder

Half fill a large vessel with water and bring to boil. Put the tin of condensed milk unopened into the hot boiling water. Cover and continue to boil for 3 hours. Yes, its not a typo, you will need to do this for 3 hours. You will need to top up the water regularly and be very careful, coz if the water evaporates below a certain level, the tin will explode, and possibly mess up your life/limbs/kitchen ceiling. It is a lot of gas that gets used, so we put in 3-4 tins at a time. They store very well for later use.
Let the tin cool down, (takes about another 1-2 hours or so) before opening it. When you open it, you will have delicious light, brown, sticky toffee! It’s almost magic ?
Crush the biscuits into a rough powder. You can put them in a bag and bash them with a rolling pin if you are feeling violent, or simply whirr them in a grinder, if you are in a hurry. Put the biscuit powder in a bowl and add the melted butter to it. Thoroughly stir in the butter.

Grease a baking tray with butter and add the biscuit powder and press in firmly. Put this in the fridge to chill for about 10-15 minutes at least.
Peel and cut the apple into small cubes. Melt a tablespoon of butter in a frying pan and add the apple pieces and cook on low flame.

Meanwhile, (peel and) cut the bananas into thin slices, and add the bananas to the hot butter and apple mixture. Optionally add 1-3 tablespoons of the crushed sugar if you like it really sweet, I add just a teaspoon of sugar. Cook well for 3-5 minutes on medium to high heat. The bananas will become gooey and sticky. Stir in half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
Remove the baking tray from the fridge and spread this fruit mixture evenly on the biscuit base. Return the tray to the fridge for another 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, again bring your tray out of the fridge. Open the tin of condensed milk, wonder in amazement at the transformation, and spread the toffee onto the banana and apple mixture. Return to fridge for 30 minutes or so.

Whip the cream till it is quite firm. Add 1-2 tablespoons of sugar and 1-2 teaspoons of vanilla essence to the cream while whipping it. Be careful not to turn it into butter by whipping too much. With a spatula, spread a thick, generous amount of the cream onto the fruit and toffee layers.  If possible, do this step in a cool place. The cream layer should be little over 1 inch thick. Smoothen out the cream layer with a spatula. Sprinkle the chopped walnuts onto it along with (optionally) a teeny bit of cinnamon powder. Chill in the fridge for at least another 20 minutes.

While Serving, cut carefully into generous pieces, and eat with relish… And add a few more rounds of Suryanamaskars to your schedule for the next week or so ?

Jai Gurudeva!

PS For an even more delicious Mangofee Pie, replace the fruit mixture layer with a layer of 3-5 ripe luscious ripe mangoes chopped into small pieces. Dont cook the mangoes at all.

Jun 15

QnA – 23

Q. Bawa, a friend of mine is proving to be a major pain in the neck. He is an excessively angry person. He was my boyfriend, though that was a very long time ago. He gets mad at me almost every three days and I cannot stand it. My friends hate him. One of them has gone and babbled to my elder brother. So my family is also convinced he is crazy and that I better get rid of him. Even I agree he’s crazy. He’s very insistent and childish and the criticism I can mete out to him is endless. But I have a very good rapport with him when he is not being a jerk.
We have been good friends since a very long time and I take an awful lot of time to bond with someone new. So somehow after a long period of no communication with him I start to miss him and the vicious cycle begins. This has been happening since I can remember and is getting way out of hand.
Please help.

A. Get him for a few Art of Living courses. That should fix him. If it doesn’t then either learn to live with him, knowing that he is like that or ditch him and move on 🙂

Q. Wanted the support that Muslims have got being a part of the Art Of Living Family! Need this information as a motivation for my friend who believes he’ll get no support to do anything good for the country, being minority. Please help.

A. Not bothered if he is muslim or catholic or follows shintoism or is an atheist or whatever. If he wants to do something that is pro humanity, he will be welcomed to Art of Living with open arms and given ample opportunity and chances to do it.

