Mar 22

Date n Walnut Cake

For all of you who are still having sugar, here is a very nice recipe for a superb cake

Condensed milk 1 tin
Flour 250gm(You can use only whole wheat flour and it turns out perfectly)
Baking powder 1 tsp
Soda bi Carb 1 tsp
Butter 200 gm
Vanilla essence few drops
Milk ½ cup
Dates 200gm
Walnuts 100 gm

You can also use 100-200 gms of raisins

add 3 tsp cocoa powder for a chocolate cake


Zero: Read the entire recipe

Step 1: Get all the ingredients, measure them out and set them aside

Step 2: Set the Oven at 180 deg Cel

Chop up the walnuts and dates to nice crunchy small size.

Grease the baking tray, add flour, and then tap it out, so that the baking tray is greased and powdered.

Now in a mixing bowl, sieve (pass thru that fine jaali thing) the flour, baking powder and soda. Do 2-3 times. Add the condensed milk, butter and vanilla essence and use the hand blender to beat it up. Slowly add the milk until it form a dropping consistency .. it should kind of plop down from the spoon. This mixture is done.

Stir in thoroughly the chopped dates and walnuts WITH A SPOON, not with the hand blender. We will NOT be using the hand blender again ?.

Add entire mixture to the greased and powdered baking tray. Very important over here is not to overload the baking tray. It should be only half full, coz the cake will rise when cooking and if there is too much mixture then it will get burnt at the edges and not get cooked in the middle. So please remember that you put the mixture in the tray such that the tray is only half full.

Put it into the oven and BAKE away!!!

Once it starts to brown a bit (about 30-32 mins, don’t open oven door before that), poke a knife in the middle of the cake, all the way down. Careful the oven is going to be very hot indeed.

If there is some debris stuck to knife, the cake is not yet done, but another 5 to 7 minutes should be enough to cook it completely. Again test with knife, once the knife comes out shiny and clean, the cake is done. Remove from the oven immediately and let it cool.

Call everyone, take a photo, think of Guruji, think of me, pat yourself on the back several times… And remember to eat the cake after all that ?!

BTW, you don’t need to add the dates and walnuts if you are wanting to make just a basic sponge cake. You can add anything in approximately that proportion of the dates and walnuts that catch your fancy. Bananas, apples, etc work great. Don’t add any juicy fruit like grape or watermelon. You can also add those chocolate chips.

Boiling milk and reducing it to half and using raisin or maple syrup may work instead of the condensed milk… have not done it this way yet, but seems like it would work

Jai Gurudeva!

PS This cake has been drizzled with chocolate sauce

Mar 22

Quickie on Meditation

Guruji, what is meditation?


Did u get it?!.. This is it!

Waiting for something its restlessness, simply waiting is meditation!!

Jai Gurudeva!

Mar 21

Hi-Tech Holi Satsang

What a surprise we had tonight!!

The Satsang was shifted from Vishalakshi Mantap to the Yagyashala… we had no idea why 🙂
Guruji resplendent as ever got on stage and then He talked a little bit about Holi, coming of spring, things like that and then He went outside and lit the Holi fire (which was still blazing when i came back to write this).

He came back on stage after a few minutes, the bhajans started and then He said lets celebrate Holi today with flowers… and promptly got up and tossed fistfuls of coloured flowers into the swinging mass of satsangees!

and then without any warning the sprinklers in the entire Yagyashala came on and it was a full scale shower inside the hall… Guruji is still tossing baskets of flowers into the crowd… He mentioned this is a hi-tech Holi Celebration 🙂

Buckets of cold water in which lots of sandal wood paste had been mixed suddenly made an appearance and Guruji was sprinkling this heavenly scented yellow water onto everyone…

Showers from the Sprinkler system, loads and loads of flowers, buckets of Sandal wood water, lots of mischievous people emptying their water bottles on everyone, coloured people going and hugging the clean ones who were trying to stay out of the way, the burning blazing fire outside the hall made a fantastic Celebration… AND we came to know later that it was being telecast live on ZEE TV!! so the whole of India and some parts of the world were watching us as we welcomed Spring!!

Its said that one should make seven rounds of the Holi Fire and we did just that… The hot blaze dried up a lot of the water… then everyone settled down and Guruji did a few question answers in His usual inimitable one liner way and then introduced to us some leaders of the communist party of Russia who talked for a few minutes and said he would like to take this celebration and caring and love that he saw back to Russia… They had also been taking full part in the celebration and were soaked with sandal water and smiling away as if they did this everyday 🙂

a few snatches of Knowledge:

Q. I am born under the star sign Leo and am supposed to be a born leader, but i hate to lead and dont like taking responsibility

A. Dont bother about when you were born… you can lead when you are an integrated personality, just relax and be yourself thats all…

Q. Since childhood, I have been told that i should be nice to people… but then they take me for granted… now some of my loved ones tell me i should be practical… what should i do?

