May 4

Knowledge Byte

We were asking Guruji about the difference between a desire and an expectation…
He said, Desires are always for something nice or good, but an expectation can be for something bad… Like you may expect the share market to crash, i dont think many will desire that! :)

Then He went on to say that there is really no difference between desire, fear and anxiety!!

He said that the mind (or that aspect of yourself that manifests stuff into the physical realm) cannot distinguish between a desire, some fear or an anxiety… so for example, if you are riding a bicycle, and are thinking, oh i should not bang into the pavement, i should not bang into the pavement, i should not bang……… The mind incorrectly assumes that that’s exactly what you want and manifests that! and so you bang! :)

This little byte of Knowledge, this insight can explain every single happening in our life! The mind CANNOT differentiate between a desire, a fear or an anxiety, and will merrily manifest whatever it is that you are feeling and thinking strongly about…

We have the utsav in Bangalore in an open air place, and off late there have been a few clouds and some rumblings of thunder… Rashmin was listening to me while i was talking about what Guruji had said and remarked oh i hope there will be no rain… and i said thats it! if you think that, there is going to be rain! :)

and he said, oh this is complicated… what do i think!?… Think about clear skies! is what i told him…

We are all so used to thinking “negatively”… hoping, wishing for things NOT to happen… and exactly that manifests into our lives!

Reprogram yourself to wishing and hoping for certain things to happen!! and then let go of the desire, ‘coz feverishness for the desire will make you go for certain into “what ifing” … and soon the thoughts and feeling about it not happening become strong :)

Guruji once had remarked, whenever you wish for something, always wish, “Let me have this or better!” :) You may wish for a million dollars and the Universe actually wanted to give you a 100 million, but since your wish is for just a million, thats all you get… :)

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu!!! …or better!!!!! :)

Jai Gurudeva!

May 4

Yogurt Potatoes

Here is a recipe for making the very humble potato in an easy and very different way:

Take 5 biggish potatoes, wash them thoroughly, if you have a scrapper, scrape em, otherwise just wash them well, do not remove the skin. Then plonk them into a pressure cooker with some water and salt and a dash of butter and cook until well done… typically 3-4 whistles and simmer for 10 minutes after. WAIT until the cooker has cooled down, and remove the cooked potatoes. (You can use the water to cook rice with a potatoey flavour :))

Mash them up, but don’t make a paste of them, leave some of them chunky, use your hands to do it, just squeeze them…

Put a pan on the stove and add some ghee or oil and heat till nice and hot… quickly add 1 dried red chilly, some curry leaves (7-8), some whole jeera (2 teaspoons or more according to your taste) and some mustard seeds (2-3 teaspoons or more according to your taste) and wait until they crackle and pop… i remove the red chilly at this point, you can choose to keep it in … Add the potato mixture to this and mix well… some salt may be added as well… stir well so everything combines

The next step needs to be done just before serving:

Heat up the mixture (if not already hot) and add a full box (400 ml) of dahi (yogurt) to it. Lower the gas and stir in thoroughly… add some shredded coriander, decorate with some finely chopped pieces of tomato… Serve immediately with hot rotis or toasted whole wheat bread…

The dahi adds an enchanting subtle flavour to the whole thing… Its really nice! Dont add any red chilly powder or turmeric to it, then the dahi’s coolness is compromised…

May 2

Satsang on May 1st (2008)

DSN in Chennai, Utsav in Jalandhar, a Financial Literacy Workshop in Delhi and Mumbai followed by another Utsav in Mumbai… In the past 3 months the YES!+ Team in India has brought the Grace to 10,000 (well, 9200, but with the Bangalore Utsav on 8th May we will cross 10,000 :)) young people! (with dinesh and me teaching)
While Saleel and Nanda are teaching their first Utsav Course in Indore, Dinesh and i headed back home to Bangalore Ashram, coincidentally Guruji also happens to be here for 3 days! (sly grin)
Bangalore is quite hot during the day, with very pleasant mornings and evenings, we even had a small shower of rain in time for Guruji landing in Bangalore…
Guruji led 3 sessions yesterday, a long meditation on the Adv course and 2 rocking sessions on the TTC I and II, that are all happening simultaneously on the Ashram… all too soon the sun was making a gloriously beautiful exit, and it was time for Satsang…

