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Dec 26

Ivan’s Bali – II

… Then Guruji appeared … There He was, just twenty precious feet away, sitting there …. “Hhmmm…. soooo… tell me… how are you… what shall we discuss??” Two hundred blank minds and faces just stared back at Him – this was the teaching body of South East Asia and we could hardly manage a Jai […]

Dec 25

Ivan’s Bali – I

A Christmas Day treat for everyone… from the crazy mind of our darling Ivan: Merry Christmas everybody… Jai Gurudeva! love bawa I don’t know – the things we do for our Guru!  Sarah & I recently staggered back to Sydney after a gruelling couple of weeks on some island in the Indian Ocean, Bali I […]

Dec 24


was hot and very pretty… I didn’t get much time to go anywhere coz Guruji surprised me by making me facilitate the Asia Pacific TRM (Teacher’s Refresher Meet) and so mostly i saw the inside of the very beautiful Hotel we were staying in 🙂 The night before the TRM, Guruji casually mentions to me, […]