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On a different vein… This article is quite opinionated, but then i am a pretty opinionated person πŸ™‚ Read and tell me if you guys would like to read more stuff like this… once in while only please πŸ™‚

It has been more than 60 years that our great nation has got independence from the tyrannical British rule. It had been a very long struggle, lots of blood was spilt, many, many tears shed. At least one disastrous decision made…

Unfortunately our political leaders have over the past decade especially been making ever more pathetic decisions, not thinking for the country or its peoples for even a moment, only for themselves, and their mad race to come to power or remain in power…

Today I am going to talk about just one issue, the policy of reservations based on Caste especially in educational institutions. I am a product of IIT Bombay. I got in there on merit, and got out of there on Grace (but that’s another story πŸ™‚ ). By any standards, its a tough, grueling, competitive course… The best of the best of the best pit their intellect and the big problem is that someone will come last, get a D, or even an F.

This is possibly the first time in their entire educational career, that any of these students have got anything less than top grades. When you add to this equation the raging hormones, things can get truly comic or tragic depending on your point of view…
A Lot of them cannot handle it, and take to boozing, smoking or drugs.

Or they get unduly violent or utterly depressed. And every year some student will take the drastic step of committing suicide… Leaving behind a wake of guilt, remorse and anger in his friends… But, there is also the solace that everyone finds in each other, coz they all realize they are all sailing in very much the same boat, and lifelong friendships are forged here… And it is these that keep you going, these that truly support you in your down time…

In passing, please realize that I am not criticizing the IIT system here… It is how it is and anyone walking into an IIT has already gone through super tough competition just to get there… I would add here that inspite of all this, I wouldn’t swap my years in IIT for anything, that this was where I truly blossomed, and came into my own… Of course this was largely helped along by the Wisdom and techniques of the Art of Living courses I had taken.

Now, I hear that IITs will have reservations for students of the minorities. We have to give them a chance to better education, blah de blah… Now please place yourself in the shoes of some student from the minority community who has got into IIT, not on merit, but because he was born into a particular family.

He is not the most intelligent person on the campus, otherwise he would be there on merit. So, here is a kid, utterly innocent feeling great that he is in IIT… This feeling I guarantee will last a week not more. Before the reality of the competition he faces there hits him. At this point he realizes, there is simply no way he will be able to cope. A person who has not got in there on merit cannot hope to compete with the best brains in the country.

Now, this very same person, do you think he is going to have friends there? He will be looked down on, shunned even… Where will he go and who will he turn to? What face will he have to show his parents back home? Those years will leave him scarred and angry for life! Is this really the golden chance our dear government want to bestow on these kids?!

What about Reservations in medical colleges? Becoming a doctor is extremely tough work! It’s a hideously difficult course… A person who has studied in the vernacular medium has almost no chance. Yet there he is plopped in because of the reservation. There is talk that these kids will need a lesser qualifying percentage to pass than those who got in on merit… Would anyone actually go to a doctor like that? Would any of our political leaders even allow themselves to be examined by a doctor from a minority?!

Recently I even heard of a ludicrous bill that would ensure that 50% of the professors in IIT would have to be from the minority or backward classes… To teach in IIT you need a Ph.d! Would you still consider a person holding a Ph.d backward?!! Or would you relax that rule too and say that if that person is from a minority community, he should be allowed to teach in IIT with just 50% marks in SSC?! (if some politician is reading this, its not an idea, its sarcasm and a joke!)

Even given the present system, there are questions that pop up… Which all politicians have just calmly swept under the carpet… Here is a fundamental question… Is the policy of reservation for poor people? To improve their lot? Or for something else?!

What if a person who is from a minority community is actually from a very rich family?Β  Should they also be eligible for the reservation quota? How about a child from the majority community (say the son of a coolie or a rickshaw puller) who from an extremely poor family? Should he be eligible to apply for that reserved quota seat?

Finally, how about the places where Hindus are a minority, like Nagaland, Mizoram or Kashmir? Would the children of the β€œminority” community there be eligible for reservation quotas?!

No satisfactory answer is forthcoming… Other than, if we do this the minorities will vote for us! Who cares if their children commit suicide?! Who cares that by doing this they are not empowered?! Who cares that these minorities inspite of all reservations will continue to be in their state of pathetic existence?!

Who cares that we may have deprived thousands of deserving children of quality education simply because they had the misfortune of being born in the majority community?! For me to get the vote all they need is to appeased!

One of the main reasons why politicians do this and can get away with it… Is that the majority community DOESN’T VOTE!!!

This year get out there and VOTE! Your voice counts… And when you do vote, vote out the present Government… As Robin Williams once said: Politicians are like diapers, both need to be changed and usually for the same reason! πŸ™‚

More such articles to follow πŸ™‚

Jai Gurudeva!

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82 Responses to “Reservations”

  1. Jeet says:

    Bau, I would really like such posts… It inspires me to make sure more & more ppl vote…. I really want current Govt. to go…

  2. Sanjay says:

    I wonder if someone in power would really do something sane about it

    JGD & love

  3. Chirag says:

    Jai Gurudev Bawa.
    I cent percent agree to what you say regarding reservation and quota system prevailing only in this country thanks to the crooked politicans.

    Dont they know that finally, whatever they do, no matter how much power they will wield and no matter how much money they will stock, they too shall end up in grave?

    What can be done as a mass movement to teach these crooks a lesson they dont forget all their life?