Q. Bawa please write about food on your blog – effects of different kinds of food and what are the right foods to eat … and whether its the same for everyone … and if not … how do we know whats good and right for us ?? 🙂 … and what to eat at what times of the day etc..  ?

A. There are so many, many recipes. This is the food I eat and am reasonably healthy ?.

You will need to see a good ayurved to figure out what exactly are the foods that are good for you, but as a rule of the thumb, avoid white sugar, and refined white flour (maida), and go easy on the chillies, onions and garlic. Eat on time everyday, meaning if you have dinner at 7:30 pm, have it earliest by 7:15 pm, latest by 7:45 pm.

Our body prefers alkaline food to acidic food, and so you should have 80% alkaline food and 20% acidic food. Here is a good source for figuring out what food is acidic and needs to be avoided and what is alkaline and should be consumed more. We will put up a very beautiful chart in the shop section of the site for you to buy in a while…

To loose weight, don’t eat after 8:00 pm, and don’t mix carbs and proteins in the same meal. Ayurveda says that after eating anything, even a biscuit, you should wait 3 hours before eating anything else, however you should not stay hungry for more than 6 hours. Sadhana, Seva and Satsang on a very regular, consistent basis will help a lot, as will some sort of cardio exercise, brisk, walking, jumping, jogging etc. No non veg food of any sort, no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs, etc will keep your system in top condition!

Q. Hello bhaiya. I think that I am quite addicted to crying. I just imagine things that never happened and cry over events I have only imagined.
When my friends hurt me. I am not able to put across the fact that I am upset in words. Even though, they might not have done some thing as big, I make it big in my thinking and cry over it. Is it a way in which my negative emotions are coming out or am I just pushing my mind into thinking negatively? Should I make an effort and not cry?

A. Why not laugh instead of cry? Laugh that people can upset you so easily. Laugh at their insensitivity. And most importantly, laugh at yourself!

Q. Hello Sir,
I used to watch your prog on ETV (in Yuva Bharat) It was really a great program. I used to wait for the same. The gentle humor, practical experiences , lessons were really great.I am wondering if there are any videos of same available? Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful lessons!

A. Videos coming soon, and we have recorded a whole new set of talks for ETV, they will be screening them in a few weeks time. Watch out for them ?

Q. Dear Bawa,
I believe in reincarnation, that the soul is immortal; we take rebirths to continue our spiritual journey, that we carry all our efforts made towards God into our next birth, and that after achieving enlightenment we are liberated from this cycle of birth and death. I was wondering that according to this theory of rebirths the number of souls should remain same (or decrease) but population of our planet is increasing at a very fast rate. From where are these extra souls coming?

A. Many animals are also going extinct.

Q. One more thing, do plants and all the micro-organisms also have soul? Does anything that has life have soul?

A. Yes.

Q. Jai Gurudev!!! I have been in a relationship since last seven months, we have wonderful chemistry and i am totally satisfied with how our relationship is shaping up. Me and my boyfriend have differences only in terms of expression of our love, he insists on having phone sex and making out in public which I am not comfortable with, how do you think i should handle him?

A. Put him on hold 🙂 … tell him Line is busy until after marriage 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



Jun 12

Course Schedules till July 2009

Many people have been asking about our course schedule. Here it is for the next 2 months or so…

23rd June – 26th June – DSN Poona

24th June – 26th June – Sahaj in Poona

25th June – 28th June – DSN in Mumbai

27th June – 29th June – Sahaj in Mumbai

30th June – 2nd July – Sahaj in Baroda

7th July – 9th July – Sahaj in Bangalore Ashram (people who are doing the 9th July adv course and want to do Sahaj can report by 6th night for this Sahaj course)

9th July – 13th July – YES!+ Adv course in Bangalore Ashram

15th July – 20th July YES!+ in Mumbai

17th July – 19th July Sahaj in Mumbai

Jai Gurudeva!