Satsang was in the amphitheatre (completely packed with people, so many courses going on and folks had come in from the city too) with the superb Vishalakshi Mantap as a backdrop, the open skies as the ceiling, and a lovely green lawn as a plush natural carpet beneath our feet… and an absolutely resplendent Guruji on stage…

Right in the beginning, there were a few people talking to each other and not participating , and Guruji gently admonished the entire crowd saying during Satsang, everyone should sing… and then later we will all meditate…

We sang old nostalgic Bhajans yesternight, the ones we used to sing almost 13 years ago, felt very nice.

Here is what i remember from the Knowledge He shared:

What do people get in an Ashram? Knowledge, Love and food! Make each home into an Ashram… whoever comes home, give them Knowledge, Love and food…

To a question about how to judge whether or not one is progressing on the spiritual path, He answered, see how you feel, how calm you can remain in problem situations, how you handle trouble that comes to you, how quickly negative emotions leave you, how much disturbance you can take…then He laughed…

He told us to be firm and gentle at the same time, so people will not take us for granted… Be tough, not aggressive!

(I like to say rule with an iron hand wearing a velvet glove :))

How to deal with grief on the passing of a close friend or family member? Don’t fight the grief… Knowledge, Dispassion and Satsang will allow you to move through it quickly and center you very fast…

Then we meditated, it was short, just a few minutes but oh so deep… and soon to the strains of Jai Jai Radha Ramana Hari Bol, Guruji left…

Jai Gurudeva!

Apr 30

The First Time

A start of something new today…

So far i have been studiously avoiding talking about my (our) experiences with Guruji… i think its time to start:

On Day 1 of my Art of Living part I (it was called Basic then, we later convinced Guruji that there was nothing Basic about it :) and so then it was renamed the Part I) course, even before i did the Pranayamas, there was a feeling of having come home… and i remember i went to my teacher, Rajshree, and very seriously asked her how does one become a teacher of this…

She laughingly told me, well, one completes this course first… Before i knew it, i was on my first overnight train journey (super exciting) to Bangalore for the Advance Course!! I was the only 20 something, everyone else was uncle and aunty, and everyone took turns in mothering and fathering me …

We reached the Ashram at 1 am. Rajshree had filled up all the registration forms for us, and we were all quickly dispatched to our respective Kutirs after hot cups of tea (?) or ragi … dont remember…

I dont think until then, i had ever slept that well… a Presence enveloped me as i fell into a deep, restful sleep and then woke up to melodious flute music being softly played outside our door (by Phillip)…

The day went by quite fast, and then it was time for Satsang… i had no idea what that meant… but we all had dinner and gathered together in the Meditation Hall (then just newly built) and some people started singing some bhajans… which as a devout Parsi, i totally rejected :)… I remember thinking, we dont do Bhajans!!!

I was sitting next to an old lady… she turned to me and asked is this your first time? and i said yes it is… and she said have you ever met Guruji before? and i said no… she smiled serenely and said Dont see Him with your eyes, see Him with your heart…

And then, something changed in the room, a figure clad in white floated in… You cannot say He walked or ran or jogged or anything other than floated in, He was walking on air… He playfully jumped onto the stage and sat in a small chair which had His yellow asan on it… and all sorts of things happened to me that i still cant explain… I guess it will be enough to say that, I knew i was home, that i was loved, that i had found what i was unconsciously looking for and that i simply felt incredibly good for no reason at all…

Then the satsang started in earnest and some truly melodious bhajans were being sung and the musician in me was swaying… and effortlessly and unthinkingly i was singing… and even at that very blissful time making mental notes of who i have to bring here to experience this…

Later, after a fairly painful and yet remarkably wonderful 5 days of the Adv course, Guruji met the group from Mumbai in His Kutir, and all i remember from that meeting is Him looking at all of us and then saying, one of you is going to become a really great teacher who will teach thousands of people… As He was saying this, His gaze roamed on the entire group and stopped at me for a few seconds as He completed the sentence… I like to think that He meant it was me :)

Jai Gurudeva!

