May 23

Starting Silence tomorrow

Dinesh and i are going to be on the Adv course in Blr Ashram… starting silence in a few hours from now and so will not be communicating for 3 days…
Will write again in 3 days time 🙂
if i have the time, i will schedule a post for day after 🙂
Jai Gurudeva!
bawa (and dinesh)

May 23

Tomato Rice and Cheese Peas Pulav

Tomato Rice

This is a very gentle, subtle flavoured rice… i love it!

Take 5 generous handfuls of rice and soak in water for about an hour. Wash the rice well and bung it into a cooker.
Puree 7-8 tomatoes and optionally cook it for a while in olive oil. Add this to the rice. I find that cooking the puree before adding to the rice in the cooker somehow enhances the flavour.

Add to it some green peas (depends on how much you like them, I add about a small cup full of them). Peel 2 carrots and slice them into medium roundels. Add to the rice. You could also add a chunkily chopped potato (don’t remove the skin). Add a finely chopped chopped tomato as well. In the photo below i have also added a few chunks of mock meat that shilpa got for us from Singapore… This is absolutely optional 🙂

Next add 10-15 fresh basil leaves. Also add lots of olive oil, I just let it glug out of the bottle for a bit ?. Finally add a small blob of butter. Add salt to taste. Add water so that it completely covers the entire mixture. And pressure cook for three whistles and simmer for 10ish minutes after that. Wait for the cooker to cool down before opening it.

Serve piping hot. Tzatziki (recipe coming real soon) will go really well with it. As well as fresh dahi.

You could also change the flavour by doing a garlic tadka. (Heat Olive oil and add 2 mashed or very finely sliced garlic cloves. Add to the rice and mix it up well).

There is a variation to this. I call it cheese peas Pulav.
You don’t add the tomatoes and carrots to the rice. Just add lots of green peas and 2 chunkily sliced potatoes and depending on how many calories you want to watch out for heaps of grated cheese. Cheddar works best. And follow the recipe exactly as above.

May 22

The Email

Lemme introduce everyone to Suparna. She is a volunteer for the Art of Living in France. Lives in a small lil town called Fontainebleau with her hubby and daughter. She also writes short stories and is currently working on a full length book.

I loved this story that she sent me to read and with her permission have uploaded it on this blog, coz it definitely sounded interesting… If you like the story (and i am sure you will), please email her with your praises and comments at I would love to read your comments on this story as well…

Tomato Rice and Alibag tomorrow 🙂

The E-mail

by Suparna Chatterjee

Ashimesh reads the e-mail for the third time.

It is written in multiple shades of blue and green. An invitation to a birthday party the following Friday. Ashimesh hesitates a moment or two before deleting the mail. He is unsure of the proper etiquette for misdirected e-mail, and besides, the intended recipient will not receive the invitation unless he points out the mistake. He clicks the Reply button.

Dear Sam,

I think you have made a mistake in sending me this mail, as I’m quite sure that you are unknown to me.


Ashimesh Banerjee is a pucca Bengali. He attended Scottish Church School, and later graduated from the prestigious Presidency College, with a First Class degree in Geology. He joined the Geological Survey of India as a trainee and retired as a General Manager after thirty-eight years of dedicated service.

Like most Bengalis of his generation he mistrusted those who found their way into the city from the east of the border. He wholeheartedly supported Mohun Bagan in the local football league, and when it was time for the World Cup, the undisputed favorite was Brazil. He bought sweets only from Dwarik’s, one of the few establishments in North Calcutta that hadn’t yet compromised on quality, and fish from Hatibagan, where one was always sure to find the freshest.

The past few years, however, Ashimesh has been a shadow of his former self.

His ancestral home at Baghbazar, where he has lived all his life, is beginning to show its age. Walls are in desperate need of plastering, the leak in the roof is a constant menace during the monsoons, and the exterior has not smelt fresh paint in over a decade. Ashimesh rarely steps out of the house these days, yet he barely notices the decay.

The PC (a gift from Arnab on one of his visits) is the only living thing in his life now. He reads the daily news at the CNN website, and runs a Google search on classical music or FIFA. Occasionally on something more academic.

Ashimesh pops in a couple of valium tablets, and switches on the computer again.