    I agree that we all have to vote a different government this time BUT, the new government too has its own secret agendas in mind to divide this country and rule.

  4. Aditi says:

    this is exactly what i feel regarding this whole reservation thing!!!
    my brother is a doctor and he has seen this with his own eyes, when a politician comes to get himself checked- the first thing he makes sure is that the doctor checking him is not from the reserved category, though that politician might hail from the same minority section and even be a speaker at the forefront to get more reservations in the education system!!!
    they really have to be thrown out right away!!!!

  5. JGD Bawa,

    I am back with my comments after a long silence

    Yes I agree that, reservation for minority is completely wrong and it should be removed. After independence, this system was introduced only for few initial years. Somehow, it sustains for 60+ years !!

    I also agree that for such person, it will be difficult to cope up with competition at IIT.

    However I disagree to your statement β€œMedical is such a difficult course that A person who has studied in the vernacular medium has no chance.” Yes, we must not have reservation system. At the same time, we individuals should not underestimate any person’s capability based on cast, background, language etc. We seen the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”

    Yes, we must vote. Guruji insisted it many times. Change is always good. However it does not mean that we should develop a common opinion against the current ruling party with help of new media (blog)

    As per my opinion, we must cast our vote. Whom to vote, is individual choice. There is no any guarantee that new government will discontinue support for Reservation System. More important is stand up and speak out all together whatever is inappropriate, including reservation system, regardless of who is the ruling party. We the people and media need to wake up now. And off course casting your vote is first step towards it.

    I am glad that now spiritual leader like Guruji is also insisting all to caste the vote, and AoL is promoting this message. Whom to vote is let be individual choice. Once Guruji replied in Satsang about whom to vote. If one believes that in election all candidates are bad then choose someone who is less bed πŸ™‚

    Yes, My opinion, we should have such articles on this blog and let the healthy discussion among the us.


    • khurshed says:

      In France, all studies are in French, in Germany, all studies are in German, In Japan or China, all studies are in japanese or chinese… the kids there dont study 12 years in their vernacular language and then suddenly need to graduate in english… When i say, that after studying in the vernacular these kids stand no chance against someone who has studied all his life in english, i am not undermining anyones intelligence, just stating a fact, that after studying for 12 years in one language, to be expected to study further in another language is just cruelty!
      There really needs to be a solution to this, which of course is not forthcoming from anyone in power right now…
      Jai Gurudeva!

  6. Jay says:

    I really would like to see more of these posts from you Bau. Observed from a very fair angle and completely un-bias. I really want the current lot of rulers out of the house of power. The way they simply exploit the lower classes for their votes is hideous. We surely need better leaders who are strong enough to run the nation. (Why not you Bau!!!)

  7. sudha says:

    I totally agree with u sir.
    nice post

  8. Deepak says:

    Great !!! We need such posts to charge the youth !!

    The system needs to be changed. You mentioned it very nicely the problems what we have. And I think we are the one who needs to take more proactiveness and swipe the politicians rather their durty thoughts away from our system. Why they are doing is clear… its just a vote bank…. If the student is capable and not able to pay the higher feess there shd be the reservations comes. India is known to produce the BEST of the BEST …. and IIT has great role to play in this. If we are going to have students who doesnt have teh capability and more on this to have teachers with no capability handle the intelect of the smart students….. we will not going to gain anything out of this. With this minor minor…. all who are major their going to go suffer.

    How we (AOL) can cotribute to transform this?

    Lots of luv

  9. Jyuthika says:

    Yep.. Surely in agreement with whatever you have mentioned. More posts regarding such issues will be welcomed πŸ™‚

    I am myself against reservation’s!! The reasons, best brains are left somewhere waiting in the line, while the people knowing little more or less are accepted way ahead just because they belong to the minority or the reservation category!! This isnt in education system but everywhere now-a-days,… n it feels pathetic.

    I myself lost a BDS seat just because the candidate in front of me belonged to reservation category!!!!

    Moreover as you said, its somewhat different these days, as the rich people are getting richer and poor more poorer, and if a person who is brilliant belongs to a poorer family, then it is his fault I suppose cause RESERVATIONS RULE!!! Even with the teachers, same is applied, if the teacher is efficient in his/her work having excellent qualifications, then only should be considered for teaching in any esteemed or ivy institutes or any other institute, and not just he/she belongs to a reservation category. Its just W-A-S-T-E and the future will be mere PATHETIC!!!

    I am being loud here, but couldnt stand the concept of reservations ANYWHERE!! πŸ™‚

    Keep smiling.. πŸ™‚

    Jai Gurudeva!! πŸ™‚

  10. jaideep says:

    these kind of articles are good.once in a while :).

    now the whole issue can be dealt in this way.
    We need an education system which teaches value based education. So who better then AOL right!
    by this way the kids who are been trained on values and courses like YES+,YES and Art excel will definetely give a stiff competetion to the most brainiest student on the planet.:)
    So govt will be forced to open many IIT’s and IIM’s.
    So say a ocean of geniuses :).

    So it is high time we get AOl to these kids too.
    What do you say about that bau?

    i am with you current government must go.


  11. Vijay says:

    Very true Bau.

    No one has really looked at this whole archaic way of reservation with a holistic view. It may actually be detrimental and discourage people from looking at meritorious ways to success.

    It is an unfortunate situation as here most people don’t cast their vote but vote their caste.