Apr 29

Carrot Salad – Seema Style

When i was visiting Poona the last time, i saw a hodgepodge of grated carrots on the dining table which didn’t look the least appetizing… while waiting for the other veggie that was being heated, i took an experimental bite of the carrot thingie and was totally taken aback by how extremely tasty it was! I quickly got Seema to teach me and here is the recipe:

You will need:

3 big carrots, grated
a handful of peanuts roasted and powdered (Just add a few drops of oil to a pan and saute the peanuts on a very low flame or simply bake them in an oven at 200, then put them in a mixie and whirrr to a coarse powder)
1 big tomato chopped to medium chunky size

Thoroughly mix all these things together

For the tadka:

Put some (2 tablespoonsish) oil in a pan and heat, add a slit green chilly (this is optional, i don’t do it), a few (5-8) curry leaves, a teaspoon of whole jeera, a sprinkling of rai (mustard seeds), a pinch of turmeric and red chilly powder (the chilly powder is also optional, i don’t add it), let everything crackle and pop for a bit (don’t burn it)

and then put this whole tadka into the carrot mixture and mix it up… Serve with hot rotis or as a salad with dal and rice… Don’t forget to add lots of love to it!

It tastes unbelievably good, and is one of the simplest things to make…

I am pretty sure you can add whatever you wish to it and it will still taste grand!

Maybe some boiled green peas, or cooked mushrooms, or add a bit of garlic to the tadka or ginger paste… use your imagination :)

Have it for Lunch or Dinner today!

Apr 27

Jokes and stuff…

Have been inundated with jokes…
have published all that came in this time :)
but lets make a deal:
I will publish a joke here only if i have not heard it before and i really like it from now on… ok?!
Same with other factoids and stuff that people send… just so it doesnt crowd up the blog needlessly
Jai Gurudeva!

Apr 26

QnA – 8

Is it really possible that one can perform exceedingly well in his work which he has been doing for most part of his life but has been only a mediocre. I know some people do miraculous after a realization. But I don’t know of any example where an average guy does something extraordinary in his field of work. Is their a limit for these things. How do I know if its my limit. How to transcend a limit.

Yes, its very possible, and like you mentioned it happens pretty frequently. A limit is something you have decided. If you want to transcend a limit all you have to do is decide a new one ?. Its completely in your hands. The guiding principle here is that ignorance of your capability will expand you. The only thing you need to know is that you don’t know what you are capable of doing! And that’s it!

It’s difficult to face death.
Because then we lose everything we earned during our lifetime.
Why then we spend our lives in pursuing great career and earning the maximum wealth and all??
Why we suffer a lot during the life in the struggle if we ultimately die?
(?) am confused.

Deep questions! You are right, struggling to get stuff which will hardly be with you seems quite silly doesn’t it? That’s why Guruji says that we are on this planet to give… not take!
Makes sense now?
Suffering happens mainly because you focus so much on taking not on giving… Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!
BTW, not doing anything is also doing, coz you are not DOING anything… so action must happen. Let the action be such that it is beneficial to maximum number of people. Learn to start taking care of your corner of the planet. If everyone doest that, soon our planet will be taken care of!
Hopelessly optimistic? Maybe, but do you see that it can happen?! You start, I have already started…

HI Bawa,
I used to masturbate before joining yes+ , then I understood my stupidity in being involved in masturbate , then I never again voluntarily involved in masturbation again , but in my dreams I get to see images of sex and my sperms get poured out (night fall), I feel extremely depressed after that and feel that instead of my firm cousiousness telling me that ” I should not involve in masturbate” and of opinion that “I should not be disturbed with thoughts of sex” night fall happens at regular frequency , I left non-veg completely, started drinking more water, doing kriya regularly, but something is missing in my honest attempts to avoid night fall, I wanted to share this with you… and lessen my burden , and bawa please suggest what I need to do so that the night fall won’t happen again…