There are ten emails lying in his mailbox. The usual solicitations…tour companies selling vacation packages, life insurance schemes, mobile ringtones. He reads them all, and re-reads them before deleting them one by one. He pauses at the last one.

Hi Ashimesh,

Sorry, I was sending the mail to a bunch of friends and in a hurry I must have made an error. If it wasn’t for your reply, Ashley Benson wouldn’t have received her invite. Thanks so much!!

I attend middle school in Richmond, Virginia. Where are you from? Your name isn’t American.

Bye for now,

Dear Sam,

I live in India, in the historic city of Calcutta. I am 67 years old. My son too lives… (He starts, pauses for a minute and shakes his head. No point in bringing up Arnab and his family).

Tell me about Richmond.

People who knew Ashimesh ten years ago fail to recognize him these days. Ashimesh was a jovial man, the life of any adda. An enthusiastic participant in the local Puja Committee during the autumn festivities and a meticulous sport critic during the cricket and football seasons. Ashimesh and a few close friends regularly met at the Club House and discussed Satyajit and Jyoti Babu over a few rounds of Bridge, the innumerable cigarette stubs and the unending cups of tea from the local tea shop bearing testimony to their debates.

Dear Ashimesh,

Richmond is a historic place too. It was one of the first settlements of the British in this country, so Calcutta and Richmond have something in common after all. The weather here is temperate. The leaves change color every autumn to red, gold and orange and winters frequently cover the landscape with snow…

Ashimesh runs a Google search for “Richmond” before retiring for the night.

He wakes up with a start and a headache the following day. The doorbell sounds for the third time. Ashimesh opens his tired eyes to look at his watch. 9:30. He puts on his glasses and answers the door. It’s Subala, wiping her forehead with the tip of her once white sari.

“Have you been sleeping late today? Been standing here for almost 10 minutes”.

Ashimesh walks to the bathroom as Subala gets ready to sweep the floor, all the while continuing her soliloquy in an authoritative tone. “I see you haven’t eaten any dinner last night. How long is this going to continue? Why don’t you ask Dadababu to come back? He has been to college; he will surely find work here. Or else, you go to live with him. He is always asking you to. Why spend old age alone when you can be enjoying your grandchildren, I ask…?”

Ashimesh endures this everyday, and it has now reached a point where it does not bother him anymore.

The emails from Sam soon become a certainty in his otherwise lackluster existence.

Sam loved school but hated Math, had a pet fox terrier called Woofy, spent Christmas with grandparents in Charlotte, and went to D.C. to watch the 4th of July fireworks each year. Does Ashimesh have any kids? Sam wants to know.

Dear Sam,

I have one son, Arnab. He graduated from IIT, Bombay, the best engineering college in this country. He then received a full scholarship to pursue a PhD in UCLA, and thereafter has chosen to settle down in your country…

He tells Sam about India. About its people. About Ramayana and Mahabharata. He talks about Durga Puja, the Christmas equivalent of his religion.

“…the whole city is bathed in colorful lights. Thousands of people throng the streets all night long, dressed in their best, limping from the discomfort of their newly purchased shoes, to pay homage to the Goddess in every corner of the city, munching egg rolls and fish culets purchased from industrious street side vendors…”

Atop the showcase in the living room are old black and white photographs in rusted silver frames. Pictures of Arnab in his neatly pressed school uniform, bag in hand, oily hair combed in place by his indulgent mother. Others show a family vacation in Puri or Darjeeling. Ashimesh picks up a photo and wipes out the dust with his thumb. It’s a photograph of Arnab with his new bride. He clearly remembers the day Arnab had announced his wish to marry Susan, an American school teacher. The news had left Ashimesh and his wife shocked and disheartened. Tanima had been bedridden for days, and finally succumbed to a heart attack. The day before she died, she requested her husband to make a place for this photograph, among the others in the showcase.

Dear Ashimesh,

Durga Puja sounds awesome! Wish I could be there.

We brunched at IHOP’s today. They make the best blueberry pancakes ever!!! Do you like music? I love N’Sync and Backstreet Boys, but mom won’t let me listen to Eminem.

Btw, my phone number is 080 234 5689.Do you want to chat during the weekends?

