Mar 29

Curious Lives

Another book i am reading right now… Curious Lives by Richard Bach
quite nice, the second story in it i really liked a lot… though no where near the absolute genius of his other books that i feel everyone must read:

Johnathan Livingston Seagull
Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah
A Bridge across Forever

His writing is surreal, vivid, joyful, funny, poignant… makes you feel fresh
The other books that he has written, somehow i have not enjoyed so much…
Happy Reading!
Jai Gurudeva!

Mar 29

QnA – 4

Q. Hi……… I am gay and can’t tell this to anyone. I am 27 and still virgin. Kindly tell how to get out of this conflict.

First off there is nothing wrong with being a virgin… it means you are careful and dont abuse or disrespect your body!
An aunt of mine used to say,”instead of having sex at once, have it at last!”
There is nothing wrong about being gay… first get that… then slowly you can talk about it to people who you are close to, you may be surprized that they may have just the person for you:)
Gay people like “normal” people also want a mate in life… Do talk to a few people you know and trust… take that leap…
Best of Luck…
Jai Gurudeva!

Q. i just attended my first YES!+ course which was held in nagpur,it was a gr8 experience,never felt the magic of breathing before….last week….ur talk was really enlightening….i wanted to talk to you there in person,cud not get that oppurtunity,maybe next time….

i’ve this small problem,which is spoiling my relations with others,too…this girl,she was my girlfriend before,and we went out for some 8 months,and then as parents started interfering it was best that we break up…,so we did tht…and later after 4 days she goes out with my best friend,oh…tht was bad,i cud not believe it at first….thn i thought both of them were cheap and it would be best to ignore her,as i wont meet her agn in my lyf……fine…tht was whn i was in school in 11th and 12th….,

now i’m in college….and it happened tht my frend is doin medicine in coimbatore,and she….this female is in my college,my branch,my class…..oh i never wanted this….to happen…..

why only she,….ok….i took it in the right spirit and i thought tht i would jst be friends with her….,told her to 4get whatever happened in the past and 4get it….,went on like tht for sometime…bt behind my back she was back biting me,she was telling all her friends here,tht..we did not go out…and all tht bull shit….clear back biting and ppl believe whn a woman says something…(bt i learned never to trust a woman)…,at the same time i was losing my friends bcoz of her,my image was going down becoz of her…wht shld i do,….

whn we had our dept gathering in college,obviously i took pics in my phone….and later on the last day….whn we had our dj nite,seniors wanted to rag me….in b/w she comes and asks for my phone,i did not say no…after seniors had their fun on me…i was feeling bad,…and whn i get my phone bak…i find tht most of the pics were deleted…i asked her y did she delete the pics,she says i don’t need any of my pics in ur phone…wowee,i thought we were friends..,tht bitch….i made it a point tht she and my relation will never get close agn….i tried after tht max not to interact with her…

almost for a whole semester we never interacted and wht was happening the friends who were together with,started going away from me….bcoz of her…they preffered her..more…,i did not giv shit abt tht….

wht happened actually is tht,bcoz of her,…i’ve lost my image,friends.. in college…whre in the beginning i was known….and popular….,very good to people…now …..its jst the opposite,….

….is there a solution to this….

You know if there are people who would rather listen to slander and gossip and believe that… its far far better you are away from such people, and that those people are not your friends… who would want such friends anyways?!
Get involved in Art of Living Seva… Do your Sadhana regularly and go for Satsang and you will find many many people who are much better than those people who you are missing so much to become good friends with!

Q. hi bawa i am from baroda , i am 21 years old. i met you in surat…bawa as we discussed over there… you clearly told to leave the 6000 rs. per month job and start study further or start your business(travel agency). … you also said that start studying along with your job..
so bawa if i want to study further than i should go with what MBA finance or marketing… in market, specially gujarat and maharastra market ..should i study with finamce or marketting or any other streem… i can make my self with all the things… but i want to mold my self in such a way.. so that i can earn good money.. and should i continue doing working or i should go further with full time study….