    Loved the Robin Williams comment, ha ha πŸ™‚

  12. Siddharth says:

    Your articles are an inspiration! Continue inspiring us…

  13. Mohan says:

    Good Post. Keep on writing such stuff to inspire people to vote.



  14. srikanth says:

    Bau ,, more o these please ,, and also we need to get these down to our own blogs as well

  15. Anshika says:

    Amazing !
    I completely agree with this opinion !
    There is just no use of people with half degrees ! I mean incomplete knowledge πŸ™‚
    ‘No knowledge is better than half knowledge’
    Jai Gurudeva !

  16. kulpreeth says:

    very true bawa…..there are friends of mine who have got admission into iit just because they were a minority( even though they were not that deserving )…..i felt soo bad that some of my deserving friends did not clear….i surely will vote as soon as i am eligible to ……

  17. mukta says:

    most of the people will agree with u.
    in fact i have seen people who can have the advantage of reservations but they are against it………….
    i think if suddenly we say that drastic change will take place then a lot of stress will be developed in the society…..

    so better way is that we should remove it step by step….this way they will be ready to face the change……….

    but whole thing comes and stops at who wiill do it???

    anyways loved the unexpected post as it was not thursday or monday to find u here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. preet says:

    Jai Gurudev

    I dislike the idea of publicly telling people whom to vote for or not to vote for. For your information the present govt in Karnataka is worst. Absolutely no progress. All the infrastructure works are still on hold or very very slow. Roads are still pathetic. I dont see progress at all. The so-called chief minister is spending our hard earned tax money by flying in helicopter from home to Vidhan Sabha!!! Absolute waste.
    I dont think the situation would be different in the central if they come to power. When we tell people to vote for some1 thwen we should also promise or assure that things will be better. But for the condition to worsen we dont have to broadcast so much.
    ATleast the current central governments finance policies and the minister himself are too good.

  19. S.Karthikeyan says:

    Though many people are aware of the Reservation politics, most prefer not to raise thier voice against it for the fear of being branded anti-downtrodeen, more so in Tamilnadu.Hats off to you for the bold step.
    No politician ever bothers about the quality of education at the Government run schools.Only by offering the quality education in Govt. Schools, same like that in the elite schools of big cities, need for Reservation can be minimised. This does not seem to happen in the near future.
    Reservation on the basis of economic condition is the correct way of identifying those, who really need it. Most politicians and people do not agree with this, since they have their own vested interests.

  20. Ajay Sethi says:

    Great Bau.
    Keep posting the similar stuff.

    Jai Gurudev

  21. Vishal says:

    Too good .. just loved the way you put ot ..

    I just hate reservations … hate it hate it hate it ..

    am forwarding this post to all my friends on my friend list ..

    Jai gurudev!

  22. Archith says:

    Its ironic that while Sri Sri preaches love for all of humanity and hope, some of the posts here of ardent followers seem to be brimming with ‘us versus them’ mentality and are pessimistic in the outlook.
    And please leave the headache of whom to vote for to individual judgement.

  23. Deepak says:

    JaiGuruDev ! . . . . Bawa , its really great that you are bringing these social concerning issues to light.
    In my opinion this idea of uplifting people of so called ‘backward classes’ (we all are one just some are more fortunate) through reservations is Farce , reactionary and divisive.
    And for these people whose profession is politics(for Loot) who run the wheels of democracy on the rails of sentiments this reservation issue works well to create vote banks in the semi literate society ( Macaulay Education system) with feudal mindset. In my view being against or for reservation just aid these corrupt power-hungry politicians by polarizing the society and creating vote banks.
    I believe solution lies in creating equitable education system as Kennedy rightly said,” There can’t be equality but there can be equality of opportunity.”
    JaiGuruDev !

  24. tulika says:

    Jai GURUDEV!!
    BAU, please write more on such topics, its really inspiring. i had faced this problem of reservation when i appeared for for PMT’S 3yrs back.. people in minority who top the competative exam’s come in the general category..
    even i want the present goverment to change, using JAI HO!is not about peaceful India,increased poverty, corruption and ofcourse ,reservation for minority…
    i have coe across so many people eho are preparing for IIT or medical exams sayin “being part of general category is a crime in India…..
    i will surely vote this time and tell others not to use their voter id just as identification proof but use it for better devlopment of the nation.

  25. Deepak says:

    JaiGuruDev ! Bawa , its really great that you are bringing these social concerning issues to light.
    In my opinion this idea of uplifting people of so called ‘backward classes’ (we all are one just some are more fortunate) through reservations is Farce , reactionary and divisive.
    And for these people whose profession is politics(for Loot) who run the wheels of democracy on the rails of sentiments this reservation issue works well to create vote banks in the semi literate society ( Macaulay Education system) with feudal mindset. In my view being against or for reservation just aid these corrupt power-hungry politicians by polarizing the society and creating vote banks.
    I believe solution lies in creating equitable education system as Kennedy rightly said,” There can’t be equality but there can be equality of opportunity.”
    JaiGuruDev !

  26. Sriram says:

    I don’t get it! Reservations in the India is definitely a divisive topic and more so because it focusses on division of society in general. Division into upper caste and lower caste – maybe even upper class and lower class and somewhere in the middle “the middle class”.