Night fall is a normal thing and nothing to bother about and make a big deal of. Do some creative stuff, take up a hobby. Go exercise. Do lots of physical activity. Take cold water baths. And you will see that this reduces, and if it doesn’t… don’t bother. All in good time.
Here is a lil joke:
Doctor: Do you suffer from wet dreams?
Patient: No doctor, I quite enjoy them!!

bawa please give me your number , I want to talk to you…

its easiest to write mail to me…
I have the habit of leaving my phone all over the place, you want to talk to me, write email. Please no forwards and stuff… if you don’t have the time to type it out, I don’t have the time to read it, and if I consistently get forwards from people, they end up on my ignore list… all their mail goes into junk mail…
Any questions you may have, please post on the website. I answer almost all of them. And before posting, it would be a great idea to see if I have already answered ?…
And then, PLEASE implement into your life…

My name is divya shree(24), I am from lucknow,i am pursuing MSc biotechnology from Ghaziabad{(i am living in a hostel here)i am a first year student}. I used to go in satsang here at Seema Rajvanshi ma’am she guides me. I want to connect in yes+ people. that will be my age group. please help me. I want to do seva in art of living, and make you empowered as much as possible.
Your’s sincerely

Talk to Shavina in Delhi. I am sure she will help you find your place. Her email is

Bhaiya I love animals a lot and a pure vegetarian.But I feel sad when I see people eating nonveg or something like that.I want to ask you there are pooja-prarthana and festivals in Muslims and Hindus,in those people kill animals and they call it “bali”.So what can we do for these animals.

Yes… its an utterly misguided and disgusting thing that these people do. It’s a misinterpretation of the scriptures. By animal sacrifice, the scriptures mean, giving up your own animalistic tendencies and becoming pure. Not killing some poor animal. What God would be happy seeing His own creation being mercilessly butchered in His name?!
Its again lack of proper education and unwillingness to embrace true spirituality. We all have quite a bit of work ahead of us…

bawa I done the YES!+ course in LPU jallandhar, I’m regularly completing my homework given by u & Dinesh sir, in starting I feel some tiredness but now I m feeling very fine and very energetic after doing the Sudarshan Kriya.
bawa I want to know some yoga and food to increase my memory and concentration,to excel in every field of life and 4 success.
pls. reply!!!!!!!!!!!!
one more thing ,your formula to gain confidence is very useful and I am now using it in class during presentations!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we all luv u & dinesh sir.
jai gurudev.

Just do all that you have been taught. Eat good vegetarian food and exercise… some physical activity: jogging, swimming, gyming, whatever… Go on the Utsav II course, we deal with focus and concentration in more detail on that course…

BAWA my brother says I have ego problem because I don’t accept my mistakes. In my heart I know I have ego and I have surrendered it to GURUJI many times and prayed him to take it away but still it doesn’t go. Also many people have told me that the first impression they get for me is that I have got much attitude but after they meet me and come to know me they find that I was not like this. How to get rid of this ego problem and first impression problem. I am doing my sadhana and seva daily.

Being more in Knowledge will help. Read and Listen to Guruji.
Attitude is fine. But your attitude should be an inclusive one instead of an exclusive one.

jaigurudev bau….
this is anshuman from YES!+ Ludhiana,punjab….i have heard a lot about u from Paulomi didi, Rishi bhaiya and all but never got a chance to meet u….this time during utsav at Jalandhar I planned to have a session with u but unfortunately I had an exam on the 2nd day of utsav so was unable to attend the 1st day and then after that I was nt allowed to join it as I missed out my 1st day but will meet u very soon as we all r coming fr yes++ in june to banglore ashram……I have also sent u friend request at orkut but it is pending since last 2 months and I m hoping that one day u will accept me in ur friend list…hope the day will arrive soon…
bhaiya I have a question in my mind of which I m not getting an answer so I decided 2 write it to u…I don’t understand that when a boy/girl falls in relationship with girl/boy respectively and just after 3-4 months of relation they have such a strong attraction or u can say strong relation that they value their companion even more than that of their parents with whom the r in relation since such a strong feeling is developed between them in such a short period that the parents fail to develop in so many years ?? secondly I want to ask u that how we can develop such a relationship with guru whose love us beyond everything on this planet?? thirdly I want 2 ask that how we can help others to develop such a relationship with guru??

hope u will reply soon….