Jun 11


Click to read the first part of this story Sahaj Samadhi Meditation and me

… She (Bhanu didi) began chanting the Pooja in her melodious sing song voice, full of devotion, and i was mesmerised once more at the beauty of the Pooja, taking me to some deep restful place within myself. Too soon the Pooja was over and she whispered the mantra to me… and i had one thought, how am i going to sit here for 20 minutes without a back rest…  And right after that, she was saying in a very low voice,  become aware of your body and surroundings, slowly open your eyes… It felt like a few seconds, and i was surprized she was asking me to open my eyes so soon… Only then did i realize, that it was not 20 minutes, but 45 minutes that i had been meditating!! And so started my journey with Sahaj, which i feel is the most sublime and transcendent of all the techniques given to us by Guruji.

Of course i still wanted to be a Sahaj teacher more than ever, I told Bhanu didi this. But now knew that i would need much greater depth to myself before i could be made one …

Time and again, Guruji made few other people Sahaj teachers and every time Bhanu didi would faithfully ask what about bawa? and Guruji would change the topic or look the other way 🙂

And the desire stayed.

Guruji had taken me and Dinesh to Guru Poornima at Lake Tahoe,USA. Over there, He wanted to make me a DSN or Adv course teacher (that’s another interesting story for some other time), and i didn’t want to become one, i was thrilled and content just teaching the Basic (Part I) courses. So He asked me ok what do you want? I said i want to teach Sahaj, He laughed and said ok we will make you a Sahaj teacher, (again as if its going to happen in the next week), but right now you teach DSN, people will love it when you teach them. I agreed. BTW, Dinesh became an Adv course teacher at the same time. This was 2001.

Bhanu didi, my darling Sahaj teacher

Bhanu didi, my darling Sahaj teacher

Then, we taught DSNs and Adv courses for a pretty long time until YES!+ came into our lives and kept us so very busy, that all desire to teach Sahaj, except perhaps for just a teeny, tiny bit had gone away…

26th of May 2009, there was a talk in IISc Bangalore by Guruji. We drove there with Him and after a scintillating talk, drove back again to Ashram with Him. Just as the car was going up the slope to Ganga Kutir where He stays now, a very happy, giggly Bhanu didi announced to Him that 11 more people became Sahaj teachers that evening. When i heard this, i think for the first time, i didn’t get any sort of desire whatsoever to become a Sahaj teacher. Maybe it was because i had just spent the past 5 hours with Guruji, and was so content and blissful, that i didn’t really think i wanted anything else 🙂

He went in to His inside room and i followed and soon Bhanu didi burst in, very thrilled that so many more teachers were going to be teaching her beloved Sahaj (She so totally owns the course) soon… Guruji smiled at her and out of the blue asked her, why have you not made bawa a Sahaj teacher yet?!!

Me and Bhanu didi were silent for a moment, we exchanged a look and then she quickly said I will make him one right away! Guruji turns to me and with a knowing twinkle in His eyes, says you should teach Sahaj…

For the first time, neither me nor Bhanu didi had asked Him about making me a Sahaj teacher, He said it Himself!! I was quite, quite thrilled!!

We all went out to His meeting room, where all the newly initiated Sahaj teachers were waiting for Him. Amid great celebration and merriment, they all took His blessings, when suddenly Bhanu didi pushed me forward, telling me, take His blessings, take His blessings and saying to Guruji we are making bawa a Sahaj teacher too. As i bowed down and touched His feet, i was feeling so nice, blessed, content…

Bhanu didi was not done yet. Dinesh was standing to one side, smiling, feeling very nice for me i am sure… He knew how much i had always wanted to teach Sahaj. Bhanu didi tells Guruji, Guruji even Dinesh should become Sahaj teacher … Guruji with mischief and a big twinkle in His eyes nods and she pushed Dinesh to Him, take His blessings, take His blessings!! And so a few minutes after me, Dinesh too became a Sahaj teacher!

It is perhaps one of Guruji’s greatest blessings to be able to learn and practice Sahaj Samadhi meditation… But, it’s a far, far greater blessing to actually get to initiate people into Sahaj and teach this phenomenal course!!

