Feb 23

The Five Signs of a SatGuru, and a chance to win a MacBook Pro

Someone once asked Gurudev, How do I know that you are a real SatGuru and not fake?

He replied there are 5 things that manifest in your life when the Grace of a SatGuru touches you.

  1. For no reason at all, you feel happy. A common experience of all who visit Bangalore Ashram or are in the physical proximity of Gurudev even for a few seconds.
  2. Your problems and challenges seem trivial and manageable. You feel empowered.
  3. Abundance dawns. There is no lack. There is contentment, but there is no complacency.
  4. The words that the Guru speaks are relevant, appealing to your life circumstance and crystal clear. They sparkle with the magic of Knowledge. Even the most mundane thing can teach you how to live life if you know how to wrangle that Knowledge out of it…

When Gurudev said this, I picked up a chocolate from the basket near His feet and asked Him, How can chocolate teach you how to live life?

He replied in a blink – Be like Chocolate! Firm, but Sweet!!

Be Firm, but Sweet!

Be Firm, but Sweet!

Here is a question for everyone – Pick up a random object in the room you are in right now and see how it can teach you to live life more effectively. Please share it in the comments below for this post!

  1. All your talents manifest. People who never even dreamt that they could do wonderful stuff, amaze themselves by what they manage to accomplish!!

I saw a quick video end of December 2015 where the speaker taught the audience how to draw pretty neat stuff in about 10 minutes. I kept drawing almost every day since then… And I am quite surprised at how nice things turn out!! Here is a watercolour I drew today…

Watercolour Apple by Bawa

The Get Your Voice Heard Contest of WCF is just such an opportunity to let your latent talents manifest for the world to see – And if manage to get the world to like what you did… You could win a MacBook Pro!! Which is one of the 18 supercool things you could bag.

Create, Share on Facebook, Promote and get the maximum likes and shares you can. 10 points for each like, 20 points for each share. Person with maximum points wins!!

All details on bit.ly/get-your-voice-heard

All the very Best!!!

Jai Gurudeva!






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