Dear Sam,

My favorite dish used to be prawn malaikari, prepared lovingly by my wife. No one could make it like her. I used to listen to music too, though the names you have mentioned are not familiar to me. I loved K.L. Saigal, and every winter, during the classical music festival, Barun (a close friend) and I would stay up all night at Singi Park to listen to the great maestros…

It is one year since the emails first started. To his own astonishment, Ashimesh remembers to send an e-card on Sam’s birthday. He has never sent a birthday card to anyone before. Not to his wife, not to his son, not even to his own granddaughter.

Ashimesh has trouble sleeping that night. The valium doesn’t help any. He gets out of his bed and starts penning down his long overdue apology. To Susan and to Arnab. But most of all to his grandchild, his own flesh and blood, whom he had chosen to disregard all these years. When his pen finally stops, it had covered eight sheets. Ashimesh seals the envelope and couriers it first thing in the morning.

Later that day, he makes a trip to Hatibagan and buys some of his favorite prawns and a coconut. He would have to give clear instructions to Subala on how to prepare it. On his way back, he picks up a couple of tickets to a Ravi Shankar concert, scheduled for the following month.

That weekend he calls Sam.

-Sam, I have some good news for you.

-Really? What?

-I might be visiting your country soon.

-Yes, I know.

-You know? How?

-Dadu, I’m Samhita.

It is the first time the little girl addresses her grandfather as Dadu.

May 21

Prince Caspian

A lot has happened in Narnia, 1300 years of it… and the old Narnia is threatened by the humans who have somehow managed to get there…

An evil uncle, a good doctor, a prince, 2 Kings (one of them is a high King, as edmund says its complicated), 2 queens, dwarves and the Godly Lion Aslaan along with a potpourri of talking animals and some pretty angry nature make a nice movie with good morals…

There is very good acting from all the 4 children, though Prince Caspian seems a bit jerky and uncomfortable. The Location is fabulous. Made me feel that we really have to halt this global warming so more places on the planet can become like it again…

Enjoyable fare, worth watching once…

Oh yes, there is also a torchlight… 🙂

May 20

Goin to Alibag

We are off to Alibag from Poona for 2-3 days at the beach… will post photos and other stuff once i am back in Bangalore… no idea if there is internet connectivity there…
Will write a few things out to be ready to publish in the time i am there, maybe poke dinesh to write as well 🙂

Also, I am thinking of inviting guests to write a few articles for this blog… We know so many really interesting people, and what they write will fit right into our theme… Sounds Interesting…

Tomato Rice Recipe coming up soon…
Also QnA 10 and maybe a Guru story or 2

I have scheduled my review of the movie Prince Caspian to be published tomorrow morning at 10:30 am… it s a new feature on blogger, lets see how well it works 🙂

Will see all of you in a few days… Keep Breathing

Jai Gurudeva!
bawa (and dinesh)

May 19

Make new Friends…

A comment someone left:

This is in response to the question asked “Q: I go to college. Guru Ji says, make one friend everyday. How?”

Guruji’s advice about making a new friend every day can be counterproductive. It must be stated with some caveats.

There are lot of unspiritual people in this world. If you make friends with such people, they will drag you down into drinking, teasing, smoking, sex, etc.

What is the underlying desire in making a new friend? We must be friends only with those who fulfill our ultimate spiritual goals (Satsang). Lot of people spend time chatting away with so-called friends about silly things [I am like this, you are like that]. Real friends are those who teach you good things, who have good character.

If you exist in a state of silence, you will automatically discover the people you need to make friends with – those who match your spiritual desires.

Our Response to it:

Make new friends… no caveats… if they are “unspiritual”, make them spiritual!!

Along with being spiritual, you also need to really strong, then the environment you are in doesn’t make any difference to you, but you do have a super impact on the environment!!

Of course, there are few people who will simply not learn, or refuse to learn, we keep our distance from them, but always have our doors open, in case they wish for Knowledge…

May 18

Baked Potatoes

Very easy and extremely tasty!!