    I don’t get it when the theme of your post says – reservations is bad! I have seen with my own eyes, the benefits of reservation and the cause of where it originated from. Several of my friends who would not have been able to make a good life economically for themselves, if it was not for reservation. Many are in Government jobs and to my knowledge do their jobs honestly and and with dedication that may shame many others. But it is important to note that they got the job because of reservation.

    I agree some level of inteeligence is to be used when implementing the concept and that the concept itself has become a tool to gain political edge – but the concept itself – I have no qualms with the concept as it is.

    Also – it is an incoorect concept that children studying in vernacular medium come from the lower castes – this is absolutely not true!!!

    Please keep the posts coming – once in a while … I think its a healthy discussion.


    • khurshed says:

      i never said that children studying in vernacular medium are from lower castes/classes .. all i said was that it would be incredibly tough on them to suddenly switch to english as a medium of instruction and communication for their graduate and post graduate work and that this needs to be addressed!
      As far as reservations being good is concerned, answer the questions that i have posed in the post πŸ™‚

  27. Saurabh says:

    I dont completely agree with you ( I am not from the Minority or From the Backward Class) This country does need reservation, the point is where, I agree with the part that IIM’s, AIIMS and IIT’s are not the place, but reservation must be made available to students from the Backward classes( excluding the Creamy Layer), as how else will they progress in life, education will give them a backing so that they can be financially independent and give their family a better living standards.
    And about voting the current government out, what makes you feel that the NDA shall not do the same, they did not oppose the reservation bill and if the UPA divided us on Cast the NDA shall on Religion.

  28. Suresh Iyer says:

    You spelled out a list of problems. What about the solutions ?
    Backward castes have been oppressed for centuries. What is your solution of affirmative action ? Being oppressed for ages, it would take some time for their confidence to come up ( as you have posted) . And we still havent been able to bring back their confidence in 50 years.

    Votiing against the current govt is no solution because the BJP hasnt done much on the other hand to creatively solve the issue.

  29. Harsh says:

    Hi Bawa,
    I really loved this post. I’ve always felt strongly about reservations and you’ve put most of my feelings into beautiful words!
    The question I’d like to ask is, what can we do about it? How do we ensure that future generations do not have to face these issues again?
    I remember that when someone actually tried to change (reduce) reservations a few years back, there were riots in all parts of Mumbai. How does one deal with such situations where people react violently if a necessary change is being introduced!

  30. Suparna says:

    I don’t know about the other IITs, but in IIT-K, all students entering through the reservation quota (as well as foreign nationals)are required to sit for another test, failing which they are enrolled into a slow-paced programme.hence the problems of fitting in or coping with the system are much less.

    If good quality education could be imparted to one and all, right from the start, then many in the “minorities” could secure entry in the IIts etc on the basis of merit. The biggest difference between our country and the west, is that in the west education is given topmost priority. one should see the free government schools here, to believe how seriously they take it.

    Honestly I don’t expect politicians to solve any of this. this is a country where, if you refuse to cough up money for the birthday bash of the “queen” you are tortured and killed. Which right thinking, educated, honest individual seriously considers politics as a career here? Good politicians are 1 in a million. and their hands too are tied by the system and the party policies. That doesn’t mean you don’t vote. Definitely one needs to exercise one’s right, and as far as possible choose the lesser of the 2 evils.

    But what is really required is a mass movement, involving everyone…the youth, the corporates, the religious leaders, the humanitarian orgs. Our country has spent the past 60 years in blaming the govt. 60 years is a lot of time people!! when are we going to wake up???

  31. Ramakrishnan says:

    Good post..its high time..Politicians should stop making policies just to attract the vote bank..

    Regarding some of the states in India..students are not getting opportunities to learn Hindi which is a national language..again it is b’cos of poor old policies..When they move to other states for higher studies and work…they find it difficult to survive…

    Same is the case with English too..Everything is getting global..So English is must..I feel students in rural areas should be taught English even if it is not part of curriculum..

    Think globally..Act locally..:-)

  32. Prashant says:

    I completely share your concerns on reservation but when it comes to election, I’m dismayed at the lack of alternatives. The current government is no good, but the other options are no better either.


  33. Aditya says:

    In response to comment#5: “… it does not mean that we should develop a common opinion against the current ruling party with help of new media (blog) …”

    I think expressing ideas through blogs is great idea. If you think differently, you feel free to write about them in your blog. Spread the awareness, just don’t be passive πŸ™‚

  34. anirudh says:

    i share the concerns that you have against the reservation system, and would like to add that the result of the reservation is not just to create a vote bank but it also has alternate consequences.
    Most importantly, its a divide and rule policy… the entire concept is to create an “us vs them” atmosphere in the higher education areas. In cities where youth take active participation in on campus politics, like calcutta (e.g. presidency, Jadavpur University etc.), there will be another distinct group of minorities that will exist and have considerable power (maybe even more than the majority). This would lead to lesser tolerance to others and greater stress, violence etc.

    Secondly, the institutes that will be more badly affected are the lesser ones and not really the IITs. This is because in an IIT, even in the reserved quota there will be competition of a different level and the best of the rest will get through and more often than not they will cope… The problem will be in lesser institutes where people will get through on certificates of birth rather than certificates of merit, the overall quality of education will be hampered.

    By the way, have you heard the JAI Ho campaign of the Congress for this election (it runs regularly on the radio here). Would love to know your views on that one πŸ™‚

  35. ananya says:

    Brilliant!!! I completely agree..

