Jun 30

Meeting Him at Bombay Airport

The first time Gurudev came to Bombay more than two decades ago; Sangeeta and I went to receive Him from the airport. We got caught in a bit of traffic, and He was already out, waiting for us. He waved and smiled when He saw us and said why did the two of you have to come all the way… I could have hopped into a cab and come home.

The next two times He came, it was more or less the same… all of us who went to the airport, would fit into one car. Then, there were 50 odd people and a cavalcade of 7-8 cars and the year after that more than 200 people  at the airport were there to receive Him and see Him off… Enough to alarm the airport police.

Now there are a few thousand.

And a familiar scene plays out every time He comes…

There is a humungous number of people there. All smiling and shining in anticipation of meeting Him. Someone shrieks, everyone shouts. False alarm. The airport police are having a nightmare. They don’t know whether to join in the madness and the celebration or maintain their aloofness.

And then you catch a glimpse of white, a sudden sighting of orange and the crowd roars… JAI GURUDEV!!!

All attention is on the door, which slides open and Gurudev walks out to a tumultuous welcome. He smiles at someone, waves at another, hugs a third… The crowd converges (or tries to) to that one focal point…

It is really amazing how the embodiment of Sattwa can create such Rajas!

People reach over people’s heads, some try to crawl in between others legs – Anything to get closer to Him.

He is calm, seemingly oblivious to the chaos around Him as He gracefully navigates to His waiting car. He gets in, the car speeds off.

There are basically two types of people who will be the survivors in the aftermath of this sattwa explosion – The first who are jubilant. Faces glowing, smiles so big they could eat a banana sideways. They exclaim, maine Guruji ko dekha!! I saw Guruji!! They go home and sleep the blessed sleep of the innocent and the wonderfilled.

The others, they have a long face. They whisper and move furtively. They are upset. Guruji ne mujhe nahi dekha. Guruji didn’t look at me.

For the exact same situation – Guruji walks out of the airport. People scream in love. He nods, gestures, smiles and gets into a car and drives off. The whole episode is less than 5 minutes. Isn’t it amazing how one person is filled with a glow and another with despair?!

These people live in two different dimensions. They are light years apart. It becomes quite evident who is doing their Sadhana, Seva and Satsang and who is not!

Being with Gurudev is always a privilege, never a right. Remember that and you too will glow!

Jai Gurudeva!




Jun 11


Aghori… That word has such a connotation. Brings up images of graveyards, naked people bodies smeared with ash, black magic, atrocious sex, voodoo …

Aghori actually means the absolute opposite of all this. Ghor means frightening, terrifying – Aghor means beautiful, pleasant, delightful. Aghori is one who takes life as a wonder filled, beautiful journey. Who is unshaken by anything life can throw at him and moves along in sublime bliss.

 path in forest

This meaning has been mangled beyond recognition and the so called aghoris have no idea what they are practicing and are far removed from spirituality or enlightenment of any sort.

Animal sacrifice is part of these misguided people’s rituals. How can any God be happy if you destroy something that He Himself has created?! Would an artist bless you and appreciate you if you tore up his painting or destroyed a magnificent sculpture he has created?! To satisfy their own urge to eat meat, people make up these interpretations.

Balidan means sacrifice. Who can sacrifice? One who has Bal or strength. Great strength. The greatest sacrifice is to kill one’s own ego. That can happen only through love and surrender. To kill the animalistic tendencies whiten oneself and offer those to the Divine. Not to kill innocent animals and defile the altars.

The true aghori is one who has subjugated the beast within himself. One who is full of love and compassion. Who is surrendered to the Divine. Who is steeped in Knowledge and whose face shines with the light of inner peace. Who moves through life rejoicing in the Glory of the One, knowing there is actually no difference between the Creator, the Creation and Himself.

Jai Gurudeva!



May 31

Confused about what to do after Engineering?

I got this mail today.

I am completing my Engineering degree. I have 3 options.

1. I prepare for GATE and get into some IIT for an M.Tech and later a Ph.D

2. I have got admission in the good governance program of Sri Sri University. Should I pursue that?

3. Prepare for CAT and try for an MBA next year.

Which should I do?