Strong feelings can be developed instantly. This is not the forst time you are on this planet. Neither is it the first time you are meeting someone… maybe its all happened before in another body, and you are just continuing the story…
Relationship with Guru, is doing Sadhana, Seva and Satsang. And remembering that Guru doesn’t want anything from you. If He did, He wouldn’t be Guru ?!
As for others, you don’t bother, Guruji is there to take care of them, like He takes care of you!

Is art of living doing anything for trans genders?

Yes, we have been doing regular courses for them in the metros of India.

Jai Guru Dev, I’m Veena, I have done YES!+ course. I want to know why people say that YES!+ is a total money waste and some people say that is business.

People are entitled to their opinion. India being a democracy, everyone is entitled to their right to ignorance. When they want to get out of it, they can come to Art of Living!
And as far as Art of Living being a business is concerned, its true! Art of Living is in the business of doing Seva!

Apr 26

102 Reasons to Go Veggie!

There were many requests from people who wanted more on why veg?
i have a few favourite websites i goto and will post things from them too by and by, but below there is a very nice article which i got off:

I have reproduced it word for word… please read, get warned, and spread it around… not just to read, but have people completely stop eating meat and related stuff…

Here according to me is the zeroth reason:

0. Guruji once said, that for a person who eats non veg food, Samadhi is very difficult, and progress on the Spiritual Path is almost impossible!

Here are 101 more reasons to go green…


  1. Every year in the UK we feed our livestock enough food to feed 250,000,000 people while in the world 30,000,000 people die of starvation
  2. 20 vegetarians can live off the land required by one meat eater
  3. Every 3 seconds a child dies of starvation somewhere in the world
  4. If Americans reduced their meat consumption by 10% it would free 12,000,000 tons of grain – enough to feed 60,000,000 people (the population of Great Britain)
  5. If all Americans became vegetarian, it would free enough grain to feed 600,000,000 people (the population of India)
  6. Intensification in animal farming has displaced 1,000,000’s of people from their traditional lands – eg. indigenous people in south & central america, native americans in north america & crofters in Great Britain – this is continuing today
  7. People displaced from their lands into cities succumb to dietary deficiency, diseases, parasites & opportunistic diseases
  8. In third world countries 1 in 10 babies die before their first birthday
  9. The UK imports ?46,000,000 worth of grain from third world countries to feed our livestock
  10. Due to overgrazing 850,000,000 people live on land threatened by desertification & over 230,000,000 already live on land so severely desertified that they are unable to sustain their existence & face imminent starvation
  11. 1,000,000,000 people in the west gorging on meat & dairy leave 1,000,000,000 to waste away & 3,500,000,000 teeter on the brink


  12. If they continue to clear American forests to raise cattle at the present rate, in 50 years there will be none left
  13. 1 acre yields 165 lbs of beef or 20,000 lbs of potatoes
  14. 8/10 of cultivated land in the UK is used to grow food for animals (14,732,000 hectares)
  15. It takes 16lbs of high protein soya to produce 1 lb of beef
  16. Since 1945 in the UK we have lost 95% of flower meadows, 50% of ancient woodlands, 40% of heathlands, 50% of wet lands & 224,000 km of hedgerows all due to animal farming
  17. Pressure on land due to meat farming leads to soil erosion 6billion tons/year in the USA
  18. If everyone went vegetarian upto 90% of land used for animal farming could be taken out of production & used to replant woodlands, leisure activities etc.
  19. 25% of Central america’s forests have been destroyed for cattle grazing since 1960
  20. Between 1966-1983 38% of the Amazon rain forest was destroyed for cattle grazing
  21. 90% of cattle ranches established on cleared forest land go bankrupt in less than 8 years as the land becomes barren due to nutrient loss & overgrazing
  22. Overgrazing by cattle is destroying the land & increasing desertification, nearly 430 million acres in the USA alone has suffered a 25-50% reduction in yield since first grazed
  23. An inch of topsoil takes 200-1000 years to develop – yet in the USA they have lost around 1/3 of their prime topsoil in 200 years (around 7 inches) due to animal farming
  24. Land will be lost due to rises in sea level due to global warming due to animal farming