Its your life… you have to take these decisions… and face the consequences… Neither me nor Guruji is here to live your life for you… Can definitely guide you or point you in the direction of someone who can guide you… (which i did in Surat) but please do not ask me questions like this… they are for you to answer!

Q. I attended the last day of Utsav,Nagpur today and i Really felt relaxed when i returned home.
I wanted to ask you one question…
I had a fight with my best friend some days ago,and the topic was that i donot advice her when she is wrong.
I’m kind of person who dont like to interfere in other’s personal matter though that person matters for me the most.
So am i really doing wrong or should i be the way i am?

She is right, if she is your best friend, its only right that you interfere gently and tell her that what she is doing is wrong… and then let her take her own decisions and still stand by her as her friend with whatever she has decided… but to not tell her and allow her to make a mistake is simply being a little cruel and selfish! at least thats my opinion:)

Mar 26

QnA – 3

Q. I have a son. I am taking care of my family very well . I would love to do more seva to the society.Myself and my husband are AOL devotees, and we do volunteer work also. Either of us take care our son, another will go for AOL Seva.
Should we restrict ourself to only family or can we come out of the family and do seva to every one?
One of our teacher said that , leaving husband to clean ,wash and taking care of the son is not at all good .I was really disturbed by her words, in this case should i restrict myself doing seva to the family alone and not come out of the family.

Please help me out .

You are very lucky that you have a husband who is so cooperative and takes care of your son while you do some Seva. Definitely do not neglect your child while doing Seva. At the same time its completely between you and your husband how you manage, and that teacher had no right to comment at all… Maybe she was just jealous :)… And for sure needs to do a few adv courses
I am so happy that even though you have a child and a very young one at that, you take time out to do Seva for others… You and your husband are doing the perfectly right thing and let no one tell you otherwise! More people have to redefine family like you have done to include more and more people!!
More families need to follow your example and very soon our planet will be a better place to live in!

Q. i want to do some thing for ” Garbage to gold ” in the rural areas. but i am not able to get right direction and right people to discuss my ideas.

Talk to rohit and shilpa in Mumbai they will put you in touch with the “right” people… is their email id.

Q. why we are doing seva in the tribal areas although we know that after their economical condition is improved there is also problems like developed farmers have in the punjab etc.
what is our aim and what is our limit?

Our aim is Vasudeva Kutumbakam… Creating a one world family!
Seva needs to be done everywhere, not just in tribal areas or rural areas… there are extremely under privileged people staying even in New York and LA… Under privileged spiritually! Everyone needs help… And everyone who can help, should!!

Q. Bawa, I am from VIT University, Vellore,TN,India.My college management are too adamant about their descision to not to let any courses like YES!+ in the campus.I will still do my best to convince them.

Don’t worry about your college being against YES!+ … Don’t convince your management, convince your friends to come and do the course!

Q. I am reading about smoking these days in detail, and getting shocking facts,which i want to convey to students here, who smoke and fall in its trap. i want to give the exact details of how bad it is for us, so that they think ten times even before trying their first cigarette.Suggest me some good ideas, of how to effectively reach the students in the best way.Helping the students already caught in smoking would be my 2nd step.

And as far as smoking is concerned, make a nice presentation about it, and show it to everyone. Your job is to educate, you do just that… If people dont want to listen, thats their problem, not yours…
If anyone wants to give up smoking, just get them to a YES!+ course… Even if they have to travel from Vellore to say Bangalore or Delhi or Mumbai for it, make them travel and maybe you also come with them… They will easily be able to quit after the course.

Q. A lot of my close friends have given me a feedback that i don’t make my presence felt. all these people believe that I’m not loud enough though i have the right ideas. i feel a problem with going ahead with my ideas without anyone to support, i feel the need of a friend who would discuss with me about my ideas and develop it and encourage me to go ahead. And i haven’t found that person yet. So how do i handle this situation without any special friend. i have always felt the need of a friend who takes me seriously and be really dedicated to our friendship.