Eventually … He had said, 16 years ago while i was sitting tightly wedged into Him in a car driving somewhere in Bombay… Seems a long time? Doesn’t feel like that to me at all… just feels like a very beautiful dream to me 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



Jun 8

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation and Me

About 16 years ago… Guruji was in Bombay… and He was staying at a house in Borivli. He had to go some place and all of us of course had to follow, so people were getting into various cars getting ready to follow or drive Him… At that time, He would just randomly decide which car He wanted to go in, giving edge of seat suspense to everyone with a car or in a car 🙂

I was climbing down the stairs with Him, when He said to me to come in His car… He got out of the house, and got into a car, and before i could move, the back seat had 7 people wedged into it… He looked out of the window and said, Bawa you didn’t get in… so He got out and got into another car… at light speed, the back seat of even that car got jam packed minus me. I was resigned to simply wave at Him as they drove away, when He rolled down the window again and looked at me with great love (or was it compassion 🙂 ) and opened His own door and made me sit right next to Him on the seat. of course both of us were much thinner in those days than now, but even then me and Guruji were wedged in tight 🙂

And then we drove out… me feeling special and awkward and happy and nervous all at the same time… I had become a teacher of the Art of Living very recently, and was definitely the youngest person around Guruji and never really knew what to say, or do when i was with Him… I absolutely loved the Guru Pooja when i had heard it the first time and knew there was a course called Sahaj Samadhi meditation which for a reason unknown to me then Guruji had told me not to do. But i had right then wanted to become a teacher of this course, because i knew that performing the Guru Pooja was part of the course and i wanted to do that Pooja as many times as possible…

So, i turned to Him, and asked Him, Guruji, can i become a teacher of Sahaj? He at once replied, of course! The way He said it, i thought He would train me the next afternoon 🙂

So i pushed on, When will i become a teacher of Sahaj? He paused a few seconds and then said… Eventually

Next afternoon was definitely out from the tone of His answer…

Phillip my dear advance course teacher, became a Sahaj teacher, and just before permanently shifting to the US, came and stayed with me in my hostel at IITB… I made many, many of my friends who had done Art of Living do the Sahaj with him. He did the Pooja and initiation in my room. BTW, dinesh learned Sahaj at this time. I had not done it yet, but this didn’t stop me from telling everyone it was fantastic and encouraging them to do it… and then making them tell me in glorious detail what happened. But, you keep many things secret and i would get just a few tantalizing slivers of info from all my friends.

I asked Guruji 2-3 times more at different occasions if i could learn Sahaj, and He would simply say not yet…


Then one fine day He tells me, go to Bhanu didi and ask her to teach you Sahaj.Very excitedly, i quickly ran, found her and asked her to teach me Sahaj… She said but i am not a Sahaj teacher! and then she went to Guruji who promptly made her a teacher just so she could initiate me! 🙂

A day or two later, she called me to Shakti Kutir, where Guruji used to stay. I knew this was it! She lead me into His very private bedroom. She had set up a Pooja table there. I was having a bit of a back pain at the time, and the only thing i knew about Sahaj was that after you got the mantra, you would need to sit for about 20 minutes and meditate and there was no backrest, where she indicated that i should sit, right in front of the Pooja table.

She began chanting the Pooja in her melodious sing song voice, full of devotion, and i was enchanted once more at the beauty of the Pooja, taking me to some deep restful place within myself. Too soon the Pooja was over and she just whispered the mantra to me… and i had one thought, how am i going to sit here for 20 minutes without a back rest…

And she was saying in a very low voice, slowly open your eyes, become aware of your body and surroundings… It felt like a few seconds, and i was quite surprized she was asking me to open my eyes so soon… Only then did i realize, that it was not 20 minutes, but 45 minutes that i had been meditating!! And so started my journey with Sahaj, which i feel is the most sublime and transcendent of all the techniques given to us by Guruji.