  25. The destruction of the rainforest by cattle farmers is destroying the lungs of the planet & reducing the worlds capacity to replenish our oxygen supply
  26. The 1,300,000,000 cattle in the world emit 60,000,000 tons of methane per year (methane is a greenhouse gas & leads to global warming)
  27. Burning of forests, grasslands & agricultural waste associated with animal farming releases 50-100,000,000 tons of methane per year
  28. Combining these figures, 25% of methane emissions are due to animal farming (not including the billions of sheep, pigs & poultry so the real figure is much higher)
  29. Fertilizer used to grow crops to feed to animals releases nitrous oxide – thought to account for 6% of the greenhouse effect
  30. Fertilizer, weedkiller & pesticides sprayed on crops enter the atmosphere creating a noxious carcinogenic cocktail
  31. CFCs are released into the air from refrigeration units used to store decomposing flesh (meat), milk & butter – CFCs are destroy the ozone layer
  32. Ammonia from animal urine also pollutes the atmosphere
  33. CO2 is released by burning oil & petrol in lorries, ships, abattoirs, dairies, factories etc. associated with meat & dairy production
  34. Emissions from large chemical plants which produce fertilizer, weedkiller & other agricultural chemicals are also poisoning our air


  35. 25 gallons of water to produce 1lb of wheat & 2500 gallons to produce 1lb of meat
  36. UK farm animals produce 200,000,000 tonnes of slurry (liquid excrement) every year, the majority of which ends up in our rivers
  37. Bloody waste water from abattoirs ends up in our rivers
  38. In the USA every second humans produce 12,000 lbs of effluent while farmed animals produce 250,000 lbs
  39. Nitrates & pesticides used on crops grown to feed livestock end up in our rivers
  40. Meat & dairy farming uses 70 litres of water per day per animal in the UK or 159,250,000,000 litres per year in total
  41. The water used to produce 10 lbs of steak is equivalent to the average consumption of water for an entire household for an entire year
  42. Depletion of groundwater reserves to grow crops for animals & to supply abattoirs will lead to greater water shortages
  43. Aquafers (stores of underground water) in the San Joaquin valley in the USA are being drained at the rate of 500,000,000,000 gallons/year to produce meat
  44. 18% of all agricultural land in the world is irrigated & as global warming increases (partly due to animal farming) it will cost $200,000,000 to keep these systems going
  45. The water used to produce a 1000 lb beef steer is enough to float a Destroyer battleship
  46. The liquid waste from the various parts of the meat & dairy industry flow into the rivers & from there into the seas polluting them & encouraging huge algal blooms to grow


  47. To produce 1calorie of energy from meat takes 60 calories of petrol, whereas growing grains & legumes to directly feed people produces 20 calories for each calorie of fuel used ( thats 1200 times more efficient)
  48. Meat & dairy farming uses billions of gallons of oil to run tractors, fuel ships & lorries (to move animal feed & animals), pump billions of gallons of water to irrigate fields & run slaughterhouses, power refrigeration units to prevent the corpses from decomposing & to power sewage plants to clean up some of the pollution produced
  49. Cattle convert only 6% of their energy intake (mainly grains & soya) into flesh, the remaining 94% is wasted as heat, movement (which is why they keep many animals in very close confinement), hair, bones, faeces etc
  50. 1lb of beef takes 1 gallon of petrol to produce
  51. A family of four eating beef for a year uses enough petrol to run a car for 6 months (obviously depending on how far you drive!)
  52. If the full ecological cost of meat was passed onto the consumer – the price would be quadrupled (at least)
  53. The EC spends ?100,000,000’s to subsidise animal production resulting in lakes of unwanted milk & mountains of unwanted meat & butter. This money could be better spent encouraging organic fruit, vegetable & grain production
  54. In the USA in 1979 145,000,000 tons of crops were fed to cattle resulting in only 21million tons of animal bodies – the cost of the wasted crops was $20,000,000,000
  55. Between 1950 & 1985 grain production in Europe & the USA increased massively but 2/3 was fed to animals
  56. 70% of all grain is fed to animals
  57. Eating vast quantities of animal flesh, eggs, milk & butter is a luxury that most of the planet can not afford