A. There are many many different types of people, you need to realise that you are a multi faceted personality not monotonous… so with different people you need to behave in different ways and definitely its not a good idea to stop being nice just because few people don’t appreciate it…

Dont remember much else, was too busy being blissed out 🙂

Happy Holi and Navroz Mubarak too!!! (its the Parsi New Year as well today)

Jai Gurudeva !


Mar 21

Satsang yesterday night

Before i write about Surat, Mumbai, Nashik and Nagpur, here are 2 things that stood out in the Knowledge that Guruji gave yesterday night…

Q. How do i handle the situation when i want to do stuff that my elders dont want me to do?

A. Prayer, Skill and Time

Q. How relevant is Meditation in a young person’s life who wants to achieve a great many things?

A. If you want the arrow to fly really far, you need to pullit back quite a lot… similarly if you want to build a really tall building, you have to dig that much deeper into the earth to lay the foundation isnt it?! If you want to have great success and be really dynamic, then you need to learn to be still as well… The greater the Stillness of the Self, the greater the Dynamism and Success you will have!
The process of becoming still is also so very very beautiful! ….

He answered in Hindi, the above is my translation of it and whatever i can remember 🙂

326 very blessed souls on the YES!+ Adv course happening right now in the Bangalore Ashram!!

Jai Gurudeva !

Mar 21


Oooo yes, i am quite a fan of asterix and obelix… though i think the characters that are the most endearing to me are Chief Vitalstatistix and the Druid Getafix 🙂
So, yes if anyone has that CD with that entire collection on it, i would love to have it! 🙂
Jai Gurudeva!

Mar 9


was it really 3 days we spent there? it seems to have gone at breakneck speed…
Rudra Poojas during Shivaratri, early morning Kriya and meditation with Guruji, sneaking past all the “security” to meet Him, few glances and seconds with Him, Knowledge ranging from studying and scoring well on exams to the sublime Karma Yoga chapter in the Bhagwad Gita, glasses of cold sugarcane juice, hot sweltering afternoons, ridiculously cold mornings, Guruji playing the synthesizer on stage with wild abandon, shoes getting stolen, LCD screens not working, fasting on Shivaratri, mad rush to catch the train to surat, even madder rush to catch the train back to Mumbai… and its already time for the Mumbai events to take off…
Its an absolute whirlwind when He is around and if you are not centered, you get thrown all over the place 🙂

Will write more later… its off to see Him here in Mumbai now…

Jai Gurudeva !

Mar 5

Guruji in Mumbai on the way to Surat

Saw Him at 3:00 am today morning at the airport… am really proud of the way all our Mumbai devotees were over there… all disciplined and bursting with joy… He met everyone there, and then did a repeat of meeting everyone downstairs at KK’s house… He flowed into the hearts of all of us there all over again… gave me and dinesh a naughty wink and a glorious smile…
went to meet Him at KK’s home right then and He gave me a hug, some really yummy German Pastry which we shared and shared with so many people and it still refused to get over (i have some still left in the fridge) and a BIG loaf a really super German Bread which i am going to have for breakfast!
Booked in a train to Surat for Shivaratri leaving in an hours time…
If there is a net connection there, will write and tell all 🙂
meanwhile, ciao!!
Jai Gurudeva !

Mar 4


Am learning to embed images into the blog…
Here is a Cacophonix I painted pixel by pixel, using Microsoft Paint at ashu’s house in Poona almost 10 years ago :)… Windows 95 was brand new at that time!! 🙂 🙂

Like him?

Jai Gurudeva !

Mar 4


Watched Ratatouille (pronounced Rat-a-too-e) today… its a movie about a rat who loves to cook and a guy who has to but cant!! utterly delectable, superb french music (the movie is set in Paris)… and i got a few nice tips on how to cook as well 🙂

Everything a movie should have: comedy, action, rats, food, music, love story, slapstick, comedy and more rats all simmered gently with the usual Disney Magic to come up with a really cute serving of total fun 🙂

There is a quote from the movie that stayed with me:
“If you focus on what you left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead!!”

Will leave you smiling and hungry :)… dont watch this movie if u have nothing in the fridge 🙂 🙂

Jai Gurudeva !

Mar 4

Goal Setting

Rashmin (one of our teachers) was in Phalton, a small town in the interior of Maharashtra. The people there were preparing for Guruji’s visit, and Rashmin out of habit asked what their target was… how many people did they expect would come for Guruji’s Satsang…
There was a quizzical silence among all the volunteers there, each looking at the other, like they couldnt understand what the meaning of the question was…
So Rashmin asked again, so whats the number of people from this town who will come for the Satsang?
One person matter of factly replied,”ummm… all of them!!, everyone will come!”
Thats goal setting 🙂
Jai Gurudeva !

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