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Spiritual People in Politics?!

Spirituality is anything that enhances the spirit! Hence spirituality encompasses the sciences, commerce and arts, technology and development, health, law, culture, sports, entertainment… infact everything, including politics. Just as there is politics in spirituality, why can’t there be spirituality in politics? Politics is about taking care of the welfare and the wellbeing of people. Spirituality is politics in action; it is about caring and sharing, improving people’s standard of life and the standard of living.

India is the largest democracy in the World. Democracy is by the people, of the people and for the people. Our spiritual Gurus are the people of this country, the citizens of free India. To exhort that they should not talk about politics is undemocratic and amounts to violating the fundamental human right of freedom of speech, bestowed on each of its citizens without any bias, by the constitution of India.

Indian Tri Colour

Spiritual knowledge and spiritual practices are the essence of India. Then how is it that so many bad things are happening and the whole society and the times get tagged as bad? Do we have a dearth of good, well meaning people in this country? NO. It’s because we, the good people are not loud enough or united enough to make a difference. The sorry state that India is in is not so much because of the small number of bad people’s wrongdoings but because of the silence, the inaction and the disempowered attitude of the vast majority of good people!

By the way, Spiritual people are (also) the ones with values. If you want to silence them further or force them to stay away from social affairs, you are in effect, simply confirming your status as a person or party involved in wrongdoings. A truly pro-nation party will actively encourage spiritual people to take lead and use their influence to wake up the masses towards participatory democracy by voting and thereafter ensuring good governance post-elections.

Chanakya, the celebrated author of Arthashastra, had said.
Sukhasya mulam dharmaha
Dharmasya mulam arthaha
Arthasya mulam raajyam
Raajyasya mulam indriya nigraham ||

The basis of societal happiness (translated as Human Development Index (HDI) in today’s politically correct terminology) is values. Values flourish when economy flourishes. The basis of strong and stable economy is good governance, which in turn depends on the moral fiber of the king or the leader… And to have checks and balances on the moral fiber and fortitude of the leader (on their greed, individual egos, personal desires conflicting with national good etc), we had the spiritual gurus. To say spiritual leaders should shut up, politically amounts to saying no to checks and balances and pave the way for uncontrolled corruption, crime and communalism, short sighted policies and laws, hindrance in quick judgments… leading eventually to the degradation of the socio, political, economic, cultural and moral structure of the nation, as we see transpiring today.

There has been a special law of the land, the tradition and culture of the most ancient civilization in the world. Here, the kings have always had spiritual gurus as their advisors. Sage Vasishta and Valmiki as Gurus of Lord Rama, Chanakya for Chandragupta Maurya, Swami Samarth Ramdas for Shivaji etc. Because the Gurus were wise and learned in the ways of the world, they understood the minds and hearts of individuals and the masses, they knew the laws of Laxmi or wealth, they were up-to-date on education, health, science, statecraft, military and defence, foreign affairs… Their guidance, free from any motive of personal gains, has been invaluable to the Kings that ruled Bharatvarsha since time immemorial.

The spiritual people, as long as they are adhering to the spiritual code of conduct and not indulging in divisive messages on the basis of religion, caste or language (as some religious leaders and many politicians practice), should participate in the affairs of the nations more intimately and proactively.

So, in conclusion, how do religion, politics and spirituality fare in the social landscape of India? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar had once said, “Religious people are supposed to pray and politicians are supposed to take responsibility. I (the spiritual people) pray and take responsibility!”



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42 Responses to “Spiritual People in Politics?!”

  1. Namrata Anand says:

    Excellent article….JGD !

  2. Anand Shetty says:

    Very insightful…

  3. Karan says:

    Absouletely Brilliant article !!

  4. Barathi Krishnamurthy says:

    Wow!!! It is too good!!! 🙂

  5. aarohi says:

    Very true bhaiya…! I came across this conversation in a book…:
    Stud:Acharya,Why should bhramins like u be involved in politics?
    Chanakya: Bec,politics is a far 2 serious a matter 2 be left 2politicians!

  6. neera tiwari says:

    Very True.Excellent!!

  7. Akash Gupta says:

    this is a beautifully interpreted piece of writing. I pray and wish and will work to make people aware of this. jgd.

  8. Barkha Prithiani says:

    Very well said..!