  58. Fishing with drift (and other modern) nets weakens & destroys ecosystems by indiscriminately killing billions of sea creatures & disrupting the sea bed
  59. Fishermen’s nets kill 10 times as many other animals as the fish they are hoping to catch
  60. Fish caught in nets die an agonising slow death of suffocation
  61. Each year 15,000,000,000 land animals are slaughtered for food & an unknown but much larger number of sea creatures (including 1000’s of dolphins caught accidentally)
  62. Chickens are crammed into battery cages with upto 3 other birds, they are unable to even spread their wings & many can not even stand up
  63. Unwanted male chicks (because they can’t lay eggs) are gassed or pulped while their sisters go to the battery sheds
  64. Chicks are debeaked without anaesthetic to prevent them injuring each other in the unnaturally confined conditions they are kept in – this is equivalent to having your fingernails pulled out without anaesthetic
  65. Modern farming methods using growth hormones & artificial lighting mean that many chickens out grow their bones, resulting in fractured & broken legs
  66. Sows are kept tethered in stalls 1.3 x 1 metre on concrete or slatted floors – they can not even turn around
  67. Poultry raised for meat are kept in windowless broiler sheds, with around 20-30,000 in each shed, they live in an area of 10-20 cm square – fighting due to overcrowding is common & like battery hens they commonly suffer from supperating bed sores
  68. Broilersheds are artificially lit 23 hours a day to produce rapid growth
  69. Animals travel between farms & to slaughter in overcrowded transporters with no food or water – resulting in stress, injuries & deaths – legal requirements are widely ignored
  70. 95% of poultry suffer injuries before being killed & 30% suffer broken bones
  71. Problems with stunning practices mean that many animals have their throats slit while still conscious (around 6% of cattle or 200,000 per year) & are then dipped in tanks of scalding water (to loosen feathers, bristles etc.) again while fully conscious
  72. 4000 animals die spurting their blood out every minute in a British slaughterhouse
  73. Calf leather comes from animals killed at just 2 weeks old
  74. Cows were fed on the ground up remains of other cows & sheep – the result is thought to be BSE (mad cow disease) in the USA cattle are fed partly on recycled plastic pellets
  75. Cows only give milk for 10 months after they have a calf – so they are routinely artificially inseminated (ie. mechanically raped) to keep them pregnant & milking – their calves are taken away (usually at 12 hours old) for meat or export to veal crates
  76. Cows would naturally live upto 20 years but are slaughtered after 5-7 years when their milk production begins to fall
  77. In the UK animals are killed by first being stunned with electricity or a captive bolt gun (ie. a bolt is fired into their heads) before having their throats slit & being plunged into boiling water – all this happens on a production line with the animals being hung upside down from a moving conveyor belt – this is factory farming
  78. “Animals are those unfortunate slaves & victims of the most brutal part of mankind” – John Stewart Mill (philosopher)
  79. Veal calves are confined in stalls in the dark, unable to move & are fed on pigs blood , chocolate & dried milk (we are drinking the rich fresh milk of their mothers)
  80. Cows naturally produce 5 litres of milk per day for their calves – under the intensified systems of modern farming they produce 25-40 litres per day – resulting in swollen & inflamed udders – at this rate they are soon worn out
  81. Large areas of land are under monoculture to grow crops to feed to animals – these areas are wildlife deserts supporting fewer & fewer species.


