Jun 30

Prama’s Tomato Sauce

A classy tomato based sauce from Prama bhabhi. Reeeeallly yummy!

Peel and remove the seeds of 1 kg of tomatoes (about 12 medium sized ones). Cut them up into medium sized chunks. Finely grate a 3 inch piece of ginger.

In a heavy bottomed vessel, melt 100 gms of butter, add a slit green chilly (optional) and add 4 teaspoons of grated jaggery and stir for a few minutes on low heat until the jaggery has more or less melted. If you have added the green chilly, remove and discard it after the jaggery has melted.

Add 3/4th the tomatoes and all the ginger to this. Cover with a lid and cook on high heat for 15 minutes or so. Now add the remaining tomatoes, reduce heat to simmer and cook for a further 20 minutes with the lid covered.

Thoroughly blend the tomatoes with a hand grinder, then cook the sauce for another 3-4 minutes. Remove from heat. The sauce will have a beautiful rich red colour and a thickish consistency.

Finally stir in the juice of 1 big freshly squeezed lemon.

Today i added fresh baby asparagus spears along with baby carrots which were thinly sliced along with some finely chopped bak choy to the sauce. Let everything cook for 10ish minutes on a slow simmer until tender. Other times, I have added fresh paneer chunks to the sauce or barely stir fried broccoli and mushrooms. Also fried tofu. The sauce is very versatile and you can add whatever you fancy and it turns out great. Just remember to add whatever it is you want and then let it simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Serve with hot rotis or toasted buttered multigrain bread.

Jai Gurudeva!



ps Who is Prama Bhabhi i hear you ask… click to read up about the Bhandaris

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35 Responses to “Prama’s Tomato Sauce”

  1. ekta says:



    THX BAU 🙂


  2. Danno says:

    it looks like the perfect recipe that whatever u do to it..it wud JUST turn out to be fine 🙂

  3. sudha says:

    Dear Sir,

    the pic looks so rich i will try it today n let u know how it is

  4. Abhijit says:

    yum yum yum yummmmyy 🙂

  5. danno says:

    u had given this recipe earlier… cheating bau,..:(..this is duplicate !!! 🙁

    • Bawa says:

      I don’t see it anywhere … in any case even if it is published a second time, its very nice isn’t it? 🙂
      Jai Gurudeva!

  6. Manchit Mahajan says:

    Hi BAWA….seems yummy..
    R u planning to come to St.Stephens for taking courses…
    Do let me know…
    It ll b my first year at stephens..

  7. Janaki says:

    this blog has been posted before with the recipe i think ;.))

  8. Anshika says:

    My God! How much you learnt at the Bhandaris’ place ! WOw!

  9. Rohit says:

    hey bau….
    the dish looks super duper yummmyyyy…….
    bau, u had promised to teach simple and easy to make recipies in Vashi(mumbai) DSN….
    when r u putting them here????

  10. danno says:

    yes its v nice….. but u had posted it earlier also ..see d dates of the first 3 posts…
    anyways can u pls pls write abt how u and dinesh bhaiaya came together…i knw hez ur student… pls bau it wud be a nice thing to read abt…wud love to knw abt it

  11. danno says:

    not posts…i meant comments

  12. sahana says:

    bau 🙁 post a real post. enough of recipes

    • Bawa says:

      Hey! i am pretty proud of these recipes … they are every bit “real” as all other posts! 🙂

      • Monica Tiwari says:

        I’m with Sahana… I just look at the pics of the dish when it is made, and then two minutes after it is made (which usually comprises of an empty plate) 😉
        It’s nice but other posts are nicer.

  13. ekta says:


    Awesome recipe

    Thx Bau!!!!!!!!

    🙂 ekta

  14. Jay says:

    bau the dish has turned out awesomely well!! I practically cleaned the bowl with a multigrain bread. I know this might sound gross but I really enjoyed it 😀
    Jai gurudev

  15. Jay says:

    hey bau,
    whenever I post a comment here it says its flagged by the spam filtering s/w 🙁
    please fix if there is a glitch

  16. Itini says:

    Blog keeps you with Us Bau and Dinesh Bhaiya when you are not physically with us!

    Jai Gurudev!

  17. SK says:

    Everyday , for the past 4 days…i log in and see Prama’s Tomoto sause !!!


  18. Anshika says:

    Prama’s tomato sauce : Read the recipe, prepared it for mydelf..told others also to do the same and now there is nothing left! Just a ray of hope for a new post 😛

  19. Juhi says:

    no upadates nothing.. delicious sauce though

  20. gurpriya... says:

    bau… new post plz.. no more patience.. its been five dayss…

  21. Monica Tiwari says:

    New post ! New post !
    I have had enough of the ‘Prama’s tomato sauce’ (with due respects). Missing your posts very much Bau !!
    jgd 😀


  22. Swati says:

    I made tomato sauce.. now what next? 🙂

  23. Hey Bawa,

    Ya what next after the sauce!?

    I am thinking of starting a signature campaign to make you write : )

    People keep leaving comments till we have a new fantastic post here!!

    Miss it so much! : ) And btw happy Guru Poornima. I read last year’s Guruji’s message on your blog !

  24. Brajesh says:

    Bawa Bhaiya,

    Missing your post so much,
    No post for Guru Purnima day, please post soon.

    And a Very happy Guru Purnima

  25. tanu says:

    happy gurupoornima bawa and dinesh bhaiya 🙂 !!

    the image of this sauce is now embedded in my memory, having checked the blog every few hours for a week now 😉 waiting for a mindblowing gurupoornima post 🙂 🙂

    big saucepans full of love

  26. shreya says:

    JGD. Today on Guru Poornima, we are really expecting a nice surprise post from you. Happy Guru Poornima 🙂

  27. Tarun says:


    Jgd Bawa, i didn’t know wher to put this, So i posted it here.

    Anywayz, wid the dish i m sure u ll work somethin veg out of it.

  28. Abhilasha says:

    Bau, always wanted to try your recipes but found them to be complicated. I tried this one and my friends called it the “Chinese sweet n sour” vegetable..i take it as a compliment:) (though there was nothing chinese about it). I added fried Broccoli,carrots,capsicum…it came out really well, Thanks!


  29. Shilpa Rau says:

    Bauuuu ur my savior, thanks to this recipe il survive another day in kitchen…signing off with tears of gratitude 🙂 sob sob

  30. Amit Agrawal says:

    amazing…..i made it…it was too yummy……..

  31. pratibha says:

    dont print this comment on, Bau! someone there calls you Bawa Bhaiyya! :):)

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