Of course the desire to be a Sahaj teacher was still very much there …

Concluding part on Thursday… watch out for it 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



Jun 5

Stewed Apples with Whipped Cream

We had this late late at night when we went to Prama and Ranji Bhandaris home… and we simply couldn’t get enough of it for the next few days 🙂

A very simple dessert to make, and it tastes divine!

In a medium sized heavy bottomed pan, start to boil 1 and a half glasses of water. Add to this 2-3 big cinnamon sticks (2 inches), 3-4 cloves and 3 cardamoms split.

While the water boils, peel and cut 2 apples. Cut each apple into 4 quarters, then length wise cut each quarter into 3 pieces, so you will have 12 pieces from each apple.

Plonk all 24 pieces (of 2 apples) into the boiling water, add a few pinches of cinnamon powder and let everything boil away for about 20ish minutes, until the apples are completely tender. Now add 15ish tablespoons of maple syrup (or more if you want it sweeter, you could even use honey) and the juice of 1 big (or 2 small) freshly squeezed lemon(s). Adjust the honey/maple syrup and lemon juice according to your taste.

Serve in dainty little bowls with either fresh whipped cream sprinkled with cinnamon powder or banana or vanilla ice cream or any combination you care to dream of.

The apples can be served either hot, room temperature or cold. I love them deliciously hot and tender, with cold, cold vanilla flavoured softly whipped cream! You may sprinkle some finely chopped nuts on the top.

Jai Gurudeva!

Jun 4

QnA – 22

Q. Why do they say that the Narad Bhakti Sutras, Patanjali Yoga Sutras or the Ashtavakra Geeta should always be heard in a group? Is the energy so high (as in the case of long Kriya) that a single person can’t digest it? Or is there some other reason?

A. No, no, nothing like that. However, if you have ever sat in on any lecture of any sort with someone else, and later the two of you discussed what was said you will find both of you remembered different stuff. And when you both talk about it, the learning of that lecture will be enhanced for both of you.
These talks that Guruji has given are very profound, and so listening to them in a group and then discussing them with each other will enhance the learning experience for everyone.
Listen to these talks many, many times. You will be surprised how much you managed to miss. Each time, you will discover anew the depth and the profoundness of these brilliant talks. I have heard them so many times, especially the Bhakti Sutras which are my all time favourites and they never cease to amaze me.

Q. Bawa, I am an MBA student studying in Chandigarh. I did my YES!+ course in Feb 2009 and since then i have made up my mind that i want to be an art of living teacher but i am really in a fix about how to tell my parents about it they have lot of expectations from me. Bawa, you said if you’ll (here me) be a teacher you’ll be financially taken care of. Bawa can you please elaborate it little more as i want to support them financially even being a full time art of living teacher.
Awaiting for your reply.

A. Each teacher has his or her own financial arrangement with the Art of Living. Guruji recognizes that we have families and friends and that we do need money. I like to put it this way, your needs will be taken care of. But not your greeds. Actually some of your greeds too 🙂
Don’t come to Art of Living to earn money. If your focus is earning money, then do a job or a business. You come to Art of Living to serve, to do Seva. Have the faith in Guruji and the organization, that the money will come when it needs to. If your focus is money, know for sure, you will fail as a teacher. If your focus is to align with Guruji’s vision of a one World Family, of spreading the Knowledge and teaching and encouraging people to meditate, know that you will have more than you can ever dream of…

Q. My mom is suffering from stomach cancer, secondary has developed. The malignant fluid has spread all over her intestine, liver is not affected at all. I just wished to know whether it can be cured, if yes then please mail me how can I contact you, so that I can get the further information required. My family stays in Mumbai.

A. Pray for her and chant Om Namah Shivaya. You become very regular in your Sadhana, and do it at home. Other family members should also do the course and do their Sadhana at home regularly. Keep the atmosphere light and joyful, watch funny movies with her on TV. She should do chanting and listen to Guruji’s Knowledge talks. Reading Yoga Vasishtha will help too.
She shouldn’t wear any dark colours and under no circumstances eat non veg food ever again.
Talk to any teacher in Mumbai, they may be able to help more, especially if she can do the breathing required for Kriya.