  82. Vegetarians have a 20% lower rate of mortality from all causes (ie. they live longer & don’t get sick as often)
  83. Meat is full of traces of antibiotics, hormones, toxins produced by stress & pesticide residues that become concentrated from all the crops they have eaten
  84. Fish contain heavy metals & other pollutants -many of which originated on farms
  85. The world health organisation recommends a diet low in saturated fat, sugar, salt & with plenty of fibre – exactly what you get on a vegan/vegetarian diet
  86. Farmed animals contain upto 50% saturated fat in their bodies
  87. Vegetarians have 24% reduced risk of getting heart disease & Vegans a 57% reduction (heart disease is the biggest killer in the UK accounting for 50% of deaths)
  88. Obesity is rare in vegetarians, obesity is related to many diseases
  89. Vegans & vegetarians have lower blood pressure & cholesterol levels – high levels are associated with heart disease, strokes & kidney failure
  90. Vegetarians have a 50% reduced risk of dying of diabetes
  91. Vegetarians have a 40% reduced level of cancer than the general population thought to be because they have a higher intake of vitamins A,C & E
  92. Vegetarians have a reduced risk of developing gall & kidney stones
  93. 80% of food poisoning is due to infected meat (faeces, bacteria etc.) after all meat is decomposing flesh – most of the rest is due to salmonella in eggs
  94. Osteoporosis due to calcium loss from bones is mainly due to the sulphur content in meat & casein protein in milk that cause calcium to be lost in the urine – the countries with the highest meat & dairy consumption are those with the highest levels of brittle bones
  95. 50% of people do not have the enzyme to digest milk properly & milk allergy is related to asthma & eczema
  96. Meat eaters have double the rate of Alzheimers disease as Vegans & Vegetarians – some people also think that Parkinsons disease is also linked to meat eating
  97. Egg yolk is a dense concentration of saturated fat & the white is high in albumin protein associated with leaching calcium into your urine. Butter is 80% saturated fat, cream is 40% saturated fat & cheese is 25-40% saturated fat
  98. Meat eaters are two and a half times more likely to get bowel cancer than Vegetarians
  99. The cling film used to wrap meat in supermarkets & butchers contains chemicals linked to falling sperm counts in men
  100. Chinese people (living mainly on a vegetarian diet) consume 20% more calories than Americans but Americans are 20% fatter
  101. Of 2,100,000 deaths in the USA in 1987, 1,500,000 were related to diet (ie. meat & dairy)


If you’ve read this far, I hope that you are beginning to see that the Meat & Dairy industry is a major contributor to misery on this planet. It is destroying the health of people in rich countries, starving those in poor countries, it is torturing & killing billions of animals every year and in the meantime it is one of the major factors in the destruction of the environment – so what does the meat & dairy industry have to say in it’s defence?

Well their only real point is usually “Meat is tasty” – fair enough a lot of people enjoy the taste of meat – but there are plenty of delicious alternatives (just consider the huge range of vegetarian dishes in Indian cooking – one of the oldest & most sophisticated cuisines in the world) and if you really crave meat & dairy, nowadays there are plenty of healthy non animal alternatives – just look in the supermarket & health food shop. So I hope you will agree it’s pretty pathetic to consider all the evidence & then say “well I know you’re right about the environment & health & the animals – but I just love my meat”

Books by John Robbins would be great to read for more on this subject…

Jai Gurudeva!



Apr 25

Sardar Jokes!

Please dont stop sardar jokes… they are very good, and more than that they reflect on the very real sense of humour and tenacity and warm warmheartedness that these hardy people have in extraordinary proportions!
Very much like the Parsis, this is one community which knows how to laugh at itself and is so much richer for it…so keep the jokes coming, keep laughing, and making others laugh… but also educate while you are at it, and dont stop at laughing, learn from them too… and i think everyone will be able to live happily (and laughingly) ever after…
Jai Gurudeva !

Apr 25


There have been requests for some “Knowledge” from me, tips on doing Seva, Sadhana and stuff like that…

You want Knowledge, read up all of what Guruji has written, listen to all His talks… then do it again and again…

Here is a tip for Seva and Sadhana: DO Seva, DO Sadhana, DO everyday

You want a thought for the day? pick a number between 1 and 7: call it X, then pick another number between 1 and 200: Call it Y… Open Knowledge Sheet Book number X to Page number Y (if Book X doesnt have Y pages, doesnt matter, open to last page of Book X) and READ! and IMPLEMENT!

and thats it! :)

Jai Gurudeva!

ps i will keep the qna flwing, if you guys keep on asking :)
pps Dinesh gets far more keep writing comments than i do… *veiled threat* :) :) :)

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