My answer:

Choose option 1 if you want to go further in an academic career. You want academics to be your life, pursue 1. Do focus a lot on developing communication skills. It is very sad to see someone who really knows his subject not able to teach it and kindle passion for it in his students because of poor communication skills.

Choose option 2 if politics is your calling. You want to become a politician, an aide to a politician or want to work in or run a whistle blower NGO, then choose 2. It may even open doors for you in social entrepreneurship.

If a job or a business is what you want to do, then choose option 3. By the way, you can do an MBA from Sri Sri University this year itself. If you have not yet given CAT or some other management entrance exam, you can give the GMAT anytime. SSU simply requires a decent score. Your admissions will depend on how you fare in the Personal Interview and Written Ability Test. 

SSU Students

Personal recommendation? 

An MBA will help regardless of what you choose to do later. If you are still confused, come for the MBA at Sri Sri University. Check out the website www.srisriuniversity.edu.in 

At the very least apply and get an admission so that this option is open for you. Click here to apply!

All the very best!

Jai Gurudeva!



May 31

Games I have Enjoyed

I throughly enjoy city building games, word games and role playing games. I don’t like games that require twitch responses and first person shooters. Ok, now that I have said that, you know what my biases are. And you know if you want to continue reading 🙂

Nintendo Games

The nintendo hand helds were the first few games that I played… I still remember my first Nintendo game called Parachute, followed by octopus and then the 2 screen wonders that were Donkey Kong and Donkey kong 2. Many, many happy hours of my childhood went in playing these games. My mom (like all moms) had the utterly frustrating habit of calling me to have food, make my bed, do my homework… exactly when I was going to be breaking my high score and setting a new record. Put that game away and get into bed!!!


Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia 2 were the first games that I played on a computer… In fact whatever technology geekiness I have, I would attribute to this game. I learned to assemble PCs and tinker with the hardware just so I could play this game on a faster computer with better graphics. This was when Windows was just making an appearance and everyone who was anyone was using good old DOS.

Warcraft III

Then came this amazing game called Warcraft: Orcs v/s Humans. You could play as human or orc! They both had their stories and their points of view… Then came Warcraft 2, where the battle for Azeroth was taken to the sea and in the air. And then Warcraft 3, which introduced a new race called night elves, was in 3D and had the option of multi player online skirmishes!!


As far as mindless RPG hack and slash was concerned nothing beat Diablo and Diablo 2.

These were the games I played thru college… There was also the Age of Empires and Sid Mier’s Civilization series which were beautifully crafted games, making me say to myself just one more game, one more turn, one more level before I sleep, until sudden brightness in the room made me realise that the sun had risen! 🙂


The first ever Multi Player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) I played was Everquest. It was a fantastic game, made for hard core gamers. Dying at high levels in the game could mean loss of money and experience costing a week of playing! I smile when I think back at those days, when I actually felt fear entering a new dungeon. There were encounters in that game which would take a group of players over 7-8 hours to complete!

When I had short hair, I would get splitting headaches if my hair grew even a little long. I would go to have my hair cut like others went to see a doctor. I was already teaching Art of Living then, and I would feel some fraud saying if you did the Kriya, you would have great health. Because I did the Kriya and used to have those terrible headaches if my hair grew longer… So I decided, that I would let my hair grow, and see what would happen. I did Kriya and I used to play EQ when my head would ache to take the attention away from the headache… and it worked! After some time, as my system grew used to the longer hair, the head stopped paining and I could play EQ just to have fun! 🙂

The only other MMORPG I really enjoyed after EQ and which I still play is World of Warcraft. The good people at Blizzard took Azeroth and made it online where millions of players could play with each other and interact with each other… Since it was launched in 2004, more than 11 million people have played WoW collectively for close to 50 billion hours or approximately 6 million years which is how long humans took to evolve as a species! 🙂


Since 2004, WoW has been made MUCH easier, so more casual gamers can enjoy it as well … something that I don’t quite agree with, but it still manages to hold it’s own and is a fabulous game.

I am still waiting for the perfect MMORPG … hopefully someone makes it in my lifetime! 🙂 … Come to think about it, Life itself is quite an MMORPG, just that the penalty for death is a little too strict. You die, you have to do potty training all over again!