There are many people around you who qualify for this… question is do you qualify to be a special friend for someone else? As soon as you do, you will not have one or two but dozens of very special people in your life!
How to qualify? Sadhana, Seva, Satsang… and thinking and doing more for others!
Get involved in Seva! Help organise a YES!+ or an Utsav course and see what happens. Drop this “What about me” attitude and you will be fine!

Q. I want to know how to identify my life/future between a lot of choices.. whats the purpose.. of my life!

Purpose of life is to Give!
Rest you figure out

Jai Gurudeva!

Mar 26

QnA – 2

Q. Why is it taking you so long to come back to New Zealand?

Hmmm… New Zealand would be nice to go back to for sure, but dont u think it would be nicer for all of you to come to India?! YES!+ Winter Break will be last week of December… See that u are there with bindi and anyone else who cares to come!

Q. Why is it that we lack self confidence, and have a low self esteem?… however, when a person is confident, and has a high self esteem, they appear as egotistical (or at least we perceive them as being so).how is it possible to be half – half…. to have confidence in ourselves, and to not be/seem as though we have a big ego?

Lack of confidence and low self esteem happen when you regularly do not fulfill commitments that you have made to yourself and others… When you are ruled more by your feelings… So simply seeing to it that you do what you said you would do, will bring a tremendous boost in your confidence levels and your self esteem, and other people’s comments will not bother you, or even if they do, not for any considerable time.

There is a vast difference between a person who has confidence and self esteem and someone who simply has a big ego… An ego is that which separates, a confident person will be able to win people over and take everyone with him… Infact usually an egotistical person is a person who has almost no confidence or self esteem and tries to cover that up with being arrogant!

Do your Sadhana, Seva and Satsang and come on a few Adv courses a year and you will find that you start to become what you want to become a confident, wonderful human being!

Q. Is it right to trap a cockroach in a container, and suffocate it to death? – slow death, but that way, it prevents them from spreading their eggs, were we to squash them)… are we still liberating them?

According to me, better to squash it and clean up…

Q. I am a volunteer for YES!+, and due to family conditions i get depressed a lot, doing the course has helped me a lot but still my problem exists and it affects my health and becomes a hindrance when i try to concentrate while doing Kriya… Please help.

Depression happens when you think too much “What about me?”
Do your Sadhana, Seva and Satsang… Consciously think and do more for others and you will find that your depression will quickly vanish!
Also DONT concentrate while doing Kriya, just do it effortlessly and easily, and do Kriya everyday, be very regular with it. Whatever thoughts that may come do not resist… finally, check your diet… see that you are eating good healthy veggie food at proper time and that u are drinking plenty of water… other than that, just relax and smile and you will be fine!

Q. Jai Gurudev Bau…Is ORGAN DONATION justifiable spiritually???Isnt it better if you donate your body organs to someone in need then bury it in the ground???Does it affect your spiritual growth or harm the recipient soul???

Really no idea about this, but when the intention is clean and you wish to help, I don’t think that it could harm either the person who is donating or the person who is receiving

Q. Its like this. I feel in aol lots of politics happen in each centre and i actually get discouraged. why not we youngsters do seva at villages? we need to bridge the gap between rural youth n urban youth. I feel after coming to aol I get hurt more and demotivated especially here when staying away from my family.
Please Help…jgd bawa

Lets take this one thing at a time:
We do Seva because we love Guruji and we want to spread His precious Knowledge to the world… Guruji doesnt exclude anyone, and do some troublemakers may crop up time and again… If this stops you from doing Seva, it means that these people, and their actions and opinions matter to you MORE than your love for Guruji or your commitment to spread His Knowledge… Is that really true?
Here is where all our course points can be experienced in action!
And yes, if you wish to do Seva in villages you are welcome to join the YLTP team but do remember that there may be politics there as well :)…
As far as staying away from family is concerned, just redefine “family”, and you will never be away from them!
Soooo accept the problem, and take intelligent, appropriate action and do remember to relax and smile…

Q. In life many a times, we know that somethings are not good for us..! but still we go ahead and do it.,..! when we all know that we have to work hard & smart to become successful, why is it that only a few actually follow the path and get there??