Q. I have a question… I have listened to Guruji’s Ashtavakra Geeta VCD’s quite a few times. He has mentioned, “Everything is just happening, we are not the doer”.
Also, He has said that Mode and Time of death is also fixed. Then it can be straight away concluded that the preceding events leading to that sort of death are also fixed, otherwise the event of death as it is destined to be, cannot fall in place. In the same manner, if we move back in the backward direction in the course of events in one’s life, then all those events could also be said to be fixed…
I have heard enough about Free will and Destiny, even Guruji says Life is a combination of free will and destiny, and in other place, if we see “Free will” is really no free will at all as it appears to be.
As you know Guruji says, “When the happening falls in alignment with your thought process, you think it was your free will. When the happenings go against your thoughts, you think it is destiny. It’s all so confusing. With reference to the para I mentioned above regarding one’s time of death being a fixed, thing, could u please explain, what exactly is then free will and does “Free will” really exist as it appears to be?

A. Getting to know about Art of Living is destiny. Actually doing the course is free will. You have also quoted Guruji from different talks which were given in different contexts. If you read or listen to Him in the context of the talk he is giving, there is no contradiction. And just fyi, when you have a Guru, even the time and mode of death can change! ?

See the past as destiny, the future as free will and be joyful in the present. Unfortunately, most people see the past as free will, the future as destiny and are miserable in the present… don’t be one of those 🙂

Q. One more question related to this, if a person A is killed by another person B, then the mode of death of A was fixed as mode and time of one’s death is fixed. So how is B accountable for bad karma? Has not nature or God forced B through some compelling thought to kill A (which was inevitable and anyway had to happen in that way) I would look forward for a superb explanation from you.

A. Nature doesn’t force anything or anyone. The future is a probability. Sometimes a very high probability. Karma is a very deep and complex topic. But very simply put, there are going to be consequences to actions.  So even if some compelling thought in B happened, it happened because B caused it to happen through some actions in the past.

And finally, actions are utterly your own to do. If A is to die at a particular time, then he will… through B or someone else. Or he would not, if his Guru decides that he needs to be given an extension ?

Q: I am doing engineering in Pune. In college I met a girl, she is originally from Nashik and lives in a hostel in Pune. We became very good friends in just few days after college started. We spent a lot of time together. We used to chat on the phone for hours and hours. The thing is that she likes me a lot and even I like her a lot but she thinks that I am just flirting and I am not serious. But the thing is that I am very serious. I have talked to her and explained to her that I am serious and not flirting a lot of time, but she still thinks I am flirting. All my friends explained to her that I am not flirting and really serious. But I don’t know why she never thinks that I am serious, at times i just can’t think about anything and get depressed, due to which I have started smoking and drinking.
And now the thing is that I am trying to forget her but as we are in the same college it is impossible for me to forget her and for her to forget me. So now I have decided to quit engineering because if I continue in the same college I won’t be able to do anything seriously.
On top of that I am usually very depressed at home due to which my mom wants to take me to a psychiatrist. And the thing is that I cannot tell my problem to my mom. I am just thinking to quit engineering and tell all my friends in engineering college to not tell the girl anything about me, so that even she will forget me and will be able to concentrate in studies and live a happy life after that.
Please tell me Bawa, am I on the right track?

A. Totally wrong track! Are you going to run away from things every time something doesn’t go exactly the way you want it to?! Get real. Things in life may not work the way you want them to. You have to face up to them and go through them.
It’s an absolutely pathetic thing to even think about not completing your degree, because some girl doesn’t appreciate your advances.
Either use all your charms to get the girl, if that doesn’t work, ditch the girl and move on to the many others that should be there. In any event, focus on your studies and get your degree.
Stop thinking so much about yourself. That is the cause of your depression. Do your Sudarshan Kriya every day and get involved with some hard core Seva. Go to the gym and work out, do a lot of physical exercise. That will help a lot too in getting over your “trauma”. Watch your diet, see that you eat good vegetarian food and at the same time every day.