  36. Juhi says:

    Dear Bawa,

    I totally agree with you. I feel reservation is unnecessary and should be removed form the education and other systems. I know how it feels to have lost the seat to some one just because they have reservation.
    On the other hand we should have additional support systems to people with learning disabilities as well as financial crises.This way the people in real need will be helped.

    We do require more posts like these as they bring awareness and a sense of responsibility in me (and others). It makes me wonder as to how I can be a catalyst in bringing about positive change.

    Also it would be great to have statistics related to such topics so as to we can compare and evaluate for future references and planning.

    And about the language.. Currently studying in London I am grateful that I have been educated in English (and that also makes it easy for me to write this blog) but that doesn’t mean anywhere that I am not proud of my languages Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit etcetc. I feel that language as a source of communication is should be easy and clear to understand. depending on the place and purpose should be changed and adapted. And if the person chooses to study a particular course then he should be willing to learn or have already learnt the language that it is taught in.

    I feel we should take responsibility by voting for the right people (if there are any and if not encourage people with right focus to join politics) and also spread awareness by going to the grass root levels ( which we has already begun thanks to Guruji)

    Jai gurudev

  37. komal says:

    Dear Bau,
    i totally agree with you that reservation is a huge problem and is totally unnecessary in a country like ours. it is purely and only vote bavnk politics on the part of the present government. All empowered citizens should act and vote out the present government well we hope a better government comes to power in India soon. And at the rate at which the politicos are appeasing the so called minorities, the present majorities may beecome minority community soon and the politicians are making use use of the fact and also misinterpreting the caste system, first, the politicians should spiritually educate themselves and learn the ideals of the philosophy of the Vedas on which our great and rich traditions we made ( for this, i would reccomend that all of them should go thru an aol course so that they learn how to work for the nation rather than just being selfish and making money for themselves…). And the government is only inculcating one particular religious minority what about the others?? would like to see more articles like these on your blog once in a while….and we are indeed blessed that spiritual leaders like Guruji are in our midst and making a difference…. JGD….

  38. Monica Tiwari says:

    Greatt. This is a great article, and I totally agree with it.
    Reservations must be made, for those who are poor, down-trodden.
    Even the people of the minority, who are well-to-do take it as an offence that they belong to the minority and try to hide it.

    What sort of an irrational, selfish decision is this ! It embarasses some, kills some, angers many, causes violence, and creates more distances and problems in our already suffering caste-system !

  39. rukmani says:

    it was a very inspiring note from you….
    i am sure it will urge many people to vote this time…

    i would love such posts
    jai gurudev

  40. Sabin Sathian says:

    Hi bawa,
    Agree? Yes and No!! Yes the reservation system will not reach anywhere. But if to go out and cast the vote? then to whom?
    Congress? – Corrupted to the core
    Left front? – who never allows any development/full of criminals
    BJP? – Who is their leader again?
    I used to be a supporter of BJP in those days when they had a vision and courage and a string of levels of leaders – ABVP, Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Pramod M, Uma B,…………………………
    When Narendra Modi is doing so good, other BJP leaders in the centre are scared – (will this guy take my place tomorrow? hmm… cant really encourage his policies…….)

    Then you know reservations for minority has some good points. It will help to keep them seperate (and as minorities) forever. When they are given reservations starting from primary schools, all the way to IITs and to offices as high as parliment/civil services and corporates (as suggested recently) they will never be able to come out of their shells. They will be treated by majorities as minorities – reminded every now and then, and they themselves will realise they are different from others. They will be treated as if they are HIV+s. If they remove all the reservations then there would be no further difference bt them and the rest right? And gradually everyone will forget about the differences and treat every Indian as brothers. Nobody wants that right? So let their be reservations. Let us be proud that we had a president from a community which had a strength of just 13%, a catholic Queen from Italy (strength in india – 6%). Let us be proud of our Gujjars who fight to be treated as lower class. Let us be proud of our congress leader who are so big hearted to give anything and everything to other religions.
    And finally dont worry, we can soon start applying for minority reservations. In the last decade (From 1991 to 2001) Hindu population grew at 20% Muslims population grew at 36%. So the day when Hindus will be a minority in India is not that far off. And once Hindus become minority it wont be long before Hinduism is wiped off from the face of earth.
    In 1947 there were 15-20% Hindus in Pakistan, today 1.6% !!!!
    In 1947 there were 9% of Muslims in India today 13.4%

    Jai Ho!!!!

    Just to add a point: couple of days back there was a news in The Hindu – A hindu family was abducted and murdered in Pakistan.
    Never saw it ANYWHERE else – neither visual media nor any other news paper.

  41. amita says:

    Just read the trail of responses …. and even they seem to be divided ….
    I could not find anywhere in your article that you have asked people to vote for the BJP … you just said that vote out the current govt πŸ™‚ and that necessarily does not mean vote for BJP . If there is good independent candidate then vote for him
    some people generally get very aggressive/defensive when sum 1 talks abt religion/caste , really dont know why ??
    however good the diapper is it NEEDS TO BE CHANGED πŸ™‚
    Please keep posting such articles , Its time to Jaago ree from our deep slumber and narrow minded Vision .

  42. bharat says:

    its a good message,
    for sure it will make many to reconsider their decision of not to vote,
    nice one, i will pass it on to as many as i can….