As gaming companies realised that many, many people like to play games, they started creating easier and easier games. So more and more people with short attention spans could play (and they could make money). This is casual gaming and it is at it’s peak now. The iPad is the epitome of casual gaming…

A quick list of games on iPad that almost anyone will enjoy:

Hay Day (I keep coming back to play this game)

W.E.L.D.E.R (a fabulous word/puzzle game)

Royal Revolt 1 and 2 (Tower defence games done really well)

Rise of Berk (City building from How to Train your Dragon)

Clumsy Ninja (Just a super cute game)

Plants v/s Zombies 1 and 2 (absolutely brilliant tower defence games)

Anthill (Super simplified Age of Empires with ants)

Banana Kong (endless Runner with high cuteness factor)

My Singing Monsters (Very well done monster collection game)

Draw Something (Unleashes your creativity in drawing)

Where is my Water? (The original was fantastic, then they screwed it up)

Collision Effect (Superb Puzzler)

Falling Stars (time pass music creator)

Infinity Blade 1, 2 and 3 (Superb graphics, nice gameplay, but cannot really advance to higher levels without cheats – Gowrishankar is God at this game)

And finally…

Hearthstone, a card fighting game based on characters from World of Warcraft … One of the absolutely best games on iPad now, even Dinesh who is as interested in gaming as I am in politics plays this one!!

There are many other games that I played, some of them utterly forgettable, others were nice for a bit and others that I may have enjoyed but just don’t remember their names 🙂

And then there is Board Gaming … but that’s a story for another time…

Jai Gurudeva!



PS Special mention for 2 more games – Jardinains which is a break out brick type clone and Torchlight which unfortunately ran only on Windows not on a Mac and was a much brighter, cuter looking clone of Diablo.


Apr 30

Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad

We had gone to Bidisha’s house for lunch when we were in Calcutta. We had this salad there and it was so utterly scrumptious that we invited ourselves for lunch again the next day, just to have it again! 🙂

A nice big watermelon, cut into medium bite sized chunks

Half a ripe and sweet pineapple,  peeled and cut into bite sized chunks

1 medium head of broccoli, steamed, dunked into cold water to allow it to remain green and cut into medium florets

7-8 sticks of asparagus, steamed and cut into 2 inch sticks

1 yellow and 1 red bell pepper, roasted or baked till slightly charred and cut into bite sized chunks

Handful of snowpeas steamed

10-15 cherry tomatoes

It tastes and looks WAY better than this photo! :)

It tastes and looks WAY better than this photo! 🙂

Prepare all of the above and chill for a few hours. Put everything in a big salad bowl. Add a packet of crumbled Feta cheese, a few tablespoons of good extra virgin olive oil, some leaves of fresh basil and salt to taste (Feta is usually quite salty, so I didn’t need any salt in my salad). Serve cold immediately with some hot toasted and buttered multi grain bread. You may sprinkle some pine nuts on it just before serving to add a slight crunch.

The dressing tends to become watery if it sits in the fridge for a little while, so really prepare this and serve right away.

BTW, this is the first time in my life I have loved watermelon! 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



Apr 10

Spiritual People in Politics?!

Spirituality is anything that enhances the spirit! Hence spirituality encompasses the sciences, commerce and arts, technology and development, health, law, culture, sports, entertainment… infact everything, including politics. Just as there is politics in spirituality, why can’t there be spirituality in politics? Politics is about taking care of the welfare and the wellbeing of people. Spirituality is politics in action; it is about caring and sharing, improving people’s standard of life and the standard of living.

India is the largest democracy in the World. Democracy is by the people, of the people and for the people. Our spiritual Gurus are the people of this country, the citizens of free India. To exhort that they should not talk about politics is undemocratic and amounts to violating the fundamental human right of freedom of speech, bestowed on each of its citizens without any bias, by the constitution of India.

Indian Tri Colour

Spiritual knowledge and spiritual practices are the essence of India. Then how is it that so many bad things are happening and the whole society and the times get tagged as bad? Do we have a dearth of good, well meaning people in this country? NO. It’s because we, the good people are not loud enough or united enough to make a difference. The sorry state that India is in is not so much because of the small number of bad people’s wrongdoings but because of the silence, the inaction and the disempowered attitude of the vast majority of good people!