  9. Gaurav says:

    Nobody is stopping anyone from having a say. But coercing is what people take offense too. And you wouldn’t disagree that these issues come into picture when there is a lot of “faith” involved.

  10. Manju S Mundhra says:

    Very Good Article..!

  11. Pallavi khalure choudhari says:

    Excellent one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ritu Paknikar says:

    Absolutely required knowledge!! Thanks a lot!! JGD!

  13. Sreejith says:

    Well said and most important the fact that great Indian Kings had Gurus. We ssometimes forget the greatness of the past. How sad.

    Completely second the thought.

  14. Kanika Rakesh says:

    Good one!

  15. prathiba gayari says:

    Jai Guru Dev ! bhaiyya you have spoken eloquently about spirituality and its responsibility towards nation.

  16. sandeep Ramini says:

    very good article….required in the present scenario of our state

  17. Milind says:

    Very well said. Jai Gurudev.

  18. Aarti Aneja Pathak says:

    Dear Dinesh… Jaigurudev .. Hats off to you for drafting this article soo well. Should hopefully work as an eye opener for many.

  19. kratika says:

    Completely agree and this knowledge is necessary this time.

  20. kratika says:

    Very true .

  21. Pooja reddy says:

    Best answer for politicians who are ristricting spiritual leaders from their right to speak!

  22. Dr Manju Vig says:

    Well said Dineshji

  23. Apoorv Kumar says:

    Awesome superb one

  24. Ashwini Kumble says:

    Very well written and so apt to the current situation of India!

  25. swati says:

    Well said by the Divine ……Jai Gurudev……keep showering Your knowldge ….pls take my Age Guruji this world’s really needs You the most <3

  26. Sheetansh Kaushik says:

    My name is Sheetansh.Spirituality is a factor of Time. As someone who has been trying to meditate regularly(rather, irregularly; but not giving up), i have come to realise its subtle efficacy to alter our perception of time itself (in very simple ways). And we have had “TIME IMMEMORIAL” by our side, even then we(HUMANS) seem lost(Arriving somewhere but not here). And then we, repel change as it scares us. And in that moment we opt for lesser of the two evils(Congress or BJP).
    Question is not whether Spirituality should be part of politics or not, my question is if we have known and had been so great then, WHY hasnt spirituality been the practise of ages and now confined only to a specific sect of humans? Why hasnt politics been influenced by spirituality since TIME IMMEMORIAL?
    Because when something is good, it must get better; if it doesnt, we never really learned its meaning or how to apply it.

    I hope i am clear.

  27. Ajay says:

    Nice article, you are to the point. India should have its own political setup not the one borrowed from west. JGD!!

  28. Mukesh kumar says:

    Well said,Dinesh bhaiya.

  29. lakshmi viswanathan says:

    A much needed article. It is an old fashioned view that gurus and spiritual organizations should confine themselves to rituals…practices, advises and walls of an ashram. Also, some past incidents scare away ppl to talk against politicians. This is an awakening for many how not to be fearless to speak the truth. Thanks for leading us …

  30. Vasundhara says:

    Spiritual people have a clearer vision ….they are not biased…..hence their views must be respected….One may chose to follow or not but that’s your free will….

  31. Sushma says:

    This is amazingly well written and articulated perfectly! I am inspired so much by the way you and others at AOL take complete responsibility and take the necessary steps to inform the people to get inspired! It is indeed motivating to all of us!


  32. Urmila says:

    Well Said!!! Behind every King, there was a Master to Guide & show the path…

    Our Guruji is no doubt the embodiment of knowledge and working so hard for the nation & its citizen to Wake up for the cause!!:)

  33. Karunamoorthi says:

    Eye opener for politicians

  34. GIRDHAR says:

    excellent Bhaiya……

  35. Manisha Baheti says:

    Lovely…so correct , timely and precise. JGD.

  36. rRenu Deva says:

    Well written and so true

  37. Manpreet says:

    Very much ture…SUPER LIKES

  38. Swapna says:

    Very well said! Lots of love, Jai Guru Dev!

  39. Surekha says:

    Very true

  40. Namrata Singh says:

    This is by far the best article i have read on the topic putting forward the facts from our ancient culture. Excellent work. Thanks for writing it. 🙂

  41. Siddarth says:

    WoW Dinesh bhaiyaa… You are my inspiration. What an excellently well written article.. So insightful, so deep, SO RATIONAL.

    Jai Gurudev

  42. Shavina Prakash says:


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