  43. Sabin says:

    Somebody once said: Dont give food to the needy, teach them how to earn their bread. (or in other words ‘dont give them result, give them method) coz you simply cant feed somebody everyday of HIS life. (what will happen when you die, who will feed them further?)
    2. Give free and excellent quality primary education to minorities.
    It wont cost even half of what is being spend on them. But from there on they should prove their worth- get into college, higher studies and jobs on their merit. If you get 10 (or 12) years of free education and still if you cant reach where others are then are you really worthy to be an IITian? So the solution is not giving further reservations all the way to thier coffins, but to improve the quality of primary education given to minorities. Make schools of international quality and get excellent teachers and other teaching tools in schools for minorities and put a full-stop after that. So they know that is going to be all that comes for free from government, if i need to go further, i better utilize those schools years to the max. With the current system, they know they can get into IITs, government jobs and even promotions, just coz they are minority then do you think they will EVER work hard.

    # Suresh Iyer says:
    March 18th, 2009 at 10:02 pm
    Backward castes have been oppressed for centuries…
    Comment: Not just backward caste: every Indians were oppressed till 1947.
    And we still havent been able to bring back their confidence in 50 years.
    Comment: ‘we’? 50 years india was ruled by Congress party and if they cant bring the confidence with all those reservations and special treatments, they obviously there is some problem in that right? Do you want give a chance to congress party for 50 more years before you decide they are not going to solve any problems?
    And finally congress calls themselves ‘secular’.
    “Secularism is an assertion or belief that religious issues should not be the basis of politics”
    And every breath congress party speak of reservations to minorities based on caste and religion. Do YOU THINK congress is secular party?

  44. Shruti says:

    Dear Bau,

    Jai Gurudeva! πŸ™‚

    Its a wonderful post. πŸ™‚
    i would love if you would write such articles..

    thanks a lot.

    Love you..

    .. Shruti

  45. shambhavi says:

    jgd bawa..

    this post is really inspiring and i should let you know that my neighbor is a so-called BC and they are far better off financially than us(needless to say we’re from the so-called fwd caste)! reservations did work once upon a time when it really concerned bringing up the oppressed. but now we’ve reached a situation where there’s no bc/mbc or fc… except for the certificate that one holds. why can’t they just throw of the certificate and have some self-respect to open their mouths and say “we’ve got brains and we can compete too!” why can they just do it.. off late i’ve started resenting the so called backwards, who just flaunt their certificates and manage to get their seats! they just don’t have to work a wee bit. i’ll surely cast my vote this time.

  46. Vikrant says:

    It’s amazing to see people still support for Congress (Nehru-Gandhi family) who have been eating India’s spirit since independence.
    Our great history has been changed (remember what we learnt: Aryans came to India and then came the Vedas – rubbish). People have been divided on the basis of religion and Hindus on the basis of caste.
    The concept of Hinduism itself has been maligned and misinterpreted (i don’t know if it was done with a purpose) and even after that, people want to see Sonia or rahul as PM.

    In stead of giving primary education, we have reservations for Masters and also for Phd(amazing).

    I feel bad that after this post, people still want to argue with bawa and defend the congress led government.

    So much to write…may be on my own blog.

  47. vishal says:

    dear bau and dinesh,
    excellent post, its very inspiring. you have made people think and re think about current situation in our country and to cast VOTE.
    liked the post , we want more of such kind.

  48. Jaimin says:

    The reservation system is ludicrous in its own face. Think about this:

    Why would reservations exist? To give opportunities to the underprivileged. Underprivileged are those who are denied opportunities. Are the “reserved” categories of people denied educational opportunities at least in these premier institutions? Are we cutting 5 % of their entrance test marks just because they hail from a particular community?

    Places like IITs are actually known for their transparent merit-based system of student entry.

    Reservation system is redundant in the first place! Let them compete with the regular classes and win seats on merit.

  49. Rahul Bangalore says:

    πŸ™‚ Keep them coming …
    I had a picture of this conversation with a doctor (who became one because of reservation).

    Me: Doctor, I have this pricking pain in my right ear since this morning!
    Doc: Arrey kaan main dard — yeh tho main choice main chod diya πŸ™ sorry

  50. Anurag says:

    Dear bau,

    Excellent post, please post more such articles!

    Me and one of my close friend got almost same marks in 12th standard, I got a low rank in IIT and opted for Computer Science in state engineering college (IET) Lucknow. He got computer science in IIT Delhi as he got it in ST quota. He was in fact one of best student of our class. He use to share with me that he had real bad 5 years (it took him one extra year to complete, because of so many backs) in IIT and he passed out without a job. I passed out 1995 with two high paying jobs in my hand. It took him one extra year to get a low paying programmer’s job in Noida.

    I don’t think a seat in IIT have actually helped him? On one hand it deprived one deserving candidate from being in IIT and on the other hand it really suffocated a nice genuine person for 5 years. Our stupid politician should also understand this.
    If they can not understand such basic things they should be changed!

    With Love

  51. Ramani says:

    Those small reservations given as a token to the students struggling and striving to come up, admidst the illiterate or non educational atmosphere …

    and secondly, and most importantly…

    A good student may not be a good professional …

    Being a professional is a learning and an art by itself …

    Four kinds of people is always good to recollect …

    1. why should i help, when i have no benifit .
    2. I will help only if i dont loose.
    3. I will help even if i loose a little.
    4. I will help at any cost .

    Kindness !

    Thank u !