Laziness? Compromising long term pleasure for short term apparent joy? Plain vanilla stupidity?
Cmon, buck yourself up and get to work and get where you want to be… Anything is possible with hard/smart work… And dont worry Guruji will provide the good luck… Thats whats called Grace!
Jai Gurudeva!

Mar 22

An Uncommon Reader

picked this little gem of a book from Crossword the other day and finished it in 2 days… really nice read… its too short to even write a review about
Its about the Queen, reading, books, a Kiwi Private secretary jealous of books… all put together very engagingly and simply and delightfully
do read!
Jai Gurudeva!

ps also picked up another book called Measuring the World… nice but not as great as others make it out to be… read if bored (i read it on my flight from nagpur to poona to bangalore)

Mar 22

Does Guruji care?

someone asked me this recently:

Does Guruji care for me and love me? Does He even know that i exist?! He seemed to ignore or not even notice me when i saw Him

my answer…

When people meet Guruji, they separate out into 2 types:

1. YAAAYAA!!! i saw HIM!!!
2. shit! He didnt see me

for Him all of us are very dear, and He knows more about you than you know about yourself
this you will have to believe and this is where faith comes in…

Do your Kriya, some Seva, Satsang and you will find Him where He truly resides… in your heart!

Jai Gurudeva!

Mar 22

Date n Walnut Cake

For all of you who are still having sugar, here is a very nice recipe for a superb cake

Condensed milk 1 tin
Flour 250gm(You can use only whole wheat flour and it turns out perfectly)
Baking powder 1 tsp
Soda bi Carb 1 tsp
Butter 200 gm
Vanilla essence few drops
Milk ½ cup
Dates 200gm
Walnuts 100 gm

You can also use 100-200 gms of raisins

add 3 tsp cocoa powder for a chocolate cake


Zero: Read the entire recipe

Step 1: Get all the ingredients, measure them out and set them aside

Step 2: Set the Oven at 180 deg Cel

Chop up the walnuts and dates to nice crunchy small size.

Grease the baking tray, add flour, and then tap it out, so that the baking tray is greased and powdered.

Now in a mixing bowl, sieve (pass thru that fine jaali thing) the flour, baking powder and soda. Do 2-3 times. Add the condensed milk, butter and vanilla essence and use the hand blender to beat it up. Slowly add the milk until it form a dropping consistency .. it should kind of plop down from the spoon. This mixture is done.

Stir in thoroughly the chopped dates and walnuts WITH A SPOON, not with the hand blender. We will NOT be using the hand blender again ?.

Add entire mixture to the greased and powdered baking tray. Very important over here is not to overload the baking tray. It should be only half full, coz the cake will rise when cooking and if there is too much mixture then it will get burnt at the edges and not get cooked in the middle. So please remember that you put the mixture in the tray such that the tray is only half full.

Put it into the oven and BAKE away!!!

Once it starts to brown a bit (about 30-32 mins, don’t open oven door before that), poke a knife in the middle of the cake, all the way down. Careful the oven is going to be very hot indeed.

If there is some debris stuck to knife, the cake is not yet done, but another 5 to 7 minutes should be enough to cook it completely. Again test with knife, once the knife comes out shiny and clean, the cake is done. Remove from the oven immediately and let it cool.

Call everyone, take a photo, think of Guruji, think of me, pat yourself on the back several times… And remember to eat the cake after all that ?!

BTW, you don’t need to add the dates and walnuts if you are wanting to make just a basic sponge cake. You can add anything in approximately that proportion of the dates and walnuts that catch your fancy. Bananas, apples, etc work great. Don’t add any juicy fruit like grape or watermelon. You can also add those chocolate chips.