By the way, Spiritual people are (also) the ones with values. If you want to silence them further or force them to stay away from social affairs, you are in effect, simply confirming your status as a person or party involved in wrongdoings. A truly pro-nation party will actively encourage spiritual people to take lead and use their influence to wake up the masses towards participatory democracy by voting and thereafter ensuring good governance post-elections.

Chanakya, the celebrated author of Arthashastra, had said.
Sukhasya mulam dharmaha
Dharmasya mulam arthaha
Arthasya mulam raajyam
Raajyasya mulam indriya nigraham ||

The basis of societal happiness (translated as Human Development Index (HDI) in today’s politically correct terminology) is values. Values flourish when economy flourishes. The basis of strong and stable economy is good governance, which in turn depends on the moral fiber of the king or the leader… And to have checks and balances on the moral fiber and fortitude of the leader (on their greed, individual egos, personal desires conflicting with national good etc), we had the spiritual gurus. To say spiritual leaders should shut up, politically amounts to saying no to checks and balances and pave the way for uncontrolled corruption, crime and communalism, short sighted policies and laws, hindrance in quick judgments… leading eventually to the degradation of the socio, political, economic, cultural and moral structure of the nation, as we see transpiring today.

There has been a special law of the land, the tradition and culture of the most ancient civilization in the world. Here, the kings have always had spiritual gurus as their advisors. Sage Vasishta and Valmiki as Gurus of Lord Rama, Chanakya for Chandragupta Maurya, Swami Samarth Ramdas for Shivaji etc. Because the Gurus were wise and learned in the ways of the world, they understood the minds and hearts of individuals and the masses, they knew the laws of Laxmi or wealth, they were up-to-date on education, health, science, statecraft, military and defence, foreign affairs… Their guidance, free from any motive of personal gains, has been invaluable to the Kings that ruled Bharatvarsha since time immemorial.

The spiritual people, as long as they are adhering to the spiritual code of conduct and not indulging in divisive messages on the basis of religion, caste or language (as some religious leaders and many politicians practice), should participate in the affairs of the nations more intimately and proactively.

So, in conclusion, how do religion, politics and spirituality fare in the social landscape of India? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar had once said, “Religious people are supposed to pray and politicians are supposed to take responsibility. I (the spiritual people) pray and take responsibility!”



Mar 28

Funny Maths!

Have been reading a book called The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets. Turns out that many of the writers of Simpsons were mathematicians and they managed to sneak enough maths into the sitcom to fill up a university degree course! They have been secretly educating (or trying very hard to) TV audiences for years thru their use of some fairly advanced maths in the serial.

This book is written by Simon Singh and kept me entertained for almost a week, and now I can’t stop telling maths jokes and some crazy facts!

Here are a few:

Q. What did the number 0 say to the number 8?

A. Nice Belt!

After the floods, Noah tells all the animals to go forth and multiply and when he came to check after a few months all the animals had indeed multiplied except for a pair of snakes…

He asked them what the problem was, and they had a request. They told Noah to cut a few trees for them. Noah did that. When he came back to check on them a few weeks later, there were many, many baby snakes… He asked them how come they needed trees chopped to multiply.

They grinned sheepishly (if snakes can do that… use your imagination here) and replied, we are adders, we need logs to multiply!!


An infinite number of mathematicians walked into a bar. The first one told the bar tender he wanted 1/2 a glass of beer. The next asked for 1/4th glass of beer, the next for 1/8th glass and so on… The bar tender looked at all of them, poured out one glass of beer and gave it to them saying quite sternly – Know your Limits!!


Jesus once remarked, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like 2x2+5x-6

Thomas asked Peter, “What’s He talking about?!”

Peter replied, “Don’t worry, it’s just one of His parabolas!!!”


Q. What’s a Polar bear?

A. A rectangular bear after a coordinate transformation.

An amazing fact: 1000000000000066600000000000001 is a prime number – It is called Belphegor’s Prime, after one of the princes of hell. It is 1 followed by 13 zeroes, followed by 666 (the Devil’s number), followed by 13 zeroes, followed by 1. Possibly the unluckiest number on the planet! 🙂

Will leave all the others for you to discover… read the book!