Get together:

5-7 Potatoes small to medium size
Olive oil
Butter (a generous tablespoonful)
1/2 cup grated cheese (cheddar is best), you could use lesser if you wish
Mushrooms (1 packet)
1-2 Carrots medium size, cut (dice) into very small pieces
1 clove of garlic, peeled and squashed or diced finely
6-7 fresh basil leaves
Fresh Cream
Juice of 2 Lemons

Trim your nails, wash your hands 🙂

Pre heat to oven to 250 deg

Throughly wash the potatoes, do not peel the skin… If there is some mud stuck on them, looosen it and remove it. Poke the potatoes 7-8 times with a fork. Stick the fork right in, dont do it politely 🙂
This allows the steam to escape while baking… i have been told that they may explode otherwise!

In a Pan melt the butter and add some olive oil. Remove from gas.

Now just put each potato in the butter and oil mixture and with your fingers spread it on the entire potato, dont put too much. Put the potato on a baking tray. Do for all potatoes. Sprinkle some salt on them. Put to bake at 250 deg for about 30 to 40 minutes. When they turn a delicious golden brown they are done.

Meanwhile, put the pan with the olive oil and butter mixture on the gas and add 1 pod of garlic that has been peeled ad squashed or cut into fine pieces. wait until it browns a bit. Then add 6-7 fresh basil leaves. Add the diced carrots and just saute them. They should be crunchy. Add the Mushrooms and cook for about 3 more minutes, add grated cheese to this and stir well until the cheese has melted. Remove from gas.

Add the juice of the lemons to about a cup of cream and beat it well till it is nice and thick.

Once the potatoes are done, slit them along one side and open them up a bit. be careful they will be really hot. Spoon in some of the mushroom carrot cheese mixture. Add a dollop of the sour cream and decorate it with a basil leaf. Serve immediately. It should be eaten piping hot…

You can be creative with what sort of toppings you put on your baked potatoes: Just sour cream with finely chopped chives, grated cheddar cheese with a dash of red chilly powder, finesly shredded spinach with sour cream… the list is almost endless 🙂

May 17

QnA – 10

Q: What is Courage?

A: A story to illustrate it: (not mine, plagarised shamelessly from somewhere on the WWW)

A psychology professor at the University of Miami knew his students expected a terrifyingly long final exam. To play with their minds a little (what do you expect from a psychology professor?) he only put ONE question on the final exam.

He watched the reactions of the students as they all opened the exams and saw the one question. Initially they all looked relieved, but as the difficulty of the question began to sink in, those relieved faces sagged to confusion and consternation.

All, that is, except for one student. He read the question, tapped his pencil into his palm a few times, then jotted something down on the test paper. He walked up to the professor, handed him the final, and walked out. The professor blinked in surprise, looked at what the student wrote, and smiled. The professor wrote “100%” on the top of that student’s test.

The question: What is courage?

The student’s answer: This is.

Q:WHAT IS INNOCENCE? Jai Gurudev Bau .. Guruji sometimes keeps telling this – best combination is that of intelligence and innocence .. and always for innocence a child is taken as an example .. But I’m a 29 year old guy and I know and do all those that are expected of a guy of my age .. so what are the qualities that can be classified under this term “INNOCENCE” for ppl of my age ….. Thanks for your time .. waiting eagerly for your answer or something better 🙂

A: A child has innocence but no responsibility. An adult looses innocence as he gains intelligence and takes responsibility. Maintaining child like innocence while being intelligent and fulfilling your responsibility is quite an Art. That’s what Art of Living courses do for you. Bring back that wonder and amazement and curiosity of childhood… do not confuse with being childish ?.

Q: Joy Gurudev! bawa… Hope you are doing good!I have 2 Qs
1. If i am good at something and terribly bad in some other thing should i continue trying to be better in a thing i am bad @??

2. Since when and y are you called Bawa Just wanted to know!? Do take care. say Hi to Dinesh Buddy!

A: 1. up to you. Depends on what those things are… its too general a question to answer.
2. Since my days in IIT. It’s a pet name for parsis (zorastrians) and its stuck since then ?. WIll post a story about that sooner or later 🙂

Q: I go to college. Guru Ji says, make one friend everyday. How?

A: Umm… go upto someone introduce yourself, smile a bit, talk about yourself, ask them about themselves… most importantly stop asking dumb questions! ?

