Mar 24

Quickie QnA

Q. Below is 76th page of Guruji’s book Celebrating Silence.

With whom do you really feel comfortable and at ease?

You feel comfortable with someone who does not question your love, someone who takes for granted that you love them. If someone doubts your love and you constantly have to prove it, this becomes a heavy burden on you.When someone doubts you love, they start questioning you and demanding explanations for all your actions. Explaining everything you do is a burden. Your nature is to shed burdens, so when your love is questioned, you do not feel comfortable.

When you question the reason behind an action, you are asking for justice for yourself and you create  a distance.Your whole intention is to come close, but asking for justice creates  a distance.When someone asks for explanation they are speaking from doership and are imposing that doership on you. This brings discomfort.

If someone is just there with you, a part of you, they do not question you. They are like your arm. There is a thorough understanding and questions do not arise. Neither demand an explanation or give an explanation.

You are a witness to all your actions. You are as much a stranger to your own actions as you are to someone else’s actions. You are the eternal witness.

Based on this i have a doubt. Does this mean that when anyone asks us why we did something we need not give any explanation or answer?

A. There are many levels of Being. If someone and you exist on the level that Guruji is talking about, they are not even going to ask you a question. But if your boss/girl friend/wife/student etc are asking you some question or for an explanation, then please give it… Like right now i am answering you 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



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9 Responses to “Quickie QnA”

  1. Dimple says:

    Dear Bawa, Dinesh Bhaiyya and Guruji,

    Request you to please bestow upon me peace. I have had unrest of mind and heart past 13years now. Peace and happiness is what I seek.

  2. Abhinav says:

    If during a day, 10 people( non AOLians ) ask me whether why I’ve joined AOL and why I follow Guruji…and they put many more more questions and make fun of me. Then what should i do? Answer them patiently one by one??

  3. himanshu says:

    celebrating silence is jus amazing…..helpful in evry situation of life 🙂
    jai gurudev….

  4. varun goel says:

    jai gurudev..

    it is so true…everyone always told me that aol is this or that…but i listened to it quietly, and now after 3 months they are asking me about the course!! we just have to be patient. reply to some questions and comments, laugh off others while laugh harder and totally ignore others.
    they also tell me that i am too much involved in aol… never understood what is too much involvement…:P and specially because i havent even done the silence course yet!!

    the thing is bau that i talk a lot about aol, because i find it great and awesome!! and people question that a lot.. i am confused that why should i lower my interest for something that i like so much?
    what is the problem with liking aol?
    should i actually lower my excitedness and eagerness for aol and not talk about it to everyone?

    • Bawa says:

      No problem at all … but we happy people can become a little insensitive. Just watch out for that and you wil be fine.
      There are times when you need to be utterly gung ho about Art of Living and other times when you have to rein in your enthusiasm for the sake of others.They simply cannot understand what you are going on and on about 🙂
      Jai Gurudeva!

  5. Hamsa says:

    jgd, another lovely KS and QnA. thank

  6. Sumeet says:

    Thanks Bawa.
    Reading this, I now realize why my wife has problems in communicating with me. I had given so much thought to it as to why our communication is not great and she is not comfortable – reading this, i now understand. I just hope I can remember this all life now.

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