Jai Gurudeva!





Mar 25

Movies in March

Saw Queen. Went to see it thinking it was an English movie *blush*. Half way to the theatre realized it was a hindi one. Almost turned back, but all tickets had been booked and other friends were also on the way to see it, so went ahead.

Turned out to be a really very nice movie! Rani is a girl bought up in a fairly conservative north Indian family from Rajouri Gardens in Delhi. She has had a romance going for some time with a guy who she is on the verge of getting married to. Who, as the movie starts, suddenly does not want to marry her… and the marriage is just a day or two away.

It’s a typical north Indian marriage, with tons of relatives and friends from all over who have come to Delhi for the celebration and Rani has is utterly devastated. She simply cannot face anyone and to escape from her life that has been brutally destroyed, she decides that she will go for her honeymoon all by herself – to Europe… And so starts her adventure.


It’s an entertaining romp of a movie as Rani slowly blossoms into Queen. She learns to discern between “bad” and “good” and visibly grows as a human being. She meets the strangest of people and is faced with the most challenging of very pedestrian situations that she faces in the only way she knows, with authenticity and her own brand of integrity. Absolutely fabulous acting by Kangna Ranaut (and all the others in the cast), she carries the movie effortlessly to it’s stunning finale.

Please watch this with a big group of good friends, so you can hoot and cheer her on her very personal roller coaster ride of self-discovery…

Also watched the Lego movie. Very nice indeed. Watch out for Batman who wears only black and “very, very dark shades of grey!” …  An unexpected twist at the end lifts the movie from being another mundane cartoon to something quite sophisticated.

Lego Movie

Another superb movie we saw was About Time.

“The men in our family have this curious ability… We can go back in time! It’s not as glamourous as it sounds, we can’t go back to where we have never been… Can’t kill Hitler or shag Helen of Troy, but wherever we have been, we can go…”

about time

If you are 21 and desperately in love with a girl who looks like a Goddess AND can go back in time, then life can get pretty interesting… though not necessarily in the way you think it could be.

It has an incredible ending… One that left me with tears in my eyes though it was not even remotely tragic. Rarely a movie comes along that is so thoroughly enjoyable to watch, full of laughs and surprising little twists…  Which in two short hours or so leaves you happier and wiser and loving your own life a whole lot more! Watch it with someone you love.

Jai Gurudeva!



Feb 17

Should I copy?

Quick answer? NO!

What is an exam?

An exam is a way for you to figure out how much you know and have understood a particular subject. It is a way to match your wits against your teacher. The teacher also realises how good he has been in teaching the subject to the students. It’s a game the teacher and student play for mutual benefit – The student to find out if he knows enough to be declared an expert, the teacher to see if his teaching methods are working.


By copying in an exam you defeat the very purpose of taking the exam. You write stuff out that you have little to no idea about and get “good” marks when you shouldn’t. You get yourself certified to be an expert in a subject you don’t know and ultimately make a fool of yourself. Yes, in the short term, getting something you don’t deserve does bring some glee (Glee: Swimming in a septic tank and enjoying it!) and may give you a stronger head start in your career. But that victory will soon be for naught because you don’t know what your certificate says you know. You will be doomed to failure in whatever you are going to undertake which will require the knowledge of the subject you copied in. In some cases, your failure may not just affect you, but many others as well. This is where it can become really dangerous, because an innocent person may have to suffer the consequences of your lack of knowledge in a subject you claim expertise on.

You deny yourself the challenge and thrill of cracking a tough question… and the sure fire certainty of “knowing” that comes when you have not cheated.

Having said all this, I must admit that there were times when I copied. The very first was when I was in third grade. We were having a spelling test and the word to spell was biscuit. And I couldn’t for the life of me remember if it was biscuit or bisciut. I wrote out biscuit… It was the only spelling that I had a doubt about and was all that was between me and a perfect score. The teacher used to give out gifts to people who had perfect scores and she was a teacher I really loved. I knew there was a calendar hanging on the wall advertising Parle biscuits and I glanced up, just to check if I was right… Of course I got a 25 on 25, but I also had a guilty conscience. The teacher was giving out little trinkets to all of us who had got full marks, and when she got to me… I blurted out that I had copied and burst into tears. Very gently, she asked me what I had copied and in between sobs I told her the whole story… She smiled at my honesty and privately I think she must have giggled at my ingenuity – And she gave me a huge silver star, a christmas tree decoration that I know I still have around somewhere.