  52. Shruthi says:

    Jai Gurudev, Bawa
    You are right.
    I completely agree with you.
    It’s all due the reason that, not many people (educated ones)are voting.
    It’s high time we vote out this government.

  53. Anshul says:

    hey!! bau!!! vry motivational…
    but also luv 2 haear tht “passing out wid grace” story!!!

  54. ishan says:

    hi bau

    nice post…please continue writing on these and other topics. jgd.

  55. Sanjay says:

    Lots of comments coming in


  56. Shailesh Dhekne says:

    Really true..One of my friend got admission to JJ Medical .He had 81 / 82 % in PCB and that score was too low to get admission to such a good college but in first sem itself he gave up as competition was too tough and he committed suicide.
    one more thing , because of this reservation system,we are moving back to the days when society was divided on basis of caste.

  57. urmila says:

    I totally agree with u Bau..!!
    What I feel is if politicians really want to help those in need..
    They should offer help based on economical condition of a student rather than his/her cast.
    Admission to all the institutions should be on the basis of merit of a student and if a qualified student is economically incapable, government should grant some scholarship to him/her.
    Actually any person with common sense can reach to this solution. But our dear politicians have lost it years ago…
    Between that Robin Williams line is awesome..!!! πŸ™‚

    Jai Gurudev,

  58. Manasi says:

    YES Bau!!!
    Please give us such articles…!!!
    It clears off unnecessary confusion and gives a completely different perspective… πŸ™‚


  59. shivang says:

    jgd bau
    i loved the post.and would really like such kind of posts occasionally.and ya the onlly way in which we all can make a difference is not just discussin such things but to go out there and vote out the present govt.

  60. Monica Tiwari says:

    I just read all the 57 comments to check out everone’s views.
    It’s funny that everyone feels SO deeply on such an important issue, and still nothing is hapening ! Why is our voice so neglected by the politicians.
    We are the largest democracy, I guess that’s why the polticians are also doing what they want !

    Not ONE person I know is happy about India’s situation.
    And still we’re waiting… for God knows WHO !

    I think ‘WE’ will have to do something.
    Nothing else will work but getting back to our Roots, our Origin. India has arisen from Spirituality. And we must get back. Along with the best brains, some of teh most creative ppl, we have Spirituality. Given all this we must be the Best in the world.
    Getting into the govt services, Politics… That’s a great option ! I think it’s high time.
    I’m going in for it (after some advance courses ! )

    Jai Gurudeva.

  61. Roland Castelino says:

    Dear Bawa,

    can’t we just shoot the politicians :))

  62. Amit says:

    Hi Bau,
    a very thought provoking article. You suggested in your article to vote out the present government, Can you suggest a government to vote for. I am confused, whom should I vote?


  63. Ramani says:


    Priority, be to being a human and to value human is an imp aspect !!

  64. Ramani says:

    Education with Human values is very very Important !

  65. Ruchi says:

    And what I fail to understand is that in a democratic system which works on the concept of “Majority Wins”…how does a reservation bill get passed?? …when majority of Indians are ‘supposedly’ against it!!

  66. Deepak says:

    JaiGuruDev !
    Bawa , Nehru’s greed for power is resposible for partition of this country and his obsession for his dynastic rule is responsible for the ruin of this country.The early the people understand the better it is.
    In the core all kinds of problems whether it is related to urban or rural India or caste/communal tension or tensions based on region or language or criminalization of politics or corruption or issues of development education health or infrastructure Lies the congress party and its policies.This party/dynasty has lived a very mercenary professional attitude to political power.May the People of India wake up ! and sure We’LL.

  67. Janaki says:

    i am amazed at so many response. Now i definetly know why the politicians make these issues.

  68. meghna says:

    good article. very thought provoking. Vote and elect!! but to whom yaar? Don’t you think all of them are the same selfish breed?

  69. Falguni says:

    JGD Bau!
    This post is very well written/expressed and soooooooooo true…. I totally agree with you on this….people who are not eligible for a paricular post or getting admission in IIT are better off being away from it. this is only going to help them. politics and studies and life….all dont go hand in hand in this case…politicians have to be selfless somewhere…atleast when it comes to the lives and future of the youth…. coz today’s youth is going to be sitting on the same seat tommorrow on which they are sitting today…and as they sow…they will reap…

  70. Loveleen Bakhshi says:

    Hi Bawa!!

    Everything you said quite depicts the present day Indian society and its shortcomings. What I feel is that the moral fibre of the society has deteriorated to such an extent that the need for such reservations has arisen.
    The best part which I liked in the blog was that there should be reservations for the POOR. They are indeed the ones who need such care and benefits for the universal necessity of living their life in as dignified and happy way as most of us do. The question here is not at all about reservations or no reservations, but PROPER reservations.
    We aim at creating a peaceful society but in the process create massive differences among ourselves. And the early we understand this, the better it gets for us to VOTE for a correct person. And vote, we must. And the correct person should be voted for.

    Kind Regards!

  71. Loveleen Bakhshi says:

    Monica, you just rock! Your enthusiasm is infectious.

  72. Baljinder Kaur says:

    Dearest Bawu… I will begin by saying that this sort of healthy discussion on such a controversial topic is certainly necessary for the sake of our society. My thoughts are…

    I agree that the reservations system creates a bias towards those well deserving individuals who have worked hard to earn the grades to excel and it certainly needs to be changed. However, I wonder if elimination of the reservation system is the solution…?