Finally come and do a few Adv courses on the Bangalore Ashram. There is one that starts here every Thursday!

Jai Gurudeva!



Jun 2

Ginger Lemon Tea

Dinesh and I spent an extremely pleasurable 5 days with Prama and Ranji Bhandari at their very beautiful home in Delhi. Prama aunty is a brilliant cook and i made her share some of her secret recipes with me…

We shared many meals amidst sparkling conversation and super tasty food and one of the things i couldn’t get enough of was this superbly refreshing lemon ginger tea… Here’s the recipe 🙂

For 2 glasses of tea

In a vessel heat 3 glasses of water. Grate a 3 inch piece of ginger and add it to the water. Add to this the juice of 1 big, full lemon (limbu). Bring it to a boil and then simmer for about 10 minutes.  Take it off the heat and add 3 tablespoons of good organic honey or maple syrup. You may add more honey (or maple syrup) if you prefer it sweeter.

Strain and serve piping hot.

It’s astonishingly tasty, tangy and fresh… and makes a perfect before dinner drink!

The lemons we used were from a lovely tree growing in garden and i am sure part of the magic of the tea was because of them 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



ps there were a few comments about forgetting to add tea leaves 🙂 … Well, tea means any herb or fruit which has been brewed (boiled), and in the ginger lemon tea, we brew ginger and lemon, it’s still called tea, and no we don’t need to put in any tea leaves at all 🙂

Jun 1

One Worder

Q. Guruji, how do you feel, when so many people expect you to solve all their problems?

A. (a very brief thoughtful pause) Normal!


The bald guy next to Guruji is Phillip, my first Advance course teacher


Jai Gurudeva!



ps The blog should change its look at 7 pm every evening and reset to the original at 7 am … hopefully it should work for you at your local time (which it will pick off your computer) … did you like it? Rupal and Prasanth again put in many hours of work to get the design just so! 🙂

pps I still have some more ideas up my sleeve, keep looking for cute little changes here and there in the coming weeks 🙂

May 29

Minoo Mama

He was my grandmother’s brother. The last one of their generation. He died quite peacefully a few days ago at age 97. He as full of fun and mischief and all of us used to love to be with him. He went to work in his old firm of chartered accountants till a few weeks ago… A grand old man indeed!

We cousins had many great parties over Parsi New Year at his house. He was the only one we knew who had an air conditioner installed in his house, way back in the 1980s… And all of us, little runts at that time, would switch it on and sit right in the cold, cold air blast, dreaming about a time when even we could have this wonder machine in our own houses…

Here are 2 anecdotes about him, that still makes all of us laugh out aloud 🙂

Whenever anyone asked Minoo mama his age, he would say he is 58. We would say cmon, what’s your real age, and he woould say its 58… adding that years ago a girl had asked him his age and he told her 58 and now if he changed it he would have lied to her… so he was forever 58 🙂 … Though lately he had started telling us that he was 91 years old, still subtracting 5-6 years from his real age 🙂

He was quite the party animal, and returned in the wee hours of the morning and got into bed, only to be awakened by the shrill ringing of the telephone in a few hours… When he answered the phone he was told that one of his very good friends had died and that the funeral was in an hour and would he be coming?

In an answer extremely typical of him, he retorted back… Of course i am not going for his funeral! Whats the point?! he wont be coming for mine! 🙂

Even though being an Art of Living teacher is so utterly non conformistic to the ideas he had in mind for me, he did accept it eventually, and he was quite proud of me for doing what i am doing in his own gruff way…

I am sure wherever he is now, he is regaling people with stories of what he did, and now that he is dead, he might for all you know regaling people with stories of all that he did in all his lifetimes, not just this one 🙂

We all love you Minoo Mama

Jai Gurudeva!


ps i dont have any photo of his… will put it up as soon as i get one… meanwhile, you guys just imagine what he might have looked like!

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