Feb 10

The All Bengali Crime Detectives

If you are a bengali or a bongophile or from Calcutta, have ever lived there or just like that city very much, do yourself a favor and pick up this little gem of a book. Even if you are not, get it… You will find yourself wanting to go to Calcutta.

Our very own Suparna, who wrote all those hermit poems and the musical Anand and Benaifer got herself published!

Join the ABCD as they solve the Mystery of the missing Diamond

Four retired bengali gentlemen, living a quiet life in one of Calcutta’s forgotten neighborhoods, each bored, all loosing their self respect, get invited to a party to which they actually go. Events transpire there and a case needs to be solved. They form a secret club a la Enid Blyton. But this one is for seniors only!

Can they manage to track down the thief, while facing life’s myriad challenges – like desperately searching for a suitable boy for one’s exceedingly independent daughter, dealing with insomnia and bad dreams, fending off the neighborhood brats who come asking for money for Durga Pujo… It’s difficult to be old.

Suparna weaves the younger generation in as well. They are organizing the neighborhood Durga Pujo… THE festival of Calcutta… and they hope to bag the award for the best Pujo this year. They have been steadily loosing it to a neighbourhood yuppier club. There is a very one sided romance brewing, a live lion to be procured, and most important of all, money to be raised for the Pujo from a neighborhood of retired old men who can mostly only talk about the rising price of fish. It’s a challenge to be young!

There is a bit of quirky history in the mix. How did Durga Pujo start? Why is that famous Bong sweet ledikeni called ledikeni? …

And then there are the wives and mothers…

It’s an idyllic romp of a book. Not something that you can whiz through in one sitting. It’s a book which is like a 7 course meal to be eaten slowly, enjoyed and savored.

While the case reaches a very satisfying conclusion, there are quite a few loose ends in the lives of the other characters and Suparna has promised that “if this book does well” she will write more and make it into a series. Everyone please go buy it so we can all know more about the quaint quiet lives of this extremely endearing bunch of bongs!

You can buy it from most big book stores (if they are not carrying it, ask for it!).

You can also get it from flipkart.com or www.booksorbit.com

Jai Gurudeva!



ps definitely read the introduction! 🙂

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10 Responses to “The All Bengali Crime Detectives”

  1. meghana says:

    jai kali calcatte wali tera vachan na jaye khali………………….

  2. varun goel says:

    okie boss!!!gonna read it!!

  3. Suparna says:

    Thank you, Bawa!!!
    Have been getting some mails asking whether the book is available outside of India. Here is the Amazon link :


    Look forward to your comments and feedback 🙂

  4. prakash says:

    hi bawa……
    i am really excited to read this book… i have placed an order in flipkart ….waiting for the delivery on monday

  5. Akshay says:

    so when do you plan to come?:)

  6. Prakash says:

    its an awesome book…..
    i was expecting flipkart guys will deliver the buk on monday….but they delivered it on yesterday only …..i will complete this book by today…. n as i am a bengali who has never lived in kolkata….. after reading this book i am realising why my parents always keep on saying that when their duty is over (raising me n my brother :p ) they would return to kolkata and live their retired life happily there .
    a very sweet book

  7. Pothi says:

    Just ordered the book through flipkart.

    Jai guru dev!

  8. Rupa Dutta Chowdhury says:

    Being a bengali, what can be more awesome than reading a detective story entwined with “bangali-ana”, so to say. I loved reading the book as not only was the plot interesting but the flavour of the book has stayed back in my heart…now I am wondering what next?
    Though I began the review saying that I am a Bengali but I guess my opinion would be very much the same even if I hadn’t been one..So go and buy your copy now!!!!!

  9. Saurav says:

    Probably an audio book should also come out for this. As the avid I – Pod listeners could hear the entire story and dream and think about it…!!!

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