    I mean, think about it guys. What is the true purpose of or the intention behing the reservations system? Or rather let us ask ourselves what SHOULD be the true purpose of any such system? In my opinion, the true purpose should be to give equal opportunity to an equal education to every individual regardless of what caste/religion they are from, correct? Basically, a person shouldn’t be given rejection or acceptance based on what caste/religion he/she belongs to, agreed? So now if we go forward with this basis then would eliminating the whole reservations system serve the purpose of equal opportunity education? I don’t think that it would. In fact, I think the supposedly lower caste/minorities and the under-represented people will still be left with no education and oppression will continue, which is one of the roots of the whole issue.

    I feel the biggest root of this issue is discrimination based on caste. It is a truly sad reality of the Indian society today that discrimination based on caste still exists. It has been lingering for centuries. I think one of the effective solutions would be to increase awareness in our society of equality. We need to eliminate these opinionated differences based on caste, religion, or whatever other basis and promote the realization that at the basic level, we are all the same. So if we eliminate the discrimination and the differences from our hearts and represent everyone equally, then would there really even be a need for reserving a quota for the “minority”?? And yes, this is easily said than done but I think the fact that we’re even discussing this right now is an excellent start. And YES, spirituality is truly the answer to do all of this which is why we have Art of Living :-). And running for a political position for the betterment of our society and voting for the right party definitely helps as well. Sorry I can’t do that as I am not in India but I voted here in the US for the same reasons (Go Obama πŸ™‚ !!!).

    Therefore, I think we should really give thought to what is the best solution to the problem. Perhaps there should be a system based on the financial condition of the applicant and provide some sort of financial assistance to those well deserving individuals who are simply being left behind due to the financial burdens of the family. Or we can provide free or low-cost primary education to the minority students so that they are capable of competing at the same level when it comes to getting into various colleges… just some thoughts…
    Lots and lots of love to all… Jai Gurudev…

  73. Anon says:

    //Today I am going to talk about just one issue, the policy of reservations based on Caste especially in educational institutions//

    1. What is your opinion about reservations based on other categories

    //What about Reservations in medical colleges? Becoming a doctor is extremely tough work! It’s a hideously difficult course… A person who has studied in the vernacular medium has almost no chance. Yet there he is plopped in because of the reservation. There is talk that these kids will need a lesser qualifying percentage to pass than those who got in on merit… Would anyone actually go to a doctor like that? Would any of our political leaders even allow themselves to be examined by a doctor from a minority?!//

    Tamil Nadu has 69 percent reservations in Medical Colleges. And the state tops in all indices related to health

  74. Anon says:

    // A person who has studied in the vernacular medium has almost no chance. Yet there he is plopped in because of the reservation. There is talk that these kids will need a lesser qualifying percentage to pass than those who got in on merit…//

    Difference between FC Cut Off and BC Cut Off is 1 %
    Difference between FC Cut Off and SC Cut Off is less than 5 % (4.875)
    Difference between BC Cut Off and SC Cut Off is less than 4 % (3.875)

    And if you want to know how this kid from vernacular medium fared after MBBS see the list at

    • khurshed says:

      I am NOT talking about exceptions… i know many people like you, and yet i know many more who have become victims and their families and friends
      Jai Gurudeva!

  75. sharika says:

    jgd bau,

    well reservation started off with a good spirit.. I am definitely against 50% reservation but some sort of reservation is necessary.. even now. because some places backward caste still have problems and in order to address them, it has to be a backward caste person who should get into the system and that happens via reservation. there are places where caste discrimination still exists and people have to and need to use this facility. It is a different thing that government has utilized it as a vote bank and stretched it to 50 % reservation. It is the same thing with women reservation in parliament, no one but a woman can understand female problem and address it in the larger public, which is why a certain reservation is required else the glass ceiling exists everywhere..
    So may be the new govt can start off with reduced reservation rates and try and bring about some sort of parity between classes, castes n sexes

  76. ........ says:

    NMMC toilets, even the existing ones have become victims of ill maintenance
    There is an urgent need to construct the toilets here as locals, including women and children have to climb hills to attend natures’ calls. Women shared how going is difficult when there are men leering at them. And like most NMMC toilets, even the existing ones have become victims of ill maintenance.
    The locals are however happy ever since the NMMC Standing Committee approved the bid of Yashraj Infrastructure to re- construct three toilets at the cost of Rs. 77 lacs 35 thousand 959. The three new toilets will come as a major relief to the locals and will solve one of their most burning issues. Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik informed that while the toilets are needed, he has ordered the administration to take up the work for a school too at the earliest.

  77. CP will win both Airoli and Belapur seats-asserts Thane Guardian minister Ganesh Naik after filing nomination
    On the second last day of filing nominations, the front runners from Belapur and Airoli constituencies filed their nominations. Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik filed his nominations as the official NCP-Congress Candidate from the Belapur constituency.
    The much-anticipated moment of filing nominations saw the front runners of Belapur and Airoli constituencies arriving at the centers today. Evidently hundreds of NCP party workers from all over the city gathered at Belapur in support of sitting MLA and NCP Congress candidate Ganesh Naik. In a while Thane guardian minister ganesh naik arrived at Belapur and marched down the road with his supporters to Konkan Bhavan.

  78. great ideas. I always follow your ideas and apply them.

    Just one question though. Have you made writing this blog as your profession or do you do this in your spare time?

    Just curious..

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