Then there was a time in college that I copied and got close to full marks in a subject I had no idea about. I copied because everyone else was copying… The teacher said we could if we wanted to, he would turn a blind eye. If he had not allowed it, I may have known more about Quantum Physics than I do now. And when I realised this, that finally I was the fool, that I had denied myself a chance to learn something wonderful. I stopped copying. I failed twice because I refused to copy. But both times, when I attempted the exam again, I was master at the subject and got medals which I am very proud of.

Yes, there were a few subterfuges and white lies that I did indulge in to get out of some subjects that I had absolutely no interest in – But those are stories for another time…

Study for Knowledge, not for marks. When you have the knowledge, the marks will come. Get an education, not just a degree… In life, marks and worthless degrees will not help. When push comes to shove, only your knowledge of your subject will bring you success.

All the very Best!

Jai Gurudeva!





Feb 15

Is Arvind Kejriwal good news? Or just paid news?!

I can say Arvind Kejriwal has been a friend of ours since quite some time. When the Anti-corruption movement in India started with the Art of Living’s initiative of the ‘March against Corruption and Terrorism’ on Parliament Street in New Delhi on 1st March 2009, we invited Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal (an RTI activist then), Darshak Hathi, Pralhad Kakkar and others to address about 10000+ youth present. Why had the News Channels in India not promoted this enough, even though every major ones were on locale?

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 4.50.29 PM

In the Nirbhaya case too, the Art of Living Youth were, as usual, the pioneers by starting protest with a silent candle light march and prayer meditation at India Gate. This is hidden from India’s populace because we never paid Indian Media to buy news. And it is on occasions like these, we were hit by the cold truth – Is there nothing but money that makes an event or a person news worthy?

It was Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji who brought Anna on the National stage (from being an anti-corruption activist in Maharashtra) and initiated the India Against Corruption Movement. We, the Art of Living youth, hugely supported Arvind during Anna’s campaign in the mobilizing of the huge rallies across the country and executing key functions.

The awareness about the Jan Lok Pal Bill began to gain momentum all over India with the active participation of the Art of Living volunteers and other civil society representatives. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar personally travelled to more than 16 states across India to address hundreds of thousands at Art of Living satsangs raising awareness about the Jan Lokpal Bill and offering holistic solutions to tackle corruption.

I dare Arvind to deny any of the above.

Back in the days of organizing the huge Delhi March against Corruption and Terrorism, we were faintly aware of the leftist and communist inclinations of Arvind Kejriwal during our interactions with him. But our spiritual training made us keep our cynicism aside and give honesty and dynamism a chance. But looks like, we were not the only ones to spot the honesty and dynamism of this man. The Congress with its acute political smartness also identified it and saw the simultaneous strong trend of Indian youth towards honesty (thanks to Congress’ reliance and indulgence on mass scale corruption plunging the country into a crisis). And so, did the unthinkable happen? Was honesty brought off for a price?! Did the Govt, with its media on sale and its policy of ‘news at a price’, blew smoke in the eyes of the aam aadmi by promoting the so-called honest crusader?

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 5.02.37 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 5.04.08 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 5.02.21 PM

On the lines of Sonia Gandhi ‘sacrificing’ her PMship, he has sacrificed his CMship now. He has gone back on every single promise given to people AND held the people themselves responsible for it. He has broken our heart and betrayed our trust at every turn. Time may reveal more.

We hoped for a revolution through Arvind Kejriwal. Now, Young India is seeing it crumbling to nothingness. Will Mother India have to suffer because of our error to give in to the strong human weakness of continuing to support lies and wrong conduct just because we called him ours once and supported him? Knowing the truth now, are we, as responsible citizens, willing to start conversations and do everything in our capacity to arrest the lie and ensure true change towards a non-coalition stable government with an experienced, strong and tested leader? I feel India deserves it and so do you. Let us Vote for a Better India…

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