Q: Who is your absolutely favorite US teacher?

a.) Patti Montella
b.) Miss Montella
c.) all of the above

A: so many choices. I just cant make up my mind!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Q: YOUNG GENERATION TODAY Problem 1: It has been observed that young generation are addicted to computer games and cell phone to the extent that they do not know the time. They go on playing till 3.00 or 4.00a.m. They keep talking till middle of night. It has adverse effect on them. It has effected to the extent that they do not get sleep, they are irritated at every small thing. They get late for every thing and they also loose interest in studies.

A: The earlier younger generations used to be addicted to books and other hobbies with approximately the same effect?

Q: Problem 2: They are readily available for seva at any call from any volunteer of Art of Living. But when it comes to do any work at home they avoid (including their personal work). It is really bothering me the attitude of young generation. Inspite of doing various courses and regularly doing kriya how they do not understand that what they do is wrong. How to handle them please guide. JAI GURU DEV

A: Instead of berating the entire younger generation, maybe you should be talking about a few specific examples of kids? And why does it bother you that your children are going out wanting to make a positive difference to the planet? They are not wasting their time in a pub getting drunk or senselessly partying… they are standing upto their peers to do something positive! You need to be more proud of what your children are doing… and possibly they might start doing what you would wish them to do too?

btw, younger generation please note… doing stuff outside the house and making parents freak at you is not a good idea… why not have a whole group of friends come over to one persons house every 15 days or so on the weekend and help with all household stuff in that house? good idea? Implement it!

Remember happy parents = better seva

Q:Hi I am trying very hard to get a job(almost for the past three years) but the result is zero. What should I do now ? My qualification is MCA (annamalai univ 2007 correspondence course passout, BSc electronics regular mode)

A: Why not start up some business? Or do some e commerce? There are plenty of options out there if you really want to get gainfully employed other than doing a job… You can email rashmin: for more details if you wish for alternative sources of income and employment.

Q: Jai gurudev bhaiya, tell me how to get rid of fear of failure

A: by succeeding!

Q: i want to be the best. How is that possible?

A: Its impossible if you want to be the best. Just realize that you already are!

Q:Was reading Yog Vashishtha… everything it seems is conjured by my mind…so if I am experiencing you or Guruji or for that matter anybody or anything, is it my mind which has created you all? So where is the You? So whatever you answer would be what my mind already wants to hear and so I am conjuring it to come from you? So whatever you are(or anybody is), is it also my mind? SO when things dont happen the way I think I want them, it is actually that in my mind somewhere I didnt want them to happen? Then why I am feeling sad? Is it that the mind wants to feel sad? Then you seem to be things at your own will, I didnt see you become you – just read ur posts now (;-)) but all the while is it me who is creating you? And so Guruji? IF all is MY mind then what is YOU? (Dont take YOU literally :-)I mean what is the Other)

A: Read the Yoga Vasishtha again! And again and again… its not a book to be taken at its face value. Remember that it’s a dialogue between Lord Rama and the Rishi Vasishtha. It talks about very intricate and profound realities… Do your Sadhana and read it. It will slowly seep into your consiousness and questions like the one you asked above will simply drop away…

Q: TAKING OTHER PEOPLE’S KARMA I was thinking about this today – I have heard Guruji say that if someone “yells” at you or “criticizes” you then be grateful because they take away some of your Karma. How does it work? Any convenient explanations for the intellect :)?

A: Since He is in charge, He should know ?
Just know this: There is perfect justice in the Universe. So if someone yells at you for no reason, he will face the consequence of it. It would not be fair for you to take another birth just so that person’s karma can get finished with yours… so they simply take your negative karma away. My extremely intellectual interpretation ?

Q: JAI GURUDEV, bawa bhaiya,i have done part-1 course,did 2 advance course also,DSN,i do seva also(though not much,what i want to ),but from last 3-4 months i mt not at peace,i m doing Kriya regularly but one or the other thing keeps on troubling me,it seems as if i m forgetting the art of surviving in ups and downs,please help me what should i do? Also bhaiya i m engaged and most of the time my fiance never supports me to whatever i say, very recently i have made a decision of having a break in my career/professional life for 4-6 mnths as i m working for 6 years in bank and i m totally frustrated, and he is opposing this decision of mine, what should i do bhaiya, i m in a fix, coz i want to do my TTC-1 also in this time and get involved in spiritualism more. Please advise,m eagerly awaiting ur answer..please guide me and help me.