Boiling milk and reducing it to half and using raisin or maple syrup may work instead of the condensed milk… have not done it this way yet, but seems like it would work

Jai Gurudeva!

PS This cake has been drizzled with chocolate sauce

Mar 22

Quickie on Meditation

Guruji, what is meditation?


Did u get it?!.. This is it!

Waiting for something its restlessness, simply waiting is meditation!!

Jai Gurudeva!

Mar 21

Hi-Tech Holi Satsang

What a surprise we had tonight!!

The Satsang was shifted from Vishalakshi Mantap to the Yagyashala… we had no idea why
Guruji resplendent as ever got on stage and then He talked a little bit about Holi, coming of spring, things like that and then He went outside and lit the Holi fire (which was still blazing when i came back to write this).

He came back on stage after a few minutes, the bhajans started and then He said lets celebrate Holi today with flowers… and promptly got up and tossed fistfuls of coloured flowers into the swinging mass of satsangees!

and then without any warning the sprinklers in the entire Yagyashala came on and it was a full scale shower inside the hall… Guruji is still tossing baskets of flowers into the crowd… He mentioned this is a hi-tech Holi Celebration

Buckets of cold water in which lots of sandal wood paste had been mixed suddenly made an appearance and Guruji was sprinkling this heavenly scented yellow water onto everyone…

Showers from the Sprinkler system, loads and loads of flowers, buckets of Sandal wood water, lots of mischievous people emptying their water bottles on everyone, coloured people going and hugging the clean ones who were trying to stay out of the way, the burning blazing fire outside the hall made a fantastic Celebration… AND we came to know later that it was being telecast live on ZEE TV!! so the whole of India and some parts of the world were watching us as we welcomed Spring!!

Its said that one should make seven rounds of the Holi Fire and we did just that… The hot blaze dried up a lot of the water… then everyone settled down and Guruji did a few question answers in His usual inimitable one liner way and then introduced to us some leaders of the communist party of Russia who talked for a few minutes and said he would like to take this celebration and caring and love that he saw back to Russia… They had also been taking full part in the celebration and were soaked with sandal water and smiling away as if they did this everyday

a few snatches of Knowledge:

Q. I am born under the star sign Leo and am supposed to be a born leader, but i hate to lead and dont like taking responsibility

A. Dont bother about when you were born… you can lead when you are an integrated personality, just relax and be yourself thats all…

Q. Since childhood, I have been told that i should be nice to people… but then they take me for granted… now some of my loved ones tell me i should be practical… what should i do?

A. There are many many different types of people, you need to realise that you are a multi faceted personality not monotonous… so with different people you need to behave in different ways and definitely its not a good idea to stop being nice just because few people don’t appreciate it…

Dont remember much else, was too busy being blissed out

Happy Holi and Navroz Mubarak too!!! (its the Parsi New Year as well today)

Jai Gurudeva !


Mar 21

Satsang yesterday night

Before i write about Surat, Mumbai, Nashik and Nagpur, here are 2 things that stood out in the Knowledge that Guruji gave yesterday night…

Q. How do i handle the situation when i want to do stuff that my elders dont want me to do?

A. Prayer, Skill and Time

Q. How relevant is Meditation in a young person’s life who wants to achieve a great many things?

A. If you want the arrow to fly really far, you need to pullit back quite a lot… similarly if you want to build a really tall building, you have to dig that much deeper into the earth to lay the foundation isnt it?! If you want to have great success and be really dynamic, then you need to learn to be still as well… The greater the Stillness of the Self, the greater the Dynamism and Success you will have!
The process of becoming still is also so very very beautiful! ….

He answered in Hindi, the above is my translation of it and whatever i can remember

326 very blessed souls on the YES!+ Adv course happening right now in the Bangalore Ashram!!

Jai Gurudeva !

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