Jan 28

Shimla Scenes

In an earlier post i had put a photo of some obscene plastic bags littering the pristine mountain side… though i have photos of that too, this post celebrates the beauty of Shimla… Enjoy 🙂

From the Balcony of our Hotel Room… Could not get tired of just gazing and gazing at it… in the night, the valley would be sprinkled with the lights of homes, warm and cheery, and utterly enchanting, and unfortunately our camera was not able to capture that… so you will need to use your imagination 🙂

Akash and Avinash did a lot of running around on the course, making sure that things worked (which they mostly did :)), food was on time, everyone had blankets and so on …

The trees outside our hotel, very pretty!

And the clouds rolled by…

After Silence opened… check out the glow on everyone’s face 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



ps next YES!+ Advance course at Bangalore Ashram: 29th April to 3rd May 2009, reporting anytime on the 28th of April… Registrations are open for this course, contact your YES!+ teachers for details 🙂

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11 Responses to “Shimla Scenes”

  1. Anshika says:

    Beautiful !
    The second last pic seems to be of a river rather than clouds … 🙂
    And for the second pic..Can just say fantabulous.. 🙂

  2. bhawana says:

    Jai Gurudev
    Wao, can’t wait for the next yes++

  3. sudha says:

    dear sir,
    amazing photos!!!!! U should have become photographer too along with AOL TEACHER(LOL):))))

  4. ashish says:

    Amazing pics bau….
    Feeling like going for paragliding …

  5. pallavi says:

    Jai Gurudev
    i can see myself in the pic too 🙂 absolutely blessed and glowing in the grace after such a fantabulous course…
    Love you Both..

  6. Monica Tiwari says:

    By the end of the course, the participants must’ve become a cluster of sprinkled lights, warm and cheery !
    Yes, the lights in the night… Somehow, with the surrounding areas wrapped in black, the distant lights, yellow, red, orange… seem very full of life. It makes everything more cheerful.
    And the mountain wind, spinning around us and numbing the face with it’s fresh coolness is the most exhilarating experience.
    Wow, I didn’t know I like mountains this much… your post just reminded me of their majesty and cool warmth.

  7. Nanddeep says:

    Liked the last snap, the most.
    The glow was coming out of the screen. 🙂

    Jai Guru Dev.

  8. Bhavesh says:

    Wow!!! Really wonderful!!!
    Nature loves us!!!
    Jai Gurudev!!!

  9. Tulika says:

    wow!!! my prayers were answered .. winter break 2007 dec , i prayed 4 adv course in shimla..thnx BAU 4 praising shimla…

  10. vinod says:

    the very first thought which came in mind when i saw all four of your snap is – Guruji aapke pyar ne humko jeena sikha diya.

    jai gurudev.

  11. Oma Ram says:

    Jgd bawa. Liked it so much. Really hilarious one!!! love Om

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