A: Look for a new fiancé?
If you are seriously interested in doing Art of Living work, and he is already opposing you and challenging you, married life will be hell for both of you… unless you can sit him down and explain your priorities to him and listen to what he would like from you and both of you can come to a mutual consensus…
It’s a tough decision that you have to take… but the sooner you take it, the easier it will be for both of you.

Q: Question on Faith I have one question on Faith. Firstly, I had a breakdown in US two months back and then followed a break in my faith in me and Guruji altogether….. So, somehow, I got to instill faith in myself….. Now, in one of the knowledge sheets, Guruji mentioned that God is not concept for your security or protection. Your faith should not diminish even if death happens to you. Your faith should not be based on events or happenings….And also it is told that you are being taken care of….since faith is based on a concept of security…can you pls explain in little detail….

A: You are being taken care of, doesn’t mean you will have no problems. It only means that problems that may be very difficult to go thru, will be made easier… Knowing that even when you are in deep deep trouble, Guruji is there… this is faith.

Q:QUESTION ON TTC I am a student and i want to become a YLTP teacher. I want to know if the eligibility for YLTP and YES!+ TTC are same or not. Age limit is there or not? I still have a long way to go before becoming eligible for YES!+ TTC itself! But i want to plan now itself for the money for the courses etc ! Thanks bawa…

A: No idea about YLTP. YES!+ TTC eligibility is on the application form you can download from

Q: QUESTIONS THAT IRRITATE ME I want to ask sometimes some questions irritate me and i have no ans those questions. about career, my parents are also worried for me but i have no ans. without art of living i do not like anything and this is the reason why i am upset. plz tel me solution

A: Make a career in Art of Living. Become a teacher! 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!

May 16


You learn meditation and suddenly,
You have lots and lots of mirth
Your life becomes heavenly,
that too, right here on earth!

You surely will have:

Time to stand beneath the boughs,
And stare as long as sheep and cows: (if thats what you really want to do!)

Time to see, when woods you pass, (lil tough if you live in mumbai, but what the heck)
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass:

time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night:

All the time to turn at Beauty’s glance,
And watch her feet, see how they can dance:

And time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began!

A super life this, when full of Grace,
you start coming first in almost every race!

W.H. Davies had obviously never done an Art of Living course 🙂
He should read this! 🙂

May 16

My first "Fat" Book

When i was in the third standard, i had some disease called rheumatic fever… supposedly very bad and stuff… mainly for me it meant i didnt have to goto school for almost an entire year, i was passed to the next standard by Don Bosco for which i think i will be eternally grateful based on my performance in my first unit test…

So for almost a year, i had to stay home, be with my grandma, and a few friends who would pop by once in a while… dad introduced me to books then. Almost every evening when he would return from work, he would buy me a new Enid Blyton and i would read it up in a day… fortunately for me and dad Ms Blyton had been a prolific writer and so well into the next year i read books by her and kept wanting more…

Dad then got me other authors for kids, i liked the hardy boys and nancy drew series and other stuff that was then available but never really loved them the way i had loved enid blyton…

So, one day when we were at a party at my uncle’s home who is also an avid reader, he gave me my first “fat” book: Hotel by Arthur Hailey. I had refused to read anything so fat so far, but i couldnt say no in front of all the adults there, so i took it with a grimace
… vowing not to read such a monster of a book!

Then after reading all the books i had a few more times, i was finally left with Hotel. Dad refused to buy me more books util i at least gave Hotel a try… i settled down with it, and i remember being blown away by it!

i quickly read up everything that Arthur Hailey had written so far and along with that gobbled up some Sidney Sheldon and Jeffery Archer as well… Hotel, Airport, Shall we tell the president?, Not a penny more, not a penny less (that was hilarious and it was not even fat!) were i think my absolute favourites…

By the time i was in college i had read many many fat books 🙂 and loved most of them… As a residue of that illness i was not allowed sports till my 10th standard and so while everyone woudl be outside playing, i would be inside reading… and they would be feeling sorry for me, and i would really feel sorry for them! They had no idea in which worlds i was in when i had my nose in a book…

Hotel is still one of my favourite books… if you have not read it, please do 🙂

More exotic authors coming right up in a few days time…

Keep Breathing!
Jai